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Obama Should Agree to Modify Obamacare in Return for Ending the Bush Tax Cuts for Top 2%
Obama should strike this deal with Republicans: Give up the Bush tax cuts for the top 2% and in return Democrats will agree to cut health care expenditures by 20-30%. How can he do this? By ...
hummingbird4015 11/26/2012 76 13 1 -
A Haiku
Why would anyone assume that being Bush's Brain would make Karl Rove a ...
hummingbird4015 11/08/2012 4 4 - -
Serving the Nation versus "Running" the Country
We all remember Ann Romney's September 20 rant wherein she stated: "it is time for all Americans to realize how significant this election is and how lucky we are to have someone with Mitt's ...
hummingbird4015 09/27/2012 5 14 - 75
We have a window right now, because of the Akin firestorm, to RE-FRAME the debate on an issue that we won back in the 60s, when women talked about CHOICE, and we lost in the last decades, as the ...
hummingbird4015 08/21/2012 43 11 2 114
"A Coupon Instead of a Safety Net": Responding to the "It's Obama Who Is Gutting Medicare" Lie
Today my local paper carried a letter to the editor that just repeated the Republican talking points regarding how to run away from the Ryan plan "It was something he proposed as a Congressman and ...
hummingbird4015 08/20/2012 5 16 - 108
Arrrgghh It's Not That Hard . . . Repeat After Me . . Obama Cuts Waste, Ryan Cuts Benefits
I can't stand to hear one more Democratic operative on MSNBC stumble through a well-meaning but confusing analysis of how to differentiate between the 700B cuts Team Obama has made to CUT WASTE in ...
hummingbird4015 08/17/2012 11 30 2 86
Medicare As We Know It versus Coupons for Grandma, w/ Poll
We need a sort, pithy way to frame the Medicare issue, and we haven't yet done it. The "framing war" is being waged big time by Ryan, whom I just saw on some news program talking about how his plan "
hummingbird4015 08/16/2012 12 2 - 56
It's the Framing, Stupid!
Whoever frames the issue wins the debate. Period. End of Story. In the past Democrats have allowed Republicans to frame the issues (e.g., health care debate, debts and deficits, etc.) and have ...
hummingbird4015 08/15/2012 16 7 - 75
Romney Picked His Mini-Me: Now Let's Not Let Them Reframe the Medicare Debate
I know many are saying Ryan was forced upon Romney, but I have a somewhat different take. Watching Romney with Ryan during the roll-out (and in earlier appearances) it seemed to me that Romney and ...
hummingbird4015 08/14/2012 1 5 1 38
Romney as Dorian Gray
I look at all the bald-faced, flat-out no-doubt-about-it lies Romney has told, and I just can't believe they don't show on his face. Saw this picture of Romney addressing a crowd a moment ago on ...
hummingbird4015 08/04/2012 25 17 - 133
Response to "Romney as felon" unfair attack meme by Kathleen Parker, w/ Poll
Kathleen Parker's column from the Orlando Sentinel was also published in my local paper today. Parker attacks the Obama campaign for what she charges are "over the top politics" for, as she claims, "
hummingbird4015 07/23/2012 13 8 - 121
BREAKING: Boston Globe says "NO Retraction"
I've never before posted a "Breaking" title because I know it is overused, but I just picked this up at TPM, which picked it up off ...
hummingbird4015 07/12/2012 34 23 1 332
Our 2012 Slogan: OBAMA CARES!
For the past few months I have waited for the campaign to come up with a pithy, pointed, one or two word campaign slogan to energize the base, capture the imagination (like that "hopey/changey" ...
hummingbird4015 02/01/2012 23 8 1 85
Yesterday, I posted a diary asking people to commit to making calls and emails to the media and to their Congressional representatives in support of the American Jobs Act. My thought was that we ...
hummingbird4015 09/21/2011 3 2 - 29
We Have Your Back, Barack! ("WHYBBs")
Full disclosure -- I haven't written a diary or done more than an occasional post since the 2008 election. I worked my heart out for Obama's election in 2008 -- calls, letters, even traveling to ...
hummingbird4015 09/20/2011 18 8 - 75
"See" Like an Obama
The past few days have been filled with diaries excoriating Obama for tapping various people from the Clinton days for top positions, as well as concerns that his efforts at "bipartisanship" ...
hummingbird4015 11/21/2008 11 13 - 5
Obama Going On Air in Arizona! (With Poll)
On a campaign call, David Plouffe, Obama's campaign manager, just revealed that Obama is going on air in Georgia, North Dakota -- and McCain's home state of Arizona! The ...
hummingbird4015 10/31/2008 16 10 - 20
The Times They Are A Changin' !!  With YouTube Video Link
I voted last week in my little town in California's Central Coast area. Not too much to report on the early vote -- I went to the Recorder's Office and picked up an absentee ballot, filled it ...
hummingbird4015 10/29/2008 5 7 - 18
Palin Going "Rogue" on the McCain Disaster Express
Both Politico and HuffPo are reporting that Governor Palin, increasingly frustrated and dismayed by the McCain campaign's restrictive handling, has begun to stray off the reservation and speak her ...
hummingbird4015 10/25/2008 35 10 - 1
McCain Breaks With His Party More Often Than Obama BECAUSE His Party Is Wrong More Often
I am getting tired of hearing McCain repeat the line about how he breaks with his party more often than Obama. How Obama has supposedly "never" broken with his party, and that somehow this ...
hummingbird4015 10/08/2008 25 16 - 2
McCain's Tax Returns Hide Gambling Activities Says Tax Attorney
The issue of McCain's gambling is not a new one. Back in July, Time Magazine ran an online article entitled Candidates' Vices, Craps and Poker, detailing the differing styles of the two ...
hummingbird4015 10/04/2008 57 48 1 17
Why the Warnings Went Unheeded (Lest We Forget) -- PBS Doc. Worth Seeing Again UPDATED
Last November (2007), as I was still mulling over the various primary choices, I posted a diary after watching an eye-opening PBS program on the mortgage crisis. I re-read the diary today, and ...
hummingbird4015 09/25/2008 18 16 2 14
Gov. Dean Lobs the "Keating 5" and Temperament Bombs at McCain on MSNBC
Finally -- I've been waiting for someone at the heart of the Democratic campaign to finally bring out the issue of McCain's "experience" and link it directly to the Keating Five scandal, and ...
hummingbird4015 09/23/2008 60 81 3 21
Obama Gets It, Then and Now
I watched two press conferences this morning, plus catching remarks by McCain. First I heard McCain blame Obama for creating the FANNIEMAE/FREDDIEMAC mess (WTF??), then I heard Bush's brief ...
hummingbird4015 09/19/2008 10 4 3 -
WaPo Op-Ed:  The Ugly New McCain
The trickle is becoming a torrent. Even the columnists, like Richard Cohen, who once solidly fawned over McCain are beginning to describe a different McCain. Richard Cohen of the ...
hummingbird4015 09/16/2008 19 16 1 -
Petraeus says "Victory" Not Word He Would Use for Iraq
Greg Sargent and Eric Kleefeld over at TPM have an article entitled: Petraeus: I Don't Know That I Will Ever Use The Word "Victory" For Iraq Apparently, despite the fact that ...
hummingbird4015 09/11/2008 22 62 1 17
Obama Breaks Record $55 Million for August Fundraising
Despite the gloomy predictions by the New York Times and others about supposedly dire fundraising woes, Obama has apparently topped his previous record haul of $55 million, according to this story ...
hummingbird4015 09/09/2008 75 58 1 20
We Can't Underestimate Palin, We Have to Take Her Seriously Updated w/ Link
After the Pallin speech at the RNC, I was horrified at the tone and tenor of the speech, and dubbed it "The Politics of Sneer". Like many, I dismissed her as a lightweight, whose lack of ...
hummingbird4015 09/08/2008 18 1 - 3
The Politics of Sneer
So now we see it clearly. The old politics of fear, leavened by the well-tested politics of smear, now morphed by the "new-and-improved-Republicans-of-change" into the politics of ...
hummingbird4015 09/05/2008 11 6 - 22
Gambler McCain Goes for the Wild Card, Picks A Joker
Back in July, Time Magazine ran an online article entitled Candidates' Vices, Craps and Poker , detailing the differing styles of the two candidates. Obama's skill at Poker ...
hummingbird4015 09/02/2008 7 3 - -
Biden Helps Obama "Drive the Engine of Change"
The Republican attacks on the Obama/Biden ticket -- and the complicit media that parrots Republican talking points -- are attempting to portray Biden as undercutting Obama's promise of change. ...
hummingbird4015 08/25/2008 13 5 - 2
"Quick Draw John" -- McCain's new moniker courtesy of Richard Clarke
Seth Colter Walls has a fascinating article over at HuffPo, entitled Richard Clarke: "Quick Draw John" McCain Wanted War Before Bush ...
hummingbird4015 08/20/2008 45 15 1 22
(UPDATED)Clark on Rachel Maddow-- The Difference between Wisdom and Wikipedia
The last few days have seen multiple diaries on whether Clark might be Obama's VP pick. We've all tried to connect the dots. Dot One: Wednesday at the Convention is "Securing America'...
hummingbird4015 08/13/2008 73 57 3 37
Clark on Ticket is McCain's Worst Nightmare (w/poll)UPDATED
In the past few weeks, there have been many diaries on the subject of Clark's qualifications as VP. I've even written a few of them myself, as I'm a big Clark supporter. Proponents of ...
hummingbird4015 08/11/2008 152 68 3 17
Who's "right" doesn't matter, the one who frames the issue, wins. (Updated)
I learned a lesson in law school, more than thirty yeas ago, which has proven correct time and time again in every debate, argument, or conflict, whether legal, political or personal.
hummingbird4015 08/07/2008 7 8 1 1
Why It Matters When Dems Don't Stand Up and Defend Each Other
"You'll never get the American people to believe that Democrats will defend them until Democrats stand up and defend each other." (source identified below the fold)
hummingbird4015 08/04/2008 15 10 - 3
MTP Flogs Old Meme About Clark Dissing McCain's Service -- C'mon Kossacks, Let's Stand Up for Clark!
This morning's MTP had Kerry and Lieberman arguing on behalf of Obama and McCain. Tom Brokaw started with the McCain's attacks ads on Obama, and then -- presumably to show "balance," revisited ...
hummingbird4015 08/03/2008 61 17 1 19
Afghani Ambassador Echoes Obama's Position
Once again, apparently, Senator Obama's judgment and approach to the volatile situation in Afghanistan and Pakistan -- where he differs markedly from McCain, has been borne out by leaders far more ...
hummingbird4015 07/30/2008 7 8 - -
Surge/Smerge -- A Tactical Success Can Not Salvage a Policy Disaster
For the past few weeks I have grown increasingly frustrated with the Democratic response to the "Surge" debate. Repeatedly, McCain and the complicit media have harped on the surge being a "...
hummingbird4015 07/28/2008 4 2 - -
Wes Clark Nails McCain on HuffPo
I've long been a Clarkie, and now that Clark has strongly endorsed Obama after his initial support for Clinton, I continue to see him as a strong pick for VP, not just for his military credentials ...
hummingbird4015 06/11/2008 59 54 3 43
The Case for Wes Clark as VP --In His Own Words (Revised and Updated)
I originally posted a version of this diary on May 27, 2008, because I thought (and still think) that Clark and Obama would make a great team -- not primarily because of Clark's military ...
hummingbird4015 05/27/2008 43 18 - 16
Hillary has become like my pool contractor, Or, Did anyone else see this Clinton "emotional" moment?
I just finished watching the NBC Nightly News, which of course was covering the King events in Memphis, and also interviewing all three presidential candidates. I was also flipping back and ...
hummingbird4015 04/04/2008 65 10 - 8
My 3 a.m. moment and the commander in chief test
Last night, I fell asleep around 10:30, tired from a stressful day. For some reason, I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn't go back to sleep. Although I don't usually turn on the ...
hummingbird4015 04/03/2008 2 4 - 9
Don't Donate to Barack Obama So I Have A Better Chance of Winning Dinner With Obama
O.K. That title was just to get your attention. Actually, I'm hoping that everyone ponys up today and tomorrow to donate to Barack Obama so that he can show HUGE fundraising ...
hummingbird4015 03/30/2008 11 11 - -
Disgusted with CNN--Action Diary UPDATED w/ contacts
I was just watching Wolf Blitzer's the Situation Room. They were discussing the poll that suggested that a certain number of Clinton supporters (28 percent) might vote for McCain if Obama won ...
hummingbird4015 03/26/2008 60 33 - 6
Words DO Matter
I just finished watching Senator Clinton speak, attacking Obama for representing empty words and rhetoric, while she stands for "actions." I know Obama has addressed this issue, quoting "I have a ...
hummingbird4015 02/17/2008 32 8 - 53
Reflections on the Two Campaigns, With Poll
I was just watching Larry King last night talking to both James Carville (who, as we know, supports Senator Clinton), and Jamal Simmons, a Democratic strategist who supports Obama. They were ...
hummingbird4015 02/14/2008 16 7 2 2
Why Did Clinton Bail on Anderson Cooper? With Poll
I was watching the "after-party" to the SOTU on both NBC and CNN. On NBC, Brian Williams spoke with Hillary, and asked her a direct question about the Ted Kennedy endorsement of Obama. She spoke ...
hummingbird4015 01/28/2008 39 24 1 6
An Edwards Supporter Congratulates Obama -- Why We Need Both for Victory, With Poll
I was undecided until the last month or so before Iowa, and choose to support Edwards based on what seemed to me to be Edwards' more progressive agenda and his understanding that the system needs to ...
hummingbird4015 01/04/2008 36 13 - -
I'm Forgiving John Edwards for Hugh Shelton and I'm Not Looking for Perfection--With Poll
For the past few weeks, I have struggled to make a decision as to which candidate to support. Let me say right off that I was a fervent Clark supporter in 2004. I worked my butt off for him, ...
hummingbird4015 12/20/2007 315 297 22 38
Solar Tax Credits in Jeopardy -- Petition Reid & Pelosi
Just at a time when we most need to make alternative energy sources a priority, it seems that our Congressional leaders are considering eliminating tax credits for ...
hummingbird4015 12/03/2007 4 12 - -
"The System is Corrupt" Draws Yawns and Jeers -- But This Took My Breath Away
Watching the LV Debate the other night as an undecided voter (and still undecided now), I was struck by the lack of response to Edwards' "the system is corrupt" charge. Although many of us ...
hummingbird4015 11/17/2007 33 38 1 10
A Committed Clarkie Breaks Ranks With the General
This is my first ever diary on DailyKos, although I have been a regular reader for several years. Here's how I became a Kossack, and why I'm breaking ranks with the General. I woke up ...
hummingbird4015 11/15/2007 32 13 1 7
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