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Listen to the people of Baltimore talk about Martin O'Malley
Youtube interviews. Here are some powerful interviews with people from Baltimore. Martin O'Malley appears prominently in the 2:00 minute and 3:00 minute area. The comments raise serious questions ...
illinifan17 04/28/2015 91 6 1 -
NBC Meet The Press Transcript Conveniently Edited (Update and Clarification)
The earlier excellent diary by TeamSarah4Choice pointed out Chuck Todd's blatant lie to the face of President Obama, and demonstrated that he had mentioned Syria four times before Todd said You've ...
illinifan17 09/08/2014 61 110 2 -
We are reality-based except when the subject is religion.
Yesterday a diary called "Scholars Acknowledge No Evidence Jesus Existed" , spent the day on the rec list, which was surprising and rather embarrassing for a "reality-based" site. The diary was ...
illinifan17 09/01/2014 1115 157 2 -
"Ugly American Protests" - We need to make this name stick.
The scene this weekend may be in a place called Oracle, Arizona, where a protest is planned , according to the Tucson Progressive While liberals in Tucson are welcoming the children and touting the ...
illinifan17 07/18/2014 54 87 - -
RIP John Seigenthaler
Local news in Nashville is reporting the death of one of the First Amendment's greatest champions. story We owe you much gratitude Mr. Seigenthaler.
illinifan17 07/11/2014 4 16 - -
Terrible Breaking News from Israel
Reuters link Israeli security forces on Monday found the bodies of three teenagers who went missing in the West Bank earlier this month and confirmed them as the Israeli seminary students sought ...
illinifan17 06/30/2014 8 14 - -
The New York Court of Appeals has Ruled on a Bizarre Case
The case begins with Norman Golb , Ludwig Rosenberger Professor of Jewish History and Civilization at the University of Chicago. Golb has been a prominent scholar in the controversial field of Dead ...
illinifan17 05/14/2014 31 46 1 -
Update on the "Hobby Lobby" Bible Curriculum for Public Schools
I hate using that name for it, but it is the one that attracts attention. If you are not up to speed on the issue, Steve Green (CEO of Hobby Lobby) sponsors a group called The Green Scholars ...
illinifan17 04/30/2014 5 8 - -
A Mammoth Issue Is Settled: You Will Laugh and Cry
Perhaps most have read something about the difficulties in South Carolina concerning the adoption of the Columbian (woolly) Mammoth as the state fossil. The initial story of fundamentalist ...
illinifan17 04/04/2014 25 25 - -
Did Chuck Todd just admit that the media works for the GOP?
Over on the NBC News website, Chucky just asked, " What if all the negative healthcare headlines go away? " Well, that's a really odd question.
illinifan17 04/02/2014 221 445 8 -
Why I liked "Noah," the Movie (not really a review)
I have been moderately active on this site for about eight years, and a few here may know that I am a college professor who teaches and does research in the field of Hebrew Bible/Old Testament and ...
illinifan17 03/29/2014 38 24 1 -
A Helpful List of Satirical News Sources
For future reference, and because there is a rec list diary based on a satirical news site, below the squiggle of sarcasm is the beginning of a list. I know the current diary now has a "snark" tag, ...
illinifan17 02/27/2014 11 9 - -
What Kind of Person is Qualified to be an Ambassador and wants the Job?
As a news story this is pretty small time, but is a good example of when we need to ask tough questions to and about an administration we generally support. A batch of new ambassadors just went ...
illinifan17 01/30/2014 16 1 - -
Riding Toward the Dream
Many of the iconic words and images of the Civil Rights Movement are ubiquitous to the point that some think they may be losing their power. There was even a fairly serious proposal for a ten-year ...
illinifan17 01/18/2014 1 1 - -
Bill Nye Is Making a Mistake
There is already a diary from Christian Dem in NC announcing the upcoming debate about creationism between Bill Nye and Ken Ham. I think this is a bad move that will end badly, and I will give some ...
illinifan17 01/03/2014 339 264 3 -
How Archaeology Proves the Bible
No, not like that. I have been surprised, and pleased, that an excellent diary by Secular School Teacher has stayed on the rec list for a few days. That diary provides a good summary of the work ...
illinifan17 12/25/2013 22 17 1 -
I am Aghast.
It is hard for me to write about this one. I have listened to a lot of crazy preachers say a lot of crazy, hurtful, damaging things, but I think this might be the worst. Note that the preacher, ...
illinifan17 11/13/2013 18 20 - -
Reflections on the 95th Birthday of Billy Graham
I have studied preaching, done a little bit of it, and listened to a lot of it, and I have never figured out why Billy Graham was so popular. His preaching was always mediocre at best. For my money,
illinifan17 11/09/2013 34 13 - -
The American Family Association caught making stuff up, again
The American Family Association , a certified hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center , was busy earning that designation again today. The original story published by Charisma News can be ...
illinifan17 10/31/2013 7 11 - -
Rand Paul and Honor Codes
Now that Rand Paul is back in the news, this time for plagiarism that really is plagiarism, despite his denial . “We borrowed the plot lines from Gattaca. It’s a movie,” Paul said. “I gave ...
illinifan17 10/30/2013 9 21 - -
Is the Canadian government involved in the shutdown? XL Pipeline?
According to a story running in WC Native News and in Huffington Post Canada , billionaire environmentalist Tom Steyer has written a letter accusing Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper of ...
illinifan17 10/07/2013 12 14 - -
Single payer will not come, and you can help.
This is the first time I have written one of these response diaries, hopefully the last. I will keep you in suspense across the squig to find out the first thing you can do to help.
illinifan17 08/22/2013 31 4 - -
Segregation or Gentrification? Take your pick.
This dilemma comes from an interesting article in The Atlantic today by Emily Badger. Badger is citing and summarizing an article in the International Journal of Urban and Regional Research by ...
illinifan17 08/08/2013 16 6 - -
Reza Aslan and keeping questions separate.
One of the most important aspects of critical thinking is carefully formulating questions, avoiding the common practice of lumping together ones that have different answers. Most have probably ...
illinifan17 08/02/2013 12 6 - -
A Muslim writes about Jesus?
The link is Gawker, but there is video. Sometimes it is difficult to tell whether the obtuseness of Fox News is real or feigned. This is an interview with Reza Aslan , primarily about his new book,
illinifan17 07/28/2013 16 8 - -
Let's step back from the ledge
The top diary is all about America being a "third world country." Anybody who thinks that has never lived in a third world country. Please do not misunderstand me. I think what is happening right ...
illinifan17 07/13/2013 93 51 - -
Will Campbell has died
It seems improbable to me that every American does not know who the Reverend Will D. Campbell, "Brother Will," is. Here is a link to the story in The Tennessean reporting his death this morning. ...
illinifan17 06/04/2013 5 19 1 -
Westboro Baptist, again. I have mixed feelings about this.
Believe it or not, this infamous "church" will have representatives here in Nashville tomorrow. To do what?, you ask. Answer below the little crescent roll.
illinifan17 05/01/2013 17 10 - -
Update on FBI investigation of Haslam family Business
In a diary last week I reported that the corporate headquarters of the Pilot Flying J company, by far the largest diesel fuel distributor in the United States, was being raided by the FBI. This is ...
illinifan17 04/21/2013 7 26 - -
There is other news in Tennessee
The Tennessean is reporting that the FBI has secured the headquarters of the Pilot Flying J corporation. ...
illinifan17 04/15/2013 23 56 - -
Should we arm teachers? A response from someone who knows something.
Here is an article from the Tennessean . This is the place Bob Lee Swagger famously called "the patron state of shootin' stuff." ...
illinifan17 01/26/2013 63 140 3 -
The Strangest Endorsement I Have Ever Read: The Tennesean
Those of us who live in Nashville, Tennessee know that the city's venerable daily newspaper, The Tennessean is often accused of liberal bias. In a place like Tennessee, playing politics down the ...
illinifan17 10/18/2012 36 29 - -
Trouble in Tennessee (Updated)
Today we woke up to this in the Tennessean . A candidate who’s seeking to represent Nashville in Congress posted a photo of his gun and a pointed message for President Barack Obama on his ...
illinifan17 10/02/2012 105 177 - 1940
This diary asks one question.
Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? ...
illinifan17 09/05/2012 9 3 - 134
Am I seeing things?
CNN is currently featuring this image on the front page of its website. Does anybody else see what I see? Go look before I tell you, so that you are not influenced by what may be my delirium. ...
illinifan17 08/23/2012 20 - - 220
Did I wake up in Wonderland today?
I just heard this interview . Here is the excerpt. "The president's cuts of $716 billion to Medicare, those cuts are going to be restored if I become president and Paul Ryan becomes vice president,"
illinifan17 08/15/2012 2 4 - 60
A Few Thoughts on Economic Nonsense from a non-Economist. w/ poll
I probably know less than nothing about economics, that is, even what I think I know is probably wrong - negative knowledge. Still, for some reason it interests me a little bit and I pay attention ...
illinifan17 07/27/2012 5 2 - 49
If You Were a Potential Republican VP Choice
How nervous would you be about accepting the second position on the ticket before the Republican National Convention, if things keep going this way for Romney?
illinifan17 07/16/2012 9 2 - 72
Are Christian Fundamentalists Taking over Alabama Public Television? has posted a disturbing story about the dismissal of the top two executives at Alabama Public Television .Two top managers at Alabama Public Television were fired from their jobs June 12 ...
illinifan17 06/14/2012 8 17 - 114
Who is Hilary Rosen and how did she get this stupid?
When I started reading stories like this one this morning, Hilary Rosen's name seemed vaguely familiar to me, but I don't know why. Apparently she is an occasional contributor on CNN, which I watch ...
illinifan17 04/12/2012 63 3 - 372
What does "respect" mean?
In all of the crazy back and forth about religion, I have yet to see anyone try to define this term which seems to be at the center of the debate. Yes, the back and forth is crazy. That one ...
illinifan17 04/04/2012 16 8 - 80
ESPN continues to love doing bracketology with the current president. The sent top analyst, Andy Katz, to go through the bracket with him.
illinifan17 03/15/2012 10 8 - 57
Grammy Awards Live Blog?
Did not see one up yet, so decided to start one. I will erase if something else is already up.
illinifan17 02/12/2012 20 1 - 182
Is "The Hunger Games" Trilogy Right-wing Propaganda?
I had never heard of the book called The Hunger Games until last November. I became aware of the book when I started my Christmas shopping. The book was written ...
illinifan17 01/29/2012 50 5 - 332
Marsha Blackburn: Not My Representative Anymore!
For eleven years I lived in the Seventh Congressional District in Tennessee ("The No-thinking Seventh"), and my congressional (mis)representative was Marsha Blackburn. I moved fourteen miles this ...
illinifan17 12/20/2011 6 2 - 68
I Have to Write about an Event I Went to Tonight
Fifteen years ago in Nashville Tennessee, Rev. Becca Stevens , an Episcopal priest started an organization ...
illinifan17 10/12/2011 5 23 - 152
Help me with numbers in Wisconsin
The number of votes by precinct looks very strange. ...
illinifan17 08/09/2011 6 2 1 117
Lesbian heroes?
The story of Hege Dalen and Toril Hansen, during the Norway massacre, is remarkable. I had not heard or read anything about it until this morning. ...
illinifan17 08/03/2011 4 7 - 38
This is a little story, but... (w/poll)
one that I think is quite revealing. I live in Tennessee, a state that is, and will remain for a long time, very red. So, I have to search hard for hope that things will change some day. For a ...
illinifan17 07/13/2011 4 1 - 51
What do they want them to do?
The United States Department of Education is chastising American universities for their tuition hikes.
illinifan17 07/01/2011 2 1 - 37
Clarence Clemons has reportedly suffered a stroke
I know there are a lot of other fans of Bruce and the E Street Band on the site, and this will come as sad news.
illinifan17 06/12/2011 44 58 1 591
Jimmy Kimmel exposes confused reporters.
This is one very funny Jimmy Kimmel clip. Reflecting on the domination of the news by the killing of OBL, there was this zinger If you're a politician looking to have a little public ...
illinifan17 05/04/2011 8 6 - 308
More Terrible Judgment by Mike Huckabee
This story gets a little bit convoluted, but if you follow along, I promise it eventually leads to the doorstep of our favorite Huckster, world-renowned expert on Indonesian Mau Maus, and unequaled ...
illinifan17 03/10/2011 1 1 - 38
A new record for stupid - Tennbucks anyone?
Ever since they took over both branches of the Tennessee legislature and the governor's office, Tennessee lwmakers have been busy trying to out-stupid each other. Allow guns everywhere No Islamic ...
illinifan17 03/01/2011 24 9 1 159
Dr. Charles Kimball dispels Muslim stereotypes
In the wake of 9/11, Dr. Charles Kimball, then of Wake forest University, educated all of us with his terrific book ...
illinifan17 02/18/2011 1 2 - 27
Sanity in East Tennessee?
As a Tennessee resident for just over a decade now, one of my favorite recent movie lines is the one uttered by the character named Bob Lee Swaggert (Mark Wahlberg) in Shooter , "Welcome to ...
illinifan17 01/15/2011 52 13 - 84
Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) caught red-handed - this is funny! (Updated)
Yesterday, Marsha Blackburn (mis-)representative to the United States House of Representives from the Seventh District in Tennessee put an announcement on her website boasting that she had been ...
illinifan17 10/15/2010 73 224 2 158
What is the Inverse of a Secret Muslim?
I vaguely remember hearing some of the hoopla surrounding Ergun Caner soon after 9/11. His was the perfect story. He was raised as a radical Muslim in Turkey, later moved to America with a desire ...
illinifan17 05/12/2010 4 2 - 89
Report from Tennessee
New York is getting the national attention for a bomb that did not explode, and the Gulf oil spill is the secondary story. Meanwhile, Middle Tennesse is devastated. It is difficult to imagine ...
illinifan17 05/02/2010 52 41 2 39
I Am Going to the Teabag Convention This Afternoon. W/ poll
Most everybody knows by now that the Tea Party people are meeting this weekend in Nashville, Tennessee in the Gaylord Opryland Hotel. I live in the 7th Congressional District of Tennessee. This ...
illinifan17 02/06/2010 66 24 - 36
Hilarious Handgun Hypocrisy
For the sake of keeping a catalogue of Republican hypocrisy and to give your brain its daily workout of stretching and twisting, I offer this item from the state of Tennessee, where I live.
illinifan17 11/03/2009 129 10 - 43
Pat Buchanan just gave us the line (Updated)
On Hardball just a few seconds ago.
illinifan17 10/09/2009 64 44 2 78
How Many Things Are Wrong with This Story?
National Public Radio reported this morning on the deceptive practices of an ...
illinifan17 10/02/2009 6 7 - 69
Your civil rights are safe in Tennessee
The Tennessean is reporting today that a Tennessee state civil rights panel, specifically ...
illinifan17 09/26/2009 7 13 1 16
Tennessee Mayor Forwards Racist E-mail
Johnny Piper, the mayor of Clarksville, Tennessee, home of Fort Campbell, forwarded an e-mail that protested a U. S. postage stamp commemorating two Muslim holidays.
illinifan17 09/04/2009 16 10 - 78
The composition of SCOTUS
There was a very curious piece of commentary on this morning, written by Abigail Thernstrom, who is on ...
illinifan17 07/14/2009 16 1 - 7
Breaking in Nashville.  Steve McNair is dead. Updated x4.
Steve McNair, former quarterback for the Tennessee Titans and Baltimore Ravens, was shot and killed this afternoon. Very little info now. No links yet. Tragic.
illinifan17 07/04/2009 284 184 1 299
Reasons why college is so expensive.
A question comes up pretty often in diaries like this one . Yes, college is ...
illinifan17 07/03/2009 50 10 - 71
Not Breaking, But Broken: Republicans in disarray
They continue to write the jokes themselves. Of course it is April Fool's Eve.
illinifan17 03/31/2009 7 5 - 1
A Primer on Belmont University
The October 7 presidential debate is being held in the Curb Event Center at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee. A confession - I teach at Belmont and I love the place. There ...
illinifan17 10/07/2008 19 18 - 235
If you shoot yourself Fannie will forgive your mortgage
This just in: Yes, you are just one suicide attempt away from owning your own home outright.
illinifan17 10/03/2008 59 16 1 2
The Real Story on the Gas Shortage
Many are aware that there has been a shortage of gasoline for about ten days, with Middle Tennessee (Nashville area) appearing to be the focal point of the shortage. There ...
illinifan17 09/22/2008 19 7 - 15
This is hard to write about. Updated.
The AP's Political Pulse is reporting on a new poll conducted along with Stanford University on the effects of ...
illinifan17 09/20/2008 98 10 1 18
The Republican place where I live
The story about the Obama Waffle Mix in racist packaging, being sold at the "Values Voters" conference, was well covered in this ...
illinifan17 09/14/2008 9 9 - 4
This is too funny
The AP reports that The GOP opens "war room" at Democratic convention . I knew they liked to start wars, but is ...
illinifan17 08/24/2008 47 25 - 17
Sort of a Preemptive Defense against the Upcoming Diary(ies) Complaining about Textbook Prices
I have been around here for about four years now, and if recollection serves me reasonably well, since colleges and universities will all be starting classes in the next week, there will soon be ...
illinifan17 08/20/2008 20 3 - 2
Biggest Overreaction Ever
Today on dailykos we had eight (and counting) dairies and two front page stories on the Cokie Roberts comments about Obama's Hawaiian vacation. First there ...
illinifan17 08/11/2008 88 6 - 29
Tennessee Primary Results Thread.  Updated
Here is a link to the U. S. Senate primary results. It's a big field for the Democrats. Lamar Alexander is unchallenged. Well, he's ...
illinifan17 08/07/2008 21 14 - 8
Tennesee GOP Goes into Hiding
Tonight is the annual "Stateman's[sic] Dinner" in Nashville. It is the state party's major fundraising event for upcoming state sente and house elections. This is the 32nd annual event, and ...
illinifan17 07/26/2008 27 9 - 2
Action Alert: Reading is Fundamental
I have not seen this on dailykos yet, so I am posting a brief diary.
illinifan17 06/12/2008 7 3 - -
Why do we mirror our oppenent instead of our candidate?
I am going to make the kind of assertion here that can not be supported by empircal evidence. It is just a sense that I have had over the past few months. Much of it comes from being a Clinton ...
illinifan17 05/07/2008 22 4 - -
This site is really out on a ledge now
Every day it gets more ridiculous, and now even the front page has lost all reason. I was riding into work this morning and I heard on NPR ...
illinifan17 05/01/2008 200 23 1 25
Did the Democratic Party plan to destroy itself?
According to observers far and wide, including may on this site, the continuation of the contest for the Democratic nomination is a pending disaster for the party. I have been hearing this for at ...
illinifan17 04/08/2008 57 3 1 30
A little lesson on the "root fallacy."
In the many discussions of the David Schuster ""being pimped out" comment about Chelsea Clinton, I have been surprised by many of the comments and diaries defending Schuster and minimizing the ...
illinifan17 02/09/2008 17 7 - 1
A Tribute to Senator Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) - Yeah that's right.
Last week Devilstower wrote about an upcoming meeting in Atlanta of a variety of groups of Baptists called the New Baptist ...
illinifan17 02/02/2008 10 10 - 1
First Primary Poll in Tennessee
This poll came out a few days ago, and I saw no diary on it. The poll was commissioned by WSMV, the Nashville NBC affiliate. It uses 1003 likely voters. The poll was taken on January 19-21, and ...
illinifan17 01/26/2008 39 5 - 3
Obama commercial
When the Packers-Giants game broke for halftime, the first commercial was an Obama ad. I am in Nashville, wondering if that commercial ran in a national slot or a local slot. Who else saw it? ...
illinifan17 01/20/2008 22 4 - -
Time magazine repeats Thompson's fake endorsement
Fred Thompson has claimed an endorsement from a group representing "forty million conservative Methodists across the U. S."
illinifan17 12/20/2007 17 6 - -
I went to hear Valerie Plame tonight
If you get the chance to go hear Ms. Plame tell her story, don't miss it. Even though I knew most of the story, it was still a great evening, and she is an American hero who desrves our support. ...
illinifan17 11/28/2007 12 32 - 6
Is Hillary Eve, Delilah, or Jezebel? w/ poll
There are plenty of issues about which we can all disagree with Hillary Clinton. If she wins the Democratic nomination and the presidency, we will all need to be even more diligent about engaging ...
illinifan17 11/24/2007 108 2 - 8
The Full Menagerie of Wackos
Bob Allen of has the latest rundown of Huckabee endorsements: Movie Star, Motivational Speaker, ...
illinifan17 11/21/2007 14 4 - -
Piling on David Brooks
With all of the deserved attention being given to David Brooks's idiotic Reagan revisionism, it might be easy to miss ...
illinifan17 11/13/2007 11 4 - -
For a warring tribe, we've done pretty well
In an editorial now available on , Robert Parham, Director of the ...
illinifan17 10/12/2007 8 2 - -
Race and Prison Populations
Aidsand Wright-Riggins has a column today on about African-Americans and prison. It opens with this painful ...
illinifan17 09/28/2007 12 3 - 1
General Pace: Huh?
Here are comments by General Peter Pace today. Pace was Chairman of the Joint Chiefs at the time of the Iraq invation.
illinifan17 09/14/2007 6 4 1 3
Golden Rule Politics
The Baptist Center for Ethics is releasing a new, 36-minute DVD called "Golden Rule Politics: Reclaiming the Rightful Role of Faith in Politics."
illinifan17 09/05/2007 2 2 2 -
Knock down this anti-Live-Earth meme (Updated)
My local paper, The Tennessean , printed on its front page a cut-and-paste article with material pulled from AP and Gannett reporting, including this paragraph: But critics say ...
illinifan17 07/07/2007 72 21 - -
Can Religion Ever Have a Good Influence on Politics?
Robert Parham of the Baptist Center for Ethics has a story today about Baptists in Australia and their impact on the government of their country. Australian Baptists account for only ...
illinifan17 06/22/2007 113 9 - 1
The Lou Dobbs whine
Lou Dobbs has officially become a martyr for the middle-class, at least in his own mind. He stands alone, beseiged on all sides. I've been, over the years, because of our reporting on ...
illinifan17 05/31/2007 18 5 - -
Was the United States Air Force Sponsoring a Religious Festival?
This story by Bob Allen of the Baptist Center for Ethics reports that a Memorial Day weekend event in Stone Mountain Georgia may ...
illinifan17 05/30/2007 12 8 - -
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