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*Update 3* A Dead Man liked Facebook yesterday, and how I became an FB zombie too
Dear Facebook, Yesterday, as I was checking my news feed, one of the posts made me sit up in my seat. According to you, my cousin now LIKES an internet wine company from one of your ads. Facebook, ...
indyjones48 01/18/2013 91 159 2 -
Dawn of the Lemons
Just a bit of levity to brighten your day. The Republicans have surrounded the house. Tell them to "Suck on that, sourpuss!" If you find the video funny, please rate it up and share it. http://www....
indyjones48 02/17/2012 3 - - 35
I did not vote for the black man
This is a note to all the punditocracy and the news shows and the increasingly irrelevant right-wing mouth-pieces -- -- who this morning are already talking about celebrations from "Egypt to Kenya".
indyjones48 11/05/2008 10 15 - -
Big Steaming Equity!
Yes folks, step right up, step right up. I have right here an amazing investment opportunity that you just can't pass by. Equity -- yes, that's right, genu-ine, 100% real equity -- in this here ...
indyjones48 09/25/2008 2 - - -
Pls! Stop Using "Harm's Way"!!
Please, I beg you. If you don't want to keep perpetuating GW's and the right-wing's propaganda, stop using the phrase harm's way immediately. I'll explain why and give you examples of ...
indyjones48 02/07/2007 13 6 - -
FEMA devastation continues in Texas! Goodhair pleas for help
indyjones48 11/11/2005 7 7 1 8
Did Roberts really affirm privacy rights? I don't think so
indyjones48 09/14/2005 4 - - -
When institutions become irrelevant....
indyjones48 04/15/2005 - 1 - -
Pataki screws the middle-class and poor
indyjones48 03/02/2005 4 2 - -
The "Just In Time" Revolution
indyjones48 02/26/2005 4 1 - 19
Urgent: help me trace this 800 phone number!
indyjones48 02/23/2005 22 2 - -
Published LTE: Reframing medicaid cuts on the local level
indyjones48 02/18/2005 1 3 - 6
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