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Want to send a Message to Sellout Democrats? There's only One Way.
I first became politically active here in my "red" mountain North Carolina County in 1990 (the first Harvey Gantt vs Jesse Helms race). At that time, the local Democratic and Republican parties were ...
irmaly 12/14/2014 117 324 6 -
Watauga, NC Rounds 5,6,7,8: Wherein WE WIN & Don't Stop
So it's been a while since I could get you up-to-date on Watauga County political happenings. My bad. But we had a very important (and it-took-all-my-time) election to win first! My earlier diaries ...
irmaly 11/16/2013 14 30 1 -
Watauga, NC Round 4: And Another One Bites the Dust
Good Sunday, Kossacks! Hope your day is going well. Mine started off quite nicely when, coffee still brewing, I woke to this front page headline, wherein Bertrand Gutierrez of The Winston Salem ...
irmaly 09/15/2013 30 143 4 -
Watauga, NC Round 3: Humpty Dumpty Falls Off the Wall
Over the past two Saturdays, I've shared with Kossacks our ongoing battle with a corrupt, Tea Party Watauga County Board of Elections. You can read my two past diaries here ...
irmaly 09/07/2013 68 243 3 -
Watauga, NC Round 2: Goliath Board of Elections Takes a Hit
In last Saturday's diary , I brought Kossacks up to speed on the story of the peoples' fight against the corrupt Watauga County Board of Elections' shenanigans. When the local Democratic Party ...
irmaly 08/24/2013 133 266 3 -
Watauga County, NC: All Hell Broke Loose at the Board of Elections Meeting
Yep. It's so downright amazing that even Rachel Maddow picked it up. Monday at 9AM was the first time the new and not-so-improved Watauga County Board of Elections met, a Board now controlled by ...
irmaly 08/17/2013 304 731 13 -
Slabtown Road in Zionville: Watauga County Dems Cash Mob #3 (Great Pics!)
Slabtown Road in Zionville (Watauga County, North Carolina) is Daniel Boone Country. It's where established buffalo and Indian trails and Daniel Boone's westward exploration trail came together just ...
irmaly 09/23/2012 13 21 - 88
Look at the Mailer I Got from Romney Today
This diary will be quick. I live in North Carolina and received the Medicare mailer (below the orange) from the Romney Campaign today. Wanted to share it with all of you. While I know it's all ...
irmaly 08/29/2012 27 20 - 264
The Sign in 'The Mountain House' Window: Watauga County Dems Cash Mob #2 (Great Pics!)
The Mountain House Restaurant in Boone, NC is owned by one Betty Austin, a certified controversial local character . She's always been a very you-can't-get-to-the-right-of-me Republican, turned on ...
irmaly 08/26/2012 59 240 3 1074
Democrats, Small Business, & Cash Mobs in Watauga County, NC (Great Pics)
Watauga County, North Carolina has a strong and active local Democratic Party . We think out of the box, run strong local candidates, and never stop trying to move our county "forward," even when we ...
irmaly 07/29/2012 39 120 5 514
ASU College Republicans: "The Right to Vote is Too Important to Give to Everyone"
It's pretty tough up here in the North Carolina mountains these days. We've made some damn fine progressive progress over the years, but like many other places in the United States, the Tea Party ...
irmaly 03/30/2012 40 34 - 318
Why Don't We Compromise on the Payroll Tax Cut?
The Republicans claim their problem with the Payroll Tax Cut Deal is that it is just for two months instead of one year. House leaders insist theirs is the principled stand because ...
irmaly 12/21/2011 10 1 - 80
What's With the Quinnipiac Poll?
I'd be interested in hearing Kossacks' opinions on this October 6th Quinnipiac poll. The poll surveyed 2,118 registered voters and ...
irmaly 10/07/2011 19 1 - 132
WTF?! The GOP Goes After Obama on Medicare?!
Now who on earth could have ever anticipated that the Republicans would go after President Obama for cutting Social Security and Medicare???????
irmaly 08/04/2011 498 163 3 1610
Progressives & the Super Congress: Our First Hostage
We all know the Super Congress is a set-up. We can try, but it's pretty clear we aren't going to be able to influence the appointments either. Pelosi will put three progressives on, but they will be ...
irmaly 08/03/2011 6 8 - 75
The Importance of Drawing a Bottomline.
Does this ring a bell?: "Nobody should assume we're going to have a debt-limit extension," John Boehner warned. "If the vote were held today, it would not pass." Sound familiar? This ...
irmaly 08/02/2011 1 - - 19
This is What Republican Leadership Looks Like in Watauga County, NC
Watauga County, North Carolina was a conservative county back when I first arrived some two plus decades ago. Fast forward ...
irmaly 03/20/2011 11 29 1 215
Obama Met with Liberal Economists Right Before the Tax Cut Press Conference
This was published last Friday, but I didn't see it until tonight. If someone has already written a diary on this, I'll be happy to delete. According to Michael Hirsh at the National ...
irmaly 12/20/2010 165 35 - 56
Obama's 2008 "Official Campaign Blogger" Says Grassroots Left on Sidelines
Sam Graham-Felsen says he was President Obama's 2008 "Chief Blogger"in an opinion piece just ...
irmaly 12/16/2010 703 506 7 306
What Does the Democratic Party Stand For?
I'm a 57 year-old Democratic political activist in the mountains of North Carolina. I always voted, but I got the bug, cut my teeth so to speak, on political activism back in 1990, ...
irmaly 12/12/2010 63 28 - 161
If we don't take to the streets, it's over.
Bernie Sanders has made a direct plea to progressives:
irmaly 12/09/2010 46 19 - 46
'Splain this on the Obama Compromise
I'm sorry for the quick diary, but I keep coming back to this and would like to hear explanations of how anyone can think the President wasn't had in the negotiations over the Obama-McConnell Tax ...
irmaly 12/08/2010 34 10 - 37
You're in for a treat! Watch Billy Kennedy's New TV Ads.
This will be a short (and sweet) diary (I'm crashing a Tea Party candidate forum in a bit), but I couldn't wait to give Kossacks a real treat! Take a look at three of the TV ads that the Billy ...
irmaly 10/19/2010 22 23 - 622
Kennedy v. Foxx Debate. UnBelievable. Watch.
Last night I attended the incredible debate between Billy Kennedy and the hateful representative ...
irmaly 10/13/2010 36 45 - 141
Billy Kennedy Has Principles, Backbone, & Guts
(Disclaimer: I am a volunteer for the Billy Kennedy for Congress campaign.) Billy Kennedy, Democratic challenger to incumbent Rep.Virginia Foxx (NC-5), wrote a bang up diary here yesterday.
irmaly 07/16/2010 13 8 - 21
Billy Kennedy's Inspiring Response to Virginia Foxx's Phone-In
On Tuesday, Rep. Virginia Foxx (NC-5) heard from screened contituents in a phone-in town ...
irmaly 06/11/2010 93 234 2 130
Foxx (NC-5): Obama Failed to use Giant Sponges To Soak Up Oil
( Reprinted with permission from NOTE: You can donate to Foxx's ...
irmaly 06/09/2010 27 7 - 95
Kick-off Canvass Call for Billy Kennedy Campaign!
Just wanted to get the word out that the Billy Kennedy for Congress campaign (NC-5) is holding its kick-off district canvass on Saturday, April 24th in Wilkesboro, NC. All are invited to participate!
irmaly 04/05/2010 2 7 - 23
Billy Kennedy: Foxx Will Pay For Her NO Vote on HCR.
Best I can tell, Billy Kennedy --progressive, populist, fired up Democratic challenger to Virginia Foxx (R-Nutjob)--doesn't ever sleep. He ...
irmaly 03/20/2010 40 31 - 55
Billy Kennedy Crashes Virginia Foxx's HCR Town Hall
Billy Kennedy (Democratic candidate for US Congress, NC-5) has the spunk, the spirit, and the courage of his convictions. On Monday, he walked into Virginia Foxx's Health Care Town Hall forum in ...
irmaly 03/16/2010 35 35 2 117
Virginia Foxx is Coming. Hide Yer Biscuits.
On Thursday, March 4, 2010 the House of Representatives passed H. Res. 362 on a roll call vote. H. Res 362 reads: ...
irmaly 03/06/2010 29 28 - 178
Billy Kennedy "on fire" in Blue America Chat
I am so proud of Billy Kennedy, Democratic candidate for US House, NC-5, running against incumbent right-winger Virginia Foxx. Billy has now ...
irmaly 02/28/2010 12 16 - 74
The Republicans Introduce New "Sunset Caucus"
I keep a close eye on Rep, Virginia Foxx (RNutjob-NC5) these days, and I'm used to her regular drivel (government is wasteful," "taxes are too high," "health care scheme"). But I had to wonder what ...
irmaly 02/11/2010 6 11 - 17
We're on it, Dr. Dean: Kennedy v. Foxx on Filing Day.
Dr. Howard Dean: "You still have the power" : This is not about whether we like the Party or not, it'...
irmaly 02/09/2010 22 27 - 69
Billy Kennedy Takes on Virginia Foxx.  Bigtime.
Farmer, master carpenter, local radio host, and populist man-of-the-people Billy Kennedy is taking Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-Nutjob) head on is what is fast shaping up to be an exciting,
irmaly 02/04/2010 52 47 1 52
Where is Frank Luntz's birth certificate?
irmaly 02/03/2010 53 15 - 31
Billy Kennedy Takes Virginia Foxx to the Woodshed (UPDATE w/website link)
Updated with Kennedy's web site link . You can read his positions there. Billy Kennedy, a Democratic candidate from the "
irmaly 02/01/2010 283 516 5 178
Here is a for real picture of my Congresswoman, Representative Virginia Foxx (NC5-R,Nutjob)
irmaly 01/30/2010 52 28 - 32
Ride the Anger: Take Out Their Incumbents
We can debate what did and did not cause the majority of voters (and a significant number of Democratic voters) to pull the lever for Scott Brown. We can debate who is the most corrupt person/...
irmaly 01/27/2010 15 8 - 18
Krugman Calls Spending Freeze "Appalling"
If this has already been diaried, I will gladly delete. Paul Krugman has written what is, as far as I know, his first ...
irmaly 01/26/2010 95 16 - 28
What is the Democratic plan to win in 2010?
I am seriously seeking answers here. I stay up with this site and others and with polls and with Democratic activities here locally and in my district. I am on a team of good people working for a ...
irmaly 01/22/2010 81 7 1 23
Battle Cry
I'm 55 years old. I've been fighting Republican and conservadem bullshit since long before the word "teabagger" crawled out from under the rug. I've still got a lot of fire in me though, enough to ...
irmaly 01/21/2010 7 3 - 10
Scott Brown Beat Us At Our Own Game
We're supposed to the the party of the netroots, right? Well, maybe the teabaggers stole our notes. Coakley a bad candidate? People hate the Democratic Party? People mad that Obama hasn't ...
irmaly 01/20/2010 23 8 - 11
Tax Junk Insurance Plans, Not Cadillac Plans
Here we go again. Trying to decide which of the shitty health insurance "reform" options our legislators have tossed on the table we're willing to choke down. But the fact of the matter is our ...
irmaly 01/07/2010 28 12 - 44
My Email to the White House
Thank you so much for your generous contribution of $50.00 to Democracy for America. You are directly funding DFA's people-powered campaigns to take back our country. Transaction #:
irmaly 12/16/2009 24 6 - 14
Here's the Candidate Who Will Beat Virginia Foxx
I live in the North Carolina 5th Congressional district and am a long-time Democratic activist here. Our ...
irmaly 12/05/2009 50 27 2 198
Where we are with the Senate Finance Committee
There are 23 members on the Senate Finance Committee: 10 Republicans, and 13 Democrats. It will take 12 yes votes to move a bill out ...
irmaly 09/18/2009 18 11 - 13
Insurance Industry Says Baucus Bill Goes Too Far
While Ezra Klein tries to convince us that even though the Baucus bill is not "reform," it could ...
irmaly 09/15/2009 39 20 - 34
Strong, The Push for Triggers is
It's more than clear the Blue Dogs and conservadems are trying to cram worthless, sell-out public option triggers down our collective progressive throats as hard and as fast as possible. A “...
irmaly 09/11/2009 18 11 - 14
The Democratic Party is Bigger Than Obama
Obama's speech was one of the best I've heard him give. It made my heart sing to hear him call out the Republicans and the insurance companies, even if I (as a progressive) did have to take a hit on ...
irmaly 09/10/2009 43 6 1 1
Democrats will Roll On A Public Option Trigger, Just Like They Rolled On the Medicare Trigger
Others have noted that today Roll Call announced some progressive House members have signaled their ...
irmaly 09/08/2009 66 16 - 65
Virginia Foxx: Coward, Liar, Hypocrite
Representative Virginia Foxx (R Nutjob, 5th District NC) has refused to meet with her constituents during the August recess. When I talked with her directly and tried to schedule a meeting with her,
irmaly 08/26/2009 48 24 1 44
R's New Seniors Bill is Our Chance--Let's Take It!
I'm sick and tired of playing defense to the Republicans on the health care issue. We are the Party of the People, right? Why are we allowing ourselves to fall into the traps they ...
irmaly 08/24/2009 24 23 - 22
Virginia Foxx: "No Constitutional Right to Health Care"
Representative Virginia Foxx (R Nutjob-NC 5th District) has refused to meet individually with her constituents to talk ...
irmaly 08/21/2009 100 13 - 51
The White House Thinks We're Stoopid
We're in a pretty sorry state of affairs. If the White House really wants to discount the lies about death panels and grandma killing, it might be a good idea to try out a little truth when talking ...
irmaly 08/18/2009 55 8 - 37
2000 GAO Study: Health Care Co Ops Don't Work
A story by Sam Stein in today's Huffington Post said a "newly resurfaced" GAO study on co ops had ...
irmaly 08/17/2009 37 22 1 27
HCR: Kill the Mandates and We'll Get the Upper Hand
Okay. As my father used to say, "We're where we are." It's pretty clear that the Democrats (Obama included) are not going to insist on a Public Plan in the final health care bill. Hell, we can ...
irmaly 08/16/2009 100 44 - 25
Me, Virginia Foxx, and the Cove Creek Fish Fry
I live in Watauga County , North Carolina. My US House Representative is Republican nutjob Virginia Foxx. Here is a picture I ...
irmaly 08/14/2009 72 47 - 120
I Stand with Dean - No Public Option, No Deal
Huffington Post today reports a strong message from Howard Dean on the fate of the Public Plan and the ...
irmaly 08/13/2009 550 942 10 169
Our Meeting with Senator Kay Hagan's HCR Staff
Yesterday, four of us drove the two hours to Charlotte to meet with Senator Kay Hagan's Legislative Assistant for Health Care, Michelle Adams. We four are Watauga County Democratic Party Officers/...
irmaly 08/12/2009 44 41 - 103
We can win Health Reform. But there's only one way.
Let's get down to brass tacks. The bottom line for most of us here is that there must be a strong public option in any eventual reconciled bill that hits the Congressional floor. The American ...
irmaly 08/09/2009 10 7 - 13
Massive Anti-Health Reform Rally Planned for 8/22
If this has been posted elsewhere, please let me know, and I'll delete. First I found where Conservatives for Patients' Rights has teamed up with other winger ...
irmaly 08/03/2009 34 61 1 42
"Baucus Bailout Bill" is the "Republican Health Plan"
We all know the 3 Democrats and 3 Republicans (okay, okay, 6 Republicans) on the Senate Finance Committee have floated key provisions of their so-...
irmaly 07/28/2009 26 15 1 26
A View from the Rural Field
Canvassing is nothing new to us here. We’ve been canvassing hard since 2002 after we sat down and took a hard look at what it might take to win an election for Democrats in our Republican ...
irmaly 09/14/2008 49 78 6 64
Bring. It. On.
I’ll admit it. The polls drive me over the edge. I read just about every single analysis I can get on ...
irmaly 09/07/2008 6 6 - -
Ask Every Last One of Them How Many Houses They Own
This morning I was watching Ralph Reed on C-Span. He was saying the question about how many houses McCain had was a stupid question, didn't mean anything, and that no one cared anyway. He said ...
irmaly 08/22/2008 6 3 - -
Obama VS The Neighborhood
Years ago, in my rural, conservative county, we decided to try to move just an inch towards some zoning regulations, of which we have none. Just a little move. We wanted to regulate polluting ...
irmaly 06/30/2008 3 6 - -
Seeking Kudos for Watauga County, NC
irmaly 11/08/2006 1 1 - 10
We Get to Laugh Once in a While, Right?
irmaly 10/26/2006 4 1 - 5
Seeking input on rural radio spot
irmaly 10/21/2006 25 6 - -
Looking for Creative Ideas--Please Help
irmaly 05/11/2006 15 3 - -
Thinking Out of the Box on Roe
irmaly 02/25/2006 6 6 - -
Welcome to Rep. Virginia Foxx's "Listening Tour"
irmaly 01/25/2006 7 2 1 32
The Finger of God (with a poll)
irmaly 03/22/2005 16 2 - -
NC Rep. Foxx votes against her own idea
irmaly 02/22/2005 15 6 - -
Democratic Grassroots Coup in North Carolina? (with a poll)
irmaly 02/20/2005 11 5 - -
Republican Justice in North Carolina
irmaly 02/06/2005 3 5 - -
The State of Affairs in a Red State
irmaly 11/09/2004 10 8 - -
Playing for Keeps
irmaly 11/05/2004 1 1 - -
Just a Thought
irmaly 11/04/2004 6 1 - -
God's Country
irmaly 11/03/2004 6 1 - -
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