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Sanders tells Stephanopoulos: America needs a 'Political Revolution' for Working Families
Thank you ABC News and and George Stephanopoulos for giving a Progressive Candidate a forum, on your national "Political Viewpoints" show. More please . Sen. Bernie Sanders Says America Needs '...
jamess 05/03/2015 186 179 3 -
Chuck Todd gives "his take" on Sanders' Candidacy
Instead of interviewing the Vermont Senator on his Sunday "Politics" show, instead of asking his Pundit Panel what they thought of the Sanders' Candidacy, Chuck Todd took it upon himself to single-...
jamess 05/03/2015 194 164 2 -
Sanders wants to Help Workers -- in a way that might Surprise you
Besides standing up against Trade Deals that end up exporting American Jobs; Besides calling for more equitable Tax rates on the Wealthy, that will reduce the dangerous and growing gaps in Income ...
jamess 05/02/2015 156 191 4 -
Donations for Bernie roll-in at Presidential levels
The average donation was $43.54. put another way: $1.5 million in 24 hours! Windfall at Bernie's : Sanders raises $1.5 million in 24 hours by Dan Merica, CNN, -- May 1, 2015 [...] "...
jamess 05/01/2015 24 32 - -
Christie Tweets his Innocence
Talk about turning some damning news into a ray of sunshine. Several of them, if you count the number of frenetic Tweets. First the crux of the "bad news" for Chris Christie announced today ... ...
jamess 05/01/2015 90 67 - -
This is what Denial of Due Process looks like: The Baltimore Detainees
One class of citizens gets swept up and crammed into "holding cells" -- denied the basic America Right of knowing why they're being held. (the other class, is doing the "sweeping" ...) They are ...
jamess 05/01/2015 10 13 - -
Hillary's OK with the Bernie Competition
As she tweeted today, Hillary Clinton welcomed Bernie Sanders to the Democratic race for President in 2016. In an unexpected sign of respect Clinton even echoed those Issues, that she actually ...
jamess 04/30/2015 68 30 2 -
We Over-Militarize the Police to What End?
When are we going to have a "War on Stupidity" ... ? [ - pg 16 - ] “The detection and countering of the production, trafficking, and use of illegal drugs is a high-priority national security ...
jamess 04/29/2015 17 13 - -
Demand More Police Accountability
If more citizens don't demand more Police Accountability, it will likely never happen. Here are a few reasons why Police need to be held MORE Accountable: Police brutality calls for transparency ...
jamess 04/28/2015 6 12 - -
Beware of Family Foundations that may be "Up to No Good"
Expect to hear a LOT about Family Foundations that were started by some Politicians named Clinton. DON'T expect to hear a lot about Family Foundations that are operated by Libertarian Billionaires ...
jamess 04/26/2015 33 46 2 -
On Tweaking the Macro Mechanics of a Global Free Trade Engine
Besides all the political wrangling, there are some serious "nut and bolts" issues behind International Trade Agreements, that always seem to get lost whenever we attempt to rebuild this engine. ...
jamess 04/26/2015 5 4 - -
O'Malley: Let us Read it. Let us strengthen our Economy here at Home.
O'Malley sounds like a Progressive advocate to me. Check out his direct and straight-forward answers, the good Governor recently gave NPR: Transcript : NPR's Full Interview With Martin O'Malley npr.
jamess 04/25/2015 123 84 2 -
Another TPP "Benefit" -- 'Putting a Price Tag on Life'
As the article says, this is another " TPP perk " that will be tough for the Un-wealthy to swallow. Because THAT's what holding our global economy back -- the epidemic damage that "generics" ...
jamess 04/25/2015 57 55 - -
Sanders, Pelosi, Levin take a Stand against the Fast Track TPP
Dems deal blow to Obama's historic trade agenda by Ted Barrett, Deirdre Walsh and Eric Bradner, CNN -- April 22, 2015 CNN Video Sen. Sanders talks trade deals 01:12 [...] "On Thursday, Ranking ...
jamess 04/24/2015 85 109 3 -
All Things Being Equal in Wages and Trade Opportunities ...
World Trade agreements are the Great Equalizer when it comes to Worker Wages -- Increase them a little over there, Decrease and Flatten them over here. NAFTA showed us that in spades here in America.
jamess 04/24/2015 15 14 1 -
Concerning NAFTA's 'Unintended' Consequences
Or perhaps they were really "intended"? Concerning the verdict on the intentional forces behind our systematic drift towards Income Inequality -- well, the Global Village is still out "deliberating"
jamess 04/23/2015 26 26 1 -
Sign Warren's Petition -- So 'We CAN Read This'
On You can't read this by Elizabeth Warren, -- April 22, 2015 Have you seen what’s in the new TPP trade deal? Most likely, you haven’t – and don’t ...
jamess 04/22/2015 99 150 1 -
Some Watercooler Replies to Republican Worries
On Iran : The Iranian people just elected a new President -- and he is way more moderate than the old one. The Iranian people want to rejoin the world community. Shouldn't we let them have the ...
jamess 04/22/2015 5 11 - -
Do you suppose She "Got These Facts Wrong" too
As discussed here and here , President Obama's saying she (Elizabeth Warren) has got the Facts wrong on this " ...
jamess 04/21/2015 21 37 - -
"Smoke em, if you Got em"
Kool Cigarettes Commercial (1958) Merry Christmas from Lucky Strike Cigarettes! ... It's Toasted! Kent ...
jamess 04/19/2015 25 20 - -
Researchers Say: Permafrost Feedback Loop will Walk, not Run-away
Chalk this one up for some "good news" in the overwhelming task of slowing-down and reversing, the anticipated "worse effects" of Climate Change. Recent data show that the accelerated release of ...
jamess 04/19/2015 15 17 - -
Evidence of Climate Change Impacts, per the 2014 IPCC Report
Readably larger .
jamess 04/18/2015 17 18 - -
Interactive Map from Yale tells us What 'the Locals' really think about Global Warming
You might be surprised how many adults there are across the Nation "who think global warming is happening?" (63%) Even the State with the lowest score to that Question (WV), had a Majority of 54% --
jamess 04/17/2015 23 40 - -
Former Joint Chiefs Chairman sees the Iran Deal as worth a Try
Unlike the robotic ditto-heads in Congress ready to wage war at the drop of an Israeli Prime Minister's flip-chart -- this "retired United States Navy Admiral, who served as the 17th Chairman of the ...
jamess 04/16/2015 6 10 - -
It should be our Broken LEO System that should be on Trial
It is our broken Law Enforcement Officer System that should be on Trial -- Not its perennial victims , and far too often 'victims of color'. When murder and manslaughter and race motivated killings,
jamess 04/14/2015 26 23 - -
Some Passionate Words from Bernie Sanders
It seems Bernie has been at this -- fighting for us -- for quite a while ... Congressman Sanders grilling Greenspan. link -- Transcript to follow. Uploaded on Nov 19, 2008 -- on the Bernie ...
jamess 04/12/2015 31 37 2 -
Greenspan's Mis-Calculation
AKA Greenspan's Faux Pas Greenspan's Regret Greenspan's Mistake You see people, The Maestro was wrong about Markets -- especially Corporate Wall Street-type Markets -- that they would be "self-...
jamess 04/12/2015 22 18 - -
What Happens if the Tea Party Patriots ever Do "Take Their Country Back"?
Former John Birch Society insider Claire Conner, thinks that the Tea Party Patriots = John Birchers, revised for circa 2015. In a sense, she had the same " ring-side seat " that the Koch Brothers ...
jamess 04/11/2015 168 197 8 -
Little Oxbow, Big Cedar
There is a spur, a detour, a short path to nowhere. That branches from the creek-side pathway, the city-planners have forgotten. One day it beckoned, Yes, you Do have the time. Aren't you ...
jamess 04/10/2015 3 8 - -
Cop Cams Now!
Anyone following the recent news in North Charleston, South Carolina, knows what Justice-insuring difference Video can make , when Cops decide to take the Law -- and the Verdict -- into their own ...
jamess 04/08/2015 8 10 - -
Why do "Bad Cops" Lie?
If you're as horrified by the latest unjustified shooting and murder, of an unarmed black man by a well-armed white cop -- over the world-shattering offense of having the temerity of driving with a ...
jamess 04/07/2015 28 19 - -
Going Viral -- It's Just Not for Microbes Anymore
I'm talking about that "social media" phenomena -- not the "catching a cold" mechanism. "Going Viral" ... you know, the catching on of a Idea, whose time has come. You know how nay-sayers like to ...
jamess 04/06/2015 20 7 - -
California Desalination Plant to go Back On-line
The history of this plant raises some interesting questions. Is 'Necessity' really the 'Mother of Invention' -- or is it really more like ' Desperation '? Santa Barbara working to reactivate ...
jamess 04/05/2015 156 79 - -
Having to "Serve Others" is NOT Religious Persecution
Much has been written about Religious Liberty and Religious Persecution in the past few weeks. Those of the Religious persuasion, see themselves as being personal aggrieved. Supposedly they have ...
jamess 04/05/2015 19 60 1 -
The Union of Concerned Scientists weighs in on the Iran Agreement
If the voices of sanity and rationality, don't get out in front of this new deal, and weigh in with some "cautious optimism" -- then the voices of foreboding and acrimony, will squash this deal with ...
jamess 04/04/2015 92 194 4 -
GOP's Open Letter to Iran: Round II
Don't be surprised, if you see something like this in the near future. The spitting-nails party, will not rest until ... well, Never!
jamess 04/03/2015 7 8 - -
So What's in the Agreement with Iran?
BiBi -- the GOP's latest BFF -- must be doing rhetorical back-flips, right about now ... What's in the Iran nuclear deal? 7 key points by Eric Bradner, CNN -- April 2, 2015 [...] 1.
jamess 04/02/2015 23 23 1 -
How much is 0% of Average?
0% of Average Water Content, of the normal Snow Fields that is, that in most places California, ARE.NOT.THERE. Snow Course Measurements for April 2015 Department of Water Resources ...
jamess 04/01/2015 28 18 - -
Martin O'Malley talks to George Stephanopoulos, this week. ABC: This Week: Could Martin O'Malley Challenge Hillary ? link to video posted ABC News -- Published on Mar 29, 2015 The former ...
jamess 03/31/2015 53 28 - -
When Bigoted Policies lose the Sport Franchises, They have Lost
When the Basketball Association turns against your state for its bigoted policies, just maybe your state is on the losing side of the argument . Armour: NCAA's next moves should be out of Indiana ...
jamess 03/30/2015 25 44 - -
Was the War in Iraq Worth It?
Why is it the most important Questions rarely, if ever, get asked? Especially by the oh-so serious ones, ready to start the next conflict at the drop of a hat? Here's one such echo-chamber, that ...
jamess 03/29/2015 75 44 2 -
It's SO Bad -- that even members of Congress are Shocked
That's a pretty high threshold-bar to have been reach there ... given all the outrage-fatigue lately. TPP so bad even the US congress is shocked by Leith van Onselen; Unconventional Economist in ...
jamess 03/28/2015 380 422 15 -
Everything you Never wanted to Know about the TPP
And more ... The TPP -- the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreements (Corporate Pacts), which are being conducted by corporate lawyers and lobbyists, far from the light of day -- on our behalf. But ...
jamess 03/28/2015 22 19 2 -
Why are Only 5 of TPP's 29 Chapters -- actually about Trade?
Have you heard about the TPP? ALL of the TPP -- the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement s being conducted by corporate lawyers and lobbyists, far from the light of day -- on our behalf. If not, ...
jamess 03/27/2015 35 59 3 -
Pushing back on Fracking
Maryland is no longer buying the "Just Trust Us" arguments , when it comes to Fracking in their state. Fracking moratorium, strict liability standards bills pass in Maryland -- March 25, ...
jamess 03/25/2015 4 17 - -
Stewart Slams Fox for its inaccurate 'Benghazi Outrage'
In case you missed it (including the Republican Benghazi Report) this recent clip -- seemed relevant, and somewhat newsworthy (to me anyways): The Daily Show -- Mighty Morphin Position Changers ...
jamess 03/24/2015 3 17 - -
Billionaire break ranks on the Standard Line about Income Inequality
The guy who is worth about $4.6 billion, just warned the sold-out TED Talks that: 'current levels of inequality may be unsustainable'. And that was not all he said ... [...] " The gap between ...
jamess 03/20/2015 25 42 - -
The Progressive Budget is the one that Invests in Us
Hot off the government presses ... a Budget that actually cares about what the People want. Woohoo! It's about damn time. Progressives Present Alternative Budget : A Raise for America by Jessica ...
jamess 03/20/2015 8 17 - -
Would you like to See ...
Would you like to ... Restore our Manufacturing Leadership ? -- by making strong investments in research, development, and application of advanced manufacturing and clean energy technologies ...
jamess 03/19/2015 17 31 - -
This is what "Balancing the Budget" means to the GOP
First and foremost, it means that they can show everyone -- how they mean Business. That they alone , "know how to govern" ... just watch them. Republicans face major governing test: passing a ...
jamess 03/18/2015 13 19 - -
Godwin's Law Strikes again
Well, that didn't take long ... Senator Tom Cotton , on the floor senate: "The world is growing ever more dangerous, and our defense spending is wholly inadequate to confront the danger," Cotton ...
jamess 03/16/2015 221 214 1 -
Chuck Todd's new News Standard: "Two wrongs don't make a right"
I couldn't believe it when I heard this 'playground taunt' come out the Moderator's mouth, on this morning's MTP: " ... do two wrongs make a right?" I thought to myself -- What are we in the 7th ...
jamess 03/15/2015 13 15 - -
This New Republican Standard of 'Email Purity' is really Dangerous -- for Them
Hot off the presses, as they say: Top U.S. Republican lawmaker to launch new investigation of Clinton emails : ABC by Amanda Becker, -- Mar 15, 2015 (Reuters) - Representative John ...
jamess 03/15/2015 22 19 - -
The “Anyone but Bibi” contingent, has got Bibi worried
With their election just three days away , Bibi Netanyahu is kind of "sweating bullets" ... on Facebook. New poll : Netanyahu's Likud down to 20 seats [vs 24] The two final polls published before ...
jamess 03/14/2015 83 113 1 -
Canada is Gearing up for the Arctic 'land-grab'
The next time a well-funded Climate-denier tells you that "the Science is Debatable" -- just tell them: "Not in the Arctic, it isn't." And then send them this link . Canada to spend billions on ...
jamess 03/14/2015 26 37 1 -
Regarding the Chasing of the "End of Days"
"The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated." -- Mark Twain quotation: after hearing that his obituary had been published in the New York Journal. Ancient prophecy drives ISIS ...
jamess 03/13/2015 61 42 1 -
Bill Kristol says the Damnedest Things ...
As we learned yesterday that professional puppeteer Bill Kristol, and all-round sceezy guy, has no shortage of Bad Advice, to give us -- an otherwise nation of mostly 'good people' ... • [the ...
jamess 03/12/2015 34 51 1 -
ECI PAC Gives Freshman Senator Cotton a Million Dollars
The Freshman Senator: Tom Cotton R-AR, and primary sponsor to that " just kidding " Letter to Iran. EIC: Right Wing PAC devoted to keeping the Middle East a powder keg of turmoil. Emergency ...
jamess 03/11/2015 70 200 6 -
The Signatories
March 10, 2015 The Signatories : from Jose A. DelReal at the Washington Post Richard Shelby (Ala.) Jeff Sessions (Ala.) Dan Sullivan (Alaska) John McCain (Ariz.) John Boozman (Ark.) Tom Cotton (...
jamess 03/10/2015 10 12 - -
Bernie Sanders is honing his Message
Civil intelligent debates are good ... Sen. Sanders makes case for 'civil, intelligent' debates by Nicole Gaudiano, USA TODAY -- March 9, 2015 [...] Sanders, who is expected to announce this month ...
jamess 03/09/2015 36 31 - -
Too bad They don't make 'em -- like THAT anymore!
Keith Olbermann Destroys Bill O'Reilly link And with a shout out to DailyKos -- 3rd on the Bill-O hit list ... Keith Olbermann DESTROYS Bill O'Reilly...AGAIN!
jamess 03/08/2015 11 33 1 -
Undermining 'Public Trust' by Ignoring some Clear Standards
Police Departments across the country have a serious problem. Much of the Public no longer trusts them. And much of this widening Distrust can be traced back to individual Police Departments ...
jamess 03/07/2015 7 18 - -
A few Moments of Zen ...
Tic tock ... Tic tock ... Pink Floyd - Time from Rimbowarrior on Vimeo . The Lyrics .
jamess 03/05/2015 2 7 - -
Iran's pursuit of "peace and stability" AKA "an Existential Threat"
On 'Existential' Threats A word that has replaced thought by James Fallows, -- Feb 20 2015 [...] We've reached the stage where a particular word obscures more than it clarifies ...
jamess 03/05/2015 24 20 - -
Friends of Big Oil have another Big Fail with Keystone XL
Maybe there are "some things" that money, just can't buy ... Senate attempt to override Keystone veto falls short by Jennifer A. Dlouhy, Washington Bureau, -- March 4, 2015 ...
jamess 03/04/2015 10 22 - -
DOJ documents the "Systematic Discrimination" of the Ferguson PD
Finally, some cold hard numbers -- have been compiled and documented in this latest DOJ report. A report that lends serious credence to what most of us, already knew . Justice report finds ...
jamess 03/03/2015 33 42 1 -
Netanyahu apparently has a Mossad Leak problem
Mossad apparently doesn't agree with the urgency of the Iran Nuclear threat, being posited by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. A claimed Iran Threat to be presented to the U.S. Congress, all in ...
jamess 03/02/2015 18 28 - -
From the O'Reilly's "Greatest Hits" file
I'm sure there are many more than just these, given the amount of time the Corporate Media has pampered him, and his so-called career. Yet lest we forget, the extent of his weaselliness and ...
jamess 03/01/2015 5 9 - -
There's Good News and there's Bad News when it comes to that Global Warming 'Slowdown'
First Woo-hoo! Were not frying the planet as quickly most Climate Models thought we would. We still have some time, to change our carbon-climbing ways ... we still have time to repay our ...
jamess 03/01/2015 19 23 1 -
Regarding "Over-stepping Presidential authority"
“I supported this bill. I believe in the idea of amnesty for those who have put down roots and have lived here even though some time back they may have entered illegally,” ... “ I’m going to ...
jamess 02/28/2015 8 13 - -
Hot Stock Tip: "Buy Solar"
" Cheap Oil " has been taking a toll on the stock prices of Solar companies recently. [See next link for some examples]. Chances are however, that's just a short-term hick-up market glitch, as the "...
jamess 02/28/2015 18 17 3 -
Turn off the PDO Trade Winds -- and Turn up the Heat in the Atmosphere
Or so that's the bottom-line conclusion of what the latest research is telling us, about the relationship between the PDO cycle [ Pacific Decadal Oscillation ], and the global-caching of the Global ...
jamess 02/27/2015 14 23 1 -
Bobby Jindal tells GOP to Grow a Spine
Carly Fiorina tells the GOP they have a Gender problem: “We know there’s a gender gap ,” Fiorina said. “There’s a lot of evidence that we have ground to make up.” Chris Christie tells ...
jamess 02/26/2015 27 11 - -
O’Reilly claimed he was "just reporting" Tiller's Nickname -- Not Inciting it
O’Reilly's lack of remorse over George Tiller's murder, truly shows his duplicitous lack of character. His lack of Journalistic standards too. O’Reilly Responds To The Tiller Murder : ‘No ...
jamess 02/25/2015 62 93 - -
One Response to the "Economics of Envy" ...
Cutting to the chase ... "Scaling back on the ' Disease of Greed '." The trickle-down Tax-haters, forever-defenders of the filthy rich, are re-tooling their Supply-side economics -- they'...
jamess 02/24/2015 20 21 - -
Forget about Evolution, Ask Scott Walker if he believes in Koch
Wisconsin Governor has been " punting " (his word) on a lot on Tough Questions lately. Questions like " What does the Governor think about Evolution?" Or, does he agree with Rudy Giuliani's ...
jamess 02/23/2015 13 25 - -
Even by O'Reilly's own 'Standards': "He should lose his Job"
Bill O'Reilly is a lot of things to a lot of people. And by any rational assessment O'Reilly is at least a Media " Agenda-setter " -- as demonstrated by his recent calls for ' a Holy War against ...
jamess 02/22/2015 30 21 - -
Rudy's Hate-Whistle -- an unexpected 'Litmus Test' for would-be Republicans 'Leaders'
So this is what our hate-fed Nation has "devolved" into -- thanks to the constant drumbeat of hate from Fox News. This is what "respect for the Office" means in today's divided landscapes -- where ...
jamess 02/21/2015 21 13 - -
Bill O telling Tall Tales, Oh my!
Bill O'Reilly Tells How He Rescued a Photographer in Falklands "War Zone" link Bill O'Reilly: "Because I was in a situation one time in a war zone , in Argentina in the Falklands, where my ...
jamess 02/20/2015 14 5 - -
When in the course of Human Events
When in the course of Human Events ... it becomes necessary to find out what "stuff" means; and then to claim those 'intended meanings' as our individual Birth-rights ... The Final Text of the ...
jamess 02/19/2015 5 13 - -
The DOJ takes on the KKK
At least some of the KKK's hate-filled members that is. Some of them will now be doing time. Due to the DOJ's 'actual' pursuit of 'the ideals' they are sworn to protect. Department of Justice -- ...
jamess 02/16/2015 22 27 1 -
FBI Director James Comey talks about Race
It's a start . Even though he seems to be explaining "racial bias" as a "mental shortcut" of some cynical police officers -- worn down by their difficult 'seen-everything' dangerous jobs; Director ...
jamess 02/15/2015 25 47 - -
If you can't beat them, Fly them!
I like scenery, and hiking, and wilderness, and epic landscapes. I like aerial photography too, and have taken up videography {ground-based} the last few years. One lazy Sunday a few weeks ago I ...
jamess 02/15/2015 21 15 - -
John Oliver dissects the Marketing of Pharmaceuticals
In this eye-opening and incredibly well-documented bit, John Oliver explains how the most worrisome "drug dealer" in your neighborhood -- may just be "your Doctor." {... Obligatory 'Course Language'
jamess 02/14/2015 16 28 - -
BLM Reaches Major Solar Milestone
If this is what they call "fast-track" -- I'd hate to see the 'slow one'. The Climate Clock is ticking people. BUREAU OF LAND MANAGEMENT NEWS RELEASE U.S. DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR BLM Southern ...
jamess 02/14/2015 27 26 - -
Bernie 'burns' the Billionaires
You've heard about being "Addicted to Love" ... Well according to Senator Bernie Sanders, Billionaires have a very different "addiction problem" ... [...] Billionaires and “counterrevolutionaries,
jamess 02/12/2015 77 205 3 -
Smile! you're on Cosmos Camera
Classify this one -- as from "Out of this World!" Smiley face spotted by Hubble Space Telescope by Rachel Feltman, -- February 10, 2015 In the center of this image, taken with ...
jamess 02/09/2015 11 16 - -
Wages -- When will Workers Earn what we Deserve?
Well, the President framed the next BIG debate: Middle Class Economics . We'd be fools, to not press the issue for all it's worth ... [...] Of course, nothing helps families make ends meet like ...
jamess 02/08/2015 16 21 - -
How Big is your Tribe?
Your social group. Your circle of Family and Friends. Your sense of cultural heritage. Your depth of national pride. The depth of your historical roots. These all, to one degree or another, ...
jamess 02/07/2015 30 10 - -
WWJD About:  Unemployment
The next time Uber-Conservative, Trickle-down advocate Paul Ryan, complains about the " Economics of Envy " -- someone should ask him, if THIS is what he's talking about ... Matthew ...
jamess 02/05/2015 12 16 - -
John Oliver demonstrates the Absurdity of "Debating" Climate Change
If you haven't seen it yet, then it's "News" to you. If you have -- Quick, what were its main points? ... And what did Bill Nye say? Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Climate Change Debate (HBO)
jamess 02/03/2015 11 26 - -
Mortgage Scam Enablers able to Avoid Jail
Although they were not able to escape our "traditional" method behavior correction -- they were told to "go sit in the corner and take a time out." Economically speaking that is. They were told to ...
jamess 02/03/2015 6 6 - -
An Example: Why who sits on the Supreme Court Matters
I'm always amazed at those who say that they are so disgusted with 'our broken and/or rigged system' -- that they will never support another Democratic Candidate again. Not unless that Candidate '...
jamess 02/01/2015 65 19 - -
Mapping that Atlantic Sea Surface Temperature Anomaly
Have you ever drove through a pouring down "soupy rain" one evening, parked your car. And then rush out the next morning -- late for work -- only to find all your vehicle's windows "foggy and drippy"
jamess 01/31/2015 18 41 - -
This may not be the Last we see of Mitt
After barely spending a Month running for President -- now perennial Republican contender Mitt Romney , is suddenly NOT running? What's up with that!? What is going on in his bottomless pit of ...
jamess 01/31/2015 73 17 - -
Dems Desperately Seeking Messaging Clarity
It kind of seems like the Democratic Party 'got the message' of the Nov 2014 Election: "Don't run from your shadows, if you want the majority of people to follow you." House Democrats' new ...
jamess 01/30/2015 38 21 - -
"Let the pandering begin!"
“ Let the pandering begin! ” Iowa radio host Jan Mickelson joked in the event ’s opening speech, for Steve King's Iowa 'cattle call'. Pander 1) “I think that sends a powerful message to ...
jamess 01/25/2015 32 13 - -
We should be Ready for Warren
Like so many former Obama staffers are "Ready for Warren" ... Ready for Warren [...] Now, former staffers from President Obama’s campaigns, along with former staffers from OFA, are joining with ...
jamess 01/24/2015 248 151 2 -
The Koch Agenda kicks it into another Gear
The GOP brain (-less) -trust is about to get their new "Marching Orders' ... Koch primary kicks off by Tarini Parti and Kenneth P. Vogel, -- January 22, 2015 The Koch primary will ...
jamess 01/23/2015 32 27 1 -
Republicans tell us what they Really think about Raising the Minimum Wage
And what they say the Minimum Wage, says a LOT about what they think about the value of workers. Boehner and McConnell respond to Obama CBS Evening News -- Jan 22, 2015 [...] PELLEY: Make ...
jamess 01/22/2015 13 22 - -
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