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A good reason to bomb Syria?
So, many of us have joined the White House and some in the international community in the earnest exploration for a reason for our necessary intervention in Syria. I admit that I've nothing ...
jeff in nyc 08/30/2013 34 7 - -
Bomb Boston: make cover of Rolling Stone I'll delete if one of our good writers covers this. I have nothing but an unformed mass of hurt and ...
jeff in nyc 07/16/2013 31 1 - -
Tsarnaev: Both RW Nut and Islamist?
Not much of a diary, I am afraid, but wanted to point out this fascinating report that may shed some light on the motivations of the Boston bombers. Via Talking Points Memo, one of the elder brother'
jeff in nyc 04/23/2013 67 11 - -
Gun Safety: What Just Happened in My Family
I am horrified to report that my brother almost accidentally killed his little girl and his son this weekend when his rifle fired accidentally. I do not like to talk about personal things at all--...
jeff in nyc 03/11/2013 235 176 - -
British Petroleum will Survive, and that's good!
If you're like me, you've wondered, between bouts of weeping, what will happen to the Gulf and the entire biosphere in the years following this disaster. Also, if you're like me, you want to know ...
jeff in nyc 06/05/2010 43 4 - 103
Ring of Fire
Johnny Cash would have been 77 years old come next week, and I thought I might just remind everyone of John and June Carter Cash. Johnny is rightly honored for his contributions to country music ...
jeff in nyc 02/20/2009 10 8 - 5
Some may have missed this IGTNT
Just a pointer to this important diary before it scrolls off the front page:
jeff in nyc 10/19/2008 12 14 - 3
Obama: You're on Notice!
Not now, not yet. But come November, all this love is going to turn tentative, and circumspect. We who support you so strongly against McCain will fight all-out through the election, when I fully ...
jeff in nyc 06/07/2008 68 18 - 32
Penn Debate liveblog--see frontpage
UPDATE: Frontpagers will host the live blog. Thx. Go there...they should be posting new threads.... (I did this the other day, and it's no problem for me!) It's already started, and I was ...
jeff in nyc 04/16/2008 320 20 - 11
Live Blog #5--Roundup Edition
LIVE BLOG #5 from Messiah College [PA], it's Sunday Night w/ Hillary and Barack!!! The Compassion forum at Messiah College in Grantham, Pennsylvania. This is thread #5 of the forum.
jeff in nyc 04/13/2008 327 20 - 12
April 4, 1968 to March 18, 2008
When my brother was born just before the Apollo landing on the moon, my parents held him up before the TV, so that he'd be able to say he witnessed something huge in history. I think today is a ...
jeff in nyc 03/18/2008 7 11 - -
Barack Obama is America's Candidate
Short diary that I know will attract a bunch of self-righteous assholes...but I'm serious about Obama 08. A lot of you here are more serious about your complaints about Americans, America, and white ...
jeff in nyc 03/15/2008 21 4 - 1
Clinton: Regrets Ferraro's Remarks UPDATED
Short FYI diary. The NY Post/Associated Press got a new statement from Hillary Clinton regarding Ferraro's race-baiting/white victimhood statements:
jeff in nyc 03/11/2008 114 10 - 9
Clinton rejects re-vote in MI, FL
I have been utterly confused for hours about what the Clinton campaign is saying about the proposed caucus in Michigan. I confess that I don't have much at all, but beg patience for my posting this ...
jeff in nyc 03/06/2008 197 44 2 11
NY Times: Clinton throws kitchen sink
This is a very brief diary, but I wanted to get this new Times article out here. After ...
jeff in nyc 02/25/2008 162 36 1 5
Enough with the Security BS
There have been a number of very concerned diarists and commenters writing to express their disapproval of candidate security operations lately. Others have offered advice to the government or the ...
jeff in nyc 02/21/2008 15 6 - -
Hillary and Obama are not your Conscience
People, the US Government does not exist as a kind of extra bank account for your particular problems; it is not the place you should think of when you're short on rent; it is not there to protect ...
jeff in nyc 01/28/2008 13 3 - 3
Congrats, Iraq! #1 Soccer Team!!! (updated)
Iraq wins Asia cup, and I'm so happy for the glimmer of joy it will no doubt give the Iraqi people.
jeff in nyc 07/29/2007 22 14 1 11
Pardon Duke Cunningham
jeff in nyc 11/16/2006 50 1 - 9
Gay Brooklynite killed
jeff in nyc 10/13/2006 69 40 - 7
Clostridium Difficile
jeff in nyc 10/06/2006 49 14 - 9
WATB, FEAR and Faulkner
jeff in nyc 08/26/2006 13 4 - -
La Marseillaise
jeff in nyc 07/14/2006 22 4 2 -
jeff in nyc 07/02/2006 194 18 1 9
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