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The two things Dems need to do
In the next two years the Democrats only need to do two simple things.
jeffdii 11/03/2010 5 - - 21
National Nurses Union HRC: 'Deeply Flawed'
The 150,000 member National Nurses United, the nation’s largest union and professional organization of registered nurses in the U.S., today criticized the healthcare bill now advancing in the U.
jeffdii 12/22/2009 6 4 - 16
Auto Bailout: What they aren't discussing
Two things come to mind that nobody is discussing in the current auto bailout talks, most notably, most GM cars are not made in this country.
jeffdii 12/10/2008 9 5 - 1
What is your favorite Election Night photo?
I don't know about you but this is mine:
jeffdii 11/05/2008 24 2 - 7
It Ain't Over: Voters Being Purged at High Rate
The NY Times today ran a very scary piece about how voters are being purged from voting rolls at an alarmingly high rate. Link and highlights below.
jeffdii 10/09/2008 14 22 - 9
Palin on the Issues (Direct Quotes)
I have compiled a series of direct quotes from Sarah Palin on where she stands on the issues. (References cited)
jeffdii 10/04/2008 7 9 - 1
Did McCain Suffer a Mini-Stroke Today?
The folks at have posted some video evidence that McCain may have suffered some type of stroke while onstage today.
jeffdii 10/01/2008 131 23 4 54
Bail out's only purpose is to help GOP get re-elected
After thinking about for some time I am of the opinion that doing this bail out at this time is pure political theatre designed to enhance the chances that entrenched Republicans in the House and ...
jeffdii 09/25/2008 7 3 - 1
I still don't see how housing created this bail out
This whole bail out thing mystifies me. Something has seriously gone wrong and no one is telling us what it is.
jeffdii 09/24/2008 55 9 - 1
Obama's State by State Trend has been bad
Here is hoping that he is trending up because he has been trending down for a long time.
jeffdii 09/22/2008 90 - - 1
How To Solve the Current Financial Crisis
The bill of goods the government is selling us is a sham. Here is what really needs to be done.
jeffdii 09/20/2008 14 - - 1
How Did the Dems Let Bush Commute Libby's...
How Did the Dems Let Bush Commute Libby's prison sentence? I know it is old news but that's what I would like to know. When the leaders of this country resort to that type of lawlessness it's time ...
jeffdii 08/22/2008 16 1 - 1
Three things Obama and the Dems need to do
Here's what the Obama camp and the Democrats need to do to win this election. It is simple advice that unfortunately Democrats never heed to during a national ...
jeffdii 08/20/2008 5 - - 1
Media finally comments on McCain's racist ad
OK, it did take a black guy to do this but the New York Times finally called out the McCain camp on their subtle use of racism in their ads. Now, of course, all the media stories are of the "McCain ...
jeffdii 08/02/2008 20 12 - 18
It is McCain that is running the racist ads
McCain runs an ad that shows Obama and then shows two pretty white women and this isn't racist? It is the same thing the GOP did to Harold Ford.
jeffdii 08/01/2008 16 2 - 1
My New Year's Salutation to You
For the past few years I have sent this essay to my friends as a New Year's salutation. I am now sending it to you. In its entirety. I don't think the the publisher would mind. The author died ...
jeffdii 01/01/2008 1 1 - 11
If Karl Rove ran the DNC...
So if Karl Rove was running the DNC he would make Evolution the main issue in the 2008 races. It is the perfect wedge issue for the Democrats: 2/3rds of Dems and Independants "believe" in it. 1/...
jeffdii 09/25/2007 4 1 - -
Iraq critics concede military progress
OMI God look at this AP piece. What a load of shit. What really sets me off is the prime Iraq war critic they site is Kenneth Pollack. Yes, the same Kenneth Pollack who penned the fictional screed:
jeffdii 08/09/2007 13 4 - -
GOP IRAQ 2008 Messaging Revealed by Liddy Dole
For the feckless war-enabling Bush-apologist wing of the GOP that is up for re-election in 2008 Liddy Dole just gave us a good insight into what their messaging will be with regard to the disastrous ...
jeffdii 07/12/2007 20 4 1 -
Go Home, Andy
Hundreds of students and faculty erupted in a chorus of boos Friday when President Bush's former chief of staff Andrew Card rose to accept his honorary doctorate in public service at ...
jeffdii 05/30/2007 1 1 - -
Alabama Homeland Security Lists "Single Issue" Terrorists
A Web site operated by the Alabama Department of Homeland Security identified gay rights organizations and anti-abortion groups among those that could include terrorists. That Web ...
jeffdii 05/29/2007 19 4 - -
New Orleans, Pumps and Bush Cronyism.......
Have these guys ever had a business dealing that was above the board? Disgusting. In a letter dated April 13, Sen. David Vitter, R-La., called on the Corps to look into how the ...
jeffdii 05/01/2007 3 4 - 3
Yikes. Iacocca is Mad as Hell.
Below is excerpted from Lee Iacocca's new book: "Where have all the Leaders Gone?" Am I the only guy in this country who's fed up with what's happening? Where the hell is our outrage? ...
jeffdii 04/24/2007 6 13 - -
Right wing attacks Gore; Left Response is Tepid
Ok, so the right wing can't let Gore have a few minutes of glory without leveling an unsubstantiated vicious attack from a group of nobody hillbillies about a matter that is relatively ...
jeffdii 02/28/2007 15 4 - -
Maher on Salon
Great interview with Bill Maher on Salon. Select quotes: Religion to me is a bureaucracy between man and God that I don't need. But I'm not an atheist. I believe there's some force. If ...
jeffdii 02/16/2007 9 9 - 4
My New Year's Salutation to You
For the past few years I have sent this essay to my friends as a New Year's salutation. I am now sending it to you. In its entirety. I don't think the author or the publisher would mind. Peace on ...
jeffdii 01/01/2007 2 3 1 -
Looking back on the drum beats of war
Jeff Cohen does a great job detailing how the corporate media failed in their job to give the American people an accurate account of the perils in invading a sovereign nation. One can only conclude ...
jeffdii 12/27/2006 8 5 1 -
Not your grandfather's capitalism
Are we becoming a banana republic of rich and poor? You decide.
jeffdii 12/22/2006 6 - - -
Bush: Twilight Days
"This administration is in its twilight days. Everyone is now looking for work, looking to make money ... We all feel beaten after the past five years."
jeffdii 12/21/2006 5 3 - 12
CNN: Do Nothing Dems
CNN ran a story last night entitled "Do Nothing Dems". The story centered around how the House Dems are not going to implement the 9/11 comm recommendations and lobbyist reforms.
jeffdii 12/20/2006 26 14 - 11
Why Do the Oil Companies Own the Gas Stations?
jeffdii 04/26/2006 18 6 - 1
History Channel - Bush Propaganda tool?
jeffdii 03/31/2006 28 7 - 2
Bush Visit = No Layoffs
jeffdii 02/21/2006 5 4 - -
Politics, No. Art, Yes.
jeffdii 02/10/2006 1 1 - -
Democrats are corrupt too.....
jeffdii 01/12/2006 27 4 - -
Roberts: Mailroom to Boardroom?
jeffdii 09/15/2005 1 - - -
Landrieu Can Suck On It....
jeffdii 09/02/2005 31 3 - -
Abramoff, the Mafia and Murder....
jeffdii 08/11/2005 1 2 - -
Energy Bill - A National Embarrassment
jeffdii 07/28/2005 2 2 - -
Bush SC Pick - Will Overturn Roe v Wade
jeffdii 07/22/2005 25 1 - -
Bush SC Pick - Won't Overturn Roe v Wade
jeffdii 06/26/2005 10 - - -
Bush fighting to regain confidence
jeffdii 06/21/2005 7 1 - -
Let the Judges Through...
jeffdii 05/23/2005 9 1 - -
jeffdii 04/12/2005 5 - - -
Final Straw
jeffdii 04/06/2005 3 1 - -
Trim the Deficit = Abuse the Powerless
jeffdii 12/14/2004 1 - - -
one problem with school vouchers......
jeffdii 12/10/2004 8 - - -
Christians See Court Appointments as Top Bush Aim
jeffdii 11/05/2004 - 1 - -
What Nov 2, 2004 Meant
jeffdii 11/05/2004 3 - - -
The Second Coming
jeffdii 11/05/2004 2 1 - -
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