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Why Austerity Wins: the short version
Why does the neoliberal austerity meme always win in today's world?
jellyyork 03/15/2013 15 8 - -
For The Love Of Money
If an intelligent being from another galaxy visited the developed countries of the Earth to learn about modern earthly ways, that intelligent being would surely, in short order, begin to ask the ...
jellyyork 01/31/2013 44 18 2 -
Note to Obama
from Martin Luther King. "A man cannot ride your back unless it's bent.
jellyyork 12/22/2012 9 - - -
An organization who's avoidance of bias is so biased that it can only be half right. Thank You Candy for showing us what half right really means!
jellyyork 10/18/2012 2 - - -
Poverty in America
American poverty is a fabricated shortage of money for those at the bottom of society purposely perpetrated by politicians and their soothsaying economists to keep wealth obscenely concentrated in a ...
jellyyork 03/29/2012 2 12 - 90
It's The Economy Stupid: How the 1% got all the money
Henry Ford once said, “There is one rule for the industrialist and that is: Make the best quality of goods possible at the lowest cost possible, paying the highest wages possible.” In today’...
jellyyork 12/01/2011 35 94 14 692
Deficit Reduction or Revenue Generation?
Why are we worried about raising the debt ceiling this time around? We’ve raised it a multitude of times before without such a fuss?
jellyyork 07/12/2011 8 - - 52
Let's blame the civil servants
Well, MSNBC has continued its plunge into hyping government pensions as the cause of state government financial problems with its major story article, Super-sized pensions, and a doomsday ...
jellyyork 11/12/2010 8 1 - 48
How the Democrats filibuster themselves!
So you think the Senate filibuster is bad for democracy and that all Democrats are working against promoting minority rule as their form of government. Well, think again!
jellyyork 04/16/2010 6 3 - 14
Democracy at Risk--What's Really Driving the Wingnuts?
Angry Tea Parties... Healthcare Death Panels... Birthers... Blatant racist slurs directed at the President... Multitudes voting and demonstrating against their own better self interests... A major ...
jellyyork 03/15/2010 29 39 1 393
What Health Care Issue?
If you think the Health Care crisis is the driving issue behind the current right-wing political violence taking place at town halls all over America you need to think again. The only ones on the ...
jellyyork 08/31/2009 1 - 1 2
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