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Remembering the Armenian Genocide thru Siamanto's Poetry
Today is the 100th anniversary of the beginning of the Armenian Genocide. On April 24, 1915, Ottoman police began arresting hundreds of Armenian intellectuals. Among these was Siamanto, a gifted, ...
johnnygunn 04/24/2015 3 6 1 -
Broken Heart Rock
On a lovely spring day, we headed out from Buffalo to visit Broken Heart Rock. It's only a few miles west of town, but it is on the old highway grade - and when I say "Old Highway" I mean abandoned ...
johnnygunn 04/11/2015 6 16 - -
100 Lashes If You Don't Die Laughing
I support freedom of expression. Period.
johnnygunn 01/07/2015 14 19 1 -
It's Only 10 Below
That's Fahrenheit - not Celsius - which is a chunk colder, but really not all that bad. Especially when the sun is out and the sky is blue. I guess you would just call it another average winter day ...
johnnygunn 12/30/2014 18 17 - -
Hooray! Mary Landrieu Is Gone!!
Results are in for the Louisiana senate race and Mary Landrieu got her ass stomped. She lost to Bill Cassidy (R) 57% to 43%. Wasn't even a contest. All I can say is, "Good riddance!" We don't need ...
johnnygunn 12/06/2014 106 19 1 -
American Justice Quiz
Which man is exercising his constitutional rights? Which man is engaging in criminal behavior?
johnnygunn 11/24/2014 7 2 - -
Chris Ladd Is Delusional if He Thinks the GOP Has No Chance in 2016
And you are too, if you buy that Brooklyn Bridge. Sad thing is, so many people around here want so desperately to believe it. At least based on the [poll and comments,
johnnygunn 11/21/2014 46 11 1 -
Keystone DOES Demonstrate Why the Dems Lost
But not the way many people here at Daily Kos think. Point of disclosure - I am not a fascist, mass murderer, or shill for Big Oil - although I have been accused of such for supporting continued ...
johnnygunn 11/18/2014 197 6 - -
People Are Dying on the Rosebud Rez
"The House has now signed our death warrants and the death warrants of our children and grandchildren. The Rosebud Sioux Tribe will not allow this pipeline through our lands.” Rosebud Sioux ...
johnnygunn 11/18/2014 15 13 - -
We Don't Need Them in the Democratic Party
O.K. So the midterms didn't turn out too well for Democrats. There have been all kinds of post-mortems, but there is one that is unquestionable. We don't need a lot of people who are currently in ...
johnnygunn 11/13/2014 42 - - -
It's Not as Bad as Penn State, but Almost
The recent revelation of systematic cheating at the University of North Carolina has shocked and dismayed many, especially those who attended and supported Carolina over the years. All the talk ...
johnnygunn 10/23/2014 27 12 2 -
Wyoming, Too!!!
Not to be outdone - Wyoming is joining the long and near-complete list of states to celebrate marriage equality.
johnnygunn 10/17/2014 2 18 - -
Marriage Equality = 30 States
The Supreme Court declined to hear state appeals of decisions supporting marriage equality in five states - Indiana, Oklahoma, Utah, Virginia, and Wisconsin - thus, the initial decisions now become ...
johnnygunn 10/06/2014 6 8 - -
Between Mountains and Plains
To live at the foot of the Bighorn Mountains of Wyoming is to experience a magical boundary between two rich ecosystems. The visitor's eye is often fixed upon the snow-capped peaks; yet, longtime ...
johnnygunn 10/04/2014 11 33 - -
The Cruelty of Popular Wisdom
Last week, Speaker of the House, John Boehner, waxed eloquent about people who were unemployed. Blaming the unemployed, he joked, "I think this idea that’s been born over last ... couple of years ...
johnnygunn 09/23/2014 39 87 3 -
Where Is This? A Rant
Can you identify the city? A) Baltimore. B) Detroit. C) St. Louis. D) Tacoma.
johnnygunn 09/18/2014 23 10 - -
The Far Right Continues Its Frog March
Although much of the talk in the progressive blogosphere about the Swedish elections today focused on the Feminist Initiative, the real story coming out is the dramatic growth of the right-wing ...
johnnygunn 09/14/2014 9 5 - -
Early September Snow in the Bighorns
It can snow any month of the year in the Bighorn Mountains of Wyoming, but this one was big, wet, and heavy. A foot in town, almost two feet on the peaks. Trees still in leaf shattered and took the ...
johnnygunn 09/13/2014 18 88 1 -
War in Ukraine?
If this is true - - Ukraine's president Petro Poroshenko has told David Cameron that a column of Russian armoured vehicles that entered Ukrainian territory late on Thursday night had been destroyed.
johnnygunn 08/15/2014 62 2 1 -
Freshmen Senators at Risk
After a very successful senatorial election six years ago, many of the freshmen senators elected in that cycle are at risk this year. The previous races were during a presidential election year with ...
johnnygunn 05/14/2014 8 3 - -
7 Reasons Why Obama Will Approve Keystone
President Obama would like to retain a Democratic Senate after 2014.
johnnygunn 03/07/2014 46 11 - -
A Temple of Ourea
I feel very fortunate to live in Wyoming. On any day of the week - especially on Wednesdays - I can go out to the plains or the hills or the mountains. And I always find enchantment and wonderment.
johnnygunn 11/27/2013 10 19 - -
The Joys of Speech Recognition Tech
So my new notebook is on the fritz. Or my insurance company just mailed me a letter that says I owe the hospital $50,000. Or I have to contact a government agency. By now, most of us realize that ...
johnnygunn 11/22/2013 39 35 - -
We've All Got a Little Black in Us
Lord have mercy! I just love watching and rewatching the video clip of Craig Cobb being told that his DNA analysis indicates that he has 14% Sub-Saharan background. I was laughing as hard as ...
johnnygunn 11/21/2013 23 19 - -
The UMWA - A Different Perspective, Part II
Make no mistake about it. The UMWA transformed the lives of millions of people. People who had been powerless and treated like dirt - Fought for the right to organize - And then gradually gained a ...
johnnygunn 07/18/2011 4 6 - 36
The UMWA - A Different Perspective
The United Mine Workers of America. Its history and its people represent the best in the American experiment. Aspiring, courageous, imperfect, unfinished. For more than a century, coal miners and ...
johnnygunn 07/18/2011 2 7 - 50
Obama Is Going to Lose *
Why? To repeat an old adage, “It’s the economy, stupid.” The choice facing Democrats – and progressive Democrats in particular - is what we are going to do about it. If the election were ...
johnnygunn 07/12/2011 163 9 - 493
Markos F*cking Bugs Me (with NEW updated photo)
There. I said it. I mean, orange is my LEAST favorite color. Why would Markos choose an ugly color like orange for his website. Orange has all kinds of negative connotations - - like Syracuse ...
johnnygunn 05/22/2011 23 15 - 408
Losing Big Woo
I think Big Woo is gone – But I don’t really know for sure. Not only do I not know – There is little I can do.
johnnygunn 05/14/2011 15 30 - 192
The President’s New Positions
At this very moment there lives a President who is so exceedingly fond of fine new positions that he spends vast sums of political capital on appearances. To him appearances mean more than anything ...
johnnygunn 01/26/2010 6 1 - 17
Why Should the Goppers Compromise?
When they know that the Dems will give it away for free? Today, President Obama said - “The Senate certainly shouldn't try to jam anything through until Scott Brown is seated.&...
johnnygunn 01/20/2010 4 3 - 16
For Brian - -
johnnygunn 01/09/2010 20 37 1 198
A Young Person Dies from Alcohol
I am angry. Today I woke up to discover that a young man only 22 years old took his life. He had just graduated from college in December. He was intelligent, good-looking, and always had the most ...
johnnygunn 01/07/2010 100 15 1 94
Snow & Cold for 2010 ???
Here’s the December 31, 2009 snow depth image from NOAA’s National Snow Analysis website:
johnnygunn 12/31/2009 17 6 1 25
‘Twas in the Moon of Wintertime
A short journey on snowshoes. One of the most wonderful things about snowshoes is that almost ...
johnnygunn 12/27/2009 33 25 1 196
BREAKING: Supreme Court Revises Brown Decision
In a startling alteration of a historic decision, the United States Supreme Court offered a revision of the 1954 ruling Brown v Topeka Board of Education. Clause (g) is henceforth appended to the ...
johnnygunn 12/19/2009 706 186 3 83
Why Am I a Democrat?
You know the old canard from Will Rogers - - I am not a member of any organized political party. I am a Democrat. Well it’s worse than that. The Democratic Party ...
johnnygunn 12/14/2009 133 25 - 82
Some Views from Around the World
Just some editorials and op-eds from centrist and progressive media outlets around the world with links to the full articles. Not exhaustive, but representative of center-left opinion the day after ...
johnnygunn 12/02/2009 28 12 - 64
"Obama Has Failed the World"
In today's Der Spiegel , one of the leading German news resources, Christian Schw�gerl writes - in bold type, no less: US President Barack Obama came to office ...
johnnygunn 11/17/2009 102 14 - 158
Question 1 Is Likely to Pass - UPDATED
It's 10:10 p.m. EST in Maine. Face it. Question 1 is going to pass. Current numbers: FINAL UPDATE - 11:57 - 71% reporting Yes 216231 51.83% No 200961 48.17% Final result likely to be 52% ...
johnnygunn 11/03/2009 93 5 - 103
I Was Raped
The recent recommended diaries about rape have brought up a huge upwelling of emotion and memory for me. I believe that the diaries and comments are well-meaning, but some display a level of ...
johnnygunn 10/27/2009 885 868 17 250
Somebody Has to Live in Wyoming
Well, we just got a big, early snowstorm. Almost a foot in town - - two feet in the mountains. Yeah, I know. It's ...
johnnygunn 10/06/2009 86 23 2 68
When Is It O.K. to Call a Woman a B----?
In January of 2007, Nancy Pelosi said that impeachment was “Off the Table” before the Democrats even took control of Congress. Like many others here at Daily Kos, I was seething. I ...
johnnygunn 09/29/2009 249 12 - 72
There Are No Whole Foods Stores
There are no Whole Foods stores on the Navajo Reservation. There are no Whole Foods stores in Buffalo, Wyoming. In fact, there are no Whole Foods stores in the entire state of Wyoming. Nor are ...
johnnygunn 08/15/2009 354 671 12 166
What Chance Does ACES Have in the Senate?
Simply put - - very little. On June 26, the [American Clean Energy and Security Act] passed the House 219 to 212 ...
johnnygunn 06/27/2009 23 6 - 294
Midsummer Meadows
Lupine and ...
johnnygunn 06/25/2009 21 17 - 85
Are the Antelope Playing with NOAA Climate Data?
You know the tune - - “Home, home on the range, Where the deer and the antelope play.”
johnnygunn 06/22/2009 96 7 1 25
Forty-Six Years Ago
On June 11, 1963, an African American woman was escorted by the Attorney General of the United States to register at the all-white University of Alabama. The U.S. Attorney General was Nicholas ...
johnnygunn 06/12/2009 37 20 1 110
Woo Hoo! Prop 8 Case Going Federal !!
Proposition 8 is being challenged in federal court. In a bold move that takes a new approach to achieving marriage equality, two attorneys who argued opposing sides of the 2000 Bush v. ...
johnnygunn 05/27/2009 211 35 - 25
Obama's Statement on Prop 8
johnnygunn 05/26/2009 227 31 1 15
Should Kos Be Banned? w/Poll - Updated Pie
This will be a short diary, but given all the brouhaha this week, it is long overdue. Simply put, "Should Kos be banned from this website?" There are many bloggers here who think that Daily Kos ...
johnnygunn 05/20/2009 147 9 - 19
“910” and “913” Conspiracies
I hope this will not get me banned, but I want to talk about a few conspiracies relating to Area Codes “910” and “913”. When I was a kid, area codes were very predictable. ...
johnnygunn 05/18/2009 86 12 - 20
High-Speed Rail?
Today, the Obama Administration rolled out its plan for [high-speed passenger rail in the United States.] It identified 10 corridors ...
johnnygunn 04/17/2009 166 63 9 46
Video Shows London Police Killed Ian Tomlinson
The Guardian today released a video that clearly show London police in an unprovoked attack upon Ian Tomlinson during the recent protests of the G-20 economic summit. Tomlinson collapsed and died ...
johnnygunn 04/08/2009 33 15 - 20
California, Drought & Water Allocations
Two years ago, I published a diary on Daily Kos suggesting that [California was facing a severe drought.] At the time, California water ...
johnnygunn 03/02/2009 65 36 - 21
The recent [Israeli elections,1518,606903,00.html] were quite the upset. Binyamin "Bibi" Netanyahu, right-wing Likud Party leader, had led in the polls ...
johnnygunn 02/11/2009 218 10 - 30
Wyoming Midwinter - Images of Clear Creek
I have often questioned why I live in Wyoming. The last time it went Democratic in a presidential race was in 1742. Both senators and its one representative are Republican. It certainly isn't any ...
johnnygunn 02/04/2009 207 282 16 36
"I Hope Somebody Shoots Him"
I am still shaking. From shock, from rage, from profound sadness. At a meeting tonight there was the usual pre-meeting banter. Across the table I overheard, "Obama won't make it through four years."
johnnygunn 11/18/2008 105 27 1 15
“Let Them Eat Cake” Vol. I
As the obscenity that is known as the 2008 World Financial Crisis continues to play out, Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson adds a insult to injury. He says that hedge funds do not qualify for the ...
johnnygunn 10/16/2008 7 3 - 2
Ageism Is Rampant at Daily Kos
Racism is unacceptable. But ageism, apparently, is. At present the top story at Daily Kos has the following title, “McClatchy Debunks Latest Conservative, Racist Pack of Lies”:
johnnygunn 10/13/2008 246 25 1 21
President Bush Discusses the Economy [With Commentary]
Rose Garden 10:25 A.M. EDT THE PRESIDENT: Good morning. Over the past few days, we have witnessed a startling drop in the stock market [No shit] -- much of it driven by uncertainty and fear.
johnnygunn 10/10/2008 14 9 - -
World Markets Tumble
Monday market news is brutal. All world market indices are down sharply. 8:00 a.m. EDT Japan - Nikkei, Down 4.25% China - Shanghai Comp, Down 5.23% Hong Kong - Hang Seng, Down 4.97% Korea - Seoul ...
johnnygunn 10/06/2008 77 17 - 1
Warning! Wachovia Obscenities
Wachovia went belly up this week – bought out by [Citigroup at fire sale prices] with the FDIC on the hook for hundreds of ...
johnnygunn 10/01/2008 24 20 - 1
How Much Is ONE Billion Dollars?
One billion dollars. $1,000,000,000. One thousand million dollars. There’s a saying in Jackson, Wyoming that the billionaires have chased the millionaires out. At a ratio of one to a ...
johnnygunn 09/29/2008 13 3 - -
Big 10 Polls = Big Pile Of Dookie?
A group of polls from the [Big 10 Battleground Poll] came out today. They show nearly every state in the Midwest to be a tossup: Illinois – Obama + 16 Indiana ...
johnnygunn 09/18/2008 84 17 1 6
Crystal Beach - Before & After
BEFORE Photo - Johnnygunn ...
johnnygunn 09/14/2008 29 18 - 9
268 ?? - (with Maps)
That’s right. As of September 11th, Obama has 268 electoral votes according to a raft of polls that have come out since Labor Day. 268.
johnnygunn 09/12/2008 46 19 2 15
Breaking - Oil Below $100
Dated Brent Spot - $99.98 11:00 a.m. EDT UPDDATE: Dated Brent Spot - $99.58 11:30 a.m. EDT What happens when the $100 support is breached? The $100 level will be heavy support, so it ...
johnnygunn 09/09/2008 78 9 1 -
Todd Palin sez, "Fcuk America!"
For more than two decades, Sarah Palin tethered herself to a fire-breathing husband peddling bitter, secessionist “Alaska liberation ideology” in the name of self-reliance. Behind the &...
johnnygunn 09/03/2008 28 9 2 2
August vs. July
Comparison of July and August presidential polls In states that had polls in both ...
johnnygunn 08/16/2008 10 4 - -
The Wrong Side of Georgia
The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Never was there a more ridiculous statement for netroot progressives. Yet, it would seem in the current Georgian crisis that because Georgia has been a ...
johnnygunn 08/11/2008 173 16 - 39
Oil Prices Almost in Freefall
Dated Brent Spot - 112.74 !! Crude prices continued their dizzying spiral down on Friday, shedding nearly four dollars to trade below 114 dollars a barrel as the US currency ...
johnnygunn 08/08/2008 93 13 - 26
A Hike in Cloud Peak Wilderness
The Bighorn Mountains are on my doorstep. High in the Cloud Peak Wilderness - Clear Creek begins its journey to the Mississippi.
johnnygunn 08/03/2008 30 32 - 99
The Coming Plunge to $80 Oil
Yep. You read it right. Is this guy crazy – or what?? I mean – oil prices have been hitting records. By this time next year, oil will have dropped well below $100 a barrel. Possibly ...
johnnygunn 07/15/2008 224 50 1 222
Dear Reverend Dobson,
Dear Reverend Dobson, I was wondering if you could help me out – seeing as how you are a fine, upstanding minister who knows exactly what is and what isn’t Christian. You see, I’...
johnnygunn 06/24/2008 24 4 1 -
From a Clinton Supporter - It's Time to Concede
The results are still not in from Lake County, Indiana, but they hardly matter. Whether Hillary Clinton wins Indiana by 2% or 1% or 1/2% or even if Obama squeaks out a victory it changes nothing. ...
johnnygunn 05/06/2008 401 685 13 50
Hurricane Rita - Two and a Half Years Later
I recently completed a bicycle tour from the Georgia coast through southwest Louisiana to west Texas. For years I have looked forward to cycling through the marshlands of coastal Louisiana, a ...
johnnygunn 05/03/2008 19 32 1 72
Wright Is Right
The mainstream media is having a field day with the recorded sermons of Rev. Jeremiah Wright, recently-retired pastor at Barack Obama's Trinity United Church of Christ. Right-wingers and not-so ...
johnnygunn 03/13/2008 29 - - -
Obama Needs to Hire Miss Manners
Another opportunity for Barack Obama ...
johnnygunn 01/28/2008 110 10 - 11
BREAKING: HRC Surges Nationally - Rasmussen [updated]
Check out [these] latest results from the Rasmussen Daily Tracking Poll. Hillary is ...
johnnygunn 01/27/2008 101 29 - 10
I Will Vote for the Dem Nominee
I will vote for the Democratic nominee this November. Whoever it is - Clinton, Edwards, or Obama. To do otherwise would be insane. To threaten to withhold my vote is selfish. I don't know ...
johnnygunn 01/24/2008 39 29 - 10
We Call on Senator Obama . . .
We call on Senator Barack Obama to reject cordially, but in the clearest language the [recent endorsement] that his campaign has received ...
johnnygunn 01/20/2008 89 35 3 40
Hillary Is Hip
Hillary Rodham Clinton is one hip chick.
johnnygunn 01/20/2008 29 5 - 19
A Response to “Shuck and Jive” from the Clinton Campaign
[To Whom It May Concern:] As representatives of Hillary Clinton supporters from the unreconstructed racists’ ...
johnnygunn 01/10/2008 38 2 - 1
The Iowa Poll’s Huge Assumptions
The Des Moines Register’s [Iowa Poll] is considered the [“Gold Standard” http://...
johnnygunn 01/03/2008 40 18 1 1
The REAL Poll News in Iowa
A [recent diary]on the just-released [Insider Advantage
johnnygunn 12/31/2007 63 14 - 28
Who Will Get Obama’s Supporters?
Now that Barack Obama’s [poll bounce is subsiding,] it seems clear that the race for the Democratic ...
johnnygunn 12/18/2007 163 8 - 7
Who Will Have a Greater Influence?  Oprah or Bill??
With the Iowa caucuses less than a month away everything is now in high gear. Barack Obama has received considerable press coverage about Oprah Winfrey’s endorsement tour. Less press has ...
johnnygunn 12/11/2007 54 2 - -
Season's Greetings from Wyoming
Yes, indeed. It is cold outside.
johnnygunn 12/10/2007 21 12 - 5
Big Poll News - Edwards Is Rising - with Poll
Well, well, well, well – And maybe a few more wells, too. I know the Wagnerian woman of substance hasn’t sung, yet. Hell, she hasn’t even begun warming up. But there is a ...
johnnygunn 11/12/2007 126 31 - 17
Most Definitely – Not Ready for Prime Time
I am glad to see Barack Obama running for president. It demonstrates the difference between the Democrats who have an African American, a woman, and a Hispanic among their candidates – and ...
johnnygunn 11/08/2007 22 7 - 9
Call Conyers, E-mail Conyers, Write Conyers
Let John Conyers, Chair of the House Judiciary Committee, know that we mean business about the [Kucinich Resolution]to Impeach ...
johnnygunn 11/06/2007 21 21 2 5
Great News – Fred Phelps Finally Gets Screwed
Finally! Fred Phelps and his minions of hatred get their comeuppance in court. After years of abusing the concept of free speech, after years of filing suits against municipalities and winning ...
johnnygunn 10/31/2007 103 39 - -
The Compleat Four-Part Gore Poll - Improved
I am posting this poll to get a better understanding of how Kossacks feel about a possible Al Gore candidacy. I have included four considerations: 1. Whether or not Gore SHOULD run. 2. ...
johnnygunn 10/15/2007 39 8 1 -
Sharing the Gold
There are times when I wonder how I can be so fortunate to live in Wyoming. This past week was one of those times. Day after day of sapphire skies and golden leaves. I feel blessed, grateful, and ...
johnnygunn 10/12/2007 48 7 3 137
New Q Poll, Clinton Has Huge Lead in FL, OH & PA
Quinnipiac University's polling institute just released a [Swing State] poll that gives Hillary Clinton the largest lead of the year in Florida, ...
johnnygunn 10/10/2007 108 11 1 8
What Is Your HRC Score?
Now you can really find out how you stand with Hillary. Yeah, it’s kinda like knowing your Myers-Briggs. I’m an ONCP – Obnoxious, Neurotic, Compulsive, Perverted.
johnnygunn 10/08/2007 85 5 1 2
Should Lieberman Be a Super Delegate in 2008?
[From the diaries - BarbinMD] I just came upon a disturbing realization today. The Green Papers report on Democratic delegate ...
johnnygunn 10/04/2007 121 19 1 42
Hillary Clinton Leads in Iowa
A [Strategic Vision poll] released early this morning shows Hillary Clinton leading in Iowa with 24% of likely voters in the caucuses vs.
johnnygunn 09/26/2007 116 7 - 11
Holocaust Museum Releases Disturbing New Auschwitz Photos
The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum has released an album of photographs of an SS recreation center near Auschwitz taken by the adjutant to the commander of the Auschwitz extermination camp ...
johnnygunn 09/23/2007 33 11 1 28
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