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Is President Obama The First President To Spark Fight With Electoral Base Within 1st 100 Days?
I have a question that has been bothering me. I haven't been able to find the answer. Can anyone name a President other than President Barack Obama that has intentionally sparked a fight with his ...
justmy2 04/06/2013 178 20 - -
One Simple Rule On Social Security Cuts
You can not argue that CCPI changes are a better way to measure inflation, strengthening Social Security AND say CCPI changes are a concession to GOP. It is either a worthwhile change, or it is a ...
justmy2 04/05/2013 27 10 - -
President Obama and AG Holder's Constitutional Contradictions - A Look Back
The President and his Administration have seriously lost their way. They have now officially normalized unconstitutional policy by any reasonable reading of the document. But more importantly, in ...
justmy2 02/06/2013 26 9 - -
A Wonderful New Year's Suprise - Thank You
I want to take a brief moment on the New Year's Eve to my anonymous donor of a gift subscription. I always appreciate the camaraderie and vigorous debate that goes on in this community. But in the ...
justmy2 12/31/2012 2 1 - -
Appeasement Pays Off...Not. Hagel nomination now in trouble.
Last week, the current administration decided that rather than fight for their preferred nominee, they decided to let John McCain and Lindsey Graham lead the way. Obama had already expressed ...
justmy2 12/20/2012 26 4 1 -
Joe Biden - Who do you trust with Social Security? Obama or Romney?
Biden: Use your common sense...who do you trust? I guess that was a trick question.
justmy2 12/18/2012 22 11 - -
Progressive Action Request: Create and Nationally Air Video of Dems Taking SS Off The Table
This will be a short diary due to time constraints. I would like to propose that someone create a video of all the Democrats who have said Social Security is off the table, including written quotes.
justmy2 12/18/2012 2 3 1 -
Petreaus Allowed Right Wing Think Tanks to Set Up Shop at his Afghan Headquarters
Am I the only one that is astounded by this bit of news? This, for instance, is a doozy where I come from: In Monday’s Washington Post, Greg Jaffe reports that in Afghanistan, “[p]rominent ...
justmy2 11/12/2012 172 251 2 -
Real Clear Politics cherry picking polls?
This is not a question of skewing or not believing polls. I am actually just wondering what methodology does real clear politics use to select which polls they include in their tracking. Yesterday,
justmy2 10/09/2012 11 - - 98
UPDATE x4 - Breaking - 7.8% Unemployment Rate!!!! - Conservatives Charge Conspiracy
And the narrative has changed!!!! The unemployment rate in the U.S. unexpectedly fell to 7.8 percent in September, the lowest since President Barack Obama took office in January 2009, as employers ...
justmy2 10/05/2012 430 388 6 3327
I guess I am going to have to post this...CHILL OUT!!
And the press will be bewildered by the fact that this debate was meaningless... One guy was guy lied through his teeth... And the verdict.... The Liar Won!!
justmy2 10/03/2012 5 14 - 114
Mitt Romney Tax Cut Lies - He can't etch-a-sketch the primary debates
Tonight's Debate: Mitt Romney: "I'm not going to cut taxes for people with high income .' Full Transcript of CNN ARIZONA REPUBLICAN PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE, Aired February 22, 2012 Mitt Romney: ...
justmy2 10/03/2012 2 - - 33
Artur Davis to speak at the GOP Convention
In an effort to fulfill his destiny as the Southern Joe Lieberman, Artur Davis has accepted a speaking role at the upcoming GOP Convention. Former congressman Artur Davis, who officially seconded ...
justmy2 08/16/2012 20 7 - 114
It's Official - Romney admits the Bain and Tax Return Campaign Worked
Well's official. The selection of Paul Ryan as this proves beyond a doubt the Bain campaign and tax return attacks unequivocally worked. Romney is saying "long term deficits matter more ...
justmy2 08/11/2012 3 6 - 78
The Verdict Is In: Mitt Romney is just plain rude
There really isn't any may have forgotten, but yesterday was just the latest example of Mitt Romney exhibiting a level of unprecedented rude behavior for a Presidential nominee.
justmy2 07/27/2012 4 10 - 199
A question about today's immigration announcement...
Can someone help me understand why someone would show up to put their name on what is effectively a deportation list (2 year work authorization) that can be used by a a Republican when they get ...
justmy2 06/15/2012 31 2 - 124
Question: Why is the media re-running slander on an American citizen over and over without providing the citizen an opportunity to rebutt those statements? This is the question that every fair ...
justmy2 03/03/2012 9 13 - 56
How would Rick Santorum respond if Rush Limbaugh made the same comments about his daughter?
Someone should ask him...and every Republican that makes a television appearance should be asked this question until every single one of them is on record. I believe it is time for a call to action ...
justmy2 03/02/2012 7 6 - 67
Celebrating MSNBC - Change I Can Believe In
I just enjoyed another 4 hours of what is quickly becoming my favorite time to watch television any time of the week. And once again it occurred to me, the drastic change that has occurred on ...
justmy2 02/19/2012 331 110 1 1240
Caving - That Word, I Don't Think It Means What You Think It Means (WH Gets It Right)
Like pornography, the term caving in politics is hard to define. Politics is predicated on finding common ground, so inevitably, compromise will occur periodically. But just like pornography, as ...
justmy2 02/11/2012 54 19 - 172
BREAKING: White House Expected to Announce Compromise on Birth Control Rule on Friday - UPDATED The White House will announce an effort to accommodate religious groups who have ...
justmy2 02/10/2012 190 31 - 702
Joe Scarborough's Spectacular South Carolina Prediction FAIL
Does anyone here believe Joe Scarborough will apologize to MSNBC viewers for his spectacular analytical failure late last week on The Last Word?
justmy2 01/22/2012 22 19 1 444
Hey Democrats!! Stop Agreeing With Republicans That Say Firing People Is Good For Business
I am going to make this very short. I have heard multiple Democratic officials and pundits increasingly respond to Republicans who say businesses have to fire people to be successful with nods ...
justmy2 01/12/2012 8 4 - 59
Artur Davis considering party switch
Remember, as long as someone is a Democrat, it is much better to support them without question. A Democrat in office is always better than a Republican, even if they act like a Republican. At ...
justmy2 01/01/2012 22 20 - 272
World Markets Plunge in Early Trading
Markets in the Middle East, where Sunday is a work day have shown what the invisible hand of the market thinks about S&P's Friday Downgrade of US Credit. Let's just say, the invisible hand isn't ...
justmy2 08/07/2011 83 29 1 634
I have seen multiple outlets and diaries on this site declaring this bill as a victory. I have a very simple question. How much have the wealthy been asked to sacrifice since the financial crash ...
justmy2 08/01/2011 13 20 - 157
Balanced Appproach. R.I.P
Most of us already agree that to truly solve our deficit problem, we need to find trillions in savings over the next decade, and significantly more in the decades that follow. That’s ...
justmy2 07/31/2011 2 5 - 31
President Obama Makes His Final Offers & S&P Fires Unexpected Warning Shot
There has been a significant amount of discussion in the last few days about what is really occurring and what strategy is being implemented by all parties. Here is a rundown on the state of affairs.
justmy2 07/14/2011 209 216 3 2079
GOP Overview of Deals Under Negotiation (via Ezra Klein Exclusive)
Ezra Klein has done the country a great service. In what ...
justmy2 07/12/2011 8 13 1 68
The Hardball Continues: POTUS Says He Can't Guarantee SS Checks on Aug 3
President Obama on Tuesday said he cannot guarantee that retirees will receive their Social Security checks August 3 if Democrats and Republicans in Washington do not reach an agreement ...
justmy2 07/12/2011 197 54 - 738
Reminder - WH has already stated SS "strengthening" may include SS "cuts"
Today, in the President's press conference, multiple questions were asked in reference to whether Social Security reforms would be part of a final deal. The President made it 100% clear that he ...
justmy2 07/11/2011 273 86 2 554
President Obama Moves Into Bully Pulpit Mode - Presser Scheduled for 11am
Similar to last December, as negotiations near their final moments, the President and his team have decided that they have reached the point to go into all ...
justmy2 07/10/2011 373 129 2 1600
NOW OFFICIAL: WH Adviser Clearly States SS Cuts Under Discussion - w/Video
Well, it is official. The Director of the National Economic Council Gene Sperling during an interview with Al Sharpton stated that cuts are on the table. He was not asked to specify the cuts, but ...
justmy2 07/07/2011 47 29 1 313
Video: For the record, President Obama promised no COLA adjusments in 2008
justmy2 07/07/2011 114 105 1 524
Please Stop Misleading - Named WH Sources Already Confirmed Entitlement Reform Discussions
I am not here to write a big diary attempting to discuss the merits of the proposed entitlement reforms currently being discussed. However, I think he community does itself a great disservice by ...
justmy2 07/07/2011 182 131 3 952
Outlines of Health Care Cuts as Part of Budget Negotiations Emerge
For the record , here are the currently proposed $200B in cuts to Medicare and Medicaid that are part ...
justmy2 07/05/2011 76 18 - 192
CNN's Jessica Yellin asks WH: "Why not just cave?"
I just saw Jessica Yellin do her best impression of Mark Halperin/Ed Henry on John King, USA, which she is hosting today. She literally asked Gene Sperling and I quote: "Part of ...
justmy2 06/30/2011 30 29 - 236
Mark Halperin is a good journalist
At least according to David ...
justmy2 06/30/2011 22 4 - 195
Does the President still take Speaker Boehner "at his word"?
June 29, 2011 Q They don’t want any tax increases, as they put it. And the House Speaker ...
justmy2 06/30/2011 23 13 - 150
In case you missed it, the Administration has caved again
In April, the President made the following demands:
justmy2 06/28/2011 22 11 - 216
Sometimes President Obama is flatout hilarious
In a good article ...
justmy2 05/06/2011 139 189 2 2144
October 7, 2008 - Sen. Obama: We will kill bin Laden.
justmy2 05/01/2011 3 7 1 83
"Clean" Debt Ceiling Bill Becomes Less Likely
Unfortunately, it is because of Democrats.
justmy2 04/29/2011 23 3 - 109
Breaking: (IMAGE) WH Releases Long Form Birth Certificate
Am I reading this correctly? Is this really happening? Is the President really giving a news conference on where he was born???? Are you kidding me? Do they really think this will make this go ...
justmy2 04/27/2011 868 143 2 2466
The $64,000 Question for President Obama
In the two speeches the President has made that argument that the deals he made on tax cuts and the 2011 budget showed shared sacrifice. Reducing spending while still investing in the ...
justmy2 04/09/2011 10 2 - 54
If Motherships Land, A New Liveblogs Platform Needs To Take Off
There currently is a running discussion in multiple diaries about the value of motherships in the context of liveblogging, based on the introduction of groups in DK4. Great points have been raised ...
justmy2 03/27/2011 127 23 - 225
Dem Governors: Union Protests Are A "Distraction"
Over the past few days, I have been making the argument that this entire Wisconsin situation has been clearly and undeniably demonstrated how little National Democrats and Non-WI Dems care about ...
justmy2 02/25/2011 33 12 - 198
Deal Reached in WI Assembly - Vote 12pm Today
The AP is reporting a deal has been reached in Wisconsin. MADISON, Wis. (AP) - Republicans and Democrats in the Wisconsin Assembly have agreed to a deal that will limit further debate ...
justmy2 02/24/2011 28 16 - 485
President Obama handed Gov. Walker his talking points
President Obama -2/17/2011 "Some of what I've heard coming out of ...
justmy2 02/17/2011 10 6 - 117
It is time to profile white male citizens of Arizona
If you follow Sarah Palin's logic that is... ...
justmy2 01/10/2011 7 9 - 67
The Bully Pulpit - Break Glass In Case Of Liberal Dissent
December 2, 2010 "The President continues to believe that extending middle class tax cuts is ...
justmy2 12/09/2010 3 7 - 39
FDR comes out swinging at WH Talking Points
WH Talking Points The proposed Social Security tax cut would apply to virtually every working American. ... ...
justmy2 12/07/2010 31 7 - 42
President Obama Still Has Some Fight Left In Him
One week ago, the President decided it was not the right time to fight. "...
justmy2 12/06/2010 34 12 2 72
Obama Admin's Hypocritical Stance On Criminal Prosecution
April 16, 2009 This is a time for reflection, not retribution. I respect the ...
justmy2 11/30/2010 5 8 - 84
Is it possible for our President to be anymore out of touch?
Can they be this blinded by Republican talking points? Kroft: Are ...
justmy2 11/15/2010 323 36 1 61
Tea Party Leader or Democratic Leader - You make the call
Number 1 ...first of all, we need to remind everyone that Social Security has not added a penny to our debt at ...
justmy2 11/14/2010 7 2 - 38
WH plays exact same semantic games as they did one year ago!
Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. Kathleen Sebilius - August 16, 2009 In a ...
justmy2 11/11/2010 42 26 - 80
Jon Stewart should invite Rick Sanchez to 10/30 Rally
A short diary.... According to TPM, Rick Sanchez has been fired from CNN. If this report is ...
justmy2 10/01/2010 41 7 - 77
9/11 - Burn Candles, Not Qu'rans.
Donnie Deustch and Pat Buchanan today recommended that we send in US Marshals to arrest Pastor Jones. May I be the first to say "Has this nation gone nuts"? These people want to set the precedent ...
justmy2 09/10/2010 12 1 - 53
Mr. President, Intolerance Feeds On Itself.  Take A Stand
I feel obligated to write a short diary after a long debate last night over the President's position, or lack thereof, on the building of an Islamic center/mosque near ground zero. Let me be clear. ...
justmy2 08/15/2010 129 9 - 78
Those Words Are No Longer Operative Tone, Truth, and the Democratic Party by Barack Obama [Subscribe] Fri Sep 30, 2005 at 10:38:41 AM EDT In fact, I would argue ...
justmy2 08/10/2010 83 17 - 42
(SPOILERS) Inception - Discuss Your Theories
Well, I saw one of the most brilliantly layered and thought provoking movies I have seen in an extremely long time last night. Inception, magnificently directed by Christopher Nolan, shows that a ...
justmy2 07/18/2010 15 1 1 169
Keynes: POTUS' Main Strategic Error in 2 Paragraphs
Early in 1933, John Maynard Keynes wrote a letter to a new President named Franklin D. Roosevelt. His straight forward suggestion was prescient.
justmy2 07/15/2010 57 15 1 71
Should the President attend WH Correspondent's Dinner?
The media has begun their flailing attempt to somehow equate the Administration's response to Katrina. Shadow of Hurricane ...
justmy2 05/01/2010 197 9 - 33
Breaking-WH: No oil drilling in new areas until review
justmy2 04/30/2010 60 67 1 66
Liveblog # 19: House Health Care Reform Bill
Do not rec this diary, but please rec the Liveblog Mothership.
justmy2 11/07/2009 293 2 - 82
Breaking: CBO scores two House bills at $905b and $859b respectively
The jig is up for House Blue Dogs and Senate Moderates. ...
justmy2 10/16/2009 284 547 9 615
CAVING! Capitulation begins...First CPC Member blinks!
A short and not so sweet diary to start of your day, and motivate you for the actions requested for the day in our Health Care action diaries. The are many liberals who are looking for a reason to ...
justmy2 09/08/2009 29 19 - 67
Mr. President: I Remember.
From the Daily Kos diary archives: Let me be clear: I am not arguing that the Democrats should trim their ...
justmy2 09/07/2009 12 7 1 4
Obama's Speech: 4 Magic Words Can Change The Game!!!
Let's be clear, Wednesday night has to be a game changer. It is not optional. President Obama has the chance to make a speech of historic proportions. However, just ...
justmy2 09/06/2009 21 15 - 32
Time to come together everyone! Our President Needs Us.
This really isn't a diary but.... I can't tell you how long I have been waiting to pull that back ...
justmy2 08/18/2009 37 18 - 93
BREAKING: Sebelius - Public Option Not Essential
As many of you know, I have written ...
justmy2 08/16/2009 58 26 1 132
Updated 2X-Baucus: ‘No idea’ on his Sotomayor vote
What is the old saying, keep your enemies close, keep your friends closer.
justmy2 07/30/2009 254 251 3 23
Gibbs: No Admin Preference on Public Option vs Co-Ops
On Sunday, I wrote a diary outlining my current view of the political dynamic in play regarding the public option. It was, and is, my opinion that there will be no public option ...
justmy2 07/28/2009 42 14 - 95
There will be NO Public Option...Admin walkback underway
Let me start with stating I understand that this will be a controversial diary. However, I ask that I be heard out and I would like to take this opportunity to discuss this reasonably without this ...
justmy2 07/26/2009 191 31 - 45
David Gregory: The Definition of a Shill
This is a story about a man named David Gregory. At one point in his career, he actually could be considered a reasonable journalist. And then something happened. Something so horrific, that I ...
justmy2 07/12/2009 33 21 - 31
Breaking - WH: Sotomayor acknowledges she used "poor choice" of words
MSNBC is reporting that SC nominee supreme court nominee will attempt to preempt questions on her 2001 speech where she ...
justmy2 05/29/2009 199 9 - 35
Real America
Real America in the eyes of Conservatives: We believe that the best of America is in these small towns that we get to visit, and in these wonderful little ...
justmy2 05/26/2009 12 3 - 46
(Updated 6x, w/video) Dear Eugene Robinson: Never take a knife to a gun fight
Well I did it again, I fell asleep watching The Rachel Maddow Show replay. And by now we all know what that usually means...a horrible start to my morning and an increased heart rate. I woke up to ...
justmy2 05/12/2009 323 457 11 47
Breaking: Dems Spine Transplant Fails, Specter Receives SubCom. Chairmanship
CNN is now reporting that Democrats have reversed themselves and acquiesced to Arlen Specter's 2010 Senate aspirations by giving him a Chairmanship on a prime Judiciary subcommittee. It amazes me ...
justmy2 05/07/2009 147 29 - 30
Updated 3x: Goldman Sachs or Goverment Sachs? Taibbi buries the lede.
After reading the various articles related to the AIG bailout and related bonuses, I have begun to theorize that the citizens of the United States could be in the process of being misdirected to the ...
justmy2 03/22/2009 82 44 4 42
Don't piss on my leg and tell me its raining!!!
I thought I would be become more politically active starting this year after a great experience phone-banking and volunteering during the campaign. Even though I am not a registered Democrat, I was ...
justmy2 11/18/2008 22 23 - 33
Politico plays the race card. JMart teeters on racism's edge.
I am very hesitant to write this post because I understand it will be somewhat controversial. However, I feel obligated to at the very least do my part to make this known. I just read what could be ...
justmy2 09/29/2008 39 28 3 22
Join the "No Blank Checks" group on
I am not a social networker per se, but I see a tremendous opportunity here to use the power of the internet to make a difference. We are at the precipice of history. Without a mass outpouring of ...
justmy2 09/21/2008 40 23 - 26
Action Alert: Ask Bob Schieffer If He Thinks Truth Exists
Today, Crooks and Liars posted a video of Bob Schieffer making the following incredible argument. As Crooks and Liars put it... And when Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz throws down the ...
justmy2 09/14/2008 43 32 1 30
"Say it to my face, John McCain"
"I don't believe John McCain believes a word his campaign is saying, and I will prove it. Tomorrow, John McCain will be together with me in New York. If he believes what is being said, ...
justmy2 09/10/2008 21 8 - -
Prediction: Colin Powell Will Introduce Joe Biden at Convention
I predict Colin Powell will introduce Joe Biden at convention. I have no inside information, but there are some very interesting signs that would point to this occurrence. Although, I am not a fan ...
justmy2 08/23/2008 31 1 - -
Framing John McCain: All Talk, No Action - Slogan Change Alert
This morning, I woke up thinking about why the Obama campaign has not had the same message discipline that McCain's campaign has driven. I agree with others who believe there is no overriding ...
justmy2 08/20/2008 11 5 - -
The Case for a VP Announcement at the Dem National Convention
Attack him where he is unprepared, appear where you are not expected. - Sun Tzu Hence that general is skillful in attack whose opponent does not know what to ...
justmy2 08/16/2008 37 4 1 1
Karl Rove Would Use McCain Gaffe to End Campaign This Weekend
As I think about the absolutely horrific gaffe by John McCain today, that has literally put the lives of 3 US Senators, masses of US Government employees, and journalists at risk, I asked myself, ...
justmy2 07/18/2008 17 5 - -
Send Hillary Clinton A Message of Support at United We Stand, Divided We Fall
This diary will be short and sweet. I have been an avid supporter of Barack Obama since the Iowa Caucus win. At times, I will be the first to admit, I let my emotions get the best of me, and I ...
justmy2 06/07/2008 11 17 - 23
Leaked McCain Memo: Astroturf Clinton Sites To Divide Democrats
First of all, this leak is about a week old. I apologize if this has been diaried previously, but I did not find any in the search. Currently on MyDD, one of ...
justmy2 06/02/2008 60 37 4 48
Clinton Supporters Chant of Denver Will Unify Superdelegates to End Campaign
This is going to be a short diary, and I understand the rules. However, I want to make sure this is heard loud and clear. The Clinton supporters in the audience just gave every superdelegate ...
justmy2 05/31/2008 48 27 1 22
Reverend Wright and Don Imus
Although I would love to write more on this subject, time simply does not permit due to my professional obligations. However, I thought this was important enough to at least start the discussion. ...
justmy2 03/19/2008 7 2 - -
Obama's Lieberman Endorsement In '06; Should I Be Concerned?
I admit it. I am a waffler. I have been going back and forth between Edwards and Obama until Thursday night after Obama's Post Caucus Victory Speech. It was a goose bumps moment for me, and made ...
justmy2 01/06/2008 67 13 - 20
Richard Cohen officially loses his mind
Let the blogswarm begin... It is official. Richard Cohen has either lost his ...
justmy2 06/19/2007 10 9 - 37
Norah O'Donnell Shows Her True Hacktastic Colors
Who does this so-called reporter think she is kidding?
justmy2 03/21/2007 53 15 - 9
Black Students Ordered to Give Up Bus Seats to White Children
justmy2 08/24/2006 196 237 - 20
DHS leaks critical intelligence methods, AGAIN!
justmy2 08/12/2006 2 6 - 19
Report: Iran Could Produce Nuclear Bomb in 16 Days
justmy2 04/12/2006 34 15 1 -
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