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New Mexico's ACA Plans Finally Published
Just a very short diary for my New Mexico compadres: Here are the plans and rates for all of New Mexico: There is a link to the premium amounts on the top ...
jvance 10/12/2013 5 12 - -
Cool your heels. is NOT open yet
I just tried and failed to sign up at The following is a chat session with a helpful representative: [10:52:39 pm]: DuShine Hello, how may I help you? [10:59:34 pm]: John Whoop. ...
jvance 09/30/2013 34 12 - -
GOP.COM Epic Fail - There's a Rep for that.
I know this isn't much of a diary, but this is too good to not share. Link below the jump.
jvance 10/18/2009 20 7 1 22
Cal Thomas, Terrorist Fist Jab, and MiniTruth
Right after Obama's victory speech, Cal Thomas wrote an article describing the fist bump as a "hezbollah style fist jab". Shortly after, he edited his article removing the entire paragraph with ...
jvance 07/15/2008 14 2 - 4
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