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"Disprove this," says the gun nut. "Okay!" say I.
My niece's husband rails against people who want any kind of gun safety regulations. He also has a shotgun. And a two-year-old daughter. I once nicely asked my niece, who, like her husband, is ...
kcc 05/19/2013 659 446 9 -
I won a tiny battle against a racist tonight.
Okay, a Facebook exchange isn't exactly like staring down the Klan in 1960's South (and by "isn't exactly like" I mean "not even remotely like, and even putting the two in the same sentence is rock ...
kcc 01/21/2013 154 248 6 -
Lady Binders -- A Poem of Little Discernible Rhythm
Mitt's Lament Where is she, someone tell me Can anyone dispel me Of this notion that she's lost No object to me, the cost Whatever I must pay I'll withdraw it from the Cay- mans bank; and glad I'll ...
kcc 10/16/2012 6 4 - -
The dumbest response to the SCOTUS ruling that I've seen today
Disgusted by what's happening to your country? Don't like high taxes? Don't think everyone should have access to health care? Don't want Obamacare because of nightmare visions dancing in your ...
kcc 06/28/2012 65 27 - 518
No, THIS picture should go viral! (w/meaningless poll)
Context? I got yer context right here. What you didn't see: * him showing up at my back door one alarmingly hot summer day, skinny, dirty and panting. * him trying to get in the house every ...
kcc 05/21/2012 23 16 - 286
GUS: “Happy New Year! Quitting smoking? Yeah! Let’s DO this!” Oh, STFU. (Open thread)
Have you made a New Year’s resolution to quit smoking? Welcome! Many of you have a plan. You’ve set today as your quit date, you’ve read books and websites telling you what to expect, and ...
kcc 01/01/2012 73 22 - 294
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