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While You Are Here Gnashing Teeth
I apologize for the rant in advance....... While you (we) are all here gnashing our teeth over the latest polls showing ROMNEY now taking the lead in several different polls, I cant help but notice ...
kclala 10/09/2012 42 3 - 195
Anti Obama Rally in MI-O1: FAIL.
This will be brief. I am originally from Northern Michigan. I keep up on the local news in my neck of the woods via the internet and engage in hand to hand warfare on a regular basis in comments on ...
kclala 10/02/2012 25 32 - 398
Why Is Nobody Asking Mitt About Football?
Now, this is going to be a short and sweet diary, but lets look at this logically. Mitts base is white men. White men LOVE football. They love to talk about it. They love to watch it. And right now, ...
kclala 09/26/2012 9 - - 75
Media: "Will Paul Ryan Release His Taxes"?
Yes, its a simple question. A man of somewhat simple means he is being portrayed as...... he has nothing to hide. Will Paul Ryan release his tax returns and every VICE PRESIDENTIAL candidate in ...
kclala 08/11/2012 9 5 - 90
Vote!!! Or Stop Complaining
We, as activist progressives, must lead the Democratic Party into the future. Its really THAT SIMPLE. Unions, youth, liberals..... all of us must take it upon ourselves to somehow wrest the ...
kclala 06/05/2012 7 2 - 45
Jamie Dimon: Super Genius
Jaime Dimon and JP Morgan Chase announced a 2 billion dollar trading loss from investing in risky securities. Its killing the stock market today. This IS what lack of regulation and oversight looks ...
kclala 05/11/2012 18 6 - 93
SOPA for the 1% What about the 99% of artists?
I originally wrote this diary as a comment to an earlier diary by Chris Bowers regarding SOPA.
kclala 12/30/2011 179 64 3 468
Lets Endorse Romney!
This diary will be short.....I'm watching the debate and cant help myself. Since we are the closest thing to the anti christ to most on the far right (the kingmakers in the GOP nomination process) ...
kclala 10/11/2011 10 1 - 110
I should have voted for Hillary
As they say, hindsight is always 20-20. But if I could magically go back in time, knowing what I know now about President Barack Obama, I never would have supported his candidacy over the other ...
kclala 09/01/2011 228 5 - 486
A Progressive Liberal Platform
Dear Fellow Progressives and Liberals, (yes, dont be afraid to wear that word proudly!) We have come to a difficult time in American political history. On the right, we face complete and absolute ...
kclala 08/29/2011 12 1 - 53
My Response to DNC Survey: Let em have it
So as I sit here in Finland working (and freezing) because there is simply no work to be had (I'm in the music business) in my home (Los Angeles) I received an email from the Democratic Party, ...
kclala 12/11/2010 69 53 - 68
Obama v. Palin
I dont need to add any words to this. It speaks for itself.
kclala 03/23/2010 20 10 - 35
Stupak's Letter To Me
I wrote Bart Stupak (my representative) a letter asking him to stop trying to insert his restrictive abortion language into the context of the health care bill under consideration. I also told him ...
kclala 02/26/2010 5 3 - 84
Everybody Needs Context
After watching Sarah Palin at the Teabag-o-rama, all I can say is: WE ARE AFRAID OF THESE PEOPLE? ...
kclala 02/06/2010 37 3 1 9
Dear President Obama
This will be short and sweet.
kclala 01/25/2010 7 2 - 16
Perhaps Teddy IS Smiling
Despite all the gloom and doom following Scott Brown's win in MA, it dawned on me...... maybe Teddy isnt that upset afterall. Why?
kclala 01/19/2010 31 3 - 17
Fairness Doctrine: A baby steps in the return to reality
In 1987, the long standing Fairness Doctrine, in place since 1949 (around the invention of the new medium of television) was abolished. Prior to this, on matters of "public interest" (i.e. political ...
kclala 01/18/2010 103 8 - 27
A la Carte Health Care Reform
As I watch the DISASTER on a Health Care debate move on, I can only wonder what the average voter thinks. Varying degrees of anger, frustration and disgust, certainly on both sides of the aisle. ...
kclala 12/14/2009 4 2 - 44
Health Solutions DO NOT reside in D.C.
Any person who lives in this country sees the folly of what health care is: a profit machine that exploits people for simply being sick. Its really that simple. The health industry uses our fear of ...
kclala 12/13/2009 2 2 - 88
New Sarah Palin..... MOVIE!!! (nsfw)
Yes folks, thats right. You heard it. Hot off the presses in Hollywood. I bring to you the trailer of the upcoming Sarah Palin movie "Going Maverick".
kclala 11/11/2009 11 4 1 154
I'm from Escanaba: know this! (bart stupak town hall)
Per diary suggestions, I am posting my comment as a diary!!!
kclala 11/10/2009 35 45 1 69
My rep does not support HR 3200: here is his letter
I wrote a long letter to my representative the other day. I urged him to support the president to get healthcare reform passed this summer, before the break. This is his response. It leaves much to ...
kclala 07/20/2009 16 4 - 108
GOP Cloning?
This will be a short diary entry. Has anyone else noticed how everyone in the GOP leadership looks like an usher at a Sunday morning Lutheran Church service? Is there a store In DC where they ALL ...
kclala 07/13/2009 7 1 - 16
Fighting The Lies: Its up to all of us
I received this gem today in my email: Does This Border on Treason? Here is yet another unilateral action taken by our new President, for which we must rely upon the information of ...
kclala 05/08/2009 5 4 - 19
Glen Beck and KO
I hate to admit things sometimes. Especially when it comes to the utter foolishness and gutter politics practiced by one man: Glen Beck. I think it is pretty much agreed, even in most GOP circles, ...
kclala 04/10/2009 49 1 - 5
Green Bay, WI: GOP leader caught with kids
Ah, yet again. It seems the party of family values seems to never amaze us all with their doublespeak. Let me start with the details.... The former head of the Brown County Republican ...
kclala 02/14/2009 12 24 - 106
Media: Please ask McCain the following!!
On Fridays "Real Time", the issue of John McCain's "repudiation" of his supporter who mentioned that she feared Barack Obama because he was an "arab" was discussed. It was a valid point which I hadn'...
kclala 10/18/2008 5 2 - 4
Rudy Giuliani: Takeover for Palin
Did anyone catch this yesterday: 12:00 Noon. McCain now boarding plane at DCA with Cindy, Salter, Rudy Giuliani, wife Judith, and other aides plus pool.
kclala 09/27/2008 50 4 - 20
Credit Card Debt: Next shoe to drop? (UPDATE)
I caught this at;_ylt=AvocEx06rcu6O66.TR3p_pis0NUE So what’s Plan B? There really isn’t one. If this week’...
kclala 09/23/2008 35 10 - 28
$2324.50 Each: to bail out Wall Street
$700,000,000,000 divided by: 301,139,947 (July 2007 US population estimate) Equals: $2324.50 Each. Minimum under this plan. For every man, woman, child, infant, baby, retired person, nursing ...
kclala 09/22/2008 12 5 1 24
Why DETROIT matters
I left Detroit for Los Angeles 10 years ago. I loved Detroit, but I had to go. It a town that most who live there, either love to hate or hate to love. It is as tough as city as there is in the ...
kclala 09/08/2008 31 8 1 3
25 Things about McCain?
Did anybody see this on I laughed out loud. I will leave this up to your comments. Too funny there is quite simply nothing I could add. My fav's are in bold. Grampa for President!!!! ...
kclala 08/31/2008 8 - - 7
Joe Biden 2008, LBJ 1960
A generation ago, a young presidential candidate named John F. Kennedy won the nomination of the Democratic Party for President of the United States. While considering Vice Presidential Candidates, ...
kclala 08/23/2008 35 3 - 9
Dear Howard Dean
In light of Hillary, I owed Dr. Dean a letter. I think we all do?
kclala 03/06/2008 11 3 - -
The math of a democratic "Winner Take All" primary
While drinking my coffee this morning and pondering the latest "delegate calculations", incorporating such unknown factors as the now imfamous superdelegates, it dawned on me: what IF, the ...
kclala 03/03/2008 14 3 - -
MI Dem Chair: Our delegates WILL be seated
Below is a link to a small town (Escanaba, Michigan) news paper "The Daily Press". Its an article on the Michigan Democratic chair during his visit to Escanaba (supporting Bart Stupak M-01), and his ...
kclala 02/12/2008 91 3 - 3
To Howard Dean. FLORIDA!!!! MICHIGAN!!! NOW!!!!
This is a copy of a letter I just sent to Howard Dean regarding Michigan and Florida. JUMP UPDATE: I did the math. Its the basis of my diary: Michigan: 156 Delegates Clinton, 55% of vote. ...
kclala 02/07/2008 113 5 - 13
Biden? (UPDATE)
I cant believe I'm about to write this diary, but after watching the CNN "debate", the only pol I could vote for is Biden!! Trust me, I am surprised as you are. Lets talk about what he's right on: ...
kclala 11/15/2007 102 16 1 8
Global Warming and The Man On THe Moon
Several days ago I wrote a diary in regard to my thoughts on Global Warming and how I felt it should NOT be our priority. I was ...
kclala 09/26/2007 9 2 - 21
Global Warming should not be our priority
There, I said it: Global Warming and all of its devastating effects on our planet and its people should not be our priority. Care to go deeper into this? ...
kclala 09/24/2007 34 2 1 27
Happy Constitution Day
Constitution Day. Who knew it existed. Why? Was it invented by Hallmark? Do I have to send flowers? Little did I know of this unknown American Holiday "to be celebrated on or around September 17th",
kclala 09/17/2007 13 6 - 1
Wag The Dog?: Osama's Timely Return
Is it just me, or does it seem like every time in the last, oh, 6 years that there is an important, devisive political decision about to be made (think: 2004 elections, 2002 elections, now the ...
kclala 09/07/2007 12 5 - 7
Rove: IT'S NOT OVER (updated)
I would like to remind everyone of the danger of a deadly animal backed into a corner.
kclala 08/14/2007 25 10 - -
The Disappearing Birds-Bees and Termidor
While speaking with my pool guy, who happens to be an exterminator, we got on the topic of bees and how they are disappearing, and also how I have been finding a TON of them dead floating in my pool.
kclala 06/23/2007 17 21 1 1
Cal Thomas: "Climate Change Industry"
Well, folks it may not have the same rhetorical power of Eisenhowers famous "military industrial complex" warning, but the conservatives have found a new thing to be alarmed by: the increasing power ...
kclala 05/05/2007 8 6 - 29
Chuck Hagel: NO on Attorney Independence Act!!!
Just when the MSM thought Chuck Hagel was a moderate. Date 3/20/07 Vote 81: S 214: S.214 as Amended; Preserving United States Attorney ...
kclala 03/20/2007 29 13 - 21
Time To Get Off Our Asses
Well kids, as much as we all like to sit at our desks or on our couches and contribute to our progressively tinged online reality, am I the only one who notes that we largely exist in a giant echo ...
kclala 01/12/2007 21 7 - -
Gerald Ford on Diversity
"So long as books are kept open we tell ourselves minds can never be closed. But doors, too, must be kept open. Tolerance, breadth of mind and appreciation for the world beyond our ...
kclala 01/04/2007 15 5 - -
Shred Watch 2006: Washington Edition
kclala 11/11/2006 - 7 - -
Nexus of Terror and GOP Politics: Foley edition
kclala 10/01/2006 2 2 - 4
IRS: Dobson gets a pass while All Saints gets the shaft
kclala 09/21/2006 27 16 - 208
Bush: "The key for me is to keep my expectations low"
kclala 08/29/2006 38 9 - 8
First my freedom, now my hair gel?
kclala 08/11/2006 21 5 - -
Ned Lamont. Kickin Hardball Butt
kclala 08/09/2006 83 28 - 10
Liberal here: BAD. Liberal mideast: GOOD.
kclala 07/28/2006 24 9 - -
Utility Privatization: BACKLASH
kclala 07/26/2006 17 16 - 3
Kos' and his new grand piano
kclala 07/25/2006 20 3 - -
World War 3: Biden and Newt
kclala 07/16/2006 37 3 - -
Seeking: Vacant Island to survive upcoming armegeddon
kclala 07/15/2006 63 5 2 5
Taxes: Maybe Steve Forbes IS right?
kclala 07/12/2006 55 1 - -
Credit Card Companies: EVIL
kclala 07/07/2006 40 8 - 6
Politics v Science:
kclala 06/17/2006 4 2 - -
Al Gore: Is "shermanesque" the new "lockbox"?
kclala 06/04/2006 36 3 - 2
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