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the unpopular guy
It was more than twenty years ago, and it was late at night in the student center at my university. There were two of us in the room, a small fluorescent-lit corner office with crappy tables and ...
kid oakland 04/15/2014 214 378 11 -
"hello" from kid oakland
Hello, my handle is "kid oakland" and I began writing on dailyKos...a very long time ago. The reason I bring that up is because when I started out here in 2003, I was 34 years old. That's old ...
kid oakland 04/10/2014 127 454 2 -
Prosperity for me, Austerity for thee
As of today, nearly two million Americans who are among the long-term unemployed have been without federal unemployment extension benefits for 46 days. While that means hot water for some ...
kid oakland 02/12/2014 4 22 - -
Red Lobster Blues
This excellent article on "the eroding Middle Class" by Nelson Schwartz featured in the business pages of the New York Times yesterday. Schwartz wasted no time painting a bleak picture. After ...
kid oakland 02/04/2014 171 329 3 -
drawing a line
Today, I'd like to ask you to do something unusual. In involves a pen or pencil and one sheet of paper. There's nothing all that consequential about the particulars of what you do with that ...
kid oakland 01/09/2014 20 80 2 -
someone good
I'll never forget the first time I visited New York City. It was the spring of 1987, and I had just been accepted to Columbia University with enough financial aid (basically all my tuition covered) ...
kid oakland 10/27/2013 26 144 - -
10 years / appreciation
My profile tells me that I've been here for 10 years as "kid oakland" as of, well, today. I'd like to take the briefest of diaries to express my appreciation of this community, its readers, diarists,
kid oakland 10/17/2013 119 294 1 -
stand up for what you believe
Last night President Obama spoke out in support of raising the minimum wage to $9 an hour and indexing it to inflation. I'll provide the full text below, but anyone who read my diaries last month ...
kid oakland 02/13/2013 11 34 1 -
hope 2.0
I want to say, having been repeatedly critical of a tax deal that favored the ultra rich and did too little to reverse economic inequality and provide for the adequate and sustained funding of our ...
kid oakland 01/24/2013 13 51 - -
a narcissism of small differences
In my diary about the minimum wage last week, $7.25 , one commenter offered the observation that critics of the tax deal were perhaps indulging in a " narcissism of small differences " in our ...
kid oakland 01/13/2013 121 185 1 -
Must-read Harold Meyerson op-ed
Harold Meyerson has a great op-ed in the Washington Post examining an under-reported aspect of the Biden-McConnell tax deal: its low tax rates for capital gains and dividends that effectively reward ...
kid oakland 01/08/2013 163 284 10 -
I'd like to offer a link for anyone who enjoyed Billmon's front page analysis of the current state of Democratic politics. Mario Cuomo's 1984, San Francisco Convention Keynote (warning, site has pop-
kid oakland 01/06/2013 108 264 8 -
Read it and weep
Those mistakenly celebrating the passage of this awful tax deal should read Jonathan Weisman's latest in the NYT : Just a few years ago, the tax deal pushed through Congress on Tuesday would have ...
kid oakland 01/02/2013 592 353 5 -
The tax deal that Senate Democrats settled for is, sadly, a very bad deal. It gives to the wealthy, and takes from working families. Many of those who disagree with that assessment are urging ...
kid oakland 01/01/2013 136 244 4 -
The 250K pledge is important
I want to keep this short and sweet. Nothing tells us more about the state of politics right now than the emerging Biden-McDonnell deal to extend Bush tax cuts on income between $250K and $450K per ...
kid oakland 12/31/2012 376 364 6 -
Quick update, battleground state
My friend coordinating GOTV in a battleground state called me again today. I told her about my diary from the other night, and the phonebanking we did in Oakland yesterday. She said, "Great, but ...
kid oakland 11/01/2012 15 37 1 -
let's do this! 50 clicks
I got another phone call from a kossack "heavily involved" in the GOTV operations in a battleground state on the Eastern Seaboard. She's fine, and they never went dark, but she called me a with a ...
kid oakland 10/30/2012 34 34 - -
the power of a conversation
I got a phone call yesterday from a kossack friend of ours who is coordinating GOTV for Democrats in an battleground swing state on the Eastern seaboard. I asked her, what one piece of advice or ...
kid oakland 10/24/2012 29 62 1 -
Join us tomorrow in Oakland, or where you are
Sorry that I've been around less than I'd like, I've been busy working for the National Union of Healthcare Workers ; working in the labor movement is deeply ...
kid oakland 11/01/2011 48 115 3 448
Facebook's new profile settings
If you're not aware of how Facebook is gradually eroding your right to privacy, you should click on this link to the Electronic Frontier Foundation'...
kid oakland 05/09/2010 470 584 89 668
making history (10/2004)
One December night in West Berlin, my travel buddy Justin and I were walking behind Checkpoint Charlie looking for a good place to take a chunk out of the Wall. It was late, we'd just ...
kid oakland 11/09/2009 14 33 1 43
for Van Jones
I sat down for a great conversation the other day with some friends who work on sustainability issues. One of the topics we kept circling back to was that there is no time. It's 2009. Our two ...
kid oakland 09/24/2009 105 234 6 57
the circle of healthcare
When I was a kid growing up in St. Paul, Minnesota in the 70s, my mom would take my sisters and me to the local playground sometimes for lunch. There was a program at the playground where kids ...
kid oakland 09/13/2009 194 229 4 31
both / and
We've come along way as a movement, the progressive netroots. We stand, today, on the brink of seeing our years of effort to win elections bear fruit through the passage of new progressive ...
kid oakland 09/11/2009 244 368 9 51
seize the moment (updated & FIRED UP!)
Did you watch the President's speech today? Seize this moment . In the words of our President: "
kid oakland 09/07/2009 174 429 12 79
letters to Obama
Did you donate to Barack Obama? Did you volunteer to support his campaign? Do you get his emails? (Heck, maybe like me, you got one today.) Have you noticed that they all come ...
kid oakland 09/05/2009 387 680 19 227
two petitions and a call to action
I'd like to invite folks to grab the netroots telescope and look through the other end for one second. For three long decades we were rolled by the right-wing. The sting ...
kid oakland 09/03/2009 310 358 7 396
a really simple point about healthcare reform
I've been talking to people I don't know about politics for years now. And, yeah, if there's one thing that comes up in almost every conversation about our country it's how broken our ...
kid oakland 08/27/2009 31 66 - 295
a clear day in LA
I had a the honor last weekend of leading two breakout sessions on online organizing at Camp Courage East LA . I also ...
kid oakland 08/09/2009 69 159 - 25
NUHW: an update from kid oakland
I wanted to update readers here since my last two diaries, Gina ...
kid oakland 05/13/2009 17 76 1 19
democracy is a muscle
In the past I've written essays here that have tried to shine a light on the path ahead. Despite the hopeful outcome of November's elections, recent events make clear that the path ahead for ...
kid oakland 02/10/2009 44 88 - 55
United Healthcare Workers Holding Our Ground
{Tonight, Amy Thigpen, the author of this diary, and members of UHW are sleeping in their union halls across California due the threat of imminent seizure of those buildings by SEIU International,
kid oakland 01/28/2009 25 66 2 200
Tonight, I would like to invite you to look at and understand this political moment through the eyes of one prototypical citizen. She is a fourth-grade teacher. She teaches at an inner-city public ...
kid oakland 12/23/2008 135 486 7 58
the dream the dreamers dreamed
Five years ago, if you'd told the couple thousand folks writing on this site the story of the last year and the role we in the netroots played in the election of 2008, well, to be frank, most of us ...
kid oakland 11/26/2008 117 176 7 32
You can make a difference!
This is a very simple diary. There's effectively 118 days left till election day 2008. I can assure that you that anyone who has worked in previous election cycles knows just how precious each one ...
kid oakland 07/07/2008 22 67 4 41
how to use Google Docs and why you should care
As I wrote in my previous diary, I attended Camp Obama and learned how to become a community organizer for Barack Obama ...
kid oakland 06/30/2008 119 368 137 207
Jan, Robert, Susan and me
My fellow Camp Obama veterans...Jan, Robert and Susan and I...held ...
kid oakland 06/26/2008 103 269 39 82
Watch this Video
I'd like to share a must-watch video with you. You will not regret the the 13 minutes it takes to watch this video. ...
kid oakland 06/07/2008 273 870 126 61
A Message to the World
Barack Obama is the nominee of the Democratic Party . That is cause for every last ...
kid oakland 06/03/2008 316 737 19 54
2008 is about Organizing Democrats
This point is so simple that it's easy to miss. Don't. 2008 is not about attacking Republicans, though that will doubtless happen (in particular, I hope, to Karl Rove and Rush ...
kid oakland 06/01/2008 35 67 3 48
something to do
Summer is almost here. Summer of 2008. While we do not yet have a nominee for certain, I think we can say with a high degree of confidence that Senator Obama achieving a majority of the ...
kid oakland 05/25/2008 183 318 52 84
looking forward: 2008
First of all, I'd like to say Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there including my grandmother, mom and sisters. ...
kid oakland 05/11/2008 194 219 12 33
vote for change
There is a bigger question before us tonight than whether and when Barack Obama will be named the nominee of the Democratic Party for 2008, though that eventuality is, I promise you, a ...
kid oakland 05/08/2008 118 192 9 61
painting your party into a corner
The Clinton campaign has run a gambit since Pennsylvania. They've found a strategy and they've doubled down . After Pennsylvania, the press, the pollsters and the pundits started talking ...
kid oakland 05/05/2008 236 356 11 49
the Clinton brand
Bill and Hillary Clinton are in a tough spot. After years of weathering attacks from a vast right wing conspiracy , the Clinton brand has been ...
kid oakland 05/04/2008 272 355 12 50
against Hillary: this is personal
Why has the gas tax pander set me off ...
kid oakland 05/03/2008 499 699 18 56
Hillary v. McCain = more of the same
We are in the midst of choosing a nominee for the Democratic Party who, if elected, would serve as President from the years 2009-2013 . You read that right, we are electing a president for ...
kid oakland 05/01/2008 73 90 5 44
the Panderer-in-Chief Threshold
With the Clinton-McCain gas tax Gimmick , Hillary Clinton and John McCain have clearly and unequivocally passed the Panderer-in-Chief Threshold. What ...
kid oakland 04/30/2008 212 373 8 61
doing the right thing
I want to say right off the bat that I got it wrong in my last diary . I wrote that diary in anticipation of three major ...
kid oakland 04/29/2008 255 313 16 194
Hillary Clinton's attack on TUCC
I think this quote from Hillary Clinton deserves more examination than it has received in the press:
kid oakland 04/25/2008 351 390 22 78
a message of hope
I'd like to write tonight with a message of hope and a challenge to take action. I've got a couple things to say right off the bat. Congratulations to Hillary Clinton and her excellent supporters ...
kid oakland 04/22/2008 132 312 15 61
970 agents of change
I was sitting taking a break from phonebanking for Barack Obama today and had a great conversation ...
kid oakland 04/19/2008 47 209 2 46
a choice
I've gotten some pushback on two of my most recent diaries suggesting that I'm saying two contradictory things: First, I argued that Clinton's excellent supporters and activists will come around to ...
kid oakland 04/15/2008 303 473 17 79
time to take a stand
It shouldn't take a historian to remember that the corporate media, led by Rupert Murdoch's FOX News and abetted by writers at supposedly liberal outposts like the New York Times and the Washington ...
kid oakland 04/12/2008 554 728 35 224
the Obama opportunity
With so much claptrap, hoo-haw and innuendo being slung around by the mainstream media and on the blogs it's easy to forget some of the basic realities that underly this primary season. Here's one ...
kid oakland 04/07/2008 131 381 12 28
the Clinton moment
Last Sunday before Bill Clinton took the stage at the California Democratic Convention I stood on the left side of floor in the midst of the 200+ strong pod of Clinton supporters waiting for Bill to ...
kid oakland 04/01/2008 724 776 21 86
a report from the convention
This weekend thanks to Art Torres and Crystal Strait and the internet outreach team of the California Democratic party (thanks Matt and Penny!) I joined a crew of local California bloggers from up ...
kid oakland 03/30/2008 18 78 3 14
a quick note
This is a diary that's more like...a diary, if you know what I mean. Today was a significant day in the Democratic contest for the presidential nomination. I learned something important today about ...
kid oakland 03/25/2008 188 485 30 51
twenty thoughts about John McCain
This is a very simple diary. The proper response to a 'first-time diarist' talking about how "worried they are" about the Democratic Party is not to talk about their "worries" or the Democratic ...
kid oakland 03/24/2008 306 195 5 152
Bill and Hillary Clinton and the 22nd Amendment
The 22nd Amendment , limiting the service of a United States President to two elected terms, was ...
kid oakland 03/22/2008 385 374 15 186
the kitchen table vs. the kitchen sink
I'd like to say, first off, that any Democrat running for President should be able to say something when FOX News runs racially divisive attacks on their network non-stop with the intention ...
kid oakland 03/20/2008 212 387 25 27
this is not over
Barack Obama gave an honest, candid speech today. Many people here admired that speech, and rightly so. That speech today represented something rare in the annals of recent American politics. When,
kid oakland 03/18/2008 65 148 1 17
biography and history
Our nation faces two very basic questions today. These are two questions that every generation must ask itself, and then, in turn, pass along its answers to those who follow. First, ...
kid oakland 03/17/2008 48 139 7 6
spin vs. authenticity
I was talking to a friend of mine who reads my stuff online and he told me this: "Listen, when you advocate for a candidate in an extended primary season, you run the risk of everything you do ...
kid oakland 03/15/2008 127 204 6 98
religious tolerance: our founding national value
I wrote a diary today on MyDD expressing my personal thoughts on today's whirlwind of stories on Reverend Wright. I called it Faith and ...
kid oakland 03/13/2008 40 42 2 23
democratic unity: what we can do
The last couple days have, frankly, not been so hot for the Democratic Party. The Spitzer situation is horrible. Every New Yorker I've talked to is just taken aback and somewhat mournful at this. ...
kid oakland 03/11/2008 347 442 16 24
Ed Rendell: surrogate extraordinaire
On balance, I like Clinton spokesperson Governor Ed Rendell. Call me a sucker for liberal, East Coast big-city political brawlers ...
kid oakland 03/09/2008 394 277 7 169
netroots: March '08
I'd like to offer some reflections on the current state of the Democratic nomination as it relates to us in the netroots in 2008. I'm going to try to be fairly straight up in this diary so forgive ...
kid oakland 03/08/2008 201 286 15 31
Censure and Move On
Almost ten years ago, on September 22, 1998 an online citizens group launched the netroots era with a campaign called Censure ...
kid oakland 03/07/2008 301 424 11 34
John McCain: no moderate on abortion
This diary is about presumptive Republican presidential nominee John McCain and his record on abortion rights . A lot ...
kid oakland 03/05/2008 42 48 4 37
you know that's not true
I'd like to point readers to a pivotal moment in last night's 60 Minutes piece on Ohio . Steve Kroft was ...
kid oakland 03/03/2008 837 650 24 64
tikkun olam: to repair the world
The enthusiastic response of voters to Barack Obama's use of phrases like "to heal our nation and repair the world" has created concerns and even ...
kid oakland 03/01/2008 272 364 48 220
friday evening: some songs
I don't want to put anything too fancy on this diary. It's not about politics. There's really no point other than I wanted to make an offering of some music and to tip my hat to some great artists ...
kid oakland 02/29/2008 103 42 3 12
the Lewis endorsement
I am of the opinion that the endorsement of Senator Barack Obama today by Senator Byron Dorgan and Congressman John Lewis are both a very big deal. Senator Dorgan is a respected, independent-minded,
kid oakland 02/27/2008 237 196 3 27
this is about all of us
Early on in primary season I got on the train home to Oakland after a long day in the city. The BART subway car wasn't that crowded. I sat in the box of seats where passengers sit facing each other ...
kid oakland 02/26/2008 248 330 13 35
2008: Our Moment is Now
We are rapidly moving from the season where we talk about how this or that candidate runs strongly with this or that demographic in this or that state, into the season where we talk about fighting ...
kid oakland 02/24/2008 229 392 12 35
shame on you mashup
JedReport is a video blogger and, uh, a blogger blogger , too. Tonight, watching a video in one ...
kid oakland 02/23/2008 589 430 15 69
change you can xerox
The story of this campaign season has been one of contrast between the foresight, effective enunciation of a core message and comprehensive strategic planning of the Obama campaign versus the short-...
kid oakland 02/22/2008 620 494 31 34
a couple late night thoughts
I'd like to share a couple quick thoughts late here on the West Coast. I'm not pretending that this will be the world's greatest diary and I certainly am not aiming to ratchet up any tensions or ...
kid oakland 02/20/2008 326 219 4 6
three links and a discussion
I've been checking out the discussions at various locales online. This has been a relatively slow news weekend in the nomination cycle, but that hasn't stopped hundreds, if not, at times,
kid oakland 02/17/2008 178 244 10 49
confidence and strength
Like many here, my support for Barack Obama is rooted in his advocacy of the 50 State Strategy and grassroots ...
kid oakland 02/16/2008 133 302 7 18
two very simple points
It's Valentine's Day. Smile. Hugs. Kisses. I don't intend to take up too much of your time tonight, but,
kid oakland 02/14/2008 331 445 7 32
my dream ticket
I've been holding off mentioning this for awhile, but here goes. My dream ticket for 2008 would look like this: Barack Obama for President Albert Gore for Vice President I think if and when ...
kid oakland 02/13/2008 197 93 1 7
a simple diary (not) about our national security
Imagine for one second that you are the President of the United States. You are the chief executive ultimately responsible for our national security. A heavy weight rests on your shoulders. Now, ...
kid oakland 02/11/2008 71 127 4 8
a contest for Pledged Delegates
In 1984 before the nomination was locked up by Vice President Walter Mondale, Gary Hart had won 16 state primaries and caucuses and had even held a lead in Pledged Delegates at one point. Walter ...
kid oakland 02/10/2008 305 302 16 40
taking it to Tracy
When the chips were down in the fight to defeat Richard Pombo in California's 11th Congressional district in 2006, there was one woman who stood up and counted more. Her name is Martha Gamez and I ...
kid oakland 02/08/2008 91 225 7 224
our moment is now
This will be the shortest diary of mine ever. I'm a precinct organizer for Barack Obama...and I've really go to go. It's 3PM here on the West Coast and there's five hours of hard work ahead. I was ...
kid oakland 02/05/2008 64 177 4 -
respect empower include
Those were the three words that graced a poster in the conference room where a group of us were getting our precinct assignments this morning. We were last minute volunteers getting trained at ...
kid oakland 02/04/2008 147 326 11 94
vote hope
I want to talk to you about two very simple stories today. I think they illustrate something key about the primary choice facing the Democratic party. In August of 2006, thousands of people ...
kid oakland 02/03/2008 216 317 7 47
Yes, We Can
You have probably by now heard about the inspiring Yes We Can video by Jesse Dylan and of the Black Eyed Peas based on ...
kid oakland 02/02/2008 321 401 13 62
Barack Obama: Chicago
I wrote a diary two days ago called Barack the Vote! In that diary I made the case that the grassroots GOTV efforts ...
kid oakland 02/01/2008 169 334 13 105
Barack the Vote!
A long time ago in what seems a blogosphere far, far away I wrote a diary in advance of the 2004 elections entitled The Politics of ...
kid oakland 01/30/2008 266 417 12 100
A Question for Senator Clinton on Iraq
Tonight Senator Clinton won, if you can use that term about a campaign where there was no campaigning, no debating, no ground game, and where the party, for good or bad (and I think it was clearly ...
kid oakland 01/29/2008 313 298 12 44
Barack Obama: immigration reform and Latino Voters
This is another in an ongoing series of diaries on the policy positions of Democratic Senator Barack Obama, whom I support ...
kid oakland 01/28/2008 134 222 8 130
Barack Obama is building the Winning Democratic Coalition
Recent events in South Carolina and conversations and endorsements among Democrats everywhere are proving that Senator Barack Obama ...
kid oakland 01/27/2008 391 444 13 117
Barack Obama-Voices of Hope
I spent a good part of the last week working the lighting for a photo shoot where we made portraits of students at the University of California, Berkeley. What amazed me, as I introduced myself to ...
kid oakland 01/26/2008 196 229 6 180
Barack Obama and Foreign Policy (non Iraq)
This diary is another in a series of diaries I am doing examing the policy positions and policy teams of the candidate I support in the Democratic primary,
kid oakland 01/25/2008 216 234 15 75
I'm really somewhat surprised at a couple things tonight: First, the state of the Democratic primary, especially the role of Bill Clinton...and, second, the marked difference between how people ...
kid oakland 01/24/2008 574 339 8 43
Barack Obama and the 50 State Strategy
It was a blustery and, at times, rainy afternoon here in Berkeley California but that didn't stop Ron, an avuncular and dapper volunteer with an ironing board from working the corner of Ashby and ...
kid oakland 01/22/2008 420 490 22 136
Barack Obama and Health Care
This diary is one in an ongoing series examining the policy positions of Senator Barack Obama, whom I support for ...
kid oakland 01/20/2008 273 243 18 112
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