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In case you needed a reminder
Im sitting in my office listening to my all white co-workers justify why Michael Brown deserves to be dead. Did you know that he attacked the officer? Collapsed half his face and broke an eye ...
ksuwildkat 08/20/2014 3 14 - -
Please stop calling them "Military"
As a member of the Profession of Arms I find the situation in Missouri disgusting. What makes me even more disgusted is the idea that these goons represent what a "militarized" police for looks like.
ksuwildkat 08/15/2014 125 134 - -
Why we can't afford to screw up 2016
Every election is important. Doesnt matter if its for dog catcher or President, we need to compete and win. But 2016 is going to be more critical for a number of reasons. It is a key opportunity ...
ksuwildkat 06/07/2014 46 20 - -
A minimum wage hike even a Republican could love
Im all for increasing the minimum wage but I am a big believer in bipartisanship and compromise. And I mean that in a Republican way where I make all the compromises and they give nothing. Well ...
ksuwildkat 02/18/2014 11 3 - -
Foreign Invasion - Thanks Obama
You know back before Obama, Coke ads were in English and Super Bowl QBs were white. Now to top it off we are faced with a flat out invasion from China. And what is he doing about it? Nothing: "...
ksuwildkat 02/04/2014 2 3 - -
My Letter to Sen Boxer
Dear Senator Boxer, I doubt you remember me but we met once at DLI in Monterey. You gave a wonderful speech and despite the warnings from your staff and DLI PA made some great comments about ...
ksuwildkat 12/17/2013 6 9 1 -
MUST READ: 20 things the poor do every day
Came across this blog today - 20 things the poor do every day . It is a must read and one everyone should reference when speaking to TeaPublicans. I dont want to repost the entire thing but go ...
ksuwildkat 12/07/2013 129 377 18 -
UPDATE - So much for WalMart paying people to work Thanksgiving
Last week we learned that WalMart would be open on Thanksgiving day . We were told by a WalMart executive "associates" were even excited about the opportunity ! Heck they were going to get extra ...
ksuwildkat 11/22/2013 211 322 4 -
The French Show Tea Party how to protest
Remember back in October when a group of Tea Party truckers said they were going to shut down DC traffic because of Obama and....well something? Yeah they failed (go figure). This week French ...
ksuwildkat 11/17/2013 13 6 - -
9 years old and lung cancer
If you want to see what the TeaPublican future looks like you dont need a crystal ball or Ms. Cleo. No all you have to do is go to that paradise of deregulation - China. China where Mitt Romney ...
ksuwildkat 11/13/2013 34 76 - -
Best Way to honor a Veteran
Happy Veterans day to my fellow vets. Today is a day we take a minute to thank the REAL 1% - the less than 1% of all citizens who when asked said, send me. But what about the other 364 days? What ...
ksuwildkat 11/11/2013 18 30 1 -
Next Fox Freakout - Russians Are HERE!
Some time today Fox is going to freak out because the Russians are HERE!! See Russia flew two Tupolev Tu-160 "Blackjack" bombers to Venezuela today. (
ksuwildkat 10/28/2013 13 6 - -
Lessons from the Lectionary
While I know many here at DK shun religion but is is a simple fact that between 70% and 80% of all Americans self identify as believers and the vast majority of those are Christians. So if nothing ...
ksuwildkat 10/27/2013 7 8 - -
Salon takedown of Hannity ACA Lies
Over on there is a brutal takedown of Sean Hannity and his Obamacare lies "Inside the Fox News lie machine: I fact-checked Sean Hannity on Obamacare" quick summary - Hannity put 3 ...
ksuwildkat 10/25/2013 8 14 - -
The Speech the President needs to make
Its crunch time and President Obama needs to take a page from the Regan/Clinton book and take his case directly to the American people. Here is what he should do on 1 October.
ksuwildkat 09/27/2013 8 4 - -
Sequester and Security
Republicans love defense and their 9-11 fetish means they love air travel security even more. I guess they have lost that loving feeling because Sequester is going to gut air travel security.
ksuwildkat 02/27/2013 4 - - -
Andrew Napolitano is full of s*%^
Im a little slow so I am just catching up on this but on the 15 Nov Daily show Andrew Napolitano made a claim that the President KNEW about General Petraeus was having an affair BEFORE he nominated ...
ksuwildkat 11/18/2012 25 5 - -
Danger of our own Bubble
Most of us here are well aware of the Right Wing Bubble and its destructive effects on the Republican Party. Im here to warn about the dangers of our own bubble forming. Yes the President won and ...
ksuwildkat 11/12/2012 42 17 - -
Its not you....
Dear Republicans, Its not you. Really. I know you are feeling low today but Im here to tell you it ill get better......
ksuwildkat 11/07/2012 5 2 - -
What Now?
By now reality based members of the RNC are starting to ask "What now?" The election is not going to go their way despite spending over a billion dollars. What lessons will they take from this ...
ksuwildkat 10/31/2012 50 36 - -
Why Mali?
Of all the countries for Mitt Romney to concentrate on, Mali seems to make no sense. Sure there are some bad things happening there but compared to Yemen or Pakistan, Mali is a side show. So why ...
ksuwildkat 10/24/2012 19 2 - -
President Obama Distracted....
Lots of commentators last night said the President looked distracted. I agree.....and I know why.....
ksuwildkat 10/04/2012 23 4 - 193
I am a 47%er
I am one of "those" people. Im a 47%er. When I was born, the government paid for it. Literally from birth, I have been one of the people Mitt RMoney hates, dismisses and doesn't have time for. ...
ksuwildkat 09/18/2012 7 14 - 69
Best Job in the USA
In 1986 I was just about broke, about to be homeless and had just been kicked out of a Junior College for bad grades (apparently 0.0 is a bad GPA - who knew?). In desperation I did what many before ...
ksuwildkat 08/15/2012 68 156 3 1012
I am a Democrat BECAUSE I am a Christian
Proclaiming yourself a Christian is not the most common thing on Daily Kos. In fact, I would venture to say that a significant percentage of people here are either indifferent or hostile to ...
ksuwildkat 08/12/2012 51 36 - 187
PSU - If they wont shut it down, we must shut them out
With each passing day it becomes more clear that no one is going to hold Penn State accountable for the actions of the men they choose to lead their University. As such, it is time for us to act as ...
ksuwildkat 07/17/2012 32 5 - 170
1979 - A year that would test anyone - Part II
Part II of a review of why 1979 was a year that would test any President and more evidence that President Carter is vastly underrated. Part I is here . As wild as the first half of the year was, ...
ksuwildkat 05/04/2012 20 27 5 173
1979 - a year that would test anyone
A few days ago I posted an angry response to the idea that "even Jimmy carter...." set some kind of minimum standard for conduct as President. While it is enough to show that Governor R-Money was ...
ksuwildkat 05/02/2012 61 58 3 453
"Even Jimmy Carter"? Mitt Romney isnt qualified to say #$%^ about President Carter
Mitt Romney seems to think that saying "even Jimmy Carter" is setting the bar so low that jumping over is no big feat. Im here to set the record straight and show that Mitt Romney isnt fit to clean ...
ksuwildkat 04/30/2012 279 693 9 1929
State of the Union
After trying it the Hope way, its time for the President to start playing by prison rules with the Rethugs. He should start with the State of the Union Address.
ksuwildkat 11/05/2010 1 1 - 96
Help with Questions for Sen Chablis and Graham
I have an opportunity to ask questions of both Sen Chamblis and Graham. Suggestions?
ksuwildkat 02/17/2010 14 2 - 10
Afghanistan Reality
So now the official announcement about the "new" direction in Afghanistan is public. I think it is safe to say that this will be a unique point in military history when both the left and the right ...
ksuwildkat 12/03/2009 19 9 - 182
Be Bold with SCOTUS!!
President Obama campaigned on Change and now it time to show he means it. He has a chance with his first (of many I hope!) SCOTUS nominees to make real change. Why no make it for a really long time.
ksuwildkat 05/20/2009 10 - - 32
We Don't Torture!!
I just watched Cliff May on The Daily Show and I am so mad I could scream. He clearly learned from the Jim Cramer takedown and kept Jon from landing clean shots by dodging and interrupting. Since ...
ksuwildkat 04/29/2009 3 2 - 15
New Rules
OK, its been almost 100 days. As a member of the Executive Branch, I am under certain restrictions to my speech which I am fine with. I have held my tongue so that no one could say I was not in ...
ksuwildkat 04/24/2009 8 4 - 9
That "other" war
While most of America has been worrying about the election, the economy and the holidays, those of us in the profession of arms marked our eight straight year of armed conflict in Afghanistan. And ...
ksuwildkat 01/03/2009 14 1 - -
Oh that war thing.....
Yes it the Economy Stupid but while the Nation has been engaged on the best way to reward irresponsible behavior, a grim milestone has been passed.
ksuwildkat 09/25/2008 - - - 4
Chairman Of Joint Chiefs Says To Military: Stay Out Of Politics
Interesting article in the Norfolk Virginian-Pilot - Chairman Of Joint Chiefs Says To Military: Stay Out Of Politics. While I applaud the Chairman, the timing seems a little suspect.
ksuwildkat 06/25/2008 12 19 - 27
Why they become Soldiers - An Alternate View
Two days ago DHinMI posted on why people join the military with “ They Become Soldiers Because They Can't Afford to ...
ksuwildkat 03/25/2008 18 25 1 6
Surge working...MY ASS!!!
We all know "The Surge" is working. Working so well that we are going to "end" it. Never mind "the Surge" is ending because there is no way to continue it. Forget about all the facts because the ...
ksuwildkat 09/24/2007 1 3 1 1
Miami Herald dispenses with truth all togeather. Everything fine in Iraq!
Yesterdays Miami Herald had this stunning story: Casualties Drop Despite U.S. Buildup The expectation was that more American troops would be killed, especially with ...
ksuwildkat 09/03/2007 16 12 - 14
330. With two days left in the month, US causalities in Iraq reached 330 for the last three months. For the first time ever deaths exceeded 100 on three consecutive months. June also marked the ...
ksuwildkat 06/29/2007 3 9 - -
Everyone Panic says Department of State!
Today the State Department released a new "World Wide Caution." Lets see what it has to say:
ksuwildkat 04/11/2007 11 8 - -
Congressional aide admits trying to hire hackers -- to boost his college GPA
OK, this comes straight from Slashdot: Some Republican tried to hire hackers to doctor his academic record to make himself look better:
ksuwildkat 12/22/2006 5 3 - 5
More Republican Action that negates talk
ksuwildkat 10/21/2006 2 1 - -
What a "Bad Week"
ksuwildkat 10/01/2006 1 3 - -
More Numbers
ksuwildkat 08/31/2006 2 5 - -
ksuwildkat 06/22/2006 4 1 - -
Who represents me?
ksuwildkat 06/13/2006 4 1 - 25
Biggest mistake?
ksuwildkat 05/26/2006 16 4 1 -
A modest proposal on Immigration
ksuwildkat 05/23/2006 26 - - -
50 states, 50 questions
ksuwildkat 05/22/2006 25 3 11 169
Pentagon propaganda program orders soldiers to promote Iraq war while home on leave
ksuwildkat 12/30/2005 12 5 - 3
"Its Iraq Stupid!"
ksuwildkat 11/17/2005 1 2 2 -
The Presidents Word Broken
ksuwildkat 10/28/2005 5 2 - -
Huge change in Iraq
ksuwildkat 10/06/2005 405 407 15 185
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