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Detroit Files For Bankruptcy…
Facing Debts of $18 Billion This afternoon, Kevyn D. Orr, the Emergency Manager appointed by Gov. Snyder, announced… “Detroit…has filed for bankruptcy…the largest American city ever to ...
kurious 07/18/2013 42 11 - -
Romney’s Stonewalling—Why Is He Getting Away With It?
When Nixon was in the midst of the Watergate investigation, Nixon refused to release tapes of Presidential conversations that Democrats believed would prove his guilt, and that republicans believed ...
kurious 09/10/2012 35 23 - 278
Washington Post: "Mitt Romney's 'Garbage'"
An editorial in today's Washington Post discusses the "garbage" that is Mitt Romney's budget plan. First of all, they point out how simplistic--and unrealistic--Mitt's budget really is: (More ...
kurious 08/19/2012 99 242 2 1953
Supporting the Troops and Supporting their Families
Recently military wife, Angelajean, wrote a diary about Military Spouse Appreciation Day and the phrase they and their loved ones in the ...
kurious 05/30/2011 8 8 - 66
RNC's "2011 Obama Agenda Survey" and Communicating the Message
I recently (for some odd reason) received from the RNC a survey with my name, address, Cong. District and ID number (ID number?). At the bottom of the of the box with that information, was a line ...
kurious 04/06/2011 11 3 - 52
William Daley new WH Chief of Staff? Update
CNN, Bloomberg News and ABC are reporting that: President ...
kurious 01/03/2011 221 25 1 125
Voting Problems? Call 1-866-OUR-VOTE
This diary will be short and to the point, as I have to go and vote. In another recent diary, the diarist wrote about having challenges at the polling place. I posted the following information in ...
kurious 11/02/2010 3 6 - 19
Sanders Puts Hold on Bernanke Nomination (Updated)
In a post on his Senate Website, Senator Bernie Sanders announced a Hold on Bernanke’s nomination:
kurious 12/02/2009 446 468 4 142
AIG Being Investigated by FBI & UK Authorities
Josh Marshall at Talking Points Memo has been looking into the activities of the ...
kurious 03/18/2009 11 12 - 2
Too Late to Avoid a Depression?
Jon Markman, writing at MSN Money explores that question. He discusses the over-...
kurious 02/08/2009 87 18 - 18
Madoff Whistleblower & Patriot Markopolos Testifies at House Financial Services Committee
Harry Markopolos, whistleblower in the Bernie ...
kurious 02/04/2009 79 40 - 21
Help "Out" GOP Senator(s) Blocking Barofsky's Nomination
Paulson is getting help in his efforts to block oversight of his bailout activities, from an anonymous Republican Senator.
kurious 12/01/2008 14 25 - 47
Clemons: McCain & Obama Coordinated on Personnel
Steve Clemons Reports McCain & Obama Camps Coordinated on Building Staff Rosters for Next Government:
kurious 11/24/2008 8 3 - -
"Republican Party Striking Posture of Defiance" and media keeps repeating GOP Talking Points
Since the election just took place a few days ago, the Republicans are just coming to terms with their loss. It can’t be easy for them to accept losing power after pretty much having control ...
kurious 11/08/2008 43 12 - 22
Prayers for Senator Kennedy (Update)
Senator Kennedy is currently undergoing surgery at Duke University Medical Center: "Sen. Edward M. Kennedy ...
kurious 06/02/2008 36 22 1 20
Powell: US Can’t Sustain Troop Levels
Most Americans realize that the military is strained by long and repeated deployments, Bush, Cheney, McCain and the neocons in the Administration ...
kurious 04/10/2008 7 4 - 1
Bhutto’s Son to Be New Party Leader?
Time Magazine is reporting that Bhutto’s Son may be her political successor. “A senior ...
kurious 12/29/2007 30 8 - 3
Help Me Hold Congress's Feet to the Fire
I’ve been on the phone again this morning, calling Senators about getting our troops out of Iraq ASAP. While I’ve attempted to be polite, I’ve also been righteously angry. While ...
kurious 02/07/2007 23 8 1 2
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