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November 2014 elections in California Part 3: State Assembly
We cap off this election cycle's comprehensive rundown with the California State Assembly. For a refresher on the other election races in California, click here for Part 1 (Congress) and here for ...
kurykh 07/29/2014 21 18 - -
November 2014 elections in California Part 2: State Executive and State Senate
Welcome to the second of my three-part series on this year's elections in California! If you missed the first installment (which dealt with congressional districts), click here . Except for 20 odd-...
kurykh 07/21/2014 29 30 2 -
November 2014 elections in California Part 1: Congress
While much of the country continues to wallow in primary election angst, California is done with that and forging ahead to the real game in November. California Democrats are seeking to strengthen ...
kurykh 07/14/2014 52 34 - -
California's SCA 5: Dealing with the wide Democratic tent
A legislative constitutional amendment in the California State Legislature has put Democrats in a bind and has put their grip of one constituency to the test: Asian Americans. More specifically, ...
kurykh 03/18/2014 22 10 - -
California 2014 election race ratings: February update
While my home state of California continues to fry under the winter sun and faces the worst drought in 500 years, its political world continues to flow with juice and intrigue. As the candidate ...
kurykh 02/24/2014 32 21 1 -
California 2014 elections race ratings: One year out
Election Day 2014 is slated to fall on Tuesday, November 4. In this midterm election, Californians will go to the polls to determine control of their state. All 8 state executive offices are up for ...
kurykh 11/06/2013 32 21 1 -
A hypothetical 120-member unicameral California State Legislature map
California is the most populous state in the nation, yet it has the 15th smallest state legislature and some of the largest districts in the nation. The 40 state senate districts comprise around 931,...
kurykh 08/20/2013 12 7 - -
A living guide of Daily Kos Elections memes
In line with the Daily Kos Elections (DKE) living glossary that all newcomers (and longtime members) should peruse as an introductory course into our realm, this page captures the more esoteric, ...
kurykh 06/15/2013 41 14 2 -
Flipping the tables: Two Democratic Michigan maps
My next stop in redistricting is Michigan, currently captured by a robust Republican gerrymander. Here, I present two maps: an aggressive 11–1–2 Democratic gerrymander and another, more robust ...
kurykh 06/03/2013 8 4 - -
Pushing the envelope: A 14–4 Democratic Illinois map
The 2011 redistricting cycle was a bonanza for Illinois Democrats, flipping the state delegation and the map upside down. Despite being a relatively clean and effective gerrymander, it fell short in ...
kurykh 05/28/2013 16 6 - -
A 20-16 Democratic Texas?
Let's imagine for a moment that Democrats controlled redistricting in Texas last cycle. Can they do what the Republicans did in 2003 and flip the map back in their favor? Can they be /the/ margin of ...
kurykh 05/13/2013 40 13 - -
2013 California PVI, voter registration data, and analysis
Behold, a one-stop shop of complete PVI and voter registration numbers for the 58 counties and 177 legislative districts of the great state of California. Analysis is below the fold. But first, the ...
kurykh 04/15/2013 4 10 1 -
The 2012 South Korean presidential election
It seems like every East Asian country is making decisions on their national leadership in 2012. Taiwan (aka the Republic of China) went first, having their elections in January. Hong Kong got a new ...
kurykh 12/12/2012 7 15 1 -
California State Legislature district PVIs (with a crowdsourcing ask)
Dave Wasserman has his Pres-by-county spreadsheet, and wwmiv has a congressional district PVI spreadsheet out there. I'm going to join the crowd and stick to the turf that I know best: California. ...
kurykh 12/06/2012 10 5 1 -
CA-Assembly: Democrats win 55th seat, expand supermajority
In a stunning upset, Democrat Steve Fox defeated Republican Ron Smith to become the next assemblymember for California's 36th State Assembly district. Democrats now have 55 seats, giving them a one-...
kurykh 12/02/2012 29 32 1 -
A crash course in San Francisco politics
With a plethora of diaries on national and state politics, let's try something more local. I'll contribute to this with a diary on my hometown: the great City and County of San Francisco. Enter, ...
kurykh 11/19/2012 109 81 15 -
California November 2012 predictions
Now that we're a week away from the election, I'm going to try predicting the winners for congressional, state senate, and state assembly races. In this prediction, there are no tossups, tilts, leans,
kurykh 10/31/2012 28 6 - -
California competitive districts cheat sheet: November 2012 elections
Election Day is 36 days away, and California absentee ballots will be mailed on October 9. While the presidential race barely registers here and there are fewer Romney signs in our front yards than ...
kurykh 10/01/2012 69 57 6 566
Assemble, ye junkies: California State Assembly projections
Time for another installment in my statewide legislative series! This time it's the California State Assembly, and this is probably one of the most interesting elections in quite a while. Why? Read ...
kurykh 07/23/2012 12 21 1 243
California State Senate: Current projections and future prospects
Last week, I wrote about [ California's congressional prospects] and came out with a result of effective ...
kurykh 06/25/2012 12 14 - 179
California congressional outlook: My edition
I've been lurking SSP and DKE since around 2009, and I thought I should doing some writing myself. Which means this is my first diary on Daily Kos. Forgive me if I commit any faux pas or other ...
kurykh 06/18/2012 26 19 1 239
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