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Let Them Marry
I want to preface this by saying it is evident marriage equality is a civil issue, and not a biblical one. However, if we were dealing with civic minded people, this discrimination would not be ...
leavingthezoo 03/30/2013 8 7 - -
Equal Does Not Mean Adding
I am thinking about equality today. I am waiting with hope as the Supreme Court takes up "gay marriage", which is a silly term to me in all honesty. We don't call it "rich marriage" for the well-off,
leavingthezoo 02/21/2013 11 4 - -
Non-traditional Student
I am a non-traditional student. It's a term used for those who didn't follow the logical progression of a higher education right out of high school. It can include single moms, older students, ...
leavingthezoo 12/23/2012 53 33 - -
Guns Are Tools Just Like Pencils!
I don't alway process as quickly as everyone else. I'm prone to over thinking, over feeling, compulsively trying to understand that which comes easily, and that which does not. I try not to dismiss ...
leavingthezoo 12/18/2012 5 6 - -
He Tried To Break Down My Door
The wind is blowing. The news is threatening us with snow flurries. Nothing major. Most likely I will see no evidence as it is not expected to accumulate over night. I'm huddled in my living room ...
leavingthezoo 12/09/2012 350 407 - -
It's true. I voted Obama for the gifts.
Republican leadership needs to lay off Romney. All this crazy distancing by the Jindals and Gingrichs, this sudden epiphany that the reason republicans cannot connect with the American majority is ...
leavingthezoo 11/18/2012 58 84 3 -
Irrational Waves of an Overreaction
Wednesday morning, November 7, 2012, I awoke to a beautiful sunrise coming up over the trees that outline the field behind my home. I could already hear the hustle of workers making their way to ...
leavingthezoo 11/09/2012 207 469 6 -
Obama Will Be There
I am often asked by my Republican friends and family, "How can you be one of them , and why on earth would I vote for that guy?" I was born and raised in Oklahoma, and as you know, we are the only ...
leavingthezoo 09/06/2012 42 142 2 879
The Pulse in My Veins
Every night before I go to sleep, I remind myself to breathe. I remind myself, because when the world is closed out by the blinds, and stillness permeates our room, in the silence I take inventory ...
leavingthezoo 03/23/2012 25 18 - 205
I Love Her
Our friendship began in 1989. I was fourteen. We were nothing alike, and the spark of our relationship began with a playful car theft. I say playful because we warned the boy whose car we were going ...
leavingthezoo 03/21/2012 117 225 3 938
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