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Those Political Tests (The New York State ELA and Math Assessments)
60,000 students who opted out plus a changed cut score (see here) equals one thing—an invalid and unreliable test. As someone who has studied and analyzed different psychometric assessments over ...
liberalteacher 08/17/2014 2 6 - -
Ms. Campbell Brown, did you ever hear of Teacher Abuse?
I had all intention of writing about something else until I read the great blog by NYC Educator today. Here is Gotham Schools and Ms. Campbell Brown who feel that everyone should have the right to ...
liberalteacher 07/27/2013 9 12 1 -
State Testing as a Form of Bullying
The real world is finally intruding into the Tweed fantasy that most New York parents are sheep that can be easily manipulated and fooled. I am lucky enough to work in a diverse middle class ...
liberalteacher 04/21/2013 45 48 1 -
Education Deform and Class Warfare
Mann, Jefferson, Dewey and others had a very simple view of public education. To these men, public education in America would be the great equalizer. It would create a common American culture and ...
liberalteacher 03/02/2013 5 12 1 -
The Re-discrimination of Disabled Students
On July 10th, The New York Times had an interesting article by Michael Winerip about a disabled child forced out of a charter school. This charter was founded by a woman named Eva Moskowitz who ...
liberalteacher 07/15/2011 13 16 1 88
Let Them Secede--and see what happens!!!!
It is now time to put our radical right wing friends to the test. The American people should allow Texas, Alaska and Georgia to develop a legal process to secede from the United States. Based on ...
liberalteacher 04/16/2009 40 5 - 39
Who else believed in taxing the rich?
" It is not very unreasonable that the rich should contribute to the public expense, not only in proportion to their revenue, but something more than in that proportion. Who ...
liberalteacher 03/19/2009 25 12 - 24
There is a Left-Wing Conspiracy
"I look around me and see many groups that have a common objective--to remake America. They want to turn America into something else." Recently, I saw this statement in a right-wing blog referring ...
liberalteacher 03/18/2009 7 7 - -
The last few weeks have given me entertainment, but has also frightened me when reading right wing blogs or when I silented visited right wing chat rooms. The right is beginning to put ...
liberalteacher 10/25/2008 53 3 1 3
Dangerous Ideas From the Debate
I think we really have to listen to what our GOP friends up on that stage are really saying. There was a consensus up there that the problems we face was caused by a drunk GOP Congress spending too ...
liberalteacher 05/15/2007 11 7 - -
The Debate of Hate
This so-called Republican hate-fest in California the other night should really not be a revelation to most Americans. Each and every question was loaded by Mr. Matthews to showcase his expertise in ...
liberalteacher 05/04/2007 9 1 1 -
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