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Dawn Chorus - Gull ID for fun and profit.
Okay, actually, no profit to be made from gull ID as far as I know. But if it's possible to tilt the meter from pure aggravation toward fun, that would be something. I've been trying to work on ...
lineatus 05/03/2015 36 25 - -
Dawn Chorus - Bolinas Springtime (this time)
Spring is sprung, the grass is riz - I wonder where the birdies iz? Bolinaz!
lineatus 04/26/2015 62 42 - -
Dawn Chorus - Bolinas Springtime, er... Lunchtime
Pull up a comfy chair and join us for brunch, now that there's a diary.
lineatus 04/19/2015 29 35 - -
Dawn Chorus: Fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly
... except sometimes birds gotta dive, and then the fish gotta fly, ever so briefly. Can't help lovin' that man o' mine... Because, really, who doesn't love an osprey? Other than anything with ...
lineatus 03/15/2015 81 41 - -
Dawn Chorus: Swan Song
To everything... turn, turn, turn. Tern, tern, tern? There is a season... turn, turn, turn. Everything has a life cycle. Dawn Chorus is entering a new phase in its cycle.
lineatus 01/04/2015 63 58 - -
Dawn Chorus: Scout Guide
I'm heading out early today to do some scouting for our Christmas Count area, San Francisco's Lake Merced. Western Grebe. Or is it? We have Western, Clark's, and those confusing hybrids all in ...
lineatus 12/28/2014 31 37 - -
Dawn Chorus: Where's my pear tree?
Coyote bush is great stuff, but hard to work into the lyrics of a carol.
lineatus 12/21/2014 29 39 - -
Dawn Chorus: Happiness
Last weekend, we had some non-raptorial visitors at our banding blind. (Which was good because there sure weren't many hawks around.) True to form, they brought happiness. We do our banding in ...
lineatus 12/14/2014 65 38 - -
Dawn Chorus: Highway 113 Revisited
Earlier this year, we had a nice meetup of local Kossacks to welcome matching mole for a Bay Area visit. It turned into a dual welcome when bwren flew down to join us. Unfortunately, we were not ...
lineatus 12/07/2014 54 49 - -
Dawn Chorus: My Friend Flicker
Somehow, it seems appropriate for a Flickr Flicker to go viral. But it's a lot easier to get attention when you're a golden boy. Flicker intergrade, banded at Richardson Bay Audubon Center How ...
lineatus 11/23/2014 56 46 1 -
Dawn Chorus: A Plover, not a fighter
Somehow you'd expect some aggression from a bird whose first name is "Kill", especially if it sounds like they kill critters as large as deer. Not so much, as it turns out. They eat invertebrates ...
lineatus 11/09/2014 80 49 - -
Dawn Chorus: Worth the trip
The seasons are shifting and everyone's on the move; the birds are settling into new homes for a spell. Humans too. California for the memory bank. A great friend is moving away. We've had a ...
lineatus 11/02/2014 50 39 - -
Giants!!! F*ck YEAH!!!
That is all. Okay - how about a photo. This morning, as seen on my bike ride to work. The day dawned Giants orange.
lineatus 10/29/2014 95 62 - -
Dawn Chorus: Am I Blue?
Admittedly, I've got a touch of grey. But nonetheless, I'm blue and that's great. Great Blue Heron in a sea of blue...
lineatus 10/26/2014 35 57 - -
Dawn Chorus
Banding yesterday, banding again today. Yesterday brought one of my favorite visitors... But we finished way late and I had no time to write last night. So alas, this week is a bit of an open ...
lineatus 10/12/2014 79 31 - -
Dawn Chorus: Last Robin of Fall
Summer, like every good party, is coming to an end. Friends are headed out, and as they depart you realize you barely had time to visit with some of them. The Robins, especially; you noticed their ...
lineatus 10/05/2014 55 52 1 -
Dawn Chorus: Lookin' Sharp
Seriously sharp. Little Miss Sharp-shin has a big presence.
lineatus 09/21/2014 67 62 - -
Dawn Chorus: Moby Chick
...adee. Seriously, this bird is elusive. Trying to get a photo is like trying for a good shot of Bigfoot. I talked about this last week in the comments. Having photos is not much of an ...
lineatus 09/14/2014 41 38 - -
Dawn Chorus: Hawkward
So yeah.... I have misplaced my camera after last weekend's banding, and we're at the cabin this weekend with only phone access to internet. So basically, I got nothin'.
lineatus 09/07/2014 73 28 - -
Dawn Chorus: Owl be seeing you soon
For some reason, they've ended up as cute fluffy things in popular culture (thanks Etsy and Anthropologie!) And okay, they are kind of cute and fluffy sometimes. But to anyone who is actually ...
lineatus 08/17/2014 83 79 1 -
Dawn Chorus: Headbangers
Hellz Yeah! They rock my world. What can I say? I just plain love woodpeckers. They're fascinating to watch, and just plain good looking birds. They don't always choose to reveal themselves, ...
lineatus 07/27/2014 108 63 - -
Dawn Chorus: Scorched Earth (Yosemite Edition)
It was the first weekend in June, and Yosemite beckoned. Last November, when we'd signed up for the class, the winter rains were late but we didn't yet know they'd be all but non-existent. (Not ...
lineatus 06/15/2014 87 84 - -
Dawn Chorus: Print Edition
Did I ever tell you about my book? Okay, not exactly mine. It's Peter Pyle's "Identification Guide to North American Birds, Part 2". But I did most of the illustrations and I have to say, it ...
lineatus 06/08/2014 27 40 - -
Dawn Chorus: Nemesis
It might as well be the Nessie, for all you can make of it. And it has been a monster of sorts for years. But there it is - proof of the existence of the legendary... BLACK DUCK! Okay, maybe ...
lineatus 04/20/2014 80 42 - -
Peter Matthiessen - We've lost a great writer.
Writer and environmentalist Peter Matthiessen died today at the age of 86; according to this story , he had been ill with leukemia. He was a wonderful writer and a compelling speaker; a strong voice ...
lineatus 04/05/2014 30 84 1 -
Dawn Chorus: Ravens and Crows
lineatus 03/30/2014 114 82 - -
Dawn Chorus: Orange is the New Blackbird
Icterids. Personally, I love 'em. But what the hell kind of name is that? srsly, wtf? I started writing about blackbirds, and then I veered into writing about a few of their cousins and pretty ...
lineatus 02/23/2014 61 51 - -
Dawn Chorus: Do Something!
There is a bit of a paradox about volunteering. You give your time and get no pay, yet so often you get more out of it than you give. I work full time, so my nights and weekends are precious free ...
lineatus 02/16/2014 44 45 2 -
Dawn Chorus: Anyone see any birds?
More to the point: Anyone photograph any birds? Last week, SF Kossacks had two esteemed out-of-area visitors, which was all the excuse we needed for a birding trip. One of them (matching mole) ...
lineatus 02/02/2014 176 57 - -
Dawn Chorus: Not this again...
It’s a mixed bag out there. You’ve got your yard set up to attract birds – feeders, baths, maybe some native plants and brushpiles. But as with any open house buffet, you’re likely to get ...
lineatus 01/26/2014 42 75 1 -
Dawn Chorus: Alien Invasion!!1!
If this was Fox Noise, I could whip up a frenzy describing how our fine, native birds are under siege from alien hordes... but, nah. Although I might keep with their anti-elitist tone and curse ...
lineatus 12/08/2013 71 58 - -
Dawn Chorus: Preview of Coming Attractions
First, the standard disclaimer: Past performance does not guarantee future results. That said, if Friday was any indication, we could have a great day with matching mole on 1/26. When he said ...
lineatus 12/01/2013 66 45 - -
Dawn Chorus: Last Minute
Gorgeous, no? An adult redtail who visited yesterday. One of only two birds who stopped by when I was banding, but definitely worth all the hours in the blind.
lineatus 11/10/2013 91 54 - -
Dawn Chorus: w00t! Winter's almost here!
Those bleak, boring days of summer are past! Now that we're into the short, cold days of November, the fun begins. Fall migration has been interesting this year, to be sure. The blue-footed ...
lineatus 11/03/2013 67 66 - -
Dawn Chorus: I didn't want to go to Bodega Bay, for a change.
I love Bodega Bay, get there several times a year. But yesterday I would much rather have been banding. However, thanks the ongoing tantrum by the GOP, the shutdown made that impossible. We ...
lineatus 10/13/2013 51 43 - -
Dawn Chorus: I'm with the band
For a bander, the moment of releasing a bird is bittersweet. After this brief overlap in lives, the bird is now on its way to continue its journey (yea!) but in all likelihood, we'll never (...
lineatus 10/06/2013 84 54 - -
Dawn Chorus: Migration
Migration is pretty simple. Birds fly south for the winter, and north for the summer. First Robin of spring and all that. Right? A biologist describes waterfowl movements: Okay, so maybe it's ...
lineatus 09/08/2013 76 44 - -
Dawn Chorus: Getting High
The simplest experiences can be the most satisfying. Take my Saturday night a couple of weeks ago. I was sitting at the table in my site at Tuolumne Meadows campground, starting in on my dinner - ...
lineatus 09/01/2013 108 92 - -
Dawn Chorus: mmmm.... Oysters!
I admit it - I'm BLOY-crazy. Shall we turn the spotlight on... ... the BLack OYstercatcher?
lineatus 08/04/2013 65 58 - -
Dawn Chorus: Cut and Paste Edition
Not everything with wings that fascinates me is a bird. Take this critter, for example: I went to close the tailgate after unloading some gear at Yosemite, and this was sitting on the edge of ...
lineatus 07/07/2013 119 52 - -
I need a new sig line. w00t!!!!
For the past two years or so, my sig line has been "DOMA delenda est" - quasi Latin for "DOMA must be destroyed." :-) Time for a new sig line. Now auditioning in the comments...
lineatus 06/26/2013 59 73 - -
Dawn Chorus: Back to the Farallones (breeding season)
If you're looking for that gateway to excitement, normally it doesn't start with: Marry an Engineer. And yet... I'm the one who loves wild places and wildlife. I sit at a desk and stare at a ...
lineatus 06/16/2013 84 69 - -
Dawn Chorus: Meet the locals!
Who are you looking forward to seeing in San Jose at Netroots Nation? Our locals welcome you to San Jose. I'll do my part to help you meet as many of them as possible. First, greetings from our ...
lineatus 05/26/2013 84 70 - -
Dawn Chorus: Reyes of Sunshine, aka Herps and Chirps
Back to Point Reyes, the little slice of paradise to our north. Two weekends in a row - very different trips, but the same overwhelming awesomeness of place. Two weeks ago, I spent the weekend at ...
lineatus 05/05/2013 68 70 1 -
Dawn Chorus: Spring Pilgrimage
Mid-April means taxes to many people and it makes them kinda grouchy. Mid-April means Mines Road to me, and nothing could make me happier. For nearly 20 years now, I've made the trip to this ...
lineatus 04/14/2013 68 60 2 -
Dawn Chorus: Okay, maybe some fuzzy chicks for Easter after all
I suppose I should be posting pictures of fuzzy chicks and maybe even a couple of eggs, since it's Easter and all. At least it's not a bunch of hawks ripping apart prey... [ Update: Title changed ...
lineatus 03/31/2013 98 55 - -
Dawn Chorus: Ospreys.
I usually like to work a little wordplay into my titles, in hopes of catching the eye of casual readers. But when the topic is Ospreys, no cleverness is necessary. They are just plain cool. And ...
lineatus 03/17/2013 57 81 1 -
Happy Birthday, Leaves on the Current!
teacherken told us that his wife, Leaves on the Current, has been having health problems and has been hospitalized [update here ]. Today is her birthday . Let's send her some wishes for a good day, ...
lineatus 01/29/2013 94 104 - -
Dawn Chorus: She was not a refined woman...
She was not quite what you would call refined. She was not quite what you would call unrefined. She was the kind of person that keeps a parrot. - Mark Twain Or two. Dawn Chorus is ...
lineatus 01/27/2013 193 82 2 -
You give us those nice bright colors You give us the greens of summers Makes you think all the world's a sunny day, oh yeah! - Paul Simon She was named for the song. It would have ...
lineatus 01/04/2013 185 365 - -
Dawn Chorus: You can't go wrong with Ogden Nash.
UP FROM THE EGG: The Confessions of a Nuthatch Avoider Bird watchers top my honors list. I aimed to be one, but I missed.
lineatus 12/30/2012 155 114 5 -
Dawn Chorus: (Farallon) Island Life
So what's it like to live on a remote, rocky island 30 miles from millions of people? (This is Part 2 of the Farallones story - you can read Part 1 ...
lineatus 12/16/2012 40 55 - -
Dear Internet: Please find this couple - FOUND!
UPDATE: They were found - you can see her response at Walter's blog. :-) A short diary, but a happy moment. Something much needed right now. My friend Walter was taking photos at Sutro Baths in ...
lineatus 12/15/2012 33 32 - -
Dawn Chorus: Devil's Teeth
Each of us has a place that looms large in our imagination. For many a San Franciscan, this is probably such a place. It has been for me in the thirty years since I moved here, and even more so ...
lineatus 12/09/2012 63 102 - -
Dawn Chorus: Why is this not a redtail?
Or: Raptor ID Made Easy Easier. Let's back up a step: This is a redtail, aka Red-tailed Hawk (Buteo jamaicensis) . It is one of the most common, widespread raptors in North America; its ...
lineatus 10/14/2012 88 71 4 3
Dawn Chorus: Notes from the Field (Marker Diary)
Lynn Schofield's excellent Dawn Chorus contribution was accidentally published early yesterday evening. This marker diary is to point those of you who may not be following Birds and Birdwatching ...
lineatus 09/30/2012 3 18 - 100
Dawn Chorus Bonus: Honduras Field Report
A new dispatch from biologist Lynn: Since the last time I wrote, I’ve left the fires of California for far greener pastures to the south. Once again, my mission was ornithological, although I wasn�
lineatus 09/03/2012 30 43 - 180
Bait and Switch - Did you rec the Romney Property Tax Diary?
The diarist has now deleted the content and replaced it with something completely different. PLEASE GO REMOVE YOUR RECS
lineatus 08/07/2012 200 145 - 2353
Dawn Chorus: TTFN, Alas
Real life has gotten extremely complicated for me of late. Mostly things at work, but some other stuff, too. I'm going to need to focus all my energy on these other matters for a few months at the ...
lineatus 07/15/2012 178 176 - 855
Dawn Chorus: Back into the Mountains
We are in the mountains this weekend, and biologist Lynn has just returned from some different mountains. I share with you now two of her dispatches. June 16, 2012 I have just returned from a ...
lineatus 07/01/2012 64 46 - 185
Dawn Chorus: Five years? srsly?
Five years ago yesterday , I threw an idea out there: This has been rattling around in my head for a while now, and it seems like a good time to test the waters for a regular (or at least pretty ...
lineatus 06/24/2012 93 58 - 330
Dawn Chorus: Do you know the way to San...
...Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge (aka Don Edwards)? I can't tell you how happy I am that Netroots Nation is coming to San Jose next year. I'm hoping to put together a few outings for any ...
lineatus 06/17/2012 85 48 2 267
Dawn Chorus: Field Work
It's summer... ironically, the slow season here. I've been rooting around for interesting topics, and.... inbox runneth over.
lineatus 06/03/2012 92 48 - 246
Dawn Chorus: Tiger Moms
Tiger moms? HAH!! We laugh at your silly mammalian mothers. Flying Tiger moms say: "Keep your distance. srsly. If you know what's good for you. And I think you do." Great Horned Owl, Mines ...
lineatus 05/13/2012 68 65 - 292
Presented, without comment.
Update from the diarist: Clytemnestra wrote a much better diary about this video - I think you should go there, instead.
lineatus 05/11/2012 23 21 - 270
Dawn Chorus: Creature Comforts (NFTT)
There you are, thousands of miles from where you were born and raised. You and thousands of others, similarly clad to blend in with the surrounding terrain. Some have made this trip before, but ...
lineatus 05/06/2012 103 97 - 333
Dawn Chorus: Fresh Start
It's easy to support habitat restoration when it's a crappy brownfields site or a dammed river being allowed to run free after 100 years. But sometimes there's a decision to restore a place that's ...
lineatus 04/29/2012 117 69 1 302
Dawn Chorus: Fuzzy
It was a fabulous sunny day at last, and I knew I'd be inside all afternoon. Fortunately, there was just enough time to hang out at a duck pond for a little bit. The Palace of Fine Arts is a ...
lineatus 04/22/2012 131 79 - 356
Dawn Chorus: Julie
It still doesn't seem quite real, but a week ago today we lost long-time Dawn Chorister Julie Waters (previously known as juliewolf ). She was far too young, but she packed a lot of living into the ...
lineatus 04/15/2012 88 164 2 577
Dawn Chorus: Bugeaters
I am having internet problems. No readily apparent solution. This will, of necessity, be brief. Just wanted to make sure there's something here so everyone can share the week's fun. Spring is ...
lineatus 04/08/2012 135 49 - 280
Dawn Chorus: Interesting Observations
You don't have to be a birder to enjoy birds. Whether it's a transoceanic rarity or the commonest yard bird, with their brilliant colors, lively songs and wide variety of behaviors, there's ...
lineatus 04/01/2012 142 52 - 315
Dawn Chorus: Yosemite - People-free version
Have you visited Yosemite? What time of year did you go? I've written about Yosemite several times over the last few years. The fact that it's one of my favorite places on Earth certainly has ...
lineatus 03/25/2012 133 103 1 415
Dawn Chorus: Chocolate
Whenever luck is involved in a human endeavor, superstition finds ways to creep in. I'm generally not a superstitious person, except for when I'm banding. There is a fair amount of skill involved,
lineatus 03/04/2012 135 63 - 263
Dawn Chorus: Double Dip
dip:  [dip] - verb: (used without object) - to plunge into water or other liquid and emerge quickly: The boat dipped into the waves. (used with object) - to not see the bird you came to see: We ...
lineatus 02/26/2012 139 52 - 293
Dawn Chorus: Bodega Bay
Back again to the Marin/Sonoma coast, headed for Bodega Bay. It was another undesirably glorious day, with a bit of mist and atmosphere as we started out from the city, and then blue skies ...
lineatus 02/19/2012 71 55 - 268
Dawn Chorus: Birds and Radio
If you did a Venn Diagram of shared interests in our household, that sliver in the middle of the two circles would be mighty slim. Sure, there are the basics - good food and wine, music (though ...
lineatus 02/12/2012 70 41 - 215
Dawn Chorus: Sandhill Cranes
The odd, dry winter has changed my own winter migrations. First the first time in a decade or more, I haven't yet made a trip to the delta for the raptors of Solano County and the cranes of ...
lineatus 02/05/2012 117 54 - 223
Share your Komen letters
Let's use this episode to teach each other and learn from each other. Commenting here is good on one level - it keeps you engaged, and lets you keep your writing skills sharp. But it's also ...
lineatus 02/02/2012 7 13 - 54
Dawn Chorus: Panoche (eagles and stuff)
One way to gauge the awesomeness of a place is the amount of wildlife it supports. By that metric (filtered through my raptor-philic world view), Panoche Valley and Santa Ana Valley pass the ...
lineatus 01/29/2012 85 60 1 268
Dawn Chorus: Getting better at ID
You don't have to identify birds to enjoy them... they're quite often beautiful, they have some lovely songs, they're lively creatures who can show off all kinds of cool behavior. But if you've ...
lineatus 01/22/2012 130 70 5 351
Dawn Chorus: Don't mind FADU...
Our lack of rain in California this winter sucks. By now the mountain tops should be covered in snow, and the lower elevations would be greening up nicely. Instead, it's brown and dry from ocean's ...
lineatus 01/15/2012 105 56 - 250
Dawn Chorus: Quill Pen
So here's the thing about being a mediocre photographer: You can still make something good out of a so-so photo. It just takes a lot more time. Now, for many people, that means spending some time ...
lineatus 01/08/2012 181 94 - 461
Dawn Chorus: Happy New Year List
Thank heavens for pre-posting. Let's see how quickly I join this conversation. [update: Oh look - I'm awake.] So, January 1... time to start a new year list. I didn't do a very good job of it ...
lineatus 01/01/2012 138 68 1 363
Dawn Chorus: Gifts that kept on giving.
For those of us who celebrate Christmas with gift-giving, there's always that hope in the back of our minds that we're finding or making something that is absolutely perfect. Not just an item that ...
lineatus 12/25/2011 116 49 - 242
Dawn Chorus: I have always relied on the kindness of strangers
... But friends are even more reliable. And yesterday, they really came through. It was my last day of banding for the year. The flow of hawks through the Marin Headlands has slowed to a trickle ...
lineatus 12/18/2011 101 86 - 343
Here, Oh Unsung Heroes
Last week, several of us were vexed by a particularly annoying little glitch - we couldn't see about half the images on the site. No Tom Tomorrow, no masthead for Cheers and Jeers or NightOwls, no ...
lineatus 12/16/2011 56 64 - 232
Dawn Chorus: Pt. Reyes redux
West Marin is a phenomenal place to spend time - the scenery is a feast for the eyes (especially this time of year as it greens up again), the towns have a lot of character (and great local food and ...
lineatus 12/11/2011 50 56 1 181
Dawn Chorus: Redtails
Raptor banding is a pretty damn cool thing to be able to do - to get face-to-face with a wild hawk for a few minutes, and then release it to continue its journeys. In our very urban world, it's a ...
lineatus 12/04/2011 69 63 1 266
Dawn Chorus: Who Knows?
One way California shows its roots is its place names. I live in San Francisco, named for noted bird lover St. Francis, and work in Tiburon among the sharks (mostly metaphorical these days). Point ...
lineatus 11/27/2011 50 47 1 193
Dawn Chorus: Gobble Gobble
Q: Why did the turkey cross the road?
lineatus 11/20/2011 52 47 - 170
Dawn Chorus: Open-mouth, insert: foot
One of the real benefits of working with (and living with) birds is that it's possible to start understanding birds as individuals, with distinguishing characteristics and personalities (avianalities?
lineatus 11/13/2011 63 53 - 231
Dawn Chorus: Not enough hours...
... even with that extra one. Photos, but not much text for you. We were at the cabin and I thought about making a quick trip down to Big Sur to see if I could spot some condors, but didn’t feel ...
lineatus 11/06/2011 58 45 - 162
Dawn Chorus: Disabled list
Due to a mishap while banding Saturday, there won't be a Dawn Chorus this week. I hope to be back to normal next week. Here's a handsome visitor from last weekend to tide you over.
lineatus 10/23/2011 42 23 - 159
Dawn Chorus: Movie Stars
So, next weekend Hollywood once again bows down to the massive box office appeal of bird nerds. "The Big Year" is coming to the big screen, with some big names attached to it. Steve Martin, Jack ...
lineatus 10/09/2011 38 35 1 163
Thanks, but no (t)Hank
Noted constitutional scholar Hank Williams, Jr. is permanently gone from Monday Night ...
lineatus 10/06/2011 15 20 - 114
Dawn Chorus: Going Underground
Down at our cabin, there has been a lot of Western Screech Owl activity this summer. They are calling - two, three or more at a time - very nearby. They're loud and obviously close, but nowhere to ...
lineatus 10/02/2011 91 41 - 181
Dawn Chorus: Lookin' Sharp
One of the things I do as a volunteer with the Golden Gate Raptor Observatory is giving banding talks as part of our docent program. We bring one of the recently banded hawks up and give visitors a ...
lineatus 09/25/2011 29 50 - 164
Dawn Chorus: Mad Birds
I almost succumbed to the Angry Birds temptation. I've had an iPhone for a few months now, ever since a technocaust in the wake of a flooded tent at Yosemite. I'm not much for games on ...
lineatus 09/18/2011 61 43 - 175
Family Values (Disposable Version)
Thank heavens for those members of the Religious Right, here to protect the sanctity of marriage from the twisted moral compass of modern life. They don't want evil homosexuals to taint their ...
lineatus 09/15/2011 28 27 - 140
Dawn Chorus/Inoculation Project: Kids love owl puke!
And really, what's not to love? It's pretty cool, unless...
lineatus 09/04/2011 78 77 - 424
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