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Veterans Administration Secretary Bob McDonald did the right thing.
One thing you will never get away with as a Veteran is lying about your accomplishments while in service. That means lying about your rank, lying about your training, lying about what you did, and ...
llbear 02/24/2015 34 27 - -
How to Get Help for a Veteran You Believe Has PTSD
Vet63 published a compelling diary in which he describes a friend of his who is an older Veteran still suffering from the psychological pain inflicted during the War in Viet Nam. Over the last 3 ...
llbear 11/23/2014 82 86 13 -
The Woozle Wonder Woman Zen Trainer
llbear 11/17/2014 15 33 1 -
Veterans Day 2014
This is Veterans Day - not a special day to mourn our dead - but a day devoted to thanking and appreciating all of our veterans who are still alive whether we like it or not . We know most people ...
llbear 11/11/2014 13 12 - -
Heads up, friends of Sara R - Her Birthday is tomorrow
peregrine kate is hosting a virtual party and everybody is invited tomorrow Sunday afternoon - 5:00 PM Eastern time (so 4:00 Midwestern, 3:00 Mountain, and 2:00 Catnip Manor Time). Don't run out ...
llbear 11/08/2014 48 74 - -
VA Fires 4 top executives -
In Vet Wife's recent diary I wrote the following and yesterday, I was proven wrong: I think Gen. Shinseki accomplished his mission: He's identified the problem people and positions in VA, VHA, ...
llbear 10/07/2014 33 38 1 -
Koscadia Meet-up Sunday
I've lost track of those who have confirmed they are coming. Thanks to everyone who sent their e-mails to Sara R , and if you haven't yet please do it now. Thankyouverymuch. Next Meet-up for ...
llbear 09/27/2014 25 16 - -
The VA Report to the President from Rob Nabors
Following my Welcoming Letter to Robert McDonald I've had various people send me Rob Nabors report to the President about the Veterans Administration. For better or worse, Nabors report will be the ...
llbear 07/22/2014 16 8 - -
Dear Robert McDonald, Welcome to the Department of Veterans Affairs
OK, let's just get this out of the way right now. You are either nuts or have an enormous amount of guts. You've been called by President Obama to become the next Secretary of the Department of ...
llbear 07/10/2014 64 72 2 -
UPDATED wherein Meteor Blades corrects me, but the White House and the VA are still off.
I'm really not being a smart-ass - this time. A week ago ...
llbear 06/17/2014 183 177 5 -
Shinseki - Renaming the Portland, OR, VA Hospital in his honor
Yesterday I was at the Portland, Oregon VA. I had a procedure that took about 30 minutes. However, I was there for over 5 hours taking the pulse of patients, their caregivers, doctors, nurses, ...
llbear 05/30/2014 27 38 1 -
To Democratic Senators & Congressmen (and your staff)
This is short and sweet. Answer this question, please: Since January 2011 have constituent complaints about VA healthcare increased or decreased? If you think asking Shinseki to resign will be ...
llbear 05/29/2014 14 19 - -
Sec. (General) Eric Shinseki - I Am Confident We Need Him To Stay
Everyone who knows anything about The United States Department of Veterans Affairs gets it when you talk about the old VA compared to the new VA. The Old VA is a still-dying bureaucracy rife with ...
llbear 05/21/2014 53 46 - -
Rescue Sara R and Winglion
From time to time I have snooped into the cupboards of The Sisters Reed - Sara R and winglion here on Daily Kos. Why? Well, they tend to live on the financial edge far too often. Sara has been ...
llbear 05/14/2014 208 215 3 -
Portland Meet-up this PM is on
Our weather today is like the Congress - stalled, making things less than perfect. Our afternoon high will be as warm as 62, as cold as 57, with gusts of wind mixed with a soupçon of rain. I plan ...
llbear 05/04/2014 25 16 - -
Spring haz sprung & so haz I - can u Koscadia?
Spring haz sprung and so haz I Time to reconnect with Koscadian Kossacks Before I forget why.
llbear 04/23/2014 34 21 - -
The Veterans Green Bus needs your vote now!
a plea from Gordon Soderberg This is for a free booth at Net Roots Nation where LARGE MARG* will be available for free rides: Please vote for United Peace Relief and the Veterans Green Bus ...
llbear 03/11/2014 26 15 - -
With just a click you can help a Veteran / no money involved
Roger Waters w/ Tim Donnelley and the Wounded Warriors Band Do you know anyone who served in the military since Sept. 11, 2001? Do you know anyone who does? You don't even have to read this diary.
llbear 11/11/2013 26 97 3 -
Meet the Ames Family - the one for whom you raised $3,319
FINAL UPDATE The diary title says it in dollars. I defy you to describe it emotionally. The Ames Family and I are both having a busy day. Both Mark and Shanan are so relieved and they thank you ...
llbear 10/03/2013 89 170 2 -
YOU DID IT! You Saved a disabled female veteran's family van & all their stuff with $1,029!!!!
Kossacks, take a bow. You made Mark and Shannon's life a whole lot better. So far you have contributed $1,029. That will save their van from auction. I have Kos-mail from people suggesting that we ...
llbear 10/01/2013 234 91 1 -
Help is Needed NOW to Reclaim a Van
I am trying to get a Van containing a disabled Veteran's family's papers and personal effects out of an impound lot in Ontario, CA before it is sold at auction. We need to raise $800. The total ...
llbear 10/01/2013 53 27 - -
Chicago, It's Your Chance to Roll with Large Marg
Right now to 5 PM Large Marg is welcoming 10,000 Veterans to Soldiers Field. At the request of ISAVE Foundation The Veterans Green Bus - affectionately known as Large Marg -
llbear 08/12/2013 8 21 - -
Large Marg asked to greet 10,000 Vets at Soldiers Field, Chicago
August 12, 2013 from 9 AM to 5 PM Large Marg will be welcoming 10,000 Veterans to Soldiers Field. At the request of ISAVE Foundation The Veterans ...
llbear 08/01/2013 24 19 - -
Thank you Daily Kos - You rescued another Vet!
I took down a diary asking for money to get a vet from St. Louis to San Jose, CA. We raised just enough to get that job done. As promised, I took down the diary. I appreciate everyone - especially ...
llbear 07/27/2013 13 30 - -
Emergency Request - Vet in Trouble - Air Miles needed
A member of The Veterans Green Bus crew is stranded in St. Louis, MO and needs to get to San Diego on Sunday. I called Alaska Airlines where I still have a few accrued Air Miles and on Sunday - if ...
llbear 07/26/2013 58 69 2 -
Update on Large Marg - the Veterans Green Bus
Some great things have happened since our last update. Large Marg has been on a roll. Currently she is in Arcata, CA while Gordon Soderberg, the project manager for The Veterans Green Bus spends ...
llbear 07/16/2013 24 30 1 -
Large Marg is Ready to Roll ! ! !
Large Marg - The Veterans Green Bus I'm sharing this with you in hopes that you will pass it on to someone interested in either 1. Veterans; helping people affected by a weather disaster like ...
llbear 07/02/2013 19 42 - -
NN2013 - On the Road Again
(click on the little clipboard to see Large Marg all dressed up ) Gordon Soderberg, project manager ...
llbear 06/20/2013 11 35 - -
NN2013 - for the want of a gasket - The Veterans Green Bus
From Gordon Soderberg, project manager of the Veteran Green Bus:
llbear 06/19/2013 11 23 - -
NN2013 - Frayed Nerves for The Veterans Green Bus
Large Marg rolling to NN2013 I won't kid you. Gordon Soderberg's nerves are frayed. He's been staying with me while The Veteran Green ...
llbear 06/17/2013 66 45 1 -
Let's Dress Up Large Marg for NN2013
Poor Marg. She's looking a bit too plain, don't 'cha think? Large Marg - aka: The Veterans Green Bus has been through a lot this past year. In human terms, she had a bleeding ulcer [ in bus terms: ...
llbear 06/16/2013 41 33 - -
You bought Sara all the Teddy Bears she needs! Thank you.
This is a little bity fundraiser is over. You bought 42 of these: As you probably know, Sara and Ann - or as I think of them, The Sisters Reed - A Force of Human Kindness - and a number of ...
llbear 05/31/2013 48 45 - -
Dear Oregon Senators Wyden and Merkley, plus your Senators too.
Dear Senators Wyden and Merkley, I am a Veteran who, for 20+ years, has helped other Veterans and active duty personnel. Long before the VA recognized PTSD, I was among those beating on ...
llbear 05/27/2013 24 70 1 -
The Veterans Green Bus ready to roll – oops!
Undefeated by an engine fire that did $4,000.00 in damage to Large Marg – the Veteran’s Green Bus - Gordon Soderberg was about to roll out of the Virginia Truck Center repair shop today.
llbear 05/17/2013 32 39 - -
Some "stories" write themselves
From Huffington Post and Stars & Stripes: Jeffrey Krusinski, Air Force Officer In Charge Of Sexual Assault Prevention Program, Arrested For Alleged Sexual Assault The details from Stars and ...
llbear 05/06/2013 7 22 - -
The Veterans Green Bus (that's environmentally green) on the road again
By now there are a couple of things you know about me. 1. I will do everything I can to help a Veteran in need. 2. Before I reach out for help from anyone else I'm going to check out that Veteran, ...
llbear 05/01/2013 18 28 - -
Large Marg is in Jail - help spring her
Large Marg is The Green Veterans Bus . The poor dear had a mid-engine fire causing her to become disabled. The ambulance [ well, the wrecker ] bill amounts to $2,000. Cost of repair is still to be ...
llbear 03/28/2013 44 61 - -
UPDATE on the worst case I've ever seen - ACTION BY YOU IS NEEDED - now w/Rachel Maddow
I got a call last week from Senator Sherrod Brown's Office. The call was prompted by a Kossack whose son had been helped by the Senator’s office. [Thank you, whoever you are!] The call came from ...
llbear 02/19/2013 102 288 7 -
Terun Sabre Weed - the Post Funeral Gathering
This diary comes following the very moving one offered by wee mama: Companion Service for Terun Sabre Weed As we honor the memory of Terun Sabre Weed , offer our condolences to his spouse, ...
llbear 02/15/2013 144 236 3 -
For commonmass & his family - you did it!
FINAL UPDATE! Round Trip Tickets are paid for. There's money over that amount. So, take a bow, everyone. Good work! For the balance that is left ...
llbear 02/13/2013 238 273 4 -
This is my last case as Veteran’s advocate – and it’s the worst I’ve ever seen
I’m just a Veteran who helps other Veterans. I’ve done that for over 20 years. This is my last case as an untrained Veteran’s Advocate – and it’s the worst I’ve ever seen. Imagine this:
llbear 01/29/2013 228 540 2 -
UPDATE: For Commonmass and GreenMountainBoy02
UPDATED FROM THE COMMENTS I have been touched by this story like so many others here. Certainly this is a heartbreaking tale, to have so much and then to lose so much. How wonderful, though, that ...
llbear 01/23/2013 172 440 2 -
Found ! ! ! . . . a Woozle for Christmas (Secret Santa for edrie)
UPDATE! Through the donation of an anonymous donor plus your many kind gifts David Woodward will be painting a portrait of tee for edrie. You've done it once again! Take a bow, Kossacks. Dear ...
llbear 12/12/2012 105 60 4 -
Dear Mr. President, Per your request
Congratulations on being re-elected. This is Veterans Day and I am a Veteran. I am petitioning you, as you have requested, on this day to order the removal of all 68,000 active duty military from ...
llbear 11/11/2012 13 17 - -
IL-16: UPDATED - Elect Kossack Wanda Rohl & Catch Cantor's Lapdog Flat-footed
There is nothing more satisfying in politics than defeating someone everybody believed was a sure winner. Better yet, catching someone with $1,000,000 either in the bank or donated to other campaigns.
llbear 11/04/2012 8 29 - 1
KosAbility: A 3-fer: Ryan, Bainport, and a Wheelchair
Ultimately, this diary will be a KosAbility Diary - with a twist : KosAbility is a community diary series posted at 5 PM ET every Sunday and Wednesday by volunteer diarists. ...
llbear 10/21/2012 73 52 - 5
NW Oregon / SW Washington Meet-up This Sun.
Kossack Meetup will be at the Red and Black Cafe At 4 p.m. on Sunday September 16. "The Red and Black is located at 400 SE 12th Avenue in the beautiful Buckman neighborhood, which is home to many ...
llbear 09/14/2012 12 5 - 38
I need your help to save my home & it won't cost you a penny
The Back Story Two years ago I went to pay my property taxes in person. The woman to whom I paid my taxes was friendly, helpful and informative. After accepting my check for $3,100 she said the ...
llbear 08/16/2012 90 212 4 1147
UPDATE: Regina in a Sears House - request help from Seattle-area kossacks:
This problem is solved. God's central casting office has provided the perfect person - on so many levels - to solve this problem: While he is gone {Sat, Sun, Mon, Tues AM} Regina ...
llbear 08/09/2012 43 146 1 749
Nurse Kelley - if it ain't one thing, it's another
Nurse Kelley - Ntroots Nation 2010 - photo thanks to Navajo First it was the damn fire.
llbear 08/02/2012 247 198 3 1114
UPdate: Republicans Are Already Destroying the Veteran's Administration
UPDATE: the automatic publisher thingy caught me flatfooted. Sorry about that. Will be responding to comments. Be sure to read jimstaro's comments. There are a lot of black clouds hovering over ...
llbear 08/01/2012 34 32 2 200
Veterans & their families need to read this:
The Republicans have you square in their sites. Here's what they plan to do to you if they win the the house this November: That twice a year meeting you have with your primary VA doctor? Fer ged '...
llbear 07/26/2012 28 45 1 223
NFTT - sumthin' libruls got right
I predicted the end of NFTT long, long before the mission really was completed. I never thought Kossacks would open up their wallets so wide year after year, that people would pack boxes in the ...
llbear 07/22/2012 70 45 1 303
VETWIFE's Emergency - UPDATE 5:25 EDT
I'm going to let VetWife tell you later tonight exactly how two incredible Kossacks plus a host of donors resolved this situation. Right now, Vetwife and I need a break. UPDATE 5:25 PM EDT: Those ...
llbear 07/03/2012 64 234 2 2278
Old Wives Tales: Tomorrow PDX meet-up
Our next meet-up will be NEXT SUNDAY, June 24th, at Old Wives Tales, 1300 East Burnside - Portland, OR 97214 - (503)238-0470. There is a lot of free parking. From 4 to 5 we will meet in the East ...
llbear 06/23/2012 11 9 - 92
Portland, Oregon Meet-up: New Place
Our next meet-up will be NEXT SUNDAY, June 24th, at Old Wives Tales , 1300 East Burnside - Portland, OR 97214 - (503)238-0470. There is a lot of free parking. From 4 to 5 we will meet in the East ...
llbear 06/20/2012 24 13 2 126
Netroots for the Troops - revealed classified secrets: Letters to my parents + cookies & matches
I have an unusual war to share with you. My Viet Nam experience wasn't like what real soldiers experienced. First of all, most soldiers – real soldiers – didn't have the time to write long ...
llbear 05/10/2012 112 79 - 271
PDX - A very special meetup w / AnjelaJean
Sunday, yes, THIS Sunday we will meet at the Lucky Labrador at 4 PM until about 6. I know I missed last week's meeting [laid up with a bum leg], but this special meeting is being called for everyone ...
llbear 04/18/2012 10 16 - 132
PDX - A very special meetup w / AnjelaJean
Sunday, yes, THIS Sunday we will meet at the Lucky Labrador at 4 PM until about 6. I know I missed last week's meeting [laid up with a bum leg] , but this special meeting is being called for ...
llbear 04/18/2012 24 11 - 134
Portland, OR Meet-up tomorrow - new venue
Heads up everyone in Portland, Oregon. Tomorrow's meet-up has been moved to McMenamin's Mission Theatre . Make an afternoon of it. There is a crafts show running from 11 to 5 and features Sara R and ...
llbear 03/31/2012 27 21 - 129
Protecting Military Service Dogs
Just One Dog , written our own Noweasels along with Cas and DavidSeth told us this about Cpl. Megan Leavey and her partner Sgt. Rex. Cpl. Leavey received the Purple Heart, ...
llbear 03/19/2012 41 62 1 243
Another UPDATE - from Sara: Testvet & Help Sara R
Great news! Late this week - on Friday, I think - I had a long conversation with Testvet - Mike Bailey. Since he had a new piece of heart plumbing installed in September, he hasn't been back to the ...
llbear 01/08/2012 429 302 5 1657
Freebies for Veterans: a Military Mom Reminds You
The following diary was written by Downtowner. I'm publishing it because she is really busy and it is Veteran's Day. ...
llbear 11/11/2011 14 10 1 66
Party time! Sara R hits double nickels
She of the magic quilts , a woman of such compassion that she moves a**holes to tears, [
llbear 11/09/2011 135 146 - 806
Testvet - we need some "Happy Dance" time
Over the last two weeks I've been checking with Mike Bailey [testvet] & Dorrie. Mike is coming around but still in post-heart surgery pain. He also experiences a shortness of breath ...
llbear 09/30/2011 84 52 - 193
This will be very, very short and to the point: Mike Bailey, Testvet, has come through surgery in great shape. His wife, Dorrie, called me to express her thanks - and Mike's - for ...
llbear 09/14/2011 127 435 1 1787
Here's the deal
Memo to the Obama Chicago Campaign Office: We want the Obama product previously advertised. Give us hope - indict some banksters Make good on a ...
llbear 07/13/2011 49 23 - 165
Testvet - we got 'er done!
This morning I had two interesting conversations I want to share with you. The first was with TexDem. Last night Vetwife and he talked . . . at length. She is thrilled, relieved, and humbled by your ...
llbear 06/25/2011 73 55 1 308
UPDATE Testvet: Oh, this will make you smile
By now you know Testvet. He's written 629 diaries. He's made 19,436 comments. And he has shared his life story with you. But it's been 22 days since his last comment. Wednesday I ...
llbear 06/24/2011 165 169 - 1196
The Drawdown: 50,000 Now - the Rest by Year's End. With Poll
Quoting a soldier - a silver star recipient who spent 18 months on duty at COP Michigan - the furthermost outpost in the Korengal Valley, Afghanistan: Basically, I just don’
llbear 06/21/2011 21 11 2 142
The Last Care Package / The Care Continues
At this moment at Net Roots Nation, the magic begins. Caring people are showing up to pack Care Packages. The magic? Each US Postal regulation box contains 1 part product to 4 parts love - your love.
llbear 06/18/2011 80 79 - 301
Meanwhile . . .
Dominique Strauss-Kahn angers maids in Manhattan. Police unfairly prevent pay-back.
llbear 06/06/2011 10 8 - 99
Testvet & LLBear ask "Where are you?" We are now at $39,357.56
It's all about your Care Package When either of us undertake a mission, we see it through to conclusion. Well, this is one we can't do alone. We ...
llbear 05/31/2011 117 109 - 546
His user name is Testvet6778 - and most of us call him Testvet. Some of us know him as Mike Bailey. After the jump, I'll tell you more about Mike but right now, let's talk about Testvet. Testvet's ...
llbear 04/24/2011 279 568 1 2506
Emergency Room Hell
Everyone either knows someone or was a victim of Emergency Room Hell . While researching for this diary I ran into rants against local emergency rooms from all over the world. One of ...
llbear 09/17/2010 207 112 2 97
the tale of a nail that did me in
Toenails, for most people, are simply trim and forget things. For diabetic old men they become thick, hard as rocks and damn near impossible to cut. And that fact did me in.
llbear 09/10/2010 407 506 7 138
IGTNT, NFTT, - MATCHING Diary only $65 to go! - w/ free beer!
UPDATE! bubbanomics is matching. From now on, FREE BEER . See me here or Marcos in Vegas. Ask him for a drink ticket ;-) Credit NetRoots Nation for hosting a ...
llbear 07/23/2010 181 119 - 92
An old Bear invades Portland - Help is needed
Let’s begin with a schmaltzy sing along with Kenny G:
llbear 03/02/2010 136 26 1 32
Hail to the Chief - llbear's tribute to his father
My father passed away. I think he was someone you would like to know. For Kossacks the story begins with the night before I published the first ...
llbear 10/26/2009 284 240 4 63
Kossacks inspire Dallas VA: They were fired up & Ready to Go!
The last you heard about this saga of a Dallas Vet named Leo he grown to ...
llbear 09/17/2009 65 43 - 56
Leo moves tomorrow - Dallas Kossaks: Your help is needed
Leo - the Dallas Vet you have grown to love as one of your own -will be posting a diary later tonight around 10PM EST- [9PM in the civilized world] ...
llbear 09/11/2009 53 52 1 55
Happy 86th Birthday, llbear's Dad
Dear Dad: Today you turn 86. It's not the sort of celebration that either of us ever planned. Recovering from a 5-way heart by-pass in never easy, and at your age, it requires some intense rehab.
llbear 09/06/2009 39 28 - 49
Talk with Leo: Thanks from Dallas Vet Leo
Background: It all began here when I reached out to this community to help ...
llbear 09/04/2009 170 72 2 30
A Moving Experience - UPDATED
This story is all about Sen. Teddy's kind of people: those in need being helped by your fellow Kossacks - the ones Sen. Kennedy inspired to give of themselves. Today they did.
llbear 08/29/2009 53 47 2 26
UPDATE: Moving Leo - Kossacks, We Have A Problem: what Teddy would do is take action
If you don't know the background about a Dallas Vet whose wife is blind and is ...
llbear 08/28/2009 102 114 2 26
You made Project Leo a Success - Now let's get it done
Dear Kossacks: Your help is still needed. If you are seeing this for the first time, here's a brief intro: There is a Veteran in Dallas you have helped. His name is Leo. He is ...
llbear 08/26/2009 47 33 1 20
FANTASTIC success for a Dallas Vet because you care.
For those who are seeing this series for the first time, I came to the Daily Kos community to ask for help for a Veteran who has PTSD. He is 25 years old, married to a woman he has loved for 9 years,
llbear 08/24/2009 238 291 3 25
Dallas Vet, your money, surfermom & stuff - UPDATED
Tonight we are going to cover 3 things: 1. Money - where donations stand & what may be needed. Scott's in the house, so ask all the questions you need to. 2. Household items needed - The Leo ...
llbear 08/23/2009 102 37 1 22
PUBLIC OPTION: What happens when you step up + UPDATE on Leo and Dad
This is not another diary about THE MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE OF YOUR LIFE - for that, check out anything written by Slinkerwink.
llbear 08/22/2009 107 115 2 42
A Vet needs your help - Part II. He is getting it.
This is going to be brief diary and will direct you to another one that Scott from The KINship Project . His diary is ...
llbear 08/18/2009 24 43 2 27
WOW! Kossacks (everywhere): a Vet needs your help. UPDATED!
I know this is a bad time to reach out to everyone, but there is a Veteran in Dallas I’ve been trying to help. He is married, out of the service a couple of years and a full-...
llbear 08/17/2009 429 441 8 92
Stephen Colbert for Lunch @ NFTT
He started up again here: . That right-wing nut Stephan Colbert corrupted Tom Hanks into packing a ...
llbear 07/12/2009 110 133 2 98
NFTT09 - Care Packages Remembered
Get the popcorn ready, sit back and enjoy 4 tales of Care Packages - funny, scandalous, goofy, educational, and down and dirty. I invited 3 stars of Daily Kos, to think about Care ...
llbear 07/05/2009 82 49 - 21
Testvet -
I just got an e-mail from Mike Bailey, who posts here as testvet. If you have ever read any of his diaries about the effects of experimental testing he underwent when serving in the Army, you know ...
llbear 04/09/2009 338 620 2 46
Gen. Shinseki: Here's the way VA really works from a veteran’s point of view.
Dear Secretary General Shinseki [doesn't that title have a nice ring to it?] , Deputy Secretaries Tammy Duckworth and Scott Gould : Here is a bottom-up look at the Veterans ...
llbear 02/11/2009 213 273 5 54
Two Navy Pilots on John McCain
Two old Vietnam era Navy pilots explained to one very young veteran why John McCain is not a hero in their eyes . This was a conversation so fastenating that I actually kept my mouth ...
llbear 09/12/2008 47 19 - -
Ninepatch’s Army – tonight:  Live with A Real Soldier
At the age of 63 I got drafted again. I’m now in Ninepatch’s Army. Our mission: while in Austin for Net Roots Nation, we plan to pack and send 100 Care Packages to our troops. ...
llbear 06/01/2008 220 108 6 34
Bribing John Edwards - now with free beer!
In 9 days Louisiana will hold Special Elections. This is about 1 of them. This is about regaining a Democratic Congressional Seat once held by the legendary Hale Boggs. Following Hale’s ...
llbear 04/21/2008 160 160 1 50
NIU Students: Funeral Schedule & Fred Phelps / Updated
Funerals for those killed in Northern Illinois University tradegy have been scheduled. Many students, faculty, and friends may wish to participate. Please reconsider your plans. I live in the ...
llbear 02/17/2008 59 28 - 11
DKos star at Moe's Books, Berkeley 7:30 PM
Tonight - June 5, 2007 - Berkeley, CA (San Francisco area) Tuesday, 7:30 p.m., at Moe's Books, 2476 Telegraph Avenue, Berkeley CA you can meet and greet Ilona Meagher . Tonight, ...
llbear 06/05/2007 24 19 1 11
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