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GQs 20 Craziest Politicians And Why I Hate Joe Scarborough
GQ came out with an article called "the 20 Craziest Politicians Alive." 17 Republicans and 3 Democrats (and Joe Biden was ...
louisxiv 12/21/2014 11 16 - -
Somehow I was added to a GOP mailing list
Five or six years ago, I somehow got added to a GOP mailing list (probably as a joke by a friend). My mailbox does not fill up with letters from every teabagger group or GOP candidate, but I ...
louisxiv 05/22/2014 20 12 - -
Dan Lipinski for Vatican Ambassador!!
The Chicago Tribune reported today that Miguel Diaz has resigned as the United States' ambassador to the Vatican. One of the names being floated as his replacement is Congressman Dan Lipinski of ...
louisxiv 01/10/2013 39 6 - -
I've finally had it with Andrea Mitchell's MSNBC ad
I'm a pretty regular MSNBC watcher and I keep seeing an ad by Andrea Mitchell where she makes it clear she is against attempts to supress voting. While this is laudable, she starts out by saying ...
louisxiv 05/07/2012 182 344 1 2335
Illinois GOTV Bad News and Good News
I've been involved in a variety of GOTV activities for the Illinois Democratic candidates - phone banking, door-to-door, personal appeals to friends, facebook friends, etc. My contacts reveal there ...
louisxiv 11/01/2010 54 10 - 54
Chicago Tribune Endorses Obama
This is another big sign of an impending Obama tidal wave. The Chicago Tribune, that bastion of big time Republicanism, has endorsed Barack Obama for President.
louisxiv 10/17/2008 51 48 1 22
Chicago Trib Says It's Palin
The Chicago Tribune is reporting that two highly placed Republican sources have stated that Alaska governor Sarah Palin is John McCain's choice for vice president.
louisxiv 08/29/2008 56 5 - -
MSNBC: Morning Joe Has Got To Go!
I'm a huge fan of MSNBC. I watch Olbermann every night and while Chris Matthews can really be obnoxious, I'm too much of a political junkie to miss Hardball. The new Verdict show is not bad either.
louisxiv 06/12/2008 103 20 - 94
$200,000 Not Rich???
In an article in today's N.Y. Post (noted on, CNBC's Maria Bartiromo was quoted as saying Obama's tax policies would "bite". In particular, she noted that the income tax is in for a ...
louisxiv 06/10/2008 121 19 1 21
It's Official I'm Rich
I just finished doing my taxes for last year and despite having a taxable income of only $25,000, I am not eligible for one of the upcoming $600 tax rebates. I guess that makes me officially rich.
louisxiv 03/25/2008 15 1 - 1
Red Phone Ad Debate Good For The Democratic Party
Obama had a pretty bad week leading up to the voting last night (the NAFTA/Canada imbroglio, Reszko's trial starting, Hillary being on Saturday Night Live and the Daily Show [and on offense the ...
louisxiv 03/05/2008 7 2 - -
Did pre-election polls hurt Obama?
The polls building up to New Hampshire showed a building Obama tide, with some showing him building to a double digit lead. But did those polls end up hurting Obama tonight?
louisxiv 01/08/2008 13 1 - 3
Can Booze Save Obama?
Most people seem to agree that a win in Iowa is becoming more and more important to Sen. Obama's chances of winning the Democratic nomination. Most people also seem to acknowledge that Sen. Obama ...
louisxiv 10/23/2007 24 2 - 3
Iowa Gets To Go First Why?
The latest Newsweek poll about the Iowa caucuses will probably be discussed at length because of Obama taking a lead over Hillary, but I thought the responses to the questions on whether people ...
louisxiv 09/29/2007 26 2 - 2
Hillary a drag on the rest of the ticket?
There was a good article published by the AP that expresses my deepest concern about Hillary's candidacy - her high negatives.
louisxiv 08/13/2007 61 5 1 2
Bill Richardson, Deer in the Headlights
I watched the Logo forum last night and was also able to attend Bill Richardson's break out forum at Yearlykos. I am now starting to really wonder about Bill Richardson's ability to be president.
louisxiv 08/10/2007 46 7 - 7
Blogger banned from dailykos??
I was listening to talk radio (WGN 720 am in Chicago) after last night's Cubs game and the topic of discussion was yearlykos. Unfortunately, I was in my car so I couldn't write down the name of the ...
louisxiv 08/08/2007 148 3 1 5
Lieberman to switch parties?
On today's Chris Matthews Show, Joe Klein said that Democrats in the Senate are really pissed off at Holy Joe for what he has been saying about them over the war. Joe is also apparently getting ...
louisxiv 02/11/2007 87 6 - 11
Krauthammer: "We gave Iraq freedom, not a civil war"
Monday's Chicago Tribune ran a column captioned "We gave Iraq freedom, not a civil war" by Charles Krauthammer. The same article ran in his home paper the Washington Post under the headline "Who's ...
louisxiv 02/06/2007 19 4 - -
First the Bad News: Bush named Hero of the Year
When people were asked to name their hero of the year in an AP-AOL News Poll the results were as follows: President Bush 13% Troops in Iraq 6% Oprah 3% Barack Obama 3% ...
louisxiv 12/29/2006 4 1 - -
Now that this election is over, what are we going to do about the GOP cheating?
louisxiv 11/12/2006 2 1 - -
Conservative Election Projection site predicting Dem sweep
louisxiv 11/07/2006 19 5 - 1
UNOPPOSED House Dems sitting on $26 Million
louisxiv 10/19/2006 5 3 - -
Why does Ted Kennedy have $7.4 million?
louisxiv 10/18/2006 21 8 - -
McCaskill up by 9% in latest Missouri Poll
louisxiv 10/12/2006 18 13 - 1
Second Congressman involved with pages?????
louisxiv 10/08/2006 73 27 - 5
Want to protest Foley-gate? Contribute to John Laesch, Hastert's Opponent!
louisxiv 10/05/2006 5 4 - 7
Who makes up that 18%?
louisxiv 10/04/2006 29 1 - -
What's a good liberal Democrat to do?
louisxiv 09/26/2006 17 3 - 5
Ban On Picketing At Military Funerals
louisxiv 05/12/2006 10 1 - -
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