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RFRA's Mormons on Kos and General Conferecnce
I just posted this at Twin Mormons on FB after the moderator promoted the Go Fund Me for Memories Pizza in Indiana. If you have comments please do so . There are articles regarding RFRA's, Same ...
manoffire 04/06/2015 10 3 - -
Help me with a stupid question
I have a question about publishing to groups, I am a member of a few groups, and a moderator of one. Question: is it possible to publish just to a group? How is this done. I have read Kospaedia, ...
manoffire 04/06/2015 27 7 1 -
Buy ink for Obama's pen
For the first time, I have written President Obama at the White House. Here is what I wrote: Dear President Obama, Thank you for your diligent work of behalf of the American people over the last ...
manoffire 11/25/2014 1 2 - -
The Responsible Firearm Owners Act
My proposal to help solve the problem of unintentional gun discharges, injuries in concealed carry classes, general gun fail screw ups and minors with guns and dead people where the killer says "gee,
manoffire 10/27/2014 13 5 - -
Mormons on Kos - why
M.O.K. - This is what I was thinking when I started this group. This is for Progressive Mormons, the few, the proud. Don't care if you go to church or not, if you are, were, or will, might be a ...
manoffire 10/08/2014 88 18 1 -
Mormons on Kos - why
M.O.K. - This is what I was thinking when I started this group. This is for Progressive Mormons, the few, the proud. Don't care if you go to church or not, if you are, were, or will, might be a ...
manoffire 10/08/2014 14 4 - -
New Group - Mormons on Kos
OK OK OK, A total Oxymormon. This is for the few, the proudly liberal. Are there any liberal Mormons here? Any progressive ones? Anyone that is unabashedly leftist and lets people in your ward ...
manoffire 10/02/2014 38 26 - -
Obamacare and the Hanna, Wyoming conspiracy
So I am in Saltillo, Mexico at the moment, not sleeping. I am on the dreaded Facebook, and I come across a reference to this: More Obamacare Haters duped by satire Past the implant disguised as ...
manoffire 08/22/2013 5 5 - -
GOP laugher of a poll, Write In Winning!
So I log onto the most evil website is Amurika, our own beloved DailyKos this morning and I see an ad for "Sarah Palin for President? Take the Poll!" Flimmity flam ad stupidity, and being bored, I ...
manoffire 03/28/2013 13 3 - -
Get Yourself added to the NRA Enemies List. I just did.
Hello All of you seeking honor and renown. I just read Hunter's article on the NRA's Enemies List. So I thinks to myself, thinks I, "Could it be possible for lil' ol' me to get such an honor? ...
manoffire 02/01/2013 32 49 3 -
Republicans and cows
So this morning I am on the addictive Facebook, (which really insn't a book at all, and probably has done a lot to help destroy the book industry), and I come across one of those stupid posters with ...
manoffire 12/07/2012 4 7 - -
2016 GOP Debates start next Friday
The RNC just announced that its series of Presidential Debates for the 2016 nomination will kick off next Friday November 16, 2012. The first Debate will be held at the San Felipe Castle in Old San ...
manoffire 11/09/2012 3 3 - -
Election Confidence Survey
How confident are you that Barack Obama will win this election? We work and GOTV, they listen to Rush. Are you confident or sinking into the hype? Do your own analysis and vote on how you think ...
manoffire 10/30/2012 1 - - -
1st in Texas to vote.
I showed up at the precinct office today to vote. 1st early voting day in the Lone Star State. Big Tex RIP. Drove my son and his friend to school for early cross country practice. I arrived at ...
manoffire 10/22/2012 16 16 - -
Civilian Consevation Corps - Breaking!
Hey Kossaks! Tune into Turner Classic Movies Right NOW! There is a 1930's short on esplaining the CCC. A Dramatization like a WWII Short. This is showing the History of the CCC, and How it gave ...
manoffire 05/16/2012 7 1 - 67
Mormons for Obama
Very short diary. I just went out and put a Mormons for Obama bumper sticker on my car. About two weeks ago, someone sharpied out the Obama-Biden '08 bumper sticker on my wife's car. (She is ...
manoffire 05/11/2012 22 38 - 243
The South is a losing strategy.
Imagine that. A Rethuglican winning the Party's Nomination without winning the south. If the south doesn't matter to the Republicans anymore, what significance does it have to the rest of the ...
manoffire 03/18/2012 27 4 1 234
Mormons not Christians? - Not relevant. Romney would be a bad President? Relevant.
This started out as a comment of Ravegerofworlds2's diary, Media Assuming Mormon Claims as Part of Christianity , but it has morphed into this, whatever this is. This diary can be ...
manoffire 10/11/2011 32 9 1 92
1004 words on fire in Texas
From Austin towards ...
manoffire 09/07/2011 9 6 - 65
Testimony Sunday - My Belief in Rick Perry
I live in Austin, Texas, it is Sunday and I am here to bear my testimony of my belief in the Texas Governor. So I walk to the front of the chapel and address the congregation. I testify that ...
manoffire 08/28/2011 7 6 - 93
Dirty's, another Texas institution, just a little dirtier.
I went into Dirty Martin's Kum-Back Place (yes, that's it's name, with no irony) on Guadelupe St. near the U. of Texas in Austin earlier this year.
manoffire 08/19/2011 13 13 - 179
My thoughts on the war.
When are we going to get out of these hellish wars? Just stop. Just stop killing people. Just leave. Everybody just come home and stop shooting. Just do it. War is evil, I don't care who is doing ...
manoffire 08/07/2011 3 - - 23
Facebook friend advocates presidential assassination
I just had a facebook friend post a comment on MY facebook page advocating the assassination of the President of the United States of America. I took a certain degreee of umbrage to A, This person ...
manoffire 07/14/2011 39 5 - 309
Rant about Conservatives and Church
I have been in a group discussion the last three days on a private Facebook group about the Mormon left. (So okay, okay, it is an oxymoron). We had a conservative (eg regular) Mormon (not ...
manoffire 06/14/2011 4 6 - 108
A conversation about birtherism
My friend (no names) has a brother who I like and is a nice smart guy. He writes great articles about plants and botany. She is a liberal and he is a conservative. They recently started ...
manoffire 04/26/2011 56 35 1 524
SXSW - a short visit.
I just got back from SXSW. I went to a Colombian showcase. Very good, all in all. i saw a band from Cali. Herencia de Timbiqui, marimba, tambor, sax, trumpet, guitar, drums, keyboard two ...
manoffire 03/18/2011 2 - - 7
Socialism and other things, or please, Obama is not a socialist and I hope the next President is.
Some fellow Fire Fighters recently criticized me for embracing socialism and supporting Obama, here is their comments and my response. So I have written a response to them and posted it here so ...
manoffire 11/10/2010 13 2 - 35
Climbing Stairs
This day nine years ago I walked into my fire station at about 11:20 am Central Time and saw CNN on the news. I thought this unusual in that the Fire Fighter crews at my station at the time were ...
manoffire 09/11/2010 6 13 - 34
Nasrudin Redux, with apologies to Mr. Lewis
Nasrudin saw That his Uncle had brought ruin to his whole village, but he liked his uncle, so he spoke only good things of him and blamed all those degerates in the other neighborhood across town ...
manoffire 08/29/2010 10 - - 37
danps diary is great.
I liked his diary, and it got me to thinking that I am very fortunate. Modest living (thanks to my wife, saved us. My wife's family was not rich, but certainly financially prudent and very secure.
manoffire 05/15/2010 12 24 - 190
I am a Fire Fighter.
This is a response to a suggestion that Fire Fighters get merit based pay. I am a Firefighter. I play ping pong, cook a lot, play dominoes, basketball, croquet, repair computers, clean guns (...
manoffire 04/15/2010 35 32 3 59
Breaking - Light plane hits office building in Austin, Texas - Updated
I am at work and we heard an alarm fir a fire across town. A light plane flew into an office building in northwest Austin, Texas. It is on fire as we speak. Our fire crew is watching on local ...
manoffire 02/18/2010 398 60 - 213
Why are Americans such huge a**holes?
I've been on Kos for several years now and am a a daily reader, lurker and very infrequent poster. Lately I have been getting more and more dismayed at my fellow Americans. We have turned into (not ...
manoffire 01/27/2010 84 14 - 50
Lies about Michele and truths about Sarah.  Ick on both counts. Additional Pie Poll Included.
I was perusing the frequently maligned Huff Post and saw more BS in the comments section regarding the latest lies put fort as truth by the forces of ignorance. Some stupidity created by Dr. Paul ...
manoffire 11/19/2009 14 7 - 181
Contemplating what happened today.
Contemplating what happened today. A few years ago my Fire Engine crew and I (I am a Firefighter in Austin,Texas)made a domestic violence call. When we got there, two men were holding down a third ...
manoffire 11/05/2009 19 16 1 144
In search of the Pubic Option
I have really tried to promote the pubic option over the years. I think it essential that a lot of people do the pubic option, so we can have more people , ya know, little people. Since I was ...
manoffire 09/09/2009 6 2 - 24
Presidential speech Live open thread
Post everything to the earlier live blog thread: comment talk it up. we are out of school because my sons teacher is ...
manoffire 09/08/2009 7 3 - 1
Obama's Education Speech - Community Action - I'm Mad and this is what I did.
Hello Kossacks, I'm not much of a diary guy, most of mine are bombs. Finally I got mad and took some action. I wrote this letter to my local School District - Dripping Springs Independent School ...
manoffire 09/04/2009 100 122 9 748
McCain's Americanisticalicious goodyness, or, I'm horribly upset that you insult Mr. McCain so.
I'm horribly upset that you insult Mr. McCain so. How dare you compare him to that blackguard Teddy "I did my best at Chappaquiddick" Kennedy. Why, no one comes close, least of all Teddy, to ...
manoffire 08/29/2009 7 - - 10
The Greatest victim of Bush fatigue is not Jeb.
It is all the tortured, the dead people, and the injured soldiers that are ignored by an American public that is not outraged at Bush. It is the wiretapped, the dissapeared, the stop lossed, the ...
manoffire 06/07/2009 18 5 - 5
The Mormon Church and the 12th article of faith.
I am a Mormon since birth. I was a missionary in Colombia for two years. Now I am a firefighter in Texas. I have been more or less inactive in my church for about 15 years. I am struggling to ...
manoffire 05/26/2009 162 40 3 49
LTE - Editorial sent to the American-Statesman. Perry - Epic Fail
First of, kudos to to Jem6x. He brought to my attention the declaration of Texas secession, and laid its racism open for all to see. Rick Perry is a putz. Always has been, always will be. When ...
manoffire 04/16/2009 3 4 - -
Watch Live  Bill Moyers Journal NOW!  Live! Amy Goodman
Moyers is interviewing a Mr William Black, author or "The Best Way to Rob a Bank is to Own One." He is sheredding the whole loan debacle to shreds and laying the crimes transparent as a much bigger ...
manoffire 04/03/2009 9 13 - 17
Gun control, facebook, and free SXSW CD. As in free for you.
I am a long time lurker, infrequent poster. I have one item on the rec list. Tonight I have two items. I got a invite on Facebook to join a "group of like minded individuals", but I didn't say ...
manoffire 03/19/2009 173 1 - 2
My Firefighter buddy had a great idea - scrap the bailout and give the money to us.
Try this on for size. So we are at the fire station, and everyone is grousing about the bailout as is the entire USA and the world. We have been screwed over so much by the Republicans and bush*...
manoffire 09/25/2008 9 2 - -
Letter to the next President (Everybody should write one)
I ran across a website requesting that we write letters to the next President. It is called Letters to the Next President . It is by a Chritian group called North Point Ministries.
manoffire 09/16/2008 2 1 - 17
Dream a little dream of Obama in January (reposted)
While watching the convention I got to thinking about a dream I had back in June. This is a reposting, but the speaches made me so tingly-ingly that I just had to share this again. If I am wrong ...
manoffire 08/28/2008 2 2 - -
Pakistan or the US? Who defends democracy better?
Which country defends their constitution better? A country that has a leader who lies, uses the army to their own purpose, destroys opponents, represses the media, tries to use religion to advance ...
manoffire 08/17/2008 7 2 - -
Welcome to Austin, Net Roots
I have been on Kos for a few years and I had to miss Las Vegas and Chicago. I was very much looking forward to the gathering in Austin. I think the convention made a very wise choice. ...
manoffire 07/12/2008 16 7 3 -
Dream a little dream of Obama in January
I was just day dreaming and I started thinking about inauguration day. Barak and Michelle on the platform in front of the Capitol building.
manoffire 06/12/2008 8 2 - 2
I finally did it - I gave monthly to O
I am a lurker for the last several years here. I have written a half dozen diaries or so, some bad, some ok. I made the rec list once. I have given once to Obama. Now I just signed up to give ...
manoffire 06/09/2008 9 11 - 6
Man criticizes Nancy Grace, but for the wrong reasons.
I know that today is all Obama, all the time, and I love him too, but here is an aside, for your reading pleasure. Some guy named Verlch posted the comment below in the box ...
manoffire 05/31/2008 14 6 - 1
Will Obama restore the Constitution?
Bush et al have shredded that "goddamn piece of paper". Will Obama fix it? I am not even considering a truth council a la South Africa. Will he restore a balance of constitutional power?
manoffire 05/20/2008 26 4 1 4
Bowling for Obama (with poll)
Hey, Everybody, Let's make campaign dollars out of gutterballs. Let's have everybody on Kos go bowling and take three friends. Everybody bowl a game and donate your score to Obama. I was a ...
manoffire 04/13/2008 11 6 - -
Giuliani will win, or, what I learned from Webelos.
I unfortunately have come to this conclusion because I am coming to a firm belief that the most corrupt candidate will win. The most corrupt candidate champions the most insider business, drug, and ...
manoffire 12/13/2007 26 9 - -
Why WH Staffers don't answer questions about their jobs. (with poll)
Rove's aid ain't answering questions because if he did, he would say the following: I am the hatchet man for Rasputin, er..... Rove. My job is not just to see how far we can stretch the ...
manoffire 08/02/2007 2 5 1 -
Soldier flips out at being deployed
I just got a close up view of what Iraq is doing to our service men and their families. I am a firefighter and I just went on a run where a man was handcuffed and under arrest for getting drunk and ...
manoffire 06/30/2007 14 31 2 18
Which red states will turn blue in '08? w/poll
I am up at 4:00 am after a thunder storm passed by. I havae been reading diaries and comments that repeatedly say we will kick Rep ass in '08. My question is: What states that were Red for Bush ...
manoffire 05/22/2007 59 6 - 5
My Neighbor, a Nat. Guard officer comments on Iraq
I have a friend who is a officer in the National Guard, and he is a very faithful Republican. I just spoke with him yesterday, and he started commenting on morale of returning troops and PTSD. I ...
manoffire 05/07/2007 26 20 - 9
US Supporting Terrorists in Iran! Cheney involved.
If all the current stuff ain't enuf'.... ABC News reports that: ABC News Exclusive: The Secret War Against Iran April 03, 2007 5:25 PM Brian Ross and Christopher Isham Report:
manoffire 04/04/2007 13 17 - 6
Iraq has to learn that shaking hands is better than pulling triggers.
manoffire 11/17/2006 3 - - -
Unions and down ballot victory in Austin, Texas
manoffire 11/10/2006 - 5 - 7
Rush Limbaugh Dems top campaigner in Senate takeover, no, really!
manoffire 11/08/2006 5 4 - 6
Just who does Diebold help? w/poll
manoffire 09/24/2006 4 1 - -
CBS removes all pretense of Rebuplican sell-out
manoffire 09/06/2006 32 13 - -
Rumsfeld gone Dr. Strangelove
manoffire 08/28/2006 9 7 - 1
If the elections were fixed, offer reward to rat them out.
manoffire 04/07/2006 7 9 - -
Yes! Our airports are safe, and you have GWB to thank!
manoffire 03/18/2006 15 3 - -
LTE and letter to aquaintance GOP candidate for TX Hse Dst 47
manoffire 02/20/2006 2 4 - -
My Republican firefighter friends want to say it's true, but can't.
manoffire 01/19/2006 269 343 12 23
Shame on Bush. Show it during the SOTU w/poll
manoffire 01/12/2006 17 - - -
Articles of Impeachment - its about time
manoffire 11/25/2005 3 8 - -
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