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I'm just going to come right out and say it. It's 20 months until the 2016 election and I already have Clinton fatigue to the point where I have to turn away from the TV when Bill or Hillary is on.
mcgoverngreatpatriot 03/12/2015 53 15 - -
The Democrats Deserved to Lose!
I need to vent because I am really pissed. Some of these views may have already been shared here in other diaries. I strongly believe that Democrats lost yesterday because they have no spine! Way ...
mcgoverngreatpatriot 11/05/2014 8 9 - -
SCOTUS Decision
In 2010 the Supreme Court declared that corporations are people. Yesterday, the Supreme Court declared that businesses can deny certain benefits for women based on the businesses religious beliefs. ...
mcgoverngreatpatriot 07/01/2014 9 2 - -
U.S. No Place for Newborns
According to a report released today by Save The Children, there are 68 other countries where newborns are healthier than in the U.S.
mcgoverngreatpatriot 05/07/2013 13 5 - -
I am one of those faceless, nameless statistics that you hear thrown about when it comes to people without health insurance. More below the fold.
mcgoverngreatpatriot 03/27/2013 134 473 - -
The Voter Suppression in Florida and Ohio is Ridiculous!
The voter suppression efforts under way in Florida and Ohio are ridiculous. Governor Scott in Florida and Ohio Secretary of State Husted should be arrested. Millions have given their lives ...
mcgoverngreatpatriot 11/05/2012 9 9 - -
Women's Issues Are Not Important
Today there is a story at the Huffington Post entitled "Paul Ryan Mocks 'War on Women' at Private Fundraiser." In that story Ryan says "Now it's a war on women; tomorrow it could be a war on left ...
mcgoverngreatpatriot 10/19/2012 2 5 1 -
Deep Inside I Don't Think Clinton is an Obama Supporter
Bill Clinton has been a champ going out and campaigning for President Obama. He has spoken for him, raised money for him and tried to rally the base. However, twice in the past two weeks, Clinton ...
mcgoverngreatpatriot 06/08/2012 43 3 - 239
I Will Stay With the Democratic Party for One More Election
Tuesday night I was filled with despair as I watched the election results come in from Wisconsin. I was also filled with anger and hopelessness. Anger at the national Democratic Party for not doing ...
mcgoverngreatpatriot 06/07/2012 48 10 - 194
Are Scotty Walker and Pete Campbell One and the Same?
With apologies to those who don't watch Mad Men; Pete Campbell is a character in the series. Are Scotty Walker and Pete Campbell one and the same? Let's investigate shall we.
mcgoverngreatpatriot 06/03/2012 6 1 - 79
Stand Up For Chris Hayes
Right now Chris Hayes is receiving a river of shit because in a very heartfelt message, he said that he had trouble thinking of all fallen members of the military as heroes. I have no such trouble - ...
mcgoverngreatpatriot 05/29/2012 76 44 1 353
I Don't Want the Walker Agenda Coming to My State
I can't stress enough the importance of the Wisconsin election on June 5. I live in Michigan and we have Snyder which is bad enough; but if Walker wins in Wisconsin, all the Republican governors and ...
mcgoverngreatpatriot 05/25/2012 6 10 - 47
America - Love It Or Leave It
This bumper sticker slogan was popular back in the 1960's and 70's with conservative Democrats and Republicans. I cannot stand this slogan. I prefer America - Fix It So We Can Love It More. As ...
mcgoverngreatpatriot 05/04/2012 9 6 - 65
Are The Bad Guys Winning?
Maybe I'm over-reacting, but it seems to me that the bad guys are winning. We have the Trayvon Martin murder. Bottom line question. If the young man was a 17 year old white male; would he have been ...
mcgoverngreatpatriot 03/24/2012 17 6 - 130
Are They Truly Crazy?
Every day Republicans say things that make me cringe. Every day I try to put it aside and believe that in this country being morally correct and caring about our fellow citizens will win. We truly ...
mcgoverngreatpatriot 12/18/2011 17 16 1 134
Please Send Out Good Thoughts to George McGovern
This is a pretty short diary. Please send out good thoughts and/or prayers to George McGovern, who suffered a fall tonight and his head hit the pavement. Reportedly he was bleeding badly. He fell ...
mcgoverngreatpatriot 12/02/2011 173 232 2 982
Today is a Perfect Example of Why OWS is Not a Political Movement
At first I did not understand Occupy Wall Street. I did not understand their lack of leadership, lack of goals and lack of desire to be the lefts' alternative to the tea party. I was thinking "...
mcgoverngreatpatriot 10/11/2011 6 11 - 126
Ways We Can Support Occupy Wall Street
At first when the entire Occupy Wall Street movement started, I really did not understand it. I was really happy they were taking action, but in my mind they had no goals and offered no solutions ...
mcgoverngreatpatriot 10/09/2011 2 5 - 48
What is the Goal?
I am so proud (especially of Jesse LaGreca) as I watch the Occupy Wall Street movement grow in New York City and around the country; however, I feel like I am missing something. What is the goal of ...
mcgoverngreatpatriot 10/05/2011 18 2 - 52
I May Have Found the Anti-Christ, and it's not Who You Think
I don't know why, but recently I have been doing some introspection as to why I am a proud Liberal. My conclusion is that I follow the teachings of Christ from my Catholic upbringing. Thou shalt not ...
mcgoverngreatpatriot 09/29/2011 27 14 - 246
I am So Discouraged
I have been involved in politics since Gene McCarthy in 1968. I have always worked hard during election years for Democratic candidates from President, on down to County Commissioner. I have dropped ...
mcgoverngreatpatriot 08/02/2011 15 6 - 60
My Letter to Tea Party Reps. in Congress
I sent this letter to several tea party freshman in Congress last night. I know it will not make one bit of a difference, but it was good to vent.
mcgoverngreatpatriot 07/26/2011 2 3 - 27
My Perspective on Cutting the Big Three
With the battle currently brewing over cutting Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid; I want to offer my perspective. I seriously doubt that many, if any, Members of Congress have ever had to live ...
mcgoverngreatpatriot 07/24/2011 31 56 - 271
I am Scared!
Next week I turn 60 years old. Being a news junkie, I have carefully watched the news throughout my entire life, from the deaths of JFK, RFK and MLK, to the Great Society take form, the Viet Nam War ...
mcgoverngreatpatriot 03/11/2011 60 43 2 370
Should President Obama be more like Governor Walker?
I am someone who supported then-candidate Obama for President from the time he announced in January 2007 through the election in November 2008. I am still an ardent supporter and have the utmost ...
mcgoverngreatpatriot 03/10/2011 10 1 - 74
The Catholic Church is why I am a Liberal
I guess this diary is a spin-off of the excellent diary posted earlier by Commonmass. I was born and raised a Catholic. I went to Catholic schools and mass every Sunday. Today, at age 59 I am not ...
mcgoverngreatpatriot 02/09/2011 65 28 1 126
American Exceptionalism Indeed
I want to say at the start that I was born and raised in the United States, I have lived here all my life. I love this country; but much like being the parent of a child, one tries to correct them ...
mcgoverngreatpatriot 02/04/2011 6 6 - 88
I Fear What the Next 22 Months Will Bring
This is going to be a short diary. First, I read in the Milwaukee Journal today that the Wisconsin State Legislature, along with their new Republican Gov. Scott Walker, plan to pass legislation ...
mcgoverngreatpatriot 01/12/2011 11 8 - 58
Are We AN Ideologically Diseased Country?
I am reading a wonderful book called Netherland. In it there is a passage that says that the United States is a ideologically diseased country, that is mentally ill, sick and unreal. A country whose ...
mcgoverngreatpatriot 11/04/2010 4 2 - 32
I've Known Stupak for 20+ Years
Just a little background on Stupak. I live in Stupak's district and have known him for 20+ years. I've never really liked him. He and his wife have always had a "holier then thou" attitude. Sort of ...
mcgoverngreatpatriot 03/06/2010 48 40 2 33
Who the Hell Are You Sarah Palin?
Who the fuck are you Sarah Palin to tell President Obama to stop lecturing and start listening? You are the one who needs to start listening. President Obama has more brains in his finger nail than ...
mcgoverngreatpatriot 02/06/2010 37 20 - 31
Should the Teabaggers Be Wearing White Sheets?
As a liberal, I am completely baffled trying to understand the teabaggers, who they are and what they want. You may ask, why waste time and energy thinking about them? Well, it seems to me that we ...
mcgoverngreatpatriot 02/06/2010 81 7 - 26
President Obama Please Show Us Your Guts! Please!
I love you to death. I worked as hard for you in 2008 as is humanly possible and will probably do so in 2012. About a year ago, you gave a speech that wasn't really a State of the Union speech; but ...
mcgoverngreatpatriot 01/26/2010 19 2 - 8
President Obama Please Show Your Guts
I love you to death. I worked as hard for you in 2008 as is humanly possible and will probably do so in 2012. About a year ago, you gave a speech that wasn't really a State of the Union speech; but ...
mcgoverngreatpatriot 01/26/2010 3 - - 8
What is the Message?
Whether Coakley wins or loses today, what message do you think the White House and Democratic Party establishment will take away from this? What message do you think they should take away from this?
mcgoverngreatpatriot 01/19/2010 10 3 - 12
Who is President Obama Really?
I am writing this as an ultra liberal Democrat who spent as much free time as possible being a volunteer for the Obama campaign; all the way from the Iowa caucus to November 4, 2008. I thought I ...
mcgoverngreatpatriot 12/07/2009 225 5 1 76
Fury at the Right; Frustration at Obama
I find myself in a conflicted position, and some of you may feel the same. With each passing day, I feel more and more rage at the Right and their idiotic statements; while at the same time I feel ...
mcgoverngreatpatriot 09/03/2009 25 9 - 5
Some Dems Make Me Sick!
I just read on the Huffington Post that some Dems are saying that Obama is willing to compromise and take the public option off the table. First single payer; now public option. This is ridiculous!
mcgoverngreatpatriot 06/24/2009 77 5 - 19
Terry McAuliffe for President?
It seems that right now there are four or five Republican Governors who are playing politics with the stimulous bill and saying that they may not accept the money for their state. It's quite obvious ...
mcgoverngreatpatriot 02/20/2009 55 1 - 22
I Will Probably Be Crucified For Posting This!
Sometimes it seems that if one thinks a little outside of the box here; readers take offense. I do not think Senator Lieberman should be punished. Let the bullets fly at me!
mcgoverngreatpatriot 11/06/2008 99 10 - 84
Good Grief! I've Fallen in Love With Rachel Maddow! Now What?
Holy Cow! I knew there were women like this. Beautiful, articulate, funny and perfect on the issues. I've known several - but there is something about Rachel.
mcgoverngreatpatriot 11/06/2008 53 17 - 23
Tears of Sadness, Tears of Joy, Tears of Hope!
Every four years, before I vote in a Presidential election, I make it a point to read a portion of a book by one of my favorite authors - Theodore H. White. White wrote four books that I believe are ...
mcgoverngreatpatriot 11/02/2008 7 6 - -
Obama Almost Cost Me My Job Today!
I was at work today. I work as a Sales Rep. and Customer Service Rep. for a nationwide company. I was on the phone with one of my customers. We were discussing new products that he might buy. It ...
mcgoverngreatpatriot 10/15/2008 150 31 - 18
My Unscientific Scientific Debate Poll
I watched the debate last night by myself and I came away disappointed. I thought at best it was a tie; but that McCain had a little edge. I also thought that Obama was too nice and missed several ...
mcgoverngreatpatriot 09/27/2008 15 17 2 -
Questions McCain Must Answer!
The McCain-Palin campaign is taking a page from Bush and using clever bumper sticker sound bites to make their views seem like something they are not. Simple solutions to complex problems. Some ...
mcgoverngreatpatriot 09/09/2008 2 - - 4
Anyone Who Follows Politics Knows This is in the Bag for Obama
Anyone who follows politics knows this is in the bag for Obama, ...
mcgoverngreatpatriot 09/08/2008 19 9 - -
And Now, Live From New York City, It's SNL, With Guest Host Para Salin
Hi, Thank you for the welcome. You remember me... I'm the one with the screechy know, the one who wears her hair in a bee hive. It gets cold in Alaska you know. That hair helps me to ...
mcgoverngreatpatriot 09/04/2008 3 - - 5
November 5, 2008 : McCain Defeats Obama in Close Race
I have nightmares that we will wake up on November 5 to this headline: McCain defeats Obama in Close Race. Dems. add Few Seats to Existing Majority in House and Senate. Not Enough to be Veto Proof!
mcgoverngreatpatriot 09/01/2008 41 20 1 7
Palin Perfect Poster Child for Americans Clinging to their Guns and Bibles
Okay; Now I'm Getting Worried!
mcgoverngreatpatriot 08/31/2008 25 2 - -
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