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Slaves to a Harmful Ideology
I. West, Texas Fertilizer Plant Explosion. At least 12 people confirmed dead, more expected. 180 people injured, many critically. Extensive damage (in some cases, destruction) to buildings within a ...
me knows best 04/19/2013 10 30 - -
Josh Brown ("Repentent Broker") sums up #OWS motives on public radio's Marketplace Money
I was just chillin' and listening to NPR's weekend programming on my local station (which desperately needs cash , by the way,
me knows best 10/15/2011 27 63 1 372
Social Security is NOT a Ponzi Scheme, Dammit! (copiously sourced)
Once more into the breach! How many times do facts have to be mustered to show that Social Security is NOT a Ponzi scheme? Eleventy? Well, this is the first time I ...
me knows best 09/08/2011 63 88 22 493
Help me debunk 'Loose Change'
[There will not be much content to this diary. In fact I won't even bother to go into the extended box.] I know that years ago there was a ban on this discussion. Please be aware that I am ...
me knows best 07/14/2011 13 1 - 106
On Arnold - a short fun diary with poll
Just two things: ONE -- just heard on The Ed Show that Arnold and Maria's teenage son changed his last name on Facebook from Schwarzenegger to Shriver. TWO -- these people, the crazy Republican ...
me knows best 05/18/2011 10 5 1 128
Wider implications of election of Democratic, African-American mayor in Jacksonville, FL
YAY! I am a Jax Dem, a liberal, and a daily Daily Kos reader. Couldn't be happier with this result, and I'll admit I had grave doubts Brown could pull it off. From all appearances Hogan had more ...
me knows best 05/18/2011 19 28 - 186
"38 and holding" / Part II: Damn, I'm 39!
Previously tonight I wrote "38 and holding" / Part I: The political is ...
me knows best 05/14/2011 13 6 - 91
"38 and holding" / Part I: The political is personal
I am 38. By the time I finish writing this it will likely be the early morning hours of my 39th birthday. I'm not entirely sure what I'm writing or why. I have been unhappy for years. Honestly I ...
me knows best 05/14/2011 9 11 1 188
Fighting Racism when your mother forwards it to you!
Recently, I shared My Own Life in Politics at Booman Tribune and said that the topic of race had hardly come up in my traditional,
me knows best 06/03/2010 21 20 2 45
Unmoved by anti-Sotomayor firefighters, sorry!
I know I’m a hopeless liberal, but I’m watching the CT firefighters testifying at the Senate’s Sotomayor hearings. I’m supposed to be feeling moved and empathetic towards ...
me knows best 07/16/2009 23 7 - 16
CNN Headline News biased towards bigoted pastors!
Lately I've fired off angry letters to JetBlue, Senator Bill Nelson, and now CNN Headline News. I'm on a rant-roll! Here's the letter I wrote after catching a moment of CNN Headline News' Prime ...
me knows best 08/07/2007 9 3 - -
My Letter to Senator Bill Nelson
I wonder if this puts me on any "watch lists"? Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL): I am very disappointed in you and those other Senate Democrats who capitulated to Bush's demand for enhanced ...
me knows best 08/03/2007 14 5 - 13
My Letter to JetBlue
Yesterday I wrote an email to the JetBlue email address given out by Kos, , which I posted ...
me knows best 07/21/2007 2 1 - 3
Kerry Concession Speech as Pep Talk
me knows best 11/03/2004 1 4 - 12
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