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Ban the RKBA group?
I did not know until the Newtown massacre that there was a group at dailykos committed to the "right to keep and bear arms." Apparently, this group of "second amendment supporters" has produced a ...
mel4444 12/18/2012 191 1 - -
Statement by the [office of official] today
The Statement of [office-of-official] on the Shootings in [name of town or state] We’ve endured too many of these tragedies in the past few years. And each time I learn the news I react not as a [
mel4444 12/14/2012 3 2 - -
Could Romney be a sociopath?
I knew there was something funny about her soon after she began working for me. The casual lies, and the distortions of reality that came with that. But the last six months, with its increasingly ...
mel4444 05/11/2012 68 23 2 306
I love Obama
I love Obama. I love Obama. I love Obama. I love Obama. I love Obama. I love Obama. I love Obama. I love Obama. I love Obama. I love Obama. I love Obama. (Continued)
mel4444 05/01/2011 4 6 - 74
Bush's Caligula?
Though I doubt it's historicity, in "I Claudius," the emperor Caligula is appointed by his predecessor Tiberius for one reason. Tiberius is very unpopular among the Romans, they will not mourn his ...
mel4444 08/30/2008 19 1 - 3
Looks like it's Pawlenty
I just checked out Tradesports, where one can bet on political outcomes. Obama maintains his odds over McCain, which have been roughly 60-40 for months. More interesting is the "market" for McCain'...
mel4444 08/28/2008 111 8 - 28
Best blogs other than dailykos?
I've been reading dailykos for years, and want to find similar sites that present political and campaign news from a progressive perspective. I'd appreciate your suggestions for sites that are ...
mel4444 07/23/2008 78 5 1 46
Four emails on immigration.
mel4444 05/04/2006 6 2 - 3
Dailykos joins the loony bin
mel4444 01/22/2006 235 14 - 28
Alito: machine gun ban unconstitutional
mel4444 10/31/2005 17 9 - 3
FEMA = Failed Entirely to Move their Asses?
mel4444 09/06/2005 8 4 - 3
Heartless and headless in every office of government.
mel4444 09/03/2005 4 2 1 2
There's something about Safia.
mel4444 02/03/2005 1 1 - 2
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