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Paul Ryan: 30% of Americans want "welfare state"
Romney and Ryan both agree: a large portion of America are takers : (from the Huffington Post; emphasis mine) Seventy percent of Americans want the American dream. They believe in the American idea.
mffarrow 10/02/2012 28 22 1 237
Scott Brown just earned $100 from me
...for Elizabeth Warren's campaign. Scott Brown's craven, race-baiting performance in the debate, and the bigoted behaviour of his staff (covered here and here by DK member Joan McCarter) have ...
mffarrow 09/26/2012 20 27 - 246
[UPDATED] Are you registered? Are you SURE?
I live in Los Angeles County, as I have done for the last few years. I moved to a new house about a year ago, still within LA, and several weeks ago I filled out (and mailed) a new voter ...
mffarrow 09/24/2012 17 12 - 157
Democratic victory: what are YOU doing?
We've had lots of data on the Presidential race pointing to a Democratic win, which in turn makes one happy, and then fired up about winning and/or nervous about losing. Several diaries and comments ...
mffarrow 09/10/2012 11 3 - 22
MA-Sen: $12 million in grassroots donations for Elizabeth Warren
Elizabeth Warren is the Democratic candidate for 2012 US Senate election in Massachusetts, and she's fighting to unseat the Republican incumbent Scott Brown. Warren is one of the good guys, and has ...
mffarrow 09/05/2012 1 11 - 90
# 3 Official "I voted" open thread
This is the third open thread "I voted diary." Please post about your voting experience today, and please recommend this diary since the second one was full.
mffarrow 11/04/2008 228 141 2 50
My mother's great grandmother was a slave...
Dear Kossacks, I have been reading and posting at this site for quite some time, now, ever since it became clear to me that (1) the progressive Democrats here were serious about bringing democracy ...
mffarrow 10/19/2008 19 30 - 19
UPDATE: Bailout Bill still doesn't have the votes...yet
Swampland is reporting that the Democratic leadership still does not have enough votes from Republicans for the ...
mffarrow 10/02/2008 48 9 - -
40,000 schoolchildren in PA aren't bitter anymore
Stephen Colbert started a Pennsylvania Straw Poll fundraiser, Democralypse Now , the goal of which was to ...
mffarrow 04/15/2008 21 51 1 16
Obama supporters raise $100,000 for PA schools!
TravelerBill and I ...
mffarrow 04/04/2008 12 40 2 7
Holy crap! I love this primary!!!
I have spent the last three weeks in a state of almost constant anxiety, about the ugliness of this primary season. A long time ago, when this primary season started, I vowed that no matter what ...
mffarrow 04/01/2008 8 6 - 1
Obama dominating PA "straw poll"
( Fourth in a ...
mffarrow 03/26/2008 23 26 1 3
Obama winning Stephen Colbert's PA "straw poll"
DK user TravelerBill has written two ...
mffarrow 03/21/2008 18 18 2 1
FISA vote pushed back: are we winning?
(Promoted by Susan.) The Poltico is reporting that the House will not vote on an ...
mffarrow 03/06/2008 98 41 6 111
FISA: Fear is how we lose
This diary is not about the primaries. This diary is about fear. Irrational, self-defeating, useless fear. Also known as terror . Our country was attacked in 2001, and has been ...
mffarrow 03/05/2008 4 7 - -
Dems Considering Proposals That Would Quietly Fund Iraq War
The Huffington Post ( go read the whole thing ) is reporting that some House Democrats are ready to ...
mffarrow 12/07/2007 16 12 - -
Senate Dems ready to fund the War with no strings attached
Could the Senate Democrats actually be Republicans ? Senate Democrats appear ready to omit Iraq withdrawal timelines ...
mffarrow 11/19/2007 5 2 - -
This could be the chance for Impeachment
OK impeachment fanatics American citizens. Are you ready for some accountability, Constitution-style? As you may remember, Rep. Kucinich introduced a bill that called for the ...
mffarrow 11/16/2007 22 27 1 17
Our soldiers will be tortured because of Bush
Thanks to the Bush Administration's insistence on the American right to torture "terrorists," our President has essentially guaranteed that our own soldiers will ...
mffarrow 11/08/2007 8 1 - 1
FISA bill markup TOMORROW - Call now!
The FISA bill is scheduled for markup in the Senate Judiciary Committee tomorrow (via FDL):
mffarrow 11/07/2007 4 12 - -
Better Democrats: Democratic Donor Strike
How long have we been waiting for the Democrats in Congress to listen to the will of the American people? "Wait until we have a legislative majority," we were told. Now it's, "wait until we ...
mffarrow 11/05/2007 6 11 - -
Better Democrats! (with Poll)
Hoo boy. I was going to write an angry diary. I worked hard last year to elect Democrats, any Democrats, because I believed that the Republican party would never protect the Constitution, and ...
mffarrow 11/03/2007 12 9 1 -
Dodd will filibuster FISA
Short diary. Dodd, after vowing to place a hold on any FISA bill that contains immunity for telecommunications companies that allowed the government to spy on Americans, is now promising to ...
mffarrow 10/19/2007 24 29 - 3
I am a values voter
I try to call at least one member of Congress every week, usually to complain about something. I generally write less often, but this coming week, I am going to write some letters. For every ...
mffarrow 10/13/2007 8 7 - -
More and Better Dems: Progressives demand rule of law on FISA
Today was supposed to be that day when a new, "fixed" FISA bill was to be announced. According to ...
mffarrow 10/05/2007 2 2 - -
DIDS: The postcard campaign
Not too long ago, I wrote about a writing campaign I'm starting, as part of a larger plan to develop a more direct flow of ...
mffarrow 08/22/2007 3 5 1 -
ACTION: You Work for Us: the postcard campaign
This is a short diary about a new postcard-writing campaign I'm thinking of starting, as part of the You ...
mffarrow 08/10/2007 11 11 4 -
ACTION: This has got to stop
We all know that the Senate and House caved in and rushed through a terrible bill to "amend" FISA, and have effectively removed all oversight on the government's ability to spy on its citizens. The ...
mffarrow 08/06/2007 3 2 - -
News analysis: Democrats take uncompromising stance
That's the headline in a frontpage article on the LA Times webpage. I ...
mffarrow 07/21/2007 15 10 - -
Dems to send Bush War Bill with no timetables
This is a short diary. The New York Times is reporting (via the AP) that Democratic lawmakers are sending Bush a ...
mffarrow 05/21/2007 101 22 - 14
ACTION: My Congressman wants timetables.  Does yours?
The toll free US Capitol Main Switchboard number is 800-828-0498. (Local number is 202-224-3121). Please contact your representatives in DC today. Update: Two ...
mffarrow 05/03/2007 17 10 - 3
WaPo columnist covers Fox News boycott, correctly
Not much to say in this diary. Many of you must know about the work being done by progressives to limit the damage that Fox News causes, by encouraging Democrats to avoid the network. This has led ...
mffarrow 04/13/2007 10 11 1 -
The US Capitol Main Switchboard number is 202-224-3121 , which can be used to contact your representatives in DC. UPDATE: 1-800-828-0498 is the toll free number. -(
mffarrow 03/02/2007 18 22 1 9
No way we let them fail.
Congress needs our help , badly . As has ...
mffarrow 02/28/2007 3 1 - -
Call them now.
So, the Republicans have filibustered debate on non-binding resolutions to oppose the Iraq War, which the Democrats introduced as a way to express discontent without accepting the responsibility ...
mffarrow 02/06/2007 1 7 - -
New Iraq NIE released tomorrow
(Sorry for the short diary.) The last NIE on Iraq was published in the summer of 2004. That one was rejected by the Bush ...
mffarrow 02/01/2007 11 8 1 -
UPDATED: Gonzales to release spy program details
Will daylight finally be shed on the warrantless spying on Americans? At the Washington Post (via ...
mffarrow 01/31/2007 4 3 - 16
New Mexico impeachment effort, cont'd
This is an update on the efforts by New Mexico to begin impeachment proceedings, as ...
mffarrow 01/24/2007 8 13 - 2
Will the news outlets ever get it?
Today in the Washington Post Technology section there is a post mulling the implications of Hillary Clinton ...
mffarrow 01/23/2007 6 5 - -
Possible deal with North Korea?
Are we getting close to reaching a deal with North Korea over its nuclear program? It seems like significant (read: some)
mffarrow 01/19/2007 3 2 1 -
Why are you voting today?
mffarrow 11/07/2006 43 3 - 10
What are you doing to take back our government? (w/ poll)
mffarrow 10/16/2006 11 3 - -
Enough with trolls and troll-like diaries - Kossacks are AWESOME
mffarrow 10/07/2006 50 37 1 7
Senate/Torture Debate: KEEP FIGHTING
mffarrow 09/27/2006 42 26 1 13
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