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Health Care Reform Nailed Over Coffee and a Bagel
The 5 minute inspiration or whatever ? Term: "Health Savings Account (“HSA”) You own and you control the money in your HSA. Decisions on how to spend the money are made by you ...
mightyquinntheeskimo 06/25/2009 57 - - 10
Diary Madness
Part 3 June 19 Three in five. Catchy eh? Like the Bulls, Phil Jackson and "...
mightyquinntheeskimo 06/19/2009 337 5 - 90
To Daily Kos: I've Gotten Under Your Skin (Cole Porter)
Marone! Endorse Me (already) Part 2 When we last left off on Monday, Part 1 was posted and we didn’t know at the time a part two was necessary. I was at the switch facing my usual ...
mightyquinntheeskimo 06/17/2009 105 3 - 13
Marone!!! Support me for Governor (already)
Come il cacio sui maccheroni ! Frustrated? Me?
mightyquinntheeskimo 06/15/2009 21 - - 8
Independent Cand. for NJ Governor: Life at the margins
Wed. June 10, (yesterday) Day 8 since June 2nd filing deadline. June 2nd was also the day those two lightweights (IQ not weight) Christie and Corzine had their primaries. I’ve been blogging ...
mightyquinntheeskimo 06/11/2009 11 - - 74
D. R. Show, Hells Angels, Governor’s Race NJ
What do all three subjects have in common? A disgusted ATF agent who infiltrated the Hell’s Angels and is subsequently hung out to dry by his bureau (does that surprise anybody) was Diane&...
mightyquinntheeskimo 06/09/2009 17 - - 19
NJ Gov.’s race.  “Hello There”
I wish I could say you have one of your very own dogs in the hunt to support in the widely watched Governors race in New Jersey. So far, as of this morning , I&...
mightyquinntheeskimo 06/03/2009 11 - - 11
Do I Have to Blow My Brains Out?
(No I’ll vent by posting another diary in the Daily Kos about friggin Mexico- reverting back to my wacky writing style..... and with so many You-Tube links nobody will read it. A nascent ...
mightyquinntheeskimo 06/01/2009 20 1 - 12
The Cold Harsh Light As Seen From Florida
What am I my going to do with you?" What a friend of mine here in New Jersey, who’s only a few years younger than my Dad- who I was just visiting in Florida- says to me all the time (for ...
mightyquinntheeskimo 05/28/2009 19 1 - -
Does Torture Matter: The Yokel News Opinion
Maybe...............pass the potato salad please.
mightyquinntheeskimo 05/23/2009 8 1 - 9
Jury Duty Forgiveness: Not for Everyone
Just like I thought last week when I approached a court officer with a different result, my earlier suspicions were verified today (at the time and place indicated on my jury summons) that a current ...
mightyquinntheeskimo 04/20/2009 9 1 - 1
"Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in"
"Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in." Capo Quinn to Vice President Joe Biden Yesterday (teabag day) was cold and raining here in the northeast and I posted yet ...
mightyquinntheeskimo 04/17/2009 5 - - 19
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