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Top Comments: Topping The Mojo Edition
Tonight Top Comments is proud to turn the diary over to a very special guest: our Purveyor of Fine Top Mojo, *mik* “Daddy, where does Top Mojo come from?” Are snakes better than oysters and ...
mik 09/28/2014 102 54 1 -
News from National Defense Magazine
The National Defense Industrial Association ([ NDIA]) is arguably The US Military-Industrial Complex, and it is worried... really worried about sequestration and other budget games ...
mik 09/24/2013 19 8 1 -
FAQing Top Mojo
As the wrangler of the reconstituted "Top Mojo" feature of the daily "Top Comments" diary series, I am often called upon to defend explain how it works. This diary is an attempt to memorialize that ...
mik 01/29/2013 39 49 4 -
Thoughts on Fiscal Cliffdiving
In the few days leading up to the November elections, I posted a series of Facebook updates to my friends and family, more or less laying out how I was going to vote and my reasons for doing so. ...
mik 12/04/2012 14 8 1 -
More of mik's YearlyKos07 photos
Yesterday, I [ posted] a visual wrap-up of the YKos 07 Interfaith Service from Sunday. Today, I bring you a set of candids from KY07... P.S. ...
mik 08/07/2007 47 27 2 35
YearlyKos Interfaith Service (photos)
[ crossposted] at [ Street Prophets] In the interest of not waiting until they are totally irrelevant, ...
mik 08/06/2007 27 26 1 73
mik's pics: CnJ Northeast meetup
mik 07/20/2006 13 10 - 34
Evolution vs Intelligent Design: debate at 10am on NPR [UPDATED]
mik 08/10/2005 38 4 - 8
How tall are we? (height poll)
mik 05/20/2005 48 3 - -
Evangelicals chide Christian right: Moral Majority called aberration
mik 02/07/2005 24 8 - 8
Appropriate penalties for election fraud
mik 11/10/2004 5 1 - -
Keep your filthy bureaucratic hands off of my church!
mik 11/08/2004 4 - - -
More weird data from FL
mik 11/04/2004 7 5 - 2
Is Liberalism Doomed? (A hopefully rhetorical question)
mik 11/03/2004 4 - - -
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