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How Democrats Break the Tea Party Fever: Bring back the 50-state strategy!
A Resolution to Benefit the United States of America and the Democratic Party WHEREAS, it was the 50-state strategy of the Democratic National Committee under former Chairman Howard Dean that ...
modemocrat 10/05/2013 27 28 1 -
The missing feminist perspective from "traditional marriage" debate
Why is it that one of the most powerful arguments against opponents of same-sex marriage so often gets completely ignored by supporters of same-sex marriage? Once again, during yesterday's oral ...
modemocrat 03/27/2013 70 124 1 -
Other Healthcare the Blunt Amendment Puts At Risk
I'm sure multiple kossacks have already made this point, but I feel like this can't be stressed enough... The Blunt Amendment is NOT an "Anti-Contraception Amendment." The Blunt Amendment is an "...
modemocrat 02/29/2012 4 5 2 45
Has a GOP SCOTUS decided to undo the Voting Rights Act? (Judge-drawn Texas map stayed)
There's big Supreme Court news tonight that the justices have decided to grant an emergency appeal to Texas Republicans, who had their pro-GOP redistricting map thrown out and redrawn by a lower ...
modemocrat 12/10/2011 22 13 - 146
Time to Occupy the Chicago Tea Party Tax Break
So it's come full circle. Remember that faux-populist rant from CNBC's Rick Santelli against bailouts for underwater homeowners to the cheers of floor traders that started that whole Tea Party ...
modemocrat 10/26/2011 6 8 - 52
95 Theses, Martin Luther King Jr., and the Protestant Capitalist Reformation
This weekend the new Martin Luther King, Jr. memorial on the National Mall will be dedicated in Washington, D.C.
modemocrat 10/16/2011 3 4 1 14
Jeffrey Immelt should be FIRED by America
Anyone else watch tonight's interview with General Electric CEO Jeffrey Immelt on "60 Minutes"?
modemocrat 10/09/2011 37 28 1 188
Rep. Peter King supported I.R.A. but calls #OWS "ragtag mob" of "anarchists"
From HuffPo:
modemocrat 10/08/2011 5 11 - 60
GOP criminalizes abortion via the tax code UPDATED
I'm sorry, I wholeheartedly agree that Obama is the baddest ass I've ever seen ... BUT...
modemocrat 05/04/2011 16 26 1 119
Ryan's budget increases Congressional pay $14,000 per year
I'll leave to others to tear apart his radical and disastrous agenda-driven dismantling of Medicare and Medicaid. What galls me the most about the proposal is the alleged "revenue-neutral" ...
modemocrat 04/05/2011 11 26 - 216
Defense Secretary Gates admits Afghanistan war is insane
I know all of us are focused on the current Wisconsin-led labor fight and budget wars at the state and federal level, but I think it's a mistake to not take a look at the bigger picture. Our cash-...
modemocrat 02/28/2011 22 18 - 113
Congress and Obama, prove you're not brainwashed. Cut the war.
By now I'm guessing most folks have heard about the latest troubling ...
modemocrat 02/25/2011 2 - - 16
Union-busting: The War of Southern Aggression
You may not realize it America, but our union and non-union states are at WAR. Dengre had an AMAZING diary the ...
modemocrat 02/23/2011 177 166 14 960
CAN THE BILL - Show solidarity through Wisconsin food banks
It's been really awesome seeing people all over the country and world show their support to those courageously fighting for their rights as workers by spending their money at local Madison ...
modemocrat 02/21/2011 6 10 1 49
'Morning Joe' LIES about Wisconsin
Not that it's any surprise, but Joe Scarborough and the rest of his anti-union panel is so willfully ignorant on this subject this morning it's simply nauseating. They are taking Walker's word on ...
modemocrat 02/18/2011 37 22 1 213
Cubs owner decries, seeks earmarks: A case study in teabagger hypocrisy
Meet Joe Ricketts. He's the billionaire founder of TD Ameritrade and patriarch of the Ricketts clan that ...
modemocrat 11/17/2010 14 9 1 74
CNBC's Larry Kudlow hosted House GOP fundraiser
Apologies if there have already been diaries on this but in looking up some stuff for a possible article looking at Comcast's opposition to net neutrality and its coming clampdown on liberal voices ...
modemocrat 11/06/2010 22 10 1 75
The banksters own the LA Times and Chicago Tribune
At least that's the major takeaway I got reading this latest dispatch on the Tribune Media ...
modemocrat 04/09/2010 13 12 - 40
What is with the GOP ads on this site?
The other day I noticed some random ad for Freedom Works (the conservative outfit started by the Koch family and run by former GOP House Majority Leader Dick Armey, if anyone doesn't know about it) ...
modemocrat 03/13/2010 54 5 - 33
What Lincoln would tell Obama about the economy
Seeing the diary below reminded me that today is Abraham Lincoln's birthday. In honor of his 201st, with this site's indulgence, I am reposting this diary I wrote during the campaign that I ...
modemocrat 02/12/2010 13 5 1 16
Putting Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood(R-Ill.) in context
So the word on the street is that President-elect Barack Obama is going to be appointing ...
modemocrat 12/17/2008 30 16 1 188
Most important Obama appointment left: SEC chair
Just to be clear, despite this being college football bowl season, this is not a diary about the Southeastern Conference. Sorry y'all Gators and Crimson Tide and whatnot. This is a diary about ...
modemocrat 12/16/2008 6 5 - 21
Rod Blagojevich shames us all
When I first heard that Democratic Gov. Rod Blagojevich was arrested, my first reaction was sheer delight. Since at least 2004, I have generally detested Blagojevich and I was disappointed he was ...
modemocrat 12/10/2008 69 8 - 17
Joe Scarborough is an "unfettered socialist"
And so is Pat Buchanan apparently. And so am I. Per Chrystia Freeland, managing editor of the Financial Times. I know friends don't let friends watch Morning Joe , but today I'm glad I ...
modemocrat 11/17/2008 58 23 - 17
The Republican Party is now the Know-Nothing Party
Despite my hatred of Nixon, Reagan and the Bushes, I've always felt at least a little respect for the Republican Party if only because of my great respect and admiration for Abraham Lincoln. Well,
modemocrat 10/11/2008 16 20 1 15
Goldman Sachs is Uncle Sam's "company store"
It's clear to me now. I'm just wondering when or how it was that Uncle Sam came to owe its soul to the company store, Goldman Sachs? And would it be more accurate to argue that the entire earth owes ...
modemocrat 10/07/2008 7 4 - 28
What Lincoln would tell Obama about the economy
While a lot of folks are talking about whether or not Barack Obama will have to be the next FDR in the midst of all this talk about economic conditions as bad as they've ever been ...
modemocrat 10/05/2008 31 19 3 226
Green Bonds - A way to save America and the earth
Never before in our history have Americans been called upon to face three grave threats to our very existence, any one of which could destroy us. We face a disintegrating economy, a ...
modemocrat 09/28/2008 9 7 1 3
Without the $700B bailout, I'm afraid the FDIC will fail
At least that's my fear and why I continue to support the bailout, despite its possible negative impact on the election for Democrats and Barack Obama, despite the populist outrage ...
modemocrat 09/27/2008 133 18 - 30
Why history requires this progressive support the bailout
Make no mistake, I don't trust George W. Bush any further than I can throw him -- especially after seeing that Daily Show side-by-side clip of him before the Iraq War and before our current dire ...
modemocrat 09/26/2008 63 48 14 228
A civilization gone with the wind...
As politically incorrect as it is to admit this, and as odd as it may be for a Lincoln-loving Yankee, I've always cherished the book and movie classic of the Depression-era, "Gone With the Wind." To ...
modemocrat 09/25/2008 13 15 4 274
How Ayn Rand sent us back to the Gilded Age
I'm sorry, but if a company is deemed too big to fail that the American government has to buy it, how about the American government passes an anti-trust law to break it up so that the crap parts ...
modemocrat 09/22/2008 148 23 4 32
Why not a $700B investment in America instead?
If this country is going to spend $700 billion in taxpayer's money to get the economy going again, why the hell are we sending it back to the Wall Street casino? If our priority is really Main ...
modemocrat 09/21/2008 15 5 - -
In 2002, Bernanke promised to prevent another Great Depression
Since the mass corporate-owned media isn't bothering to actually tell us in the public what is going on because 1) Bernanke's deal is in their economic interest 2) they think it's their ...
modemocrat 09/19/2008 33 4 - 1
SHOCKING: Biggest "maverick" fangirl of all dumps McCain!
Even as it seems like the defections of former McCain fangirls in the punditocracy like Joe Klein and Richard Cohen that previously constituted his "base" are becoming practically ...
modemocrat 09/18/2008 251 1051 34 247
The Audacity of GREED -OR- why the new ad fails
You know one of the things I love about Barack Obama is how cool he is. No, not cool as in hip (although sure he's that),
modemocrat 09/17/2008 28 11 - 1
Hit McCain on SOCIAL SECURITY (not his tax plan) - UPDATED
Listen, folks. I personally really like Obama's tax plan. I really trust him and the Democratic Congress to give us a tax plan that works for all Americans rather than just the wealthy few. I ...
modemocrat 09/16/2008 37 15 1 -
Flashback: McCain promised Wall Street whiz veep
Given the disasters unfolding on Wall Street with Merrill Lynch and Lehman Bros. I think it's worthwhile to ...
modemocrat 09/15/2008 32 35 2 26
Where's the STRAIGHT TALK on "the MavRick" myth?
I know Chris Matthews is a windbag, but I do think he speaks from his gut about how he feels about politicians so I do usually listen to what he has to say and I have to share that it was ...
modemocrat 09/05/2008 7 1 1 -
So, she's inexperienced. Expose the reformer/maverick B.S. NOW! .
I think all of us here at this site, most intelligent people, everyone in the media and everyone in Washington, whether Republican or Democrat, understands if they are being intellectually honest ...
modemocrat 09/03/2008 11 3 - -
Palin's exec experience includes trying to ban books
UNBELIEVABLE. I didn't much care for the TIME piece on the town of Wasilla itself, but I think this piece from the same author looking in-depth at Palin's time as mayor and rise to power is ...
modemocrat 09/02/2008 22 31 1 90
Is Sarah Palin the new Alan Keyes?
Sarah Palin is just like Alan Keyes.
modemocrat 08/30/2008 4 4 - -
Thank God for C-SPAN!
This will probably be brief, but can anyone else remember less substantive coverage of a presidential convention than what is being offered by the networks on this first night of coverage? Maybe ...
modemocrat 08/25/2008 23 19 - 16
Who is Cindy McCain? Ms. Bud profiled in NY Times
In the midst of all the Vice President's Eve frenzy, I'd like to encourage all of you to take a break and check out this interesting NY Times piece further exploring Cindy McCain and her and her ...
modemocrat 08/22/2008 6 4 - 1
Pa. gov didn't want to "shuck and jive" on racist voters
Oh boy. I know I'm an Obama supporter, but jeebus. How can so many tone deaf people hold elected office in this country? Here's Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell's semi-mea culpa for his remarks to ...
modemocrat 02/13/2008 47 6 - 3
A wish for Barack on Abraham's birthday
As you may already know, today is the 199th birthday of the last president elected from the state of Illinois and as such I thought it only fitting I took some time to take a look back at that ...
modemocrat 02/12/2008 13 5 - 56
People-powered vs. Superdelegate-powered politics
I don't know about you all but I really, really hate the idea of our party's nominee being decided by superdelegates. Not just because I think it wouldn't favor my candidate ...
modemocrat 02/06/2008 25 12 - -
Obama 2004 race vs. Obama 2008 race
As an Illinois resident, I understandably fell under the spell of Barack Obama a lot sooner than the rest of the country. I cast a vote for Barack Obama in the 2004 primary and I cast a vote for ...
modemocrat 02/05/2008 25 19 1 13
FDR to Obama: Why HOPE matters
So why are you a Democrat? Me? I'm a Democrat because of the power of Franklin Delano Roosevelt's fireside chats and speeches like this one.
modemocrat 02/04/2008 12 12 4 53
Obama doesn't just win, he rebrands the Democratic Party for decades
While I've been feeling like this for a while -- especially with all the red state endorsements -- it didn't really hit home too much until I watched tonight's debate and then had to call my parents ...
modemocrat 02/01/2008 25 33 - 37
Hey white pundits, shut the f*** up about the "white vote"
So Barack Obama was just announced as having won the South Carolina primary going away on MSNBC. Awesome. But five seconds after Olbermann announces it David Gregory has to chime in we have to ...
modemocrat 01/26/2008 78 27 - 15
What a difference two years make... (HRC and the black vote)
With issues of race in the political campaign intersecting with the 79th birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr. this week, I couldn't help but flashback to just two years ago today, Jan. 17, 2006, when ...
modemocrat 01/17/2008 18 4 - -
I just cast my vote for Barack Obama
How are you all today? I know things are pretty crazy as the primary wars continue simmering, but despite all that I just wanted to share that I'm feeling pretty fired up because I just got back ...
modemocrat 01/14/2008 37 33 1 12
Obama attracts Bush voters b/c the GOP field sucks
and the Republican party is in total disarray. It's not just Democrats who are frustrated with the direction of this country under George W. Bush. Many independents and Republicans are disgusted ...
modemocrat 01/07/2008 10 4 - -
Making sense of Hillary's generational gender gap
One thing I found fascinating in watching the TV coverage of last night's Iowa results was how mystified many of the pundits got over the fact that Obama did better than Hillary among young women ...
modemocrat 01/04/2008 17 3 - 3
Why conservatives love Barack Obama [updated]
So apparently the latest concern trolling on the candidacy of Barack Obama stems from the fact that he seems to appeal to some Republicans who voted for Bush. Oh the horror! The Democrats could ...
modemocrat 12/22/2007 141 39 1 9
You know, the "rookie" thing worked out pretty well for Magic Johnson's Lakers
In case you're not aware, former NBA great Magic Johnson joined the Clintons on the stump in Iowa as he did in South Carolina yesterday to help them make their "inexperienced" case when it comes to ...
modemocrat 12/18/2007 14 7 3 -
Bill: A vote for Hillary is a vote for Bush
Sounds outrageous right? Well that was what I thought until I read a report of Bill Clinton's statements tonight in South Carolina that his wife's "number one priority" includes plans to employ ...
modemocrat 12/17/2007 41 16 1 54
Des Moines Register editor on C-SPAN now *final update*
Just as an FYI for everyone, Carolyn Washburn is on C-SPAN now talking about the Des Moines Register endorsement. (and I just realized some folks might not recognize Washburn's name so thought I'd ...
modemocrat 12/16/2007 101 16 - -
Say it with me: Ending the war, NOT defunding it
Am I the only one who thinks the whole defunding talk out of Congress right now needs some serious reframing by Democrats to increase public support on their side (and eventually get to 60 votes in ...
modemocrat 04/05/2007 11 5 - -
Because of Hillary, I can be president?
Buried (rightfully so) in all the talk today about Scooter Libby and Walter Reed and the U.S. attorney firings has been Hillary Clinton's appearance before EMILY's List today. Yet after seeing ...
modemocrat 03/06/2007 47 4 - -
Barack Obama's only executive experience
As far as I know, the only executive experience that is noted in Barack Obama's bio is his stint as editor of the Harvard Law Review. For many this is a cause for concern if not outright ...
modemocrat 03/05/2007 101 12 - 6
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