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Ballotgate II: Maine Becomes Nation's Electoral Laughingstock (UPDATED)
Since my last installment about the 21 "phantom ballots" that appeared in a state Senate recount, we've been waiting for the Senate Committee to investigate what had appeared on its face to be a ...
nailbender 12/10/2014 10 9 - -
Ballotgate II: Dem AG and SoS Stay, GOP Treasurer Wins, Process Totally Opaque
Sorry for the delay getting this 4th update out but I actually have a life so that's the way it is. Last night my computer wouldn't receive the Maine House live video feed so I was in the dark ...
nailbender 12/04/2014 2 7 - -
Ballotgate II: It's Worse Than We Thought
Hello again, this is the third installment of my chronicling of the events surrounding both criminal ballot tampering that was revealed in a recount of Maine's District 25 Senate race last month, ...
nailbender 12/03/2014 26 90 4 -
Ballotgate II: What Happened When the Ballots Were in State Police Custody?
This is a follow up diary to one I wrote 3 days ago about what has all the appearances of a blatant case of ballot box stuffing by one or more GOP operatives in Maine last month. Please read that ...
nailbender 12/02/2014 45 149 3 -
Electoral Fraud in Maine Today: Ballotgate II (UPDATE)
First a little history: back in '92, the year Clinton was first elected, there was a scandal in Augusta, Maine on election night when an aide to Democratic Speaker of the House, John Martin, was ...
nailbender 11/28/2014 37 196 2 -
"It Looks Like a Demon"
I was about to put that quote from Darren Wilson's Grand Jury Testimony into JoanMar's diary currently on the rec list, "Murderers need to get better script writers." But then I thought, no, this isn'
nailbender 11/26/2014 58 85 - -
A MoveOn Petition That Could Help Stop LePage
Of all the nailbiter-races spread all over the country this election, perhaps the most frustrating one for Democrats of all stripes is the Maine Governor's race where teabagger Paul LePage is in a ...
nailbender 10/28/2014 3 7 - -
Here's a What-If Question for Kos and the Admins:
What if Hillary (whom most of you have pre-endorsed if she gets the nod) is somehow precluded from running for POTUS next cycle (the possible reasons being immaterial, just say she can't or won't ...
nailbender 09/09/2014 42 5 1 -
Is This an NPR Coverup?
So I was listening to NPR's ATC this afternoon and caught a report by Kelly McEvers talking to freelance reporter Daniel Estrin about the arrest of Israeli youths for the revenge murder by ...
nailbender 07/06/2014 35 19 - -
Hell, Even George W Bush Didn't Believe Embryos are Humans.
Whaa?? The guy who banned the use of federal funds for embryonic stem cell research (except for existing cell lines) didn't believe that life begins at conception? WTF?? I remember that speech he ...
nailbender 06/29/2014 7 11 - -
Byzantium on the Hudson
The word "byzantine" means, roughly, "surreptitiously convoluted and labyrinthine." It's derived from the ancient name of the city we now call Istanbul, a capital of both Greek and Roman Empires. ...
nailbender 01/20/2014 141 201 5 -
Mayor Zimmer Replies to Christie Salvos on CNN (UPDATED!)
I've been watching for Dawn Zimmer's reply to the Christie camp's counterattack to her charges yesterday - substantiated by documentation - that Sandy relief funds for Hoboken are being withheld by ...
nailbender 01/19/2014 256 372 4 -
Obama Condemns Himself
I heard a clip of the POTUS on NPR last week shortly after Greenwald's Gaurdian piece first broke, concerning the firestorm that those NSA revelations ignited. I was going to write this diary back ...
nailbender 06/11/2013 24 2 - -
Air Force Sexual Assault Prevention Chief Arrested for Sexual Assault.
There are no words. An Air Force officer was arrested for sexual assault. The ...
nailbender 05/06/2013 27 44 - -
An Email Exchange You Might Find Interesting
So my buddy sends an appeal for action supporting Obama's ending of the Bush tax cuts for the top 2% the other day to a send list that included me, but also included at least one guy who, in the run-...
nailbender 12/01/2012 26 24 1 -
"Atlas Has Shrugged! John Galt Has Left the Building!"
I got a call from a buddy on the mainland today asking for my email address which had gotten dumped from his computer. He had something he said I needed to see, for the entertainment value and for ...
nailbender 11/13/2012 39 22 2 -
Why the Roger Stone Allegation (Kochgate) Matters
For anyone who isn't aware of it, Roger Stone, the former GOP dirty-trickster, has an incendiary blog post on his website, claiming that the Koch brothers actually bought the Paul Ryan VP nomination ...
nailbender 08/19/2012 21 14 1 248
New Mandated Doctor Warning Bill for the SC Legislature
I just got a copy of this draft of legislation being readied in South Carolina, for presentation to both houses of their legislature (I'm sworn to secrecy as to who sent this to me, for reasons of ...
nailbender 03/10/2012 3 2 - 95
BREAKING: Kos Kidnapped by Breitbart / Mind Drugs Administered!
This just in from a FOX affiliate in Waco, TX: Sarah Dornbracht, Channel 6 News Anchor: We've just learned from Alvin Thurman down at the Corner Shop that his nephew, who works for Andrew ...
nailbender 02/15/2012 11 14 - 195
No, actually: Front Page Kos Simply Reports GOP Victory Claims
Now don't get me wrong. I really do think that the Democrats, led by Barack Obama, have been defeated in epic fashion by the GOP over (most recently) the entirely bogus, monumentally ...
nailbender 08/02/2011 43 14 - 199
Grover Norquist kills again
Now, some here might complain that the title of this diary is hyperbolic, or that it misses the mark. Too bad. Grover Norquist , the guy ...
nailbender 01/31/2011 10 15 2 139
Tucson False Equivalency: FOX Gives Credence to White Supremacists - CRITICAL, SUDDEN UPDATE!!!
As I was wading through the news reports earlier today, of the gun slaughter in Tuscon that killed 6 and gravely wounded US Rep Giffords, I happened ...
nailbender 01/09/2011 30 35 - 143
Got Another Teabagging Redneck "Joke" From a "Friend"
Me and another guy on this old friend's email send list asked him to quit forwarding the Glen Beck inspired drivel that passes for some of the jokes he thinks are funny. Here's the last one he sent,
nailbender 10/06/2010 31 22 1 88
The Pro Obama Diary That Fully Desribes His Weakness
There's a current diary near the top of the rec list that unabashedly pumps Obama's credentials as Multidimensional Chess Champion of the Universe. It's of the same diary-ilk as the daily photo ...
nailbender 09/12/2010 98 16 - 49
Hatch Berates Thurgood Marshall for Not Being Obedient.
Today at the Senate Judiciary Committee's hearing for Elena Kegan, the GOP contingent pulled a ploy that has gotten much press here and elswhere, attempting to "taint" Kagan's reputation by linking ...
nailbender 06/29/2010 25 39 - 77
A Pro Obama Diary
I know. And it's not a joke. I just opened an email from whoever hit the send button at the address. It had Barack Obama's name on the letterhead, so I figured he ...
nailbender 06/14/2010 50 18 1 61
Maniacal Laughter Diary
Well, where do we start. I guess we start with Al Gore letting his opponent's "family" steal an election from him without so much as a raised eyebrow; hell, he even chuckled at the quaintness of ...
nailbender 05/26/2010 8 8 - 21
Five More Questions - for Future Historians to Ask.
4) Why did it take the US government so long to transfer environmental monitoring authority to NPR (resulting in the firing of all those useless regulators); couldn't they have seen the pure ...
nailbender 05/13/2010 17 4 - 20
Five Questions About the Gulf Blowout
First, no, I'm not an oil expert (any more than any other addict is an expert about the drug he's hooked on), just someone who's a bit confused right now regarding some questions surrounding the BP ...
nailbender 05/05/2010 35 8 - 6
Why I won't be voting for the HCR bill
I'm not in Congress. Don't even want to be there. Can't picture myself there. Not gonna happen. Don't even want to stand in the Rotunda (which sounds to me like one of Santa's body parts). ...
nailbender 03/20/2010 29 2 - 26
The Thick, Sticky Irony: Obama's Support for Bernanke
This won't take long. First ( as some would have it ), Barack Obama, the "unbound" version: (go to 3:15 of the clip, and ...
nailbender 01/25/2010 34 18 1 188
I'm Drunk...Well, Almost...
Ok, only 3/4 of a bottle of moderately palatable wine, the which amount I wouldn't consume in a week normally, so, well, you make the any rate, I've given roughly half of the readership of ...
nailbender 12/15/2009 13 - - 18
Paul Wolfowitz, Lying Sack of
Shit. (Sorry folks, I couldn't stand to put the pretend-word "S#!+" in my title when it pertains to Paul Wolfowitz, a true sack of shit if ever there was one. Anyway, this is a ...
nailbender 09/05/2009 4 2 - 67
A Suggestion For the MA Legislature, re: Teddy's Bill (UPDATED)
This morning the Massachusetts Legislature will find itself facing a dying man's request: that they craft a bill allowing the Governor to appoint an interim Senator to fill the seat just vacated by ...
nailbender 08/31/2009 25 3 - 39
I Met John Galt a Few Weeks Ago.
Yes, it's true, I actually met John Galt a few weeks ago. Funny, he wasn't good-looking, a snappy dresser or ...
nailbender 03/10/2009 48 19 - 27
WTF?? Gregg Voted to Abolish the Minimum Wage! Just 2 Years Ago! (Updated)
Yes folks, the man Obama is about to nominate for Commerce Secretary, the guy who is about to become the liason between our new "progressive" President and the business community wants to abolish ...
nailbender 02/02/2009 96 23 1 27
Has a Deal Been Struck on the Gregg Nomination? (Updated X 4 - It's Worse Than You Guessed!)
Just heard on NPR that Mitch McConnell has given the go ahead to Gregg's nomination as Commerce Secy, following Richardson'
nailbender 02/01/2009 83 8 - 83
So Kos, You Can Do Something About This
"This" is the spectacle of bad governance that we witnessed today which portends ominously despite our recent monumental ...
nailbender 11/18/2008 124 39 2 19
BREAKING!!  Iraqi Cabinet Votes to Oust U.S.!   (UPDATED x 4)
Well folks, this is pretty big, if you ask me. The Iraqi cabinet has just forwarded to their Parliament a resolution agreeing to an SOFA with the US that calls for US troops to be out of all cities ...
nailbender 11/16/2008 548 623 9 153
Death Threats and Overt Racism Video of McCain Rally in PA
Take your blood pressure meds, ladies and gents: ((youtube vL20TdHjX2s)) It doesn't get any more explicit that that, does it? And these are some of the folks that McCain is "proud" to be ...
nailbender 10/30/2008 49 38 3 23
Rabid McCain Supporters in PA Documented for Posterity (w/Digg)
This makes me sick (warning, the extreme racism and xenophobia in this video may not be suitable for young children - like those shown below, being subjected to bigotry and hate while in the "care" ...
nailbender 10/29/2008 22 18 2 8
A Sound Bite for Tonight for Barack.
I posted this in the comments a few days ago, after thinking about McCain's absurd assertion that folks at Obama's events have been ...
nailbender 10/15/2008 11 - - 4
Let's Take This Palin Song/Video Viral, Shall We? (with digg update)
I just got this in my inbox, and it qualifies, in my humble songwriting opinion, as one of the best examples of ad hoc political satire that the intertubes has produced to date (and that, I realize, ...
nailbender 10/06/2008 34 45 4 817
One Big Question
This isn't going to be long, so call the dairy police, if you must. There's just this thing that bugs me and I haven't seen addressed yet, that seems to me to be a pretty basic question that ...
nailbender 09/25/2008 1 - - 2
Was Tester's Question Ever Answered?
At the beginning of today's Treasury Hearing on the Bailout, Senator Dodd invited Senator Tester to pose a question that he was quite agitated about. Here's that question: I'm a ...
nailbender 09/23/2008 22 23 - 4
A Compendium of John McCain's Strengths
As an active, impartial observer of the current political -landscape- moonscape, I have recently been feeling a distinct overbalancing momentum at the Primary Logic Fulcrum (which is somewhere near ...
nailbender 09/02/2008 7 1 - 2
Had a talk with my son recently.
We were talking about things we did together as a dad and son when he was a kid, twenty-five to thirty years ago. We talked about fishing, pitching and catching lessons (he became a starting ...
nailbender 08/31/2008 25 10 1 1
Here's a Fix for the Failure to Impeach:
(from a previous diary of mine ): Amendment 28 "Section 1. The prerogative of the Executive to issue ...
nailbender 07/25/2008 12 4 - -
A Letter from Senator Inouye on FISA, and a Rebuttal
During the last FISAsco in the Senate, when they were getting ready to pass the Rockefeller-crafted, capitulatory, Constitution-...
nailbender 06/25/2008 12 12 1 88
Paul Tsongas Speaks from the Grave
Well, as Hillary has got both of her feet in her mouth tonight, one more deceased Democrat has something to say about her invocation of the Bobby Kennedy assassination - an invocation that was made ...
nailbender 05/23/2008 37 61 2 52
An Apology and a Recipe
OK, here goes: my last diary was about Barack's "capitulation" in agreeing to the Wallace interview on Fox, thereby ...
nailbender 05/11/2008 12 2 - 2
Updated! Top Ten Reasons Obama's Fox Interview Has Backfired
With apologies to David Letterman's writing crew, mostly because I can't bring myself to make a joke of this; none of these points is even remotely funny. So fire at will; the " countdown " ...
nailbender 04/29/2008 127 2 1 35
An Open Letter to Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton
Senator Clinton: Yesterday you appeared in front of the editorial board of the Pittsburgh Tribune Review which is owned by the ultra-right-wing billionaire, Richard Mellon Scaife - the same ...
nailbender 03/26/2008 23 10 1 9
Spitzer Damages Hillary? (with Update)
This isn't going to be long. My guess is that Hillary's days as a Presidential Candidate are numbered, and she can thank "former" Superdelegate and surrogate spokesmodel Elliot Spitzer for that ...
nailbender 03/10/2008 102 11 - 10
BREAKING! Bloomberg News screws up Crist "offer" to support new FL primary! ( Updated!)
NOTE: I'm leaving the original text of the diary intact so as to make sense of the comments below, but please go to the Update at the bottom of the body of the diary for a critical revision.
nailbender 03/02/2008 616 223 2 22
Diebold caught in flagrante!!
Being on the send lists of several election reform orgs, I expect to see email dribble in from them from time to time. Imagine my shock this afternoon when, upon checking my mail, I saw no less ...
nailbender 02/26/2008 17 7 - 1
When Desperation and Hypocrisy Collide
words escape me. (Sorry, I couldn't get it to embed.)
nailbender 02/23/2008 19 1 - -
This is gotta be quick, because there's only two hours before the caucuses here in HI start, and Obama supporters need to be aware that the main argument that is going to be made by the Clinton camp ...
nailbender 02/19/2008 11 30 1 12
Let's Nip This One in the Bud, Shall We?
I participated last night in a diary about the likely upcoming Superdelegate conundrum, which presents Democrats with the ...
nailbender 02/09/2008 104 32 1 11
Let's stop with the "Hillary won Florida!" comments, please
This will be quick: There are 4.14 million registered Democrats in FL. About 40% of them turned out yesterday to vote in a primary that had been ruled months earlier to be moot, ...
nailbender 01/30/2008 109 5 1 -
Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream
No, this isn't a reprise of the old Simon and Garfunkel protest tune. Yech. This is an actual dream I had, or maybe it was a vision. Anyway when I got up this morning I wrote it all down while ...
nailbender 01/21/2008 29 3 - 14
A Thought Experiment
Rest easy, Einstein fans. No need to break out the slide rules. This is a social thought experiment, and it has to do with Blackwater. The point of the thought experiment is to get you to take ...
nailbender 12/13/2007 8 2 - 1
you gotta listen to a Bush meltdown.
Just heard this on NPR (5hr delay here in HI) and almost had a cringe-cramp. Go to this link and listen (click on the ...
nailbender 12/04/2007 18 6 2 1
the curious State Dept plagiarism/stenography case.
I just caught this on , and find it extremely ...
nailbender 11/29/2007 10 7 1 -
"...the only Constitutional Amendment we should back
at this point in time". Ok, this is lifebouy time imo, and here's my toss - without so much as an argument for it. Just laying it out there. If it fits above the flip, that's ...
nailbender 10/29/2007 16 3 1 10
Now It Comes Home To Roost
The day is thick with irony. The Dalai Lama has been feted at the White House today as (in George W. Bush's words): a "universal symbol ...
nailbender 10/17/2007 11 8 1 9
(This seems to be a straw/camel/back day, doesn't it?) Good-Bye Cruel Party. The latest Democratic FISA capitulation is my last straw; I've been thinking about this ...
nailbender 08/05/2007 76 13 - 15
Congratulations, thereisnospoon!
It's 8pm Hawai'i time, that means it's 4am DC time. Blink, blink. I just posted a comment about the topic of this diary ...
nailbender 07/18/2007 15 16 1 18
Crystallization NOW!
Occam's Hatchet has the top diary on the rec list right now. It is a beautiful description of our national condition at this moment, ...
nailbender 06/30/2007 27 14 1 18
OK, It's Time Folks
Caveat: This diary isn't for those kossacks who are into complaining about how shitty everything is right now, accurately describing the mess we are in and lamenting the futility of all our actions ...
nailbender 06/13/2007 108 19 - 13
so my little brother the drama professor calls me...
...and asks me to help him with some liner notes for the playbill of a show he's producing at the Rogue Community College (I ...
nailbender 05/07/2007 50 19 2 9
The Shocking Truth: Iranian treament of Brits is almost as barbaric as the US! (with update!)
(I post this with the caveat that I am not going to be able to tend the thread very well as I am working right now. I just noticed that nobody has put up a diary about this and it needs to be ...
nailbender 04/06/2007 56 16 - 7
BREAKING! Bush capitulates; Iraq insurgency wins!
nailbender 01/03/2006 9 3 1 -
ACTION ALERT! Congress about to cut school safety! w/Poll!
nailbender 12/02/2005 6 5 1 1
Hastert's Conundrum: Impeach Cheney???
nailbender 11/23/2005 35 4 - 9
Just flashed on Diego Garcia
nailbender 06/15/2005 10 6 - -
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