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Drudge loves Jim Cramer (today)
Because Cramer is so Credible... Drudge headline: 5 March 2013 CRAMER: "We all know it's going to end badly." (in reference to the DOW) Linked to:
ncdem 03/05/2013 5 - - -
This one's for the lurkers...
I see Sam Wang's "oldtimer" UID 10459, and I raise it with (my own) NCDem UID 509. Yes, I've been here a LONG time... lurking in the shadows... enjoying the shit out of (almost) every damned thing ...
ncdem 11/14/2012 267 354 2 -
Conservative media coordinates on release of old Obama video
Can we give credit where credit is due? This is CNN's headline. They're actually reporting the non-controversy QUITE WELL... as a non-controversy.
ncdem 10/03/2012 2 - - 61
Consistently Inconsistent: The Texas Republican Party Platform
Yes, much attention has been focused on how the Republicans are opposed to Higher Order Thinking. I just found this gem, which the consistently inconsistent Romney should appreciate. " Funding of ...
ncdem 07/11/2012 5 5 - 57
My Vacation... Not Nick Berg
ncdem 05/14/2004 20 - - 1
"American Beheading Video"
ncdem 05/14/2004 4 - - 1
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