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Censorship & Freedom
Warning from Admin at 2013-04-22 20:32:20 Your current diary about the Boston bombings counts as a conspiracy theory. Such postings are not permitted at Daily Kos. I received the above message ...
niccolo caldararo 04/23/2013 37 - - -
Intelligence, Boston Bombing & Expectations
In any emergency we tend to respond with narrowed focus, details become background and survival preeminent. The remarkable feat of the security apparatus in identifying and apprehending (...
niccolo caldararo 04/22/2013 8 - - -
Russell City: A Self-Governed African American Town
A book by Megan Wilkinson describes the foundation of an African American community along the shores of San Francisco Bay in the mid 19th century. This book, What Ever Happened to Russell City ...
niccolo caldararo 04/21/2013 4 4 - -
Boston Bombing & The Mob
Speculation on events like the recent Boston Bombing are fraught with difficulties, but one should examine all the possibilities. People might want to look into recent problems Boston's mob is ...
niccolo caldararo 04/18/2013 26 - - -
North Korea & U.S. Maneuvers
Every time the U.S. and South Korean military conduct maneuvers North Korea threatens to attack someone. This reality is absent in the current news media. In July of 2010 the dance of maneuvers ...
niccolo caldararo 04/13/2013 47 3 - -
North Korea: The Mouse That Roared?
It is amazing the response that North Korea is able to achieve from the world just by making threats. It is a very low cost investment to a huge result. Has the country been watching "The Mouse ...
niccolo caldararo 04/07/2013 14 1 - -
Obama's 100 Days: So Far Defeat
We are near the end of Obama's first 100 days of his second term and what we have to show for it is nothing. He has wasted it in a tilting at the Gun Lobby and energizing the Republican base ...
niccolo caldararo 04/04/2013 26 3 - -
Banks "Personhood" Greater than Citizens: The Case of Sharon Henry
Imagine you go into a bank to cash a check and are arrested for fraud, placed in a cell and chained to a wall for hours and denied a phone call or the medication you need for survival. This ...
niccolo caldararo 03/31/2013 16 18 2 -
Marriage, Christians & Equality
The current arguments before the Supreme Court touch on the issues of equality before the law and of precedent in Common Law. The former seems clear that it cannot be Constitutional to deny ...
niccolo caldararo 03/26/2013 1 3 - -
Cyprus, Russian Billionaires & the EU
It is hard to read the current media on the economic crisis in Cyprus as it is defined in the absence of history. Articles like that by Peter Spiegel, Kerin Hope and Quentin Peel, "A poor ...
niccolo caldararo 03/23/2013 15 2 - -
Banks, Speculators Win! Regulators Down
It is dismaying evidence of the growth and power of corporations as opposed to civil government that America's attorney-general fails to do his duty when faced with the awesome power of ...
niccolo caldararo 03/20/2013 2 2 - -
Wars Against Communism & Religion
For the past 12 years the West has been engaged in a determined effort to suppress the fundamentalist sects of Islam that it organized against the potential threat of communism and socialism ...
niccolo caldararo 03/19/2013 19 5 - -
Winner In Kenya & Future
It is likely that Uhuru Kenyatta will win the current election in Kenya. What he should do as a first focus of his administration is address practically the problem of landownership. His family ...
niccolo caldararo 03/09/2013 2 2 - -
Supreme Court Absolves Financial Criminals
In a decision that was unanimous, the Supreme Court ruled this week that financial criminals (bankers, financial advisors, producers of financial devices, Hedge Fund managers, etc.) cannot be ...
niccolo caldararo 03/02/2013 18 15 - -
Pope's Abdication & No Pope?
On April 25th 2010 I called for the Pope's abdication ( My reasons were many, but one can understand my surprise when ...
niccolo caldararo 02/28/2013 8 9 - -
Syria: Scuds, No Fly Zone
The violence in Syria has reached a level that is horrendous. The West must act and it is not a matter of unintended consequences of such action, rather it is the fact of the consequences of ...
niccolo caldararo 02/23/2013 38 - - -
Guns, Bullets and Tax
As someone who has a history with hunting and guns I appreciate the fact that people want to use them. However, I think it is ok for people to have guns, but it is the bullets that are the ...
niccolo caldararo 02/21/2013 60 4 - -
Legal Cases Shake Israel
The government of Bebe Netanyahu is threatened this month with two dramatic cases that could have far reaching consequences for Israeli liberty and democracy. One is the trial of former Israeli ...
niccolo caldararo 02/19/2013 8 9 2 -
The Future of Libraries
Gillian Tett's article in the Financial Times of February 16th ("Library books are on borrowed time") reviews some of the challenges facing libraries today. We should recall that libraries ...
niccolo caldararo 02/18/2013 17 22 1 -
Afghanistan the U.S.'s Dien Bien Phu?
In March of 1954 the French put into motion a plan to devastate the Viet Minh forces in Vietnam. The problem was they did not understand their enemy, had no compelling reason for being there ...
niccolo caldararo 02/16/2013 35 14 1 -
Israeli Attack on Syria: For Domestic Consumption
Much has been made of the Israeli attack on Syria last week. Speculation on Israeli concern for weapons of mass destruction in Syria falling into the hands of Hezbollah (see for example Time ...
niccolo caldararo 02/03/2013 9 2 - -
Online Education & Scams
The article by Mr. Edgeclifffe-Johnson and Mr. Cook in the Janaury 16th edition of the Financial Times ("Blackboard to Keyboard") touches on important questions in education. I have ...
niccolo caldararo 02/02/2013 6 7 1 -
Obama Wastes Momentum on Guns
Obama is wasting his victory and the election momentum on trying to change the gun laws. This will not happen with a Republican House, or the result will be a huge battle and only a watered ...
niccolo caldararo 01/21/2013 77 5 - -
Algeria & Mali: Ghost Wars
Whether in Algeria or in Mali the prospects of fighting insurgent desert forces requires considerable determination and resources. The two experiences with this in the 20th century, the ...
niccolo caldararo 01/19/2013 6 - - -
Democratic Concessions & History
Present commentary concerning the conflict between Republicans and Democrats over taxes and the budget is takes place in a historical vacuum. It situates the struggle entirely in a contemporary ...
niccolo caldararo 12/31/2012 1 - - -
Republican Tactics & the End of the Republic
Current debate over the fiscal cliff and the recent history of calumny and obstructionism on the part of the Republicans is not new, it shows the same design as carried out by the extreme ...
niccolo caldararo 12/24/2012 10 12 - -
Libya and Reconstruction
"yakhtar akhaf al-dararain" (the choice of the lighter of two evils) Today the Libyan people are faced with the enormous task of rebuilding their country. They are faced with the ...
niccolo caldararo 12/22/2012 1 4 - -
Secret History of Credit Crisis
In 2005 I wrote a letter to the Financial Times describing the unsustainable nature of the financial instruments (derivatives) then being sold as insurance to protect investors from losses ...
niccolo caldararo 12/21/2012 3 5 - -
Scripture and Marriage
There is much debate over the nature of marriage, of what is the religious foundation and of what marriage means in the Christian tradition. Often I read people quoting scripture on this issue. ...
niccolo caldararo 12/09/2012 15 8 - -
Wages, Taxation & Recovery
We have been hearing a lot about the weak American recovery and the soft Chinese landing as well as the Indian economic slowdown. In this Saturday's Financial Times we read of the ...
niccolo caldararo 12/01/2012 4 1 - -
Let's Go Over 'Fiscal Cliff'!!!
We should go over the "fiscal cliff" to prove to the Republicans that they cannot act like terrorists and we will not always respond like frightened gerbils. More than just a game of "chicken"
niccolo caldararo 11/27/2012 4 3 - -
Retain DeMarco Head of Fannie & Freddie
News reports (e.g., Financial Times, article by Stephen Foley, 11/13/12) reports that the Obama administration is telling Wall Street that the President will fire Edward DeMarco, Head of the GSAs (
niccolo caldararo 11/21/2012 14 - - -
What Netanyahu does best
What Benjamin Netanyahu has learned over the years is that if he is in political trouble the best thing to do is attack the Palestinians, or manufacture some crisis surrounding evil Islamic ...
niccolo caldararo 11/20/2012 22 8 - -
Fairness Doctrine & House Majority
The Democrats cannot hope to capture the House in the future unless they undo work the Republicans started after Nixon's fall. In a concerted assault on the American electoral process ...
niccolo caldararo 11/13/2012 62 2 - -
GOP Lies, Marxists & Karl Rove
While Democrats and some of the media ( are finally waking up to the use of lies as a propaganda technique among Republicans, one ...
niccolo caldararo 10/18/2012 4 1 - -
Save Democracy in Israel
Israel is in danger of losing its free press. The Financial Times reported on Friday October 5th 2012, that cuts in the budget of liberal newspaper Haaretz by owner Amos Schocken have led to a ...
niccolo caldararo 10/06/2012 13 1 - 73
'Natural' Rate of Unemployment & Obama
In the midst of the global economic recession of the late 1970s and early 1980s, James Tobin (Nobel Prize Winner in 1981) faced the problem of continued high unemployment (over 7%) at a time when ...
niccolo caldararo 10/02/2012 3 4 - 46
Fiscal Cliff & Planning Hiatus a Hoax?
We are told over and over again in the press that industry cannot plan for the future due to the lack of certainty over the "fiscal cliff." We are also told that the US cannot compete with ...
niccolo caldararo 10/01/2012 2 2 - 71
Fed Bond Purchases: No Future
The present plan of the Fed to buy more Asset Backed Securities (ABS) will have no effect on jobs but will continue to relieve the banks of the time bombs they created in the past decade that ...
niccolo caldararo 09/25/2012 4 1 - 38
GOP $$$: Libya, Cairo & Iran
As Gibbon displays in his book, Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, conspiracies are the core of the secret history of the world. If we recall the "October Surprise" (
niccolo caldararo 09/12/2012 1 - - 27
Logic of War: Afghanistan
It is not strange that few people are talking about Afghanistan right now, with the exception of repeated scandal information. While we hear of the war winding down, like Iraq it is unlikely to ...
niccolo caldararo 09/11/2012 8 3 - 32
Goldman Sachs Inside Deal
One can find by searching the website of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York an interesting document assigning to Goldman Sachs rights to sell and manage a range of bonds and securities of the ...
niccolo caldararo 09/05/2012 9 5 - 63
The USA, "Thucydides 'Trap" and China
In a recent article in the Financial Times Professor Allison of Harvard University, argued that a parallel could be drawn between the actors in the Peloponnesian War and the contemporary ...
niccolo caldararo 08/29/2012 1 3 - 53
Pussy Riot & The Orthodoxy
The decision of guilty against the Russian band Pussy Riot underlines the political and social degradation of Russian society. Not only do gangsters run the economy and political apparatus, but ...
niccolo caldararo 08/17/2012 3 - - 49
Putin, Paul Ryan & Pussy Riot
Russia is in the throes of a third revolution within 100 years. Putin and his former KGB oligarchs are being challenged in every sector, across income levels, geography and cultural boundaries.
niccolo caldararo 08/13/2012 2 - - 42
Syria: One Way Left Out
It is unfortunate that al-Assad did not respond to the initial demonstrations creatively, or reward people's expectations that he would democratize the country. The situation has spiraled out of ...
niccolo caldararo 08/10/2012 4 1 - 28
Syria: Make or Break?
Every day images and reports from reporters in Syria show increased devastation and death ( The world is intent on ignoring the chaos of bloodshed and paralysis ...
niccolo caldararo 08/08/2012 11 - - 38
Russia-China Promote Radical Islam
The outcome of the refusal of Russia and China to support intervention in Syria will be an increase in the strength and influence of radical jihadists in the new Syria. Syrian state TV is ...
niccolo caldararo 07/30/2012 5 2 - 57
Syria: Partition or Turkish Mandate
No one has a solution for the continuing civil war in Syria. China and Russia are opposed to any international intervention. However, as the civil war takes share and the death rate ...
niccolo caldararo 07/21/2012 28 4 - 102
Russia, China & Intervention
The tables are turning in Syria, the Syrian army is cracking but the results will be a catastrophe for the Alawites. Where will they go? Turkey? Jordan? Lebanon? How many deaths will result. ...
niccolo caldararo 07/18/2012 1 - - 24
Russia Responsible for Syrian Debacle
Russia's objections to UN intervention in Syria have prevented an end to the fighting. No matter what the excuses put forward by Russia's spokespeople, the end result is the killing has continued.
niccolo caldararo 07/17/2012 24 2 - 44
Barclays, Regulation & Democracy
Barclays bank has seen two top managers leave in the past week. More are expected to resign, and there will probably be fines as well. This is not enough to staunch the swamp of deplorable ...
niccolo caldararo 07/08/2012 14 29 4 89
Mexico, Detective Stories & Crime
John Rathbone's "Global Insight" in Friday's Financial Times was amusing until it evoked a memory of an article written by G.J. Demko on the history of crime novels in Mexico (see quote below ...
niccolo caldararo 06/30/2012 3 2 - 16
Barclays Caught in Fraud!
Yesterday's Financial Times reported that Barclays Banks traders who are involved in setting the Libor or the interbank loan rate that everyone's mortgages and credit depends, were fined $450 ...
niccolo caldararo 06/29/2012 7 10 1 121
Lives of Children & Parent's Needs
A BOOK by Marin therapist Madeline Levine, "Price of Privilege," Harper/Collins, focuses on the children of privilege, but there are other books with a much wider scope. Problems with ...
niccolo caldararo 06/28/2012 1 1 - 10
Globalism, Union & the Kayapo
The effects of globalism are appearing less appealing everyday, from the mining juggernaut about to crush the Kayapo and other Native peoples in Brazil (Financial Times article by Joe Leahy, ...
niccolo caldararo 06/26/2012 1 1 - 14
EU Crisis, Germany & Inflation
One of J.M. Keynes' clearest political statements was his analysis of the disastrous economic consequences of the Treaty of Versailles (The Economic Consequences of Peace, John M. Keynes, ...
niccolo caldararo 06/23/2012 2 2 - 32
Russia & Syria & Obama
As the massacres increase in size and in broadcast intensity in the media, we are now shown a remarkable conflict between Russia and the USA in the news. Clinton claims the Russians are sending ...
niccolo caldararo 06/17/2012 7 - - 69
Greece, The Euro and California
What is confusing here is Europe for a visiting American is the fear over debt by member states. The fact that Greece, Iceland and Spain have spent more than they can pay as members of the ...
niccolo caldararo 06/16/2012 6 3 - 78
Machiavelli & Leadership
It is unfortunate that the misunderstanding of Machiavelli's book, The Prince, continues unabated today. I refer to the book by Henriksen and Lassenius reviewed in the Financial Times (The ...
niccolo caldararo 05/31/2012 4 1 - 44
Taxation, Tax Cuts & Revolution
Benjamin Franklin relates in his Autobiography that during the French and Indian War Governor Morris continually "worried the colonists" with demands for money to defend the province. Franklin ...
niccolo caldararo 05/29/2012 3 1 - 18
Conscription and Universal Education
Recent news stories have focused on the educational success of Finnish schools in comparison with other nations. Most of the reporting has noted that Finnish schools are less regimented that ...
niccolo caldararo 05/27/2012 8 1 - 38
EU Should not Break up Banks Should
We are seeing an unfolding crisis in the breakup of the European Union when we should be designing the break up of the giant "too big to fail" banks and hedge funds that have brought us to ...
niccolo caldararo 05/26/2012 5 1 - 45
All Our Presidents Protestant
It is curious to see Mitt Romney the apparent nominee as the Republican Party presidential candidate. It will be interesting to see if he is made the candidate at the convention. This, in my ...
niccolo caldararo 05/23/2012 18 - - 133
Empty Housing in America
There are two pressing problems we have: housing and inequality. Everyone seems to be searching for an answer to the housing situation, but ideas need to be examined carefully. Citizens might ...
niccolo caldararo 05/22/2012 20 2 - 55
Banks the Problem Not Governments
We can change governments, but we cannot change corporations. Revolutions bought with blood our right to change our government, but only the 1% change change the corporations' policies.
niccolo caldararo 05/20/2012 1 2 - 35
Stop Export-Import Bank Cap Rise
Presently there is a bill passed by the House on May 9th that allows for a $140 billion rise in the lending cap for the Export Import Bank. It is to go to the Senate shortly. Essentially ...
niccolo caldararo 05/15/2012 2 - - 22
Gay Marriage and Scripture
It is amazing that we are seeing such contentious arguments about marriage right now. Obama makes a change of public position, Mitt Romney pretends that Mormons never held scriptural positions ...
niccolo caldararo 05/14/2012 15 3 - 55
Ron Paul, Banks & Crisis
On Thursday of last week (May 3rd) Rep. Ron Paul attacked international banking at the highest level, the central banks. Paul asserts that interest rates are "prices" on money and that ...
niccolo caldararo 05/08/2012 4 - - 82
Turkish Officers' Trial
The present government of Turkey has embarked upon a dangerous journey of revenge in the pursuit of justice and stability. While one might understand the desire to even scores in many venues ...
niccolo caldararo 05/07/2012 1 1 - 19
Dissent in China & the USA
Current media concentration on the potential problems created by the escape of Mr. Chen Guangcheng is rather curious. We should consider that Mr. Chen's career as a human rights advocate is ...
niccolo caldararo 05/05/2012 1 1 - 28
Rand Paul Protects Tax Cheats
Senator Rand Paul has applied his right as a U.S. Senator to hold up the long negotiated treaty with Switzerland over accounts held in Swiss banks by U.S. citizens. This is a cynical act of ...
niccolo caldararo 05/01/2012 3 4 - 43
Annan Peace Dead
Mr. Kofi Annan's peace plan has failed, just as his attempts to resolve the problems in Rwanda in 1994 that led to the holocaust there with the massacre of nearly a million innocent people. ...
niccolo caldararo 04/28/2012 22 1 1 95
Wealth Taxes vs Wealth Category Tax
Since some people tried to obfuscate my meaning in my last post on income tax (, I would like to undermine their assertions so that ...
niccolo caldararo 04/24/2012 16 3 - 45
Tax Code & 1%
Efforts by the Obama administration and the Democrats to produce a viable policy for dealing with the deficit and the problem of increasing inequality are hampered by both ideas of "being ...
niccolo caldararo 04/23/2012 13 - - 45
Banks Win Over Pensions Thanks to Demos
The world's biggest banks have been given another plum cash cow by the Democrats and the Obama administration. In addition to making the GSAs ( Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac) into ATM machines ...
niccolo caldararo 04/14/2012 14 12 - 146
States Rights & Augusta National
Lincoln and Johnson after him tried to divide revolutionary determination in the South by offering pardons for rebels. This had little effect to slow or end the war. After the war ended these ...
niccolo caldararo 04/09/2012 13 5 - 77
Black out Augusta National
The discrimination against women that is blatantly displayed in the Augusta National should be blacked out on national airwaves. Broadcasting events and programs over the nation's airwaves is a ...
niccolo caldararo 04/07/2012 13 2 - 54
Tuareg Self-Rule, Not Civil War
The civil war in Mali has erupted onto the world stage this past winter with significant gains by the Tuareg people in the north and the collapse of the corrupt regime in a coup. The ...
niccolo caldararo 04/03/2012 17 12 - 79
The Future of American Recovery
The Retreat From America Much is being said about an American recovery. On both the Republican side with the various candidates arguing about jobs and tax cuts to promote recovery, and on the ...
niccolo caldararo 04/02/2012 4 3 - 22
Economic Repression for 95%
Currently most people earning less than $200,000 a year are suffering from what economists call financial "repression." These means there are factors operating that reduce the ability to save,
niccolo caldararo 03/31/2012 8 11 1 52
Obamacare: Let it go
Pundits are debating what effect a Supreme Court decision to strike down the Obama health care law will have on Obama's reelection and Democratic aspirations to retake the House and keep the ...
niccolo caldararo 03/30/2012 42 1 - 172
Israeli Peace Party Alive & Kicking!
The Financial Times reported yesterday that about 1,000 demonstrators gathered in the streets of Tel Aviv to protest the rightwing war party of Netanyahu's threats of war against Iran. ...
niccolo caldararo 03/27/2012 14 5 1 73
New Banking Bailout!
Today the Financial Times reported that Edward DeMarco, acting director of the Federal Housing Finance Agency which oversees Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, is resisting banking lobbyists' efforts ...
niccolo caldararo 03/26/2012 10 10 - 99
The 1% and History
A number of concerns surrounding inequality have been produced in the past year as the idea of 1% of the population owning 90% of the wealth has began to be a popular subject. Figures differ ...
niccolo caldararo 03/13/2012 8 7 - 74
Blunt Amendment & Religious Dogma
The Blunt Amendment would allow employers to opt out of provisions of the nation's health care laws if any procedure or product violated the employer's religious belief (
niccolo caldararo 03/05/2012 2 4 - 31
Homs, Russia & Srebrenica
Today as the world watches another massacre in Syria, we hear all the usual arguments for non-intervention amid the images of murdered civilians. Like the ignominious and murderous riot that took ...
niccolo caldararo 03/01/2012 8 5 1 76
War In Iran
Arguments that Israel must act against the threat of nuclear progress in Iran are a diversion from where Israel must act to promote its own people and save them from the oppression they live ...
niccolo caldararo 02/25/2012 5 3 - 93
General Strike in Israel
Israel's main labor union began a general strike today, shutting airports, government offices, the stock exchange and parts of some hospitals due to treatment of nonunion contract workers. ...
niccolo caldararo 02/09/2012 9 3 1 80
Obama, Catholics & Sharia Law
The current controversy over the Obama administration's determination that religious hospitals involved in taking federal money must participate in family planning is just another example of the ...
niccolo caldararo 02/07/2012 16 9 - 126
NPR/Planet Money Report on Debt
The report released by NPR seems real has anyone seen more documentation?During the Clinton years American and European debt had reached such low levels that there was concern there would not be ...
niccolo caldararo 02/06/2012 5 8 1 115
Syria: Obama Act Now Without UN
It is obvious that Russia and China will not allow UN intervention in any way as they are fearful of similar acts against them in their own territories. However, the USA could act in ways that ...
niccolo caldararo 02/04/2012 49 2 - 272
American Airlines Dumping Pensions
American Airlines is planning to dump it pension liabilities on the public. Joshua Gotbaum, head of the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation, with already a 23 billion dollar deficit, stated ...
niccolo caldararo 02/03/2012 23 14 - 126
Engineered Financial Fraud
There is a forced complexity to this recent spate of financial innovation, forced in that it appears designed to be obscure to all who try and understand before they invest. Consider also that ...
niccolo caldararo 02/01/2012 2 2 - 27
Trillions More for Banks!
If this was not clear before, then today's report in the Financial Times that banks will ask for another 1 trillion Euros, twice the 489 bn Euros the European Central Bank already made available.
niccolo caldararo 01/31/2012 8 3 - 48
The Evolution of Capitalism
Much has been said recently in the Financial times series on capitalism and in letters in response to this series about the history and future of capitalism. Most of the proposals for ...
niccolo caldararo 01/30/2012 14 3 2 61
Iran, Israel and the IAEA
The present threats against Iran concerning supposed efforts by that nation to produce nuclear weapons are not constructive. The idea that Israel or the USA will attack Iran and destroy some ...
niccolo caldararo 01/29/2012 31 7 - 105
Liability, Debt, Bonds & the Business Cycle
A number of commentators recently, like Martin Wolf, have commented on the role of the business cycle as a correction to the recession. Wolf, a journalist for the Financial Times and former ...
niccolo caldararo 01/27/2012 3 1 1 19
Ending the Recession Without Government Intervention
We can end the recession without government intervention. All we need is for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to get all the corporations who are siting on piles of cash to increase the wages of ...
niccolo caldararo 01/23/2012 9 - - 37
Destroying Debt, Break Up Banks
Attempts to eliminate debts in traditional societies were often associated with customary means of doing so. While they were not always personal, for example, debts to the priesthood described ...
niccolo caldararo 01/21/2012 8 6 3 52
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