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Hey Mark Zuckerberg: Friends Don't Let Friends Veto Equality
If you're on Facebook, you've probably been inundated with all things Papal today. But, if you follow news of Facebook , you might have heard that founder Mark Zuckerberg is hosting a fundraiser for ...
noweeman 02/11/2013 6 16 - -
The NJ Governor's Race Just Became Yours
NJ Governor Jon Corzine ends speculation today when he announces that he has picked Loretta Weinberg to be his Lieutenant Governor.
noweeman 07/25/2009 20 20 - 120
Rick Warren? Are you kidding me?
UPDATE #2 : As suggested by a number of commenters, you can email Parag Mehta - his email address is: - with your opinion. He is Obama's LGBT liaison on the ...
noweeman 12/17/2008 1596 611 4 230
Congressman-Elect John Adler (NJ-3) on Blue Jersey Radio
This week on Blue Jersey Radio : We were joined by a very special guest, and New Jersey's newest Democratic Congressman-elect - John Adler, NJ-3 . John's was one of the top targeted ...
noweeman 11/13/2008 1 1 - 4
Taking Off Work for Election Day?
Election Day is going to be nuts this year - and someone needs you. You betcha they do. Obama needs you, Lautenberg needs you, the person running to represent you in Congress needs you, your ...
noweeman 10/22/2008 39 9 - -
Six Chances to Win in New Jersey - Take the Poll
The House of Representatives - the People's House - should be the most accountable to voters given that every member must stand for reelection every two years. Yet, despite ridiculously low ...
noweeman 10/21/2008 15 4 - 45
Whom Would Jesus Vote For Again?
One of my least favorite things to see in politics is claims of religion supporting one party over the other. It's offensive when Republicans do it, and I don't much care for attempts by Democrats ...
noweeman 10/20/2008 13 6 - 3
Interview Tonight with DSCC Insider - Is 60 or 62 Really the Magic Number?
This week on Blue Jersey Radio : Our guest is Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee Deputy Communications Director Hannah August . Or, I guess in acronymspeak, that would be the DSCC'...
noweeman 10/15/2008 12 4 - -
Undefeated in Eleven Straight Presidential Campaigns
As Ohio goes, so goes the nation - at least I hope so. In fact, this year sets up a showdown between Ohio, the acknowledged king of presidential picking (and currently a toss-up state) and at least ...
noweeman 09/27/2008 21 - - 1
Should our next President be able to multi-task?
I realize multi-tasking is a new word, and perhaps even a new concept. But, it's hardly a new skill, or a rare one. In 2008, it seems to me that every worker bee, every mom, every college student, ...
noweeman 09/24/2008 19 2 - -
Netroots Nation Wrapup - a Diary in Pictures
I've been to many conferences, and this was definitely one of the best - great speakers, friendly participants, amazing surprise guests - and Austin, TX is definitely a cool city to visit. Since I ...
noweeman 07/23/2008 6 20 1 179
I don't think a continued primary hurts the party, but
This long primary season has been the absolute best thing to happen to the democratic party in a generation. Howard Dean's 50-state strategy has come to life in the primary precisely because we're ...
noweeman 03/28/2008 19 - - 23
Marriage Equality takes center stage at the Oscars
UPDATE: WINNER!! Moments after posting this, the Oscar went to Freeheld! Congratulations Cynthia, and all those fighting for equality and the freedom to marry! Nominated for Best Documentary ...
noweeman 02/24/2008 22 28 2 4
Politics and Film - Perfect Together
Every Saturday morning from 10:30am to 11:00am, Blue Jersey Radio streams live with the latest buzz in New Jersey politics, interviews with ...
noweeman 02/22/2008 1 6 - 3
Vote for the Candidates as described by Richardson - w/Poll
On his exit from the presidential race, Governor Bill Richardson graciously heaped worthy praise on all the democratic candidates for the race they have waged, their service to our country, and the ...
noweeman 01/11/2008 13 - - -
Local Politics Presidential Style: Fixing the Race in NJ
UPDATE : Under pressure from rank-and-file democrats and the presidential campaigns themselves, the State Committee reversed course and is now seeking an open primary in New Jersey. In ...
noweeman 12/19/2007 8 33 - 213
First in the Nation Caucus - in New Jersey?
Not content to sit back and let Iowa decide the presidency, a coalition of Democratic and Progressive Grassroots Organizations in New Jersey are conducting ...
noweeman 12/05/2007 8 11 - 7
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