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Park Service suggests doubling Santa Monica Mtns. Recreation Area
A draft study recently released by the National Park ...
occams hatchet 04/21/2015 20 14 - -
I do not like green eggs and ham! I do not like them, Sam-I-am.
occams hatchet 03/24/2015 10 7 - -
Adieu, Monsieur Colbert: remembering his finest hour
Nation, The Colbert Report is closing up shop this week after a stellar 9-year run that saw its host consistently and brilliantly skewer pompous, ignorant, self-righteous, irrationally fearful, ...
occams hatchet 12/16/2014 163 333 9 -
Lonely vigil: my 39 years on Waikiki [reposted]
[ A repost from 2007 , inspired by Scott Brown , because stopping them Over There clearly requires a pickup truck ...
occams hatchet 09/23/2014 3 9 - -
'Negotiating is, like, totally always the Best. Thing. EVER!' - signed, N. Chamberlain
"Like, OMG, I just got the best deal signed - I got this crazy guy to agree to stop doing the crazy things he's been doing. Everybody can relax now!" No one will ever accuse him of refusing to ...
occams hatchet 10/08/2013 18 4 - -
Former NRA political director: 'Somebody drives up my driveway, I'm gonna greet 'em with a gun'
Offered without comment : Richard Feldman, former NRA regional political director and author of Ricochet: Confessions of a Gun Lobbyist , said this while being interviewed in his home for the 2011 ...
occams hatchet 01/30/2013 56 31 1 -
Republicans at fiscal cliff? Let's jump!
The thought for this came to me last night, but as I Googled for the link to the video below, I found that I was hardly the first to make this connection: h/t Notes from a Boy @ The Window - o.h.
occams hatchet 11/29/2012 7 5 - -
Hey, Republicans! WE live in the real world. You should try it, soon.
Here's what Karl Rove had to say in 2002: [Rove] said that guys like [the reporter, Ron Suskind] were ''in what we call the reality-based community,'' which he defined as people who ''believe that ...
occams hatchet 11/09/2012 11 7 - -
Our long national nightmare is over, surely
Surely President Obama, by George Bush's calculations , earned a lot of political capital last night in what the New York Times will surely term "a decisive win."
occams hatchet 11/07/2012 13 10 - -
God, Inc.: redistributing wealth since the Year Gimmel
Seriously, bubbie? This Obama n0ob? All of a sudden he's the great maven of "redistribution"?? Nicene , please. Oy - G*d has been in business a lot longer than this Obama pisher - true, He never ...
occams hatchet 09/19/2012 21 13 - 77
Republicans: your party leader is flailing! Swim out and save him!!
At this point, I'm looking at Mitt Romney flailing out there, clearly about to go under, in WAY over his head, and I'm thinking: I don't want to throw this guy an anchor. NO! Somebody's gotta try ...
occams hatchet 09/18/2012 27 36 - 206
Here's the Ryan ad we need to produce
My Photoshop/iMovie skilz are sorely wanting, so I'll leave this to more capable hands ( Dood ? Vor ??) Anyway, here goes: The print version looks something like this: Headline: Ryan's plan for ...
occams hatchet 08/13/2012 7 3 - 123
Romney's tax returns: "you people," omertà and this thing of ours
"This is an impressive crowd: the haves, and the have-mores. ...
occams hatchet 07/23/2012 10 20 - 104
Why the right wing MUST repeal Obamacare
So I'm driving into work this morning, listening on the Stephanie Miller show to clips of Romney telling the NAACP that he will repeal "Obamacare," when it hits me: The Republicans are well and ...
occams hatchet 07/12/2012 231 512 1 2621
occams hatchet 05/10/2012 16 6 - 104
Half a baby: Solomon's bipartisan solution to abortion
Duh. It's so obvious, I can't believe no one has brought this up before.
occams hatchet 04/06/2012 11 13 - 139
Serving the 1%: a modest proposal - with just a dash of Grey Poupon (updated)
It was the late, great Ann Richards who famously said of George W. Bush, "He can't help it - he was born with a silver foot in his mouth." The same can certainly be said of many other Wealthy ...
occams hatchet 03/05/2012 12 12 3 185
Gingrich backer Adelson: 'I'm against wealthy people influencing elections'
I stumbled across a reference to this quote in an LA Times column today , and was very surprised to see that it had received almost no play here on the Great Orange Hilarity Machine - only a sparsely-
occams hatchet 02/26/2012 17 25 - 149
MD Repub legislator changes vote, undermines sanctity of hatred (updated)
The LA Times ran a heartwarming story yesterday about longtime Republican Maryland state delegate Wade Kach, who changed his position on gay marriage, thus becoming one of two Republicans in the ...
occams hatchet 02/24/2012 65 214 4 1189
All five Republicans recuse themselves from Maxine Waters "investigation." Huh??
Gee, I wonder why this would happen? Maxine Waters ethics case: 6 committee members recuse selves The tumultuous ethics case against Rep. Maxine Waters, one of Los Angeles’ most enduring ...
occams hatchet 02/17/2012 6 22 - 336
Romney protects millions of unborn jobs in Cayman shelters
Mitt Romney, fighting back against a flurry of condemnation of his sheltering millions of ...
occams hatchet 01/18/2012 5 19 - 108
Ronald Reagan: tax capital gains as ordinary income
So Mitt says he pays about 15% in taxes. I'm sure what he meant was, "The nominal tax rate for the vast majority of my income, which is derived from capital gains, is 15%. Of course, with deductions,
occams hatchet 01/18/2012 50 23 - 166
Justice O'Connor asks, 'Why isn't our children learning civics?' (Uh, hint: Bush v. Gore)
Even Lee Atwater supposedly had a deathbed conversion. At least former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor still has a chance to set some things right.
occams hatchet 12/28/2011 217 334 5 1903
Gingrich: Obama "insane"
It is worth recalling, I think, what Newt Gingrich told National Review Online fifteen months ago. Gingrich was interviewed after the ...
occams hatchet 12/22/2011 69 39 1 407
The Bozone Layer: Paul-borg swarms LA Times editorial
I wish I could take credit for coining "The Bozone Layer" - but I just read it in the comments section of today's LA Times editorial,
occams hatchet 12/21/2011 20 5 - 107
Delete my f*%#ing lifetime subscription, Kos
I'm with Bob Johnson on this one - thanks a lot , whoever decided to give me a lifetime subscription . . .
occams hatchet 12/14/2011 166 324 - 3322
Job creator Herman Cain: "You want a JOB, right - ?"
" - because, being a Republican, I won’t even THINK of trying to help you get one until I fuck you first."
occams hatchet 11/09/2011 9 6 1 75
Class war is hell
War is hell. I'm here to tell you. I've seen it. I was one of the lucky ones, though: I lived through it and came out the other side. Sure, I was damaged - all of us super-rich banker types were - ...
occams hatchet 09/19/2011 111 315 8 1458
REAL death panel - the private-insurance kind - claims another life
Bob Iritano died Thursday. He had cancer. He was 51 years old. And the reason Bob Iritano died this ...
occams hatchet 09/02/2011 82 211 4 893
Mitch McConnell hates you for your freedoms
occams hatchet 07/13/2011 34 23 - 144
The South, rising again: Confederate California
occams hatchet 07/12/2011 56 20 - 260
Netroots Nation: Why you want me on your Pub Quiz team
- erm, I mean, your Chairman's Quiz team . . . See, while I have had the honor and privilege of having served on three different Pub Quiz teams in my five trips to YearlyKos/Netroots ...
occams hatchet 06/10/2011 49 14 - 92
Cirque du Sarah: Palin-whipping the submissive lamestream media
Used to be, a circus traveled in a huge caravan, filling the road with a score of ...
occams hatchet 06/01/2011 14 20 - 119
Teacher calms kids during shootout. But - how were their test scores?
And is she a millionaire thug union member?
occams hatchet 05/30/2011 134 160 5 1001
Is Trump a lesbian?
He hasn't proven otherwise. Fact: Trump had three (relatively) long-term relationships with women . Even he has admitted this. It is only when that ...
occams hatchet 04/27/2011 46 24 - 193
- or, Oprah throws a Tea Party! " - and YOU get a unicorn, and YOU get a unicorn, and YOU ...
occams hatchet 04/06/2011 25 27 - 156
Teacher evaluation: Can't act. Can't sing. Balding. Can dance a little.
occams hatchet 03/29/2011 337 272 39 1454
What - you're still married? WHY DO YOU HATE AMERICA?!?
My head is spinning. I can't figure out now if Teh Gayz are actually the most America-Lovin of all America-Lovers, or if the Sanctity of Marriage is actually undermining The Greatest Country On ...
occams hatchet 03/09/2011 19 22 - 165
DK4: Can someone PLEASE fix this? Please?
I'm usually not a whiner (although my wife might tell you differently), and certainly I'm not a meta-whiner here on the Great Orange Rust Whatever-This-Color-Is Satan, but I do have ...
occams hatchet 03/05/2011 111 47 - 441
Tom Coburn: Republicans have NO ONE qualified for president
Heh® - not much of a diary and a day or two old, but I didn't see this anywhere else on the Great Orange Rusty Satan, and I thought it was hysterical. Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK) was asked by C-...
occams hatchet 03/04/2011 41 26 - 225
My daughter joined a union yesterday
What propitious timing. My younger daughter got a job a few weeks ago with a major national grocery chain. She's on the bottom of the totem pole, a "courtesy clerk," a schlepper. She rustles ...
occams hatchet 02/26/2011 62 100 1 326
Look for the union wedge
It won't be long until Republicans have convinced the 28-percenters that indoor plumbing and antibiotics are elitist, Communist drains on the taxpayer that only snooty socialist Kenyan Democrats ...
occams hatchet 02/22/2011 42 42 - 160
The starlight formerly known as exmearden
occams hatchet 11/28/2010 248 719 29 386
Clearly a reminder is in order: Bush tax cuts KILL jobs
occams hatchet 11/12/2010 194 348 8 96
Not voting? Okay, then - here's your s#!t sandwich
Reprinted, with minor edits, from a few days ago , because - WTF, right? - ...
occams hatchet 11/02/2010 20 28 - 83
GOTMFV: So, what's it gonna be - PBJ or s#!t sandwich?
Imagine you're on an airplane flight. Imagine it's a long flight - a really long flight: two years long, to be exact. Imagine on the flight with you are 300 million ...
occams hatchet 10/28/2010 25 22 - 189
The Republicans, in their own words (Part 4): 'Let 'em eat applesauce'
I have never made but one prayer to God, a very short one: 'O Lord, make my enemies ridiculous.'
occams hatchet 10/28/2010 29 64 7 313
The Republicans, in their own words (Part 3): Big Fat Liars (and hypocrites)
I have never made but one prayer to God, a very short one: 'O Lord, make my enemies ridiculous.'
occams hatchet 10/27/2010 74 171 13 257
The Republicans, in their own words (Part 2): bigotry, hate and violence
I have never made but one prayer to God, a very short one: 'O Lord, make my enemies ridiculous.'
occams hatchet 10/26/2010 124 189 13 395
The Republicans, in their own words (Part 1): bats#!t crazy
I have never made but one prayer to God, a very short one: 'O Lord, make my enemies ridiculous.'
occams hatchet 10/24/2010 217 515 33 525
D'oh! Meg NOT so good at "making the tough decisions"
Some business titan Meg Whitman is.
occams hatchet 09/29/2010 48 87 2 82
PA-Sen: NPR says Democrats running from Obama
I wish someone would invent TiVo for my car radio so I wouldn't ever again be tempted to listen to NPR in hopes that their political coverage had unskewed itself.
occams hatchet 09/21/2010 59 24 - 60
Hey, Markos! Breitbart sez he wants to work with you! w00t!
Markos - a HUGE career opportunity may have just opened up for you!
occams hatchet 09/03/2010 41 22 - 58
occams hatchet 08/24/2010 162 242 3 120
We must be sure NOT to honor the people killed inside the buildings on 9/11 because MANY OF THEM WERE TERRORISTS same as the people who flew the planes into the buildings. Yes thats correct: ...
occams hatchet 08/20/2010 167 43 - 55
PTSD: from Troy to Afghanistan
Only the dead have seen the end of war. - Plato In World War II, ...
occams hatchet 07/26/2010 31 28 - 40
Upward and outward
This is a repost from late Sunday morning. I like to believe one had nothing to do with the other, but no sooner did I post the original of this than the site took a massive dump, and continued ...
occams hatchet 07/25/2010 43 43 1 69
Upward and outward
occams hatchet 07/25/2010 44 48 1 35
Peaceful Republicans, please refudiate this racist white person
I'm talking, of course, about this racist white person:
occams hatchet 07/20/2010 54 37 - 50
HUGE BRITISH FIRM PROSECUTED!!! . . . < pays pittance, walks away >
Okay, so here's the scene from a few months ago: Huuuuge British corporation. Blatantly in ...
occams hatchet 06/04/2010 18 28 - 54
President vetoes faith-based DC initiative; TX school board outraged
The president vetoed a request by a Virginia-based Episcopal Church to be sanctioned by Congress ...
occams hatchet 05/24/2010 181 330 2 105
But wait!! We didn't even get to WATERBOARD him!!
Crap! Frickin' Islamic fundamentalist terrorist tries to bomb Times Square, and what? - WE DON'T EVEN GET THE CHANCE TO INVADE A COUNTRY!!?! WTF kind of pantywaist ...
occams hatchet 05/05/2010 16 31 - 942
Beck Masada? [Updated]
occams hatchet 04/24/2010 23 21 - 103
Pots throw out kettle: Taitz uninvited to CA Tea Party event
Evidently, there's batsh**t crazy and then there's HOLY F**KING BATS**T CRAAAAZYYY!!! The first kind is OK for California Republican candidates; the second is not. Yet. ...
occams hatchet 04/14/2010 36 31 1 41
Okla. Confederates WISH they had "manly firmness"
Hey, Oklahoma nutbags ! Lookin' to exercise some of that God-given Right to Keep and Bear Arms? Figurin' that - ...
occams hatchet 04/13/2010 50 24 - 42
End U.S. occupation: 145 years is too long
We won the war a long time ago: Our country was attacked, we responded, and in a long, bloody war, the United States prevailed. The enemy was soundly defeated, and signed a surrender document. But ...
occams hatchet 04/07/2010 89 33 - 40
Mushroom clouds for granny
Death panels! Killing granny!! Government takeover!!! SOCIALISM!!! Huh. Looks ...
occams hatchet 03/19/2010 37 28 - 26
Local TV news: worse than you thought
There's a well-known slogan pioneered by New York radio station WINS in the '60s and soon exported to fellow Westinghouse station KFWB in Los ...
occams hatchet 03/17/2010 85 49 - 38
"Al Qaeda 7"? That's nothing - the president HIMSELF defended foreign killers
Leave it to the neocon fascist wannabes to be ignorant of their history and thus to go after the wrong people in ...
occams hatchet 03/04/2010 25 13 - 27
L.A. Times gut-hooked by GOP's desperate "we're not crazy" meme
Steve Benen wrote this today in the Washington Monthly: My suspicion is that some news outlets ...
occams hatchet 03/01/2010 37 39 1 38
Karl, you're embarrassing yourself
Karl Rove embarrassed himself on O'Reilly the other day, babbling incoherently about the Research 2000 poll that revealed the depth and breadth of Republican ignorance. In particular, note this ...
occams hatchet 02/04/2010 192 259 2 82
Common ground with the lowest common denominator
Seriously, how do you even begin the conversation? So I'm driving to work this morning, tuned to NPR during the commercial interstices on KTLK here in Los Angeles, when I light ...
occams hatchet 02/02/2010 394 370 5 80
Is that so?
For some reason, recent events in these parts have me thinking of a well-known Zen parable : A beautiful girl in the village was ...
occams hatchet 01/26/2010 64 41 - 30
Strict construction: Senate Dems are 3/5 of a person
Thank god there are still real journalists in this country, who understand what the Founding Fathers intended when they established our brilliant bicameral legislative branch. CNN"s Brianna ...
occams hatchet 01/21/2010 17 7 - 14
Joe Klein: Still butt-hurt after all these years
I miss the old days.
occams hatchet 01/05/2010 55 44 - 34
Holy s**t, Republicans are stupid
Now, a more self-evident statement may never have graced this space (and that's saying something), but still -
occams hatchet 12/23/2009 332 588 11 142
Texas: We had to destroy marriage in order to save it
h/t ScottyUrb From the Department of You Can't Make This Shit Up . . . I can just picture it in my mind's eye:
occams hatchet 11/19/2009 58 37 2 147
Blake Hall: making Michael Steele look good
Say what you will about Michael Steele - turns out the GOP might have dodged a bullet when they picked him to head the RNC. They might've had Blake Hall leading the party instead.
occams hatchet 11/10/2009 28 19 - 225
GOP discards Big Tent, opts for individual version
Why advertise this -
occams hatchet 11/03/2009 52 21 - 36
Defending marriage - to the death
occams hatchet 11/02/2009 74 57 - 164
Count your blessings, Chicago: L.A. still reeling from '84 Olympics
Whew - looks like ...
occams hatchet 10/02/2009 71 40 - 266
Shorter Maureen Dowd
H/t oxfdblue and ...
occams hatchet 09/13/2009 13 12 - 24
" . . . and I WELCOME their hatred"
President Obama will be going before Congress Wednesday to make a speech. I hope what he has to say will piss a lot of people off. Of course, he doesn't have to say anything in ...
occams hatchet 09/08/2009 412 878 38 238
Nice district ya got here, congressman. Shame if somethin' was ta happen to it . . .
Maybe it’s time for us to start our own campaign of fear and intimidation. You know, like threatening members of Congress with votes . We can make Blue Dog Democrats understand that ...
occams hatchet 08/17/2009 38 42 - 24
Netroots Nation: Helping Democrats remember who they are
Four o'clock in the morning. I was riding the shuttle bus to the airport, the start of a long day of travel that would end at my hotel room in Pittsburgh. It was dark outside. The heat of the day ...
occams hatchet 08/15/2009 28 68 1 34
Sotomayor confirmed: THAT's how you do "bipartisan"
occams hatchet 08/07/2009 25 24 - 19
McCain, wearing controversial "Crazy Suit," SMASHES world irony record
Arizona Republican Sen. John ...
occams hatchet 08/03/2009 29 26 - 33
Baucus seeks bipartisan solution in birther debate
Montana Sen. Max Baucus stepped into the middle of the debate swirling around the still-unresolved question of the exact birth status of Barack Hussein Obama, proposing compromise legislation that ...
occams hatchet 07/30/2009 323 501 4 60
Jeff Sessions is a liar
I haven't been writing lately because my right arm is in a cast after surgery, but Jeff Sessions' most recent outburst was too much for me. Here's the blatant lie the junior senator from ...
occams hatchet 07/13/2009 248 517 2 105
Iraq: letting the days go by
occams hatchet 06/04/2009 42 58 - 237
Bwahahaha: Sotomayor polls higher than Roberts, Alito, Miers
A newly released AP/GfK Roper poll indicates that Sonia Sotomayor has initial favorability ratings a third ...
occams hatchet 06/02/2009 111 157 1 22
Tiller a murderer? Really? According to what law?
I was listening to the Thom Hartmann show this morning as Hartmann interviewed human exemplar Randall Terry about the murder of Dr. George Tiller. At a couple of points in the conversation when ...
occams hatchet 06/01/2009 83 55 1 29
Obama drops Sotomayor's Mentos into right wing's Diet Coke
You have to give it to our president: he knew what he was doing when he picked Sonia Sotomayor. The formula was simple and ...
occams hatchet 05/30/2009 351 386 4 78
Oh, yay!! Finally, I can carry a gun into the White House!! Yippee!!
Thanks god Congress and the President have finally come to their senses about the Second Amendment. I was beginning to fear I might go my entire life without being able to exercise my God-given ...
occams hatchet 05/21/2009 215 58 1 84
Cheney, Nuremberg and aggressive war: the day the smirking stopped
- and then they showed that awful film, and it just spoiled everything. -
occams hatchet 05/18/2009 689 1253 110 493
Sarah gets her gun
Here's the honest-to-god headline from the New York Daily News:
occams hatchet 05/04/2009 346 160 2 90
Thanks, Republicans, for making it OK to laugh again
Although no one dared mention it at the time, a pall lurked about the margins of the inauguration of Barack Obama on January 20, 2009. A great passing was imminent, many feared. Broad swaths of ...
occams hatchet 04/29/2009 63 43 - 22
O'Reilly: Defending American values not worth American lives
Bill O'Reilly doesn't care about defending American values. Check ...
occams hatchet 04/23/2009 22 21 1 28
We need a new reality show: Waterboarding with the Stars!
occams hatchet 04/22/2009 166 127 2 38
Pulling a Harman: thank you, Jane
"Watergate" used to be a noun that represented a part of a system of canals. Then it was the name of a swanky hotel, office and apartment complex in Washington. Now, of course, it's synonymous ...
occams hatchet 04/21/2009 47 36 - 20
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