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Dzhokhar Tsarnaev
I am strongly opposed to the death penalty, however in the case of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, there is, in my opinion, a larger reason to sentence him to life imprisonment without parole than simple ...
phantomlib 04/23/2015 20 10 - -
Autism,Ultrasound And Whales
For many years I have noted the link between the increased use of ultrasound and the increase in autism and autism spectrum disorders. The studies have clearly shown the effect of the Naval sonar ...
phantomlib 03/27/2014 25 1 - -
District 18 St Lucie Recount Update
Murphy camp declares victory due to missed deadline. Fort Pierce — Update: Campaign officials for Patrick Murphy, Democrat candidate for the congressional district 18 race, are calling their ...
phantomlib 11/18/2012 13 18 - -
Voter Suppression Worked- In Reverse
With all the moaning and groaning about the dysfunctional Florida vote, and all the attempts to suppress the minority votes in Ohio and Pennsylvania and many other States, there is one thing ...
phantomlib 11/11/2012 7 5 - -
Romney: Elect Me Or House GOP Will Wreck The Economy This should be disseminated in ALL the Congressional candidate races as an additional reason to throw out the Republican obstructionists. ...
phantomlib 11/04/2012 20 12 - -
Florida Schools Now Racist & Underfunded
Our Governor who purchased his way into his position has now decided to outdo Romney for lies and misrepresentations and to bring Jim Crow back into the Florida School system. First he decreased ...
phantomlib 10/13/2012 1 3 - -
Campaign Finance Laws Are A Joke
Recently, in my Town a complaint was filed with the State for violations of the Campaign Finance Laws because a local woman made up a flyer with a list of "recommended" candidates that she ...
phantomlib 10/12/2012 7 - - -
Wearing An Aluminum Hat
I am usually immune to conspiracy theories, but lately I have begun to wonder-- In my small City there appears to be undue influence by Republicans in a ( supposedly) non partisan race. And now, ...
phantomlib 10/06/2012 4 - - 44
Koch Front Group Joins Revenge Campaign Against FloridaJustices With Pro-Nullification Ad
Last week, the Florida GOP launched a campaign to remove three sitting state supreme court justices who previously ruled against Gov. Rick Scott (R-FL). If this campaign succeeds, Scott will be able ...
phantomlib 09/29/2012 8 29 1 197
Register and Vote and Do Not Forfeit Your Rights
There is an epidemic of violence and gang activity destroying our Cities and the future of our Country. Although there have been many efforts to stop gang violence, drugs and criminal behavior ...
phantomlib 09/16/2012 2 1 - 15
Patrick Murphy's Terrible Ads
As a lifelong Democrat senior citizen and supporter of Patrick Murphy ( I signed his nominating petition and contributed to his campaign) I am annoyed and aggrevated by the lousy campaign ads he is ...
phantomlib 09/02/2012 9 2 - 178
Theater Doors
The tragedy in Colorado was unavoidable in terms of the having ANY way of preventing this previously seemingly sane young man with no criminal record from obtaining the guns and bomb making material.
phantomlib 07/21/2012 24 3 - 92
I must admit that I have not followed all the arguments made for and against the mandatory provisions of the Health Care Act, however I must have been COMPLETELY out of the loop to miss the ONE main ...
phantomlib 06/11/2012 8 3 - 128
Winning The Battle-Losing The War
We are likely going to be winning The Presidency, but losing the battles in the trenches The well deserved glee all of us Dems feel about the probable re-election of President Obama should be ...
phantomlib 04/13/2012 3 - - 34
Mailing List Sabotage
I am a lifelong Democrat who has NEVER donated to or supported ANY Republican. I donate to MANY Democratic candidates through Act Blue, and to the National and State Democratic Committees with the ...
phantomlib 03/18/2012 9 2 - 124
Straight Old Lady's Take On Same Sex Marriage
As a senior married heterosexual who has long been in favor of gay rights I am of course very happy that New York, my original hometown and birthplace, has passed the equal marriage statute. BUT, I ...
phantomlib 07/03/2011 90 1 - 318
Daily Kos Needs A Good News Page
We need a GOOD NEWS section of Daily ...
phantomlib 12/27/2010 116 21 - 55
Paul Le Page Another Republican Crook
Maine's Republican candidate for Governor can now be added to the growing list of Republicans with serious ethics problems. Another rich Republican cheating the system to ...
phantomlib 09/29/2010 5 4 - 70
There is no way for folks to boycott advertisers without watching or listening to the objectionable programs.
phantomlib 01/15/2010 10 1 - 10
Obama's REAL age and birthplace
Barack Hussein Obama was born in Hawaii, on 08/04/1961, 29 Months after Hawaii was admitted into Statehood, but the SPIRIT of Barack Hussein Obama was born out of the ideals and ...
phantomlib 12/05/2008 16 4 - 3
Sarah Palin-- Unfit Mother??
There has been enough attention paid to Governor Palin's aptitude and qualifications for the office of Vice President, but little to none about her or her husband's role as parents.
phantomlib 09/30/2008 86 4 1 12
Palm Beach County, home of the "hanging chads" and "butterfly ballot" has again proven to be totally incompetent in its election process. With the polls in Florida so close, and the General ...
phantomlib 09/07/2008 7 5 - -
She should default on her "debt" to Mark Penn.
phantomlib 08/13/2008 17 2 - 19
The Deception of the Edwards
It isn't very important in the scheme of things to focus on a leader's moral lapses, or to commiserate with the betrayed wife and family.
phantomlib 08/10/2008 100 2 - 15
As a former Clinton supporter who switched to Obama when I saw the ineptitude of her "puppet-master" campaign, I have a dream that her talents and abilities can be fully expressed and utilized.
phantomlib 06/03/2008 21 6 - -
I have seen the multitude of "delegate counts" and "popular vote counts" and I would like some figures on the votes that count in November.
phantomlib 06/02/2008 11 - - -
Bloggers and Politicians and Teen Pop Stars have something in common. The Euphoria Of ...
phantomlib 05/24/2008 2 4 - 2
Democratic Candidates Should Stay Out Of Local Primaries
Congressman Tim Mahoney, Florida who is unopposed in HIS Democratic nomination, has affiliated himself with one of 5 Democrats running in a primary for County Commissioner. The ...
phantomlib 05/17/2008 8 - - 3
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