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AZ: Netroots Nations is not the Super Bowl
I'm old enough to remember when Markos was a fairly vocal proponent of Howard Dean's 50-State strategy, bringing support to grassroots progressives in deep red states, with the hope of turning them ...
pontificator 07/20/2014 82 38 - -
Who can update me on Daily Kos gossip?
I haven't been following Daily Kos for awhile. My absence has nothing to do with site quality, which I can see from my occasional visits is as high as ever, but rather due to life demands of work ...
pontificator 12/27/2012 196 31 - -
What is Daily Kos like these days?
I used to participate on Daily Kos quite frequently. However, around the time of the switch to DK4, I mostly stopped. (Note: My lack of participation was not related to any pie-fight or flame war ...
pontificator 01/06/2012 42 11 - 236
Did Meteorblades leave?
What happened? I've kind of been out of the loop.
pontificator 08/31/2011 26 4 - 596
Business Insider: Roger Ailes to be Indicted
Friday, the New York ...
pontificator 02/27/2011 19 16 - 252
Roger Ailes Caught on Tape -- and it's BIG!
I am not one for overstatement. But this just-breaking scandal could lead to the fall of the house of Roger Ailes. Roger Ailes stands accused of encouraging Judith Regan to lie about her affair ...
pontificator 02/24/2011 73 212 3 2147
Breaking: Palin pulls video from website; EPIC FAIL
Source: MSNBC (on TV) Gee, who would have thunk appropriating a centuries-old name for a historical lie used to justify repeated genocides throughout history against a religious minority would ...
pontificator 01/12/2011 32 19 - 88
Lame Duck Congress Repeals DK4!!!!!!!
In the final act of the most prolific lame duck Congress in history, The Senate and House simultaneously passed bills repealing Daily Kos 4.0, and enshrining "Daily Kos Classic" into federal law. ...
pontificator 12/22/2010 87 60 - 50
Parker loses her cool over Spitzer domination, LOL
I thought on this very tragic day (ELizabeth Edwards RIP, Obama's hostility to liberal bloggers, liberal bloggers jumping off the presidential primary challenge cliff), we could use a little ...
pontificator 12/07/2010 31 15 - 42
Glenn Greenwald Apologizes, and. . .
deserves credit for doing so: ggreenwald Glenn Greenwald I affirm my distaste for photographic leader-glorification, but I'll rescind my invocation of Leni Riefenstahl as too ...
pontificator 12/05/2010 192 28 1 126
Breaking: ABC cancels Breitbart, and slaps him down [UPDATE]
A little bit of good news on a day where many of us are bracing for a lot of bad news.
pontificator 11/02/2010 361 711 7 715
Breaking -- New Poll shows Feingold in virtual tie!!!
Very good news, as this is a non-partisan poll:
pontificator 10/19/2010 300 359 1 181
Poblano is all Grown Up
This I like. A New York Times skin to Nate Silver's blog. Nate Silver, of course, was originally the diarist known as "Poblano" on Daily Kos. Local boy made good indeed! And well deserved!! ...
pontificator 08/25/2010 8 13 - 25
Al Gore Cleared
Some accusers scream lack of credibility from 100 miles away. (See, e.g., the Duke Lacrosse fiasco). Al Gore's accuser has always fit squarely in that category, which is why I'm relieved to see this:
pontificator 07/30/2010 385 320 1 83
Does Daily Kos endorse FDL's latest email message?
Detroit Mark has the latest from FDL. Of course, FDL has always been this way. This is nothing new. ...
pontificator 06/21/2010 74 5 - 49
Bernstein: No Mr. Greenwald, Obama is not the enemy
I encourage everyone to read the following from political scientist Jonathan Bernstein:
pontificator 06/11/2010 223 29 - 40
Some background on the guy behind the lastest FDL smear
So, as those who read me know, I can't stand Jane Hamsher, Firedoglake, Accountability Now, or anything about that organization. I've criticized them repeatedly here and elsewhere. However, the ...
pontificator 03/31/2010 161 30 - 32
Q: How is Carville "Whoring" for Blanche Lincoln?
In his front page post, Markos says that James Carville is "whoring" for Blanche Lincoln ...
pontificator 03/23/2010 45 10 - 43
I am saddened by the netroots :-(
I was very sad to read this piece written by Atrios. My marker for Obama was whether he'd get a health care bill with a public option. He didn't. A year ago passage of some sort of ...
pontificator 03/22/2010 54 23 - 35
HELP! On Sunday, is the House going to vote on both the Senate Health Care Bill and the Reconciliation Sidecar in separate votes? Or just one one vote? More importantly, will the House vote ...
pontificator 03/19/2010 40 4 - 25
Report: Tea Partiers Working With Firedoglake on HCR [2X UPDATE]
From the Washington Independent. The Headline says: Tea Partiers Working With Firedoglake on HCR Whip Count The article says:
pontificator 03/16/2010 199 50 1 42
Breaking twitter: Massa to go on Glenn Beck tomorrow
Ugh Tomorrow at five: congressman Massa for the full hour. I just spoke with him off air. All Americans need To hear him. Exclusive 2morrow fox
pontificator 03/08/2010 120 26 - 36
Big news today: The Netroots Nation Keynoter will be. . .
So, according to @Netroots_Nation on twitter, Netroots Nation will be making a big announcement today. Namely they will announce the name of one of the Keynote Speakers at this summer's convention ...
pontificator 03/04/2010 41 24 - 27
Make the case for why I should give $$$ to Bill Halter
I don't live in Arkansas. If I did I would vote for Bill Halter over Blanche Lincoln in the Democratic primary, since his policy positions are closer to mine on a wide range of issues. But ...
pontificator 03/02/2010 26 2 - 18
An anti-GBCW diary
The best way to win is to never quit. Your opponents want you to quit. It makes life easier for them. They dread having to deal with you, and your inconvenient opposing point of view. There have ...
pontificator 02/22/2010 41 9 - 41
Business Insider: NY Gov. Paterson To Resign [UPDATE]
Wow. I sure haven't been paying attention. Where the heck did this come from? This past week, a rumor emerged that the New York Times is working on a huge bombshell with plans to "...
pontificator 02/07/2010 87 13 - 115
Real Progressives help Dems with Attack Polls!
Did Firedoglake take out Vic Snyder? Rep. Vic Snyder (D-Ark.) announced his retirement today, ...
pontificator 01/15/2010 156 20 - 39
Ack! Suffolk U. Poll: Coakley down 4
Now I'm REALLY starting to worry:
pontificator 01/14/2010 58 10 - 33
New MA-SEN Poll: Brown leads Coakley by one point
Crap Massachusetts Senate Race is a Toss Up "Buoyed by a huge advantage with independents and relative disinterest from Democratic voters in the state, Republican Scott Brown leads ...
pontificator 01/09/2010 80 5 - 29
We could lose the Health Care Bill in Massachusetts!
Whoa. Did you know that the Massachusetts Senate special election to replace Ted Kennedy is scheduled for January 19? A pro-Health care Democrat (Paul Kirk) is in the seat now. He is the ...
pontificator 01/05/2010 108 16 - 20
Jane Hamsher appeared on Fox & Friends this morning [UPDATE]
I did not see it myself, so I won't characterize her appearance. I'll let those who saw it report what they saw in comments. (I've read others who report that she advocated killing the Senate HCR ...
pontificator 12/22/2009 1100 170 - 388
To those who want to kill the HCR bill, what is your Plan B?
So it's clear that a large percentage of Kossacks agree with Howard Dean and Markos Moulitsas that Senate Democrats should kill the current version of the Senate Health Care Reform bill. (Disclosure:
pontificator 12/16/2009 130 20 - 20
Calling Harry Reid a "Crook."  Good Idea?
Questions for Kossaks: Do you believe Harry Reid is a "crook"? Do you think it's productive to call "Harry Reid" a "crook" if you are trying to improve the health care bill? Even if you, in good ...
pontificator 12/10/2009 32 12 - 179
Breaking Twitter: Markos says BIG news coming!!
On twitter just now, Markos says: Holy shit -- big news coming tomorrow or Wednesday. GOOD news, for a change. And yes, I'll remain annoyingly vague about it. http://...
pontificator 11/30/2009 436 51 1 87
Confirmed: Daily Kos is boycotting Barack Obama
Although Kos for some reason didn't seem willing to confirm it himself, there is no doubt that "Daily Kos" is boycotting Barack Obama. Kos says:
pontificator 11/12/2009 342 44 1 196
Does Daily Kos Need to Change Its FAQ?
According to the FAQ linked to on the front page of this site:
pontificator 11/10/2009 391 17 - 236
List of Eshoo Amendment Supporters and Opponents
The Eshoo amendment on Biologics has split Democrats and Republicans. James Glassman (a Republican and head of the George W. Bush institute) and Henry Waxman oppose the amendment, while Howard Dean ...
pontificator 11/05/2009 15 8 - 34
BREAKING: Scozzafava drops out of NY-23 race!!!
WTF???!!! Dede Scozzafava (R) announced "that she is suspending her campaign for the 23rd Congressional District and releasing all her supporters," the Watertown Daily Times reports. "...
pontificator 10/31/2009 438 165 - 84
Stop Lieberman: Pass a "Sore Loser" Law in Connecticut!
According to Talking Points Memo : Lieberman is apparently planning to run for reelection in 2012.
pontificator 10/30/2009 21 12 1 68
Breaking: Lieberman would filibuster Senate HCR Bill
Well that's that. Lieberman is saying , as clearly as it could possibly ...
pontificator 10/27/2009 23 17 1 32
Breaking Confirmed: Reid to back Public Option with Opt Out
The moment we've been waiting for is here : Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid will announce his support ...
pontificator 10/26/2009 559 294 1 56
ABC News Breaking: Senate HCR likely to include Public Option
Best news I've heard in weeks. Reid is allegedly confident that he has 60 votes for a public option in the health ...
pontificator 10/22/2009 682 438 1 97
Lieberman "inclined" to vote for cloture on HCR
"Probably" good news from the blogosphere's BFF: U.S. Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman, I-Conn., whose vote could ...
pontificator 10/16/2009 37 11 - 17
EPIC CONFUSION: opt out of the PO bad for red states?
So there have been a series of diaries assessing the new public option compromise floated, allowing States to opt out of the public option if they so choose. Thereisnospoon has eloquently stated ...
pontificator 10/08/2009 14 3 - 7
Rahm Emmanuel Abandons Netroots Nation Auction
Our favorite Democratic 'svengali', Rahm Emanuel, just said that he didn't think the Netroots Nation auction would make any money in spite of dozens of bids by enterprising Kossacks on really cool ...
pontificator 09/25/2009 17 22 - 43
SEIU will support HCR without a public option
Ignore all the opinionating and bloviating in the linked article, and focus on the direct quote of SEIU's number 2 ...
pontificator 09/24/2009 23 9 - 10
"The Informant!" advertised on Glenn Beck
I was all set to see "The Informant!" starring Matt Damon this weekend. But, I just saw "The Informant!" advertised on Glenn Beck. No more. I will not see, and will boycott, "the Informant!" (...
pontificator 09/18/2009 35 14 - 32
GE got Olbermann to stop criticizing O'Reilly and Fox?
According to the New York Times, the corporate honchos at GE recently instructed MSNBC generally and Olbermann specifically ...
pontificator 07/31/2009 20 17 1 26
In which I defend Fox News
So, everyone seems to be jumping to the conclusion that since Fox News did not immediately publish a rambling letter sent by a former Ensign staffer that made incendiary allegations against Ensign, ...
pontificator 06/19/2009 99 19 - 13
Russ Feingold Voted Against Funding Guantanamo Closing?!
Can someone explain this to me? Only six Senators voted in favor of funding the closure of Guantanamo. Those ...
pontificator 05/20/2009 80 10 - 26
Thomas Ricks Says Odierno "Rolled" Obama on Abuse Photos
Washington Post reporter Thomas Ricks , author of "Fiasco," is reporting that Obama reversed ...
pontificator 05/14/2009 64 29 - 16
Breaking: Jack Kemp Dead
No information yet other than: NYT NEWS ALERT: Jack Kemp, Former Quarterback and Congressman, Is Dead, A.P. Reports He was one of the more decent Republicans. He tried to ...
pontificator 05/02/2009 532 321 13 84
Joe Lieberman an Employee Free Choice Act Sponsor
Just a quick note. There's been a general recoil against "centrist" democrats who seem to be abandoning the Employee Free Choice Act, now that the battle is getting tough and the corporate ...
pontificator 03/11/2009 45 6 - 20
The Federal Budget does NOT require 60 Senate votes!
Cross-posted at Congress Matters Josh Marshall reminds me this morning that the Federal ...
pontificator 02/19/2009 17 18 - 17
Gallup: Congressional Dem Approval DOUBLES!
Wow. I see that the Congressional Republicans' "just say no" strategy is really working wonders for them. While their approval ratings have trended down amongst their own rank and file voters (i.e.,
pontificator 02/17/2009 22 27 - 38
Joe Lieberman a critical player in Stimulus passage
Not that I'm interested in stirring up a hornet's nest of controversy, but it appears that, just as we're critiquing Obama for his missteps in reaching out to Republicans, at least one part of his ...
pontificator 02/13/2009 118 34 - 11
Blair House is a Fake Story
It's true that Blair House is booked on dates prior to January 15. But it's not true that this is some kind of "snub" or "diss" of Obama. Obama wanted to move into Blair House early. But Bush had ...
pontificator 01/07/2009 65 11 - 16
Arianna Huffington to Rescue Investigative Journalism?
Good news this morning. Arianna Huffington and the Huffington Post have secured $15 million in ...
pontificator 11/22/2008 49 23 1 28
CNN: Lieberman will likely keep Homeland Security
And lose a subcommittee chair : Senate Democrats appear willing ...
pontificator 11/17/2008 159 30 2 20
Poll news -- 10/31 PPP polling suggests Obama landslide
Lots of good news overnight from the PPP polls. They show a commanding Obama lead in a number of important States: Michigan: Obama 55-42 over McCain New Mexico: Obama 58-41 over ...
pontificator 10/31/2008 89 33 1 19
Object Lesson: Just Say No to Potential Hoaxes
As most of you already know, McCain volunteer Ashley Todd's bizarre pulp fiction nightmare, torn from the pages of a white supremacist pamphlet, turned out to be entirely made up and a hoax, to the ...
pontificator 10/24/2008 18 6 - 10
What if I posted a diary and nobody clicked on it?
Answer: my pals at Netroots Nation would be very disappointed in me, as they asked me to post a diary promoting Netroots Nation's totally awesome auction, featuring lots of really cool stuff donated ...
pontificator 10/14/2008 28 56 - 22
Obama back to +10 in Gallup; Drudge commits Hara-Kari
Poor Matt Drudge. He used a one-day blip in the Gallup poll to loudly proclaim, at the top of his website, that McCain was headed for a comeback. "Ready for a Come-Back?," the site shouted. "...
pontificator 10/13/2008 71 33 - 15
What if Netroots Nation threw a Party and nobody came?
Netroots Nation's huge online auction fundraiser started Friday. Given the current blogging environment, with a major election 25 days away and the economy on the brink of collapse, the auction ...
pontificator 10/11/2008 10 23 - 4
Slimy McCain Ads Good for Obama Fundraising
The Obama campaign is pleased that McCain will spend the next thirty days making outrageously inaccurate ...
pontificator 10/05/2008 5 8 - 1
OMG -- Sarah Palin is Alan Keyes!!!!!!!
So, ever since the Sarah Palin VP announcement, I've been having this weird feeling that there was something strangely familiar about it. The gimmicky and laughably pathetic attempt by Republicans ...
pontificator 09/03/2008 22 12 - -
Breaking: Alleged Palin Affair w/ Husband's Bus. Partner
OH My ...
pontificator 09/03/2008 297 97 3 51
National Enquirer Forced Palin Disclosure, not Bloggers
From CNN, to, to the rest of the mediawankosphere, everyone has mindlessly regurgitating the McCain talking point that the Palin pregnancy disclosure was made in response to "vicious ...
pontificator 09/01/2008 96 108 4 30
Sarah Palin a Global Warming Skeptic
I'm sure Governor Sarah Palin will get a eco-friendly makeover for the national republican campaign, but back in Alaska she was a global warming skeptic: During [the Fall 2005] ...
pontificator 08/29/2008 30 25 - 185
Cindy McCain Family Scandal Hits
Do not underestimate the power of the gossip rags in driving news stories. They often appeal to a group of readers that is less politically educated, and is therefore less likely to have already ...
pontificator 08/19/2008 71 52 - 13
Florida Senator Bob Graham for VP?
Does anyone know why former Senator Bob Graham of Florida isn't publicly mentioned as an Obama VP candidate? Let's look at his positives:
pontificator 08/14/2008 62 9 - 16
Hush Money -- John Edwards Still Lying?
In his interview with ABC news, John Edwards says the following : Edwards denied paying any money to Hunter to ...
pontificator 08/08/2008 38 1 - 4
Hillary should be Obama's VP
Those of you who have followed my diaries know that I have been an Obama partisan since before he even announced. You also know that I have had anything but warm admiration for Hillary. Rather, I ...
pontificator 08/06/2008 250 22 - 16
Daily Kos Needs a Twitter Update
Imagine, on the upper right hand corner of Daily Kos, a constant stream of twitter updates, each lasting no longer than 30 seconds. It would be pure anarchy, yet, so ephemeral, as to be without ...
pontificator 07/31/2008 64 7 - -
After Stevens, McCain new R head of Commerce Cmte?
One interesting piece of fallout from the Ted Stevens indictment is the fact that, if Stevens resigns as ranking member of the Commerce committee, as he currently is required to do under Republican ...
pontificator 07/29/2008 29 8 - -
Netroots Nation's "Ask The Speaker" Influences Pelosi?
For those of you participating in "Ask The Speaker," the Nancy Pelosi dialogue taking place at Netroots Nation (if you haven't registered for NN yet, btw, you are really missing out --
pontificator 07/10/2008 34 29 - 39
Prediction: Lieberman Will Bolt The Democratic Party in August
Joe Lieberman has announced that he will speak at the RNC convention, while he is still a Senator who caucuses with the Democrats. That is an irreparable break -- a wound that will never be healed.
pontificator 07/06/2008 336 247 5 61
Breaking: Howard Dean To Open Netroots Nation
It's now confirmed that Howard Dean will be the Thursday night keynote at Netroots Nation in Austin on July 17! It's not too late to register --
pontificator 06/10/2008 85 155 1 172
Party in NYC! (and a movie)
For those of you New Yorkers looking to connect with other local liberal/progressives for a few beers and a movie, mark June 8 on your calendar. Netroots Nation and Living Liberally are sponsoring ...
pontificator 05/28/2008 10 15 2 -
Finally, a reason for Jerome Armstrong to support Obama!
Yes, the votes that really matter are in : In a presidential campaign where we have gauged candidates based on the ...
pontificator 05/21/2008 51 22 - 19
Unity Time -- McCain will overturn Roe v. Wade
Jeffrey Toobin has a good piece up in the New Yorker where he asks whether McCain will be a "Maverick" when it ...
pontificator 05/19/2008 69 45 1 24
NE-SEN: Bowers calls it for Kleeb over Raimondo!!
The Nebraska Senate primary is the most important Democratic primary today. Scott Kleeb is a true progressive and a genuine netroots hero, having attended ...
pontificator 05/13/2008 46 30 - 14
Obama uses Hillary YearlyKos footage in Latest Ad!!!!
I'm proud to say that the netroots convention that some you may have attended in Chicago last August has made a difference in the Obama-Hillary race as it cames down to the end. Obama has a new ad ...
pontificator 04/15/2008 281 396 14 100
Back in the beginning of the 1990's, I went to college (The University of Chicago) with a somewhat hyperactive, always smiling bespectacled kid named Rick Perlstein. Apparently, he was brilliant. ...
pontificator 04/12/2008 8 14 - 10
Peace at Daily Kos. The Primary Wars Are Over
So, it's official. The 2008 Daily Kos primary wars were more intense and more bitter than the Daily Kos primary wars of 2004. I thought that nothing would ever trump the Dean-Clark wars, where a ...
pontificator 04/09/2008 135 42 2 12
Hillary Surrogate Off-Message on Pennsylvania
This may be one of the more important stories that we hear today. A loyal, prestigious Hillary superdelegate and surrogate has veered radically off message in terms of setting Pennsylvania ...
pontificator 04/03/2008 58 27 - 19
It's Over
The Obama-Clinton primary is over. Obama is the nominee. His speech yesterday ended it. All that's left is to count the delegates. With respect to pledged delegates,
pontificator 03/19/2008 839 815 13 63
Stunning: Bear Stearns to announce Sale or Bankruptcy [UPDATE]
Bear Stearns is done, and the speed of its collapse is nothing short of stunning. A news story just up on ...
pontificator 03/16/2008 1059 438 14 78
This Spitzer Prosecution Stinks
Before I begin, I'd like to say that what Spitzer did was wrong and embarrassing. However, the way the prosecutors have conducted themselves seems highly questionable. I say in the title that it "...
pontificator 03/11/2008 63 19 - 15
Gov. John Corzine for Vice President?
OK, what do you guys think of John Corzine as a potential Vice President? The more I see the US economy spiral out of control, the more I think this election will be about the economy, not foreign ...
pontificator 03/09/2008 56 1 - 2
First Spouses, Security Clearances, and Classified Info
So, I'd like to run a few questions by the Daily Kos community. I'm hoping there's someone out there who is a legal geek when it comes to the treatment of classified information, because I have ...
pontificator 03/08/2008 20 30 1 3
Vote Foster and Give Obama One More Superdelegate!
This coming Saturday, March 8, Democrat Bill Foster will take the fight to Republican Jim Oberweis in a Special Election for the seat of retiring Speaker Dennis Hastert. Although this seat, IL-14, ...
pontificator 03/05/2008 10 17 1 10
Bring "Fox News Watch" to MSNBC!
As we all know, Fox News is a cesspool of Republican talking points disguised as objective news analysis. However, there has always been one bright spot in the cesspool -- Eric Burns' "Fox News ...
pontificator 03/02/2008 16 20 1 166
Deval Based his '06 Campaign on Obama's '04 Senate Run
This whole plagiarism attack by Hillary is beyond silly. It's beyond silly because Patrick and Obama are spiritual and political allies. There's no "plagiarism" here, only a common approach to ...
pontificator 02/18/2008 219 168 3 59
Ickes: No Need for Hillary Delegate Win to get FL and MI
This latest assertion by Clinton official Harold Ickes is quite disturbing. Chris Bowers (and others) have made the case that whoever wins the pledged delegate count will control the credentials ...
pontificator 02/16/2008 128 19 1 8
Breaking: Cleveland Plain Dealer Endorses Obama!!!!!!!!!!!
Yes, I admit it. I love "breaking" diaries. I'm a total news junkie, and nothing gets my heart pounding like breaking a brand new news story to others, especially when it's a good one. And,
pontificator 02/09/2008 223 359 9 96
Good Firedoglake Post on Obama's Law Firm Work
Yesterday, a Kossack posted a recommended diary accusing the Firedoglake blog of "Swiftboating" Obama over his work for a ...
pontificator 02/08/2008 18 24 - 1
Laesch-Foster Dogfight in IL-14
In the other big election tonight, John Laesch and Bill Foster are in a dogfight to win the Democratic nomination for the 03/08/08 IL-14 special election to replace Dennis Hastert. With 44% ...
pontificator 02/05/2008 55 25 1 24
Cali Field Poll, The "Gold Standard": C-36, O-34
There's been a rush of new polls this morning, but one stands out above the rest. The California Field Poll has long been considered the "gold standard" of California polls, and it shows a dramatic ...
pontificator 02/03/2008 57 35 - 13
Simon Rosenberg Slams Hillary's Florida Grandstanding
This is important. Simon has spent years helping build the Democratic party. And he's highly offended by Hillary's opportunistic grandstanding in Florida. For someone who's usually quite measured ...
pontificator 01/29/2008 701 460 9 184
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