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House of Ras: Obama Approval Rating of 52% - Four Month High
There has been some chatter about President Obama's approval rating improving over the past few weeks. Here is some fresh evidence from an unlikely source - our frenemy - Rasmussen Reports. I hope ...
purohit 02/24/2014 22 31 2 -
Biden: "I think we are going to win clearly" - Predicts Decisive Win in Electoral College
I have not seen this posted yet but Vice President Joe Biden was on Hardball with Chris Matthews and said that he does not think the Electoral College vote will be close. It is also interesting to ...
purohit 11/04/2012 10 12 1 -
Freep Away - Online Instant Polls - CNBC, CNN, Yahoo, Fox, etc. (Updated with Google Doc and Links)
Back by popular demand here is a list of the online instant polls that are open for "freeping" on who people think won the final Presidential Debate. In my view, there is no doubt who won this ...
purohit 10/22/2012 144 133 2 -
Ras: Swing State Tracker O 50 R 47, Daily Tracker O 48 R 49
Just a quick diary summarizing the info from the House of Ras today to save everyone from having to give our "friend" Scott any extra hits than necessary. It seems the president gained a point in ...
purohit 10/17/2012 15 10 - -
FREEP AWAY - CNBC/CNN/ABC/WaPo Web Polls (Updated with Google Doc and Links)
CNN Poll of who won the debate (at bottom of the page): Another at CNBC Poll of who won the debate http:
purohit 10/16/2012 142 124 3 -
Ras - Swing State Tracker - O 49 R 47
I thought people could use some good polling news after kos posting earlier today. After six days of Romney leading the Rasmussen Swing State Tracker, President Obama took the lead today with a two ...
purohit 10/16/2012 46 11 - -
IBD Tracking Poll - O 46.4, R 45.7
Thought I would share the information from the Investor Business Daily tracking poll. The IBD poll just began a few days ago and the swings in that short period of time have been quite interesting.
purohit 10/12/2012 14 8 - -
CNN Snap Poll - Admits Oversampling Republicans
If CNN wanted to be biased, they should at least have done a better job of hiding their desire to make the election a true horse race. SPECIAL ...
purohit 10/11/2012 136 205 3 -
Rock Bottom and New Low: Tea Party Groups/Repubs Slime President's Dead Mother
The Daily Beast has an article out today describing a pseudo-documentary that slimes Ann Dunham, the president’s late mother who passed away 17 years ago, without any facts or proof and is being ...
purohit 09/28/2012 17 25 - 208
Politico: Ryan Going Rogue, Calling Romney "the Stench" - Snark/Truth/Gossip/All of Above
Just saw this article on Politico by Roger Simon. Not sure if it's snark or full of half truths - never know with Simon - but it seems Boy Wonder has decided to go rogue and started calling Romney "...
purohit 09/25/2012 225 200 2 3400
New Swing State Polls In CO, FL, IA, MI, NC, Nev, and WI Show Excellent Results for President
Have not seen this from anyone yet but it seems several swing state polls from a diverse range of polling outfits that were released today show significant movement toward President Obama. Andrew ...
purohit 09/24/2012 142 168 3 1993
Taliban Permanent Presence in 3/4 of Afghanistan
There is a frightening piece in Wall Street Journal regarding the revival of the Taliban in Afghanistan. Those of you who have been on this site for a while know that the Taliban and Afghanistan ...
purohit 12/07/2008 17 2 - 1
Taliban: How We Lost the War We Won
There is an incredible piece in Rolling Stone regarding the revival of the Taliban in Afghanistan. Those of you who have been on this site for a while know that the Taliban and Afghanistan are a ...
purohit 10/20/2008 2 6 - -
The Taliban are back and no one cares.
If everyone could take a moment from the diaries regarding the DNC to read the following article in the New York Times today:
purohit 08/27/2008 13 3 - -
Taliban Taking Over Afghan Villages
AP and other outlets are reporting that hundreds of Taliban fighters took over several villages in southern Afghanistan on Monday just outside the region's largest city. This is my second diary on ...
purohit 06/16/2008 6 13 - -
400 Taliban Members Escape from Prison
NY Times has an article that demonstrates why we must focus on Afghanistan - the Taliban is growing more brazen in their attacks and we simply don't have the troops there to stop them: http://www....
purohit 06/13/2008 12 12 - 3
WOLFSON: Clinton to “Express Her Support for Obama” Friday
This will be very short. From Halperin at "Senator Clinton will be hosting an event in Washington, DC on Friday to thank ...
purohit 06/04/2008 31 5 - 3
Sports Parable: Boston-Detroit = Obama-Clinton
I just saw this piece in the New Republic. It is priceless. Here is a taste: "Some in the media are declaring the series over because the Boston Celtics have won four of the six games played so ...
purohit 06/03/2008 10 - - -
972 Ways to Count Popular Vote
Not sure if someone has already posted about this or linked to it but Poblano has once again shown his absolute brilliance and the result is pure genius. Check out the link below - he has created a ...
purohit 06/01/2008 4 - - -
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