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Theoretically, I am for the Working Families Party in New York State - Should I Vote on their line?
Theoretically I am for the WFP - I'm for increasing minimum wage, and I'm for publicly financed political campaigns. I'm against fracking. So I am generally a 'progressive' Democratic. So ...
rexxnyc 10/27/2014 10 3 - -
NY Post Says Cuomo Might Kick Woman Off the Women's Equality Ticket and put Tim Wu in a Booth
The Post is a right wing rag, but this is just news or at least 'analysis' - and they seem to enjoy needling Cuomo in a way the NY Times can't (they think they have standards) and the NY Daily News ...
rexxnyc 09/01/2014 38 24 - -
Nobody Likes Andrew Cuomo, Part 2. He Had a Pathetic 37 Donors in July. NY Times Calls for Debates
While Andrew Cuomo has a positive approval rating there is no real intensity to that approval. Only 37 human beings actually like him enough to have given him any money in July, two months before ...
rexxnyc 08/12/2014 16 19 - -
Nobody Likes Andrew Cuomo
Even before the Moreland Commission story broke last week, it was clear that there is no enthusiasm for Andrew Cuomo. Real support for him among real voters is amazingly shallow. The latest New ...
rexxnyc 07/31/2014 17 7 - -
Do Port Authority Shenanigans in Bayonne lead to Cuomo as well as Christie?
From today's New York Times . The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey paid the City of Bayonne, New Jersey $235 Million for land appraised at about $70 Million. Why would Christie want to do ...
rexxnyc 06/09/2014 13 28 2 -
"Republicans for Cuomo" Billionaire Still Loves Charter Schools and Comparing Progressives to Hitler
"Republicans for Cuomo". Ugh. What does the head of "Republicans for Cuomo" have to say today?. Over at Capital New York Billionaire Ken Langone was interviewed: “Well about a month ago, I was ...
rexxnyc 05/19/2014 10 7 - -
Yo, Judge Roberts. Whatever Happened to "A Well Regulated Militia"?
This Supreme Court has repeatedly ignored the opening ...
rexxnyc 04/25/2014 47 14 - -
Burn More Oil! Koch Brothers Try to Block All New Mass Transit In Tennesseee
More demand creation from our favorite billionaires. From Think Progress : The Tennessee Senate passed a bill last week that, if approved, would broadly ban mass transit projects in the region, an ...
rexxnyc 04/02/2014 12 31 1 -
Who Will Primary Andrew "DINO" Cuomo?
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has a long history of betraying Democrats. For me, the final straw is Cuomo's eleventh hour sellout to the charter school lobby. I hope someone runs against him in ...
rexxnyc 04/02/2014 26 13 1 -
In NY State Budget, Cuomo Sells Out NYC Public Schools, Campaign Finance Reform
The latest New York State budget deal, announced today gives New York City charter school promoters a huge windfall that can only come at the expense of 1,000,000 children in increasingly ...
rexxnyc 03/29/2014 22 25 - -
WTF USPS? A week for stamps by mail?
Recently our local post office branch was closed, temporarily we hope, due to an unplanned rendezvous with a BMW. It happened at night. I don't think anyone was hurt. Local coverage is here. So ...
rexxnyc 12/13/2013 16 3 - -
"Why Indian Point Won't Kill You" - Puff Pieces for Nuclear Reactors?
The two nuclear reactors at Indian Point, New York (40 miles from New York City) have reached the end of their approved 40 year operating life. Entergy - the utility that now owns the reactors - ...
rexxnyc 10/01/2013 4 7 - -
Video - Ravitch Skewers Schools Shock Doctrine, Charter Schools, Testing Mania; Lauds de Blasio
A brief note: education historian (and one time US Assistant Secretary of Education) Diane Ravitch has just published a new book:"Reign of Error". Friday night Ravitch appeared on New York City's ...
rexxnyc 09/22/2013 11 4 - -
Coming Soon NYC: Negative Ads. Survey Firm Looking for Theme
A quick note here. No shocker. Just want to share how they do these things. Tuesday night we got a call from a "survey" firm in Utah (801 377 7003). It seemed like they were just starting. The ...
rexxnyc 09/19/2013 16 3 - -
How de Blasio can Center his Message; Comments on his "Politics Nation" Appearance
New York City Democratic Mayoral nominee Bill de Blasio appeared on Al Sharpton's "Politics Nation" (MSNBC) last Thursday. He was comfortable. He was strong. He is the most robust Democratic ...
rexxnyc 09/16/2013 6 2 - -
NYC: Bill Thompson for Ambassador or something [Poll]
The results are in, sort of. Bill de Blasio is unofficially 1,000 votes over the 40% threshold needed to avoid a runoff in NYC's Democratic Mayoral Primary. Second place finisher Bill Thompson ...
rexxnyc 09/11/2013 9 4 - -
Bloomberg Calls Pictures of de Blasio's Children "Racist"; But What is Bloomberg's Record?
What a clown. From the NY Times: Asked what was racist about the campaign, Mr. Bloomberg said: “I mean he’s making an appeal using his family to gain support. I think it’s pretty obvious to ...
rexxnyc 09/07/2013 19 23 - -
De Blasio Blasts Bloomberg's Charter Schools; National Impact? (Poll)
Bill de Blasio may be emerging as a national figure with his criticism of a major pillar of the neo-con Educational reform movement. Two days ago NYC Mayoral Candidate de Blasio (the frontrunner ...
rexxnyc 09/05/2013 20 22 1 -
Diane Ravitch Endorses de Blasio for Mayor of NYC and You Should Too [Poll]
I don't place a lot of stock in endorsements. I don't really care who celebrities endorse (not even Clint Eastwood). And NYC's newspapers are in thrall to or owned by the powers that be (real ...
rexxnyc 09/01/2013 12 12 1 -
Should New York State Require Frackers to Buy Watershed Insurance?
Last year Bill McKibben published a fine essay at the New York Review of Books summarizing his opposition to fracking. He noted three environmental problems with fracking that aren't being addressed ...
rexxnyc 08/22/2013 78 47 1 -
Each Year NCLB Wastes $50 Billion; and Each Year Public School Kids Lose a Month of School
The education "reform" movement is not just a failure. It is a costly failure, much more expensive than its advocates say. Cost estimates of the "No Child Left Behind" Act radically ...
rexxnyc 07/24/2013 5 3 - -
Not gloating - just sharing crucial information
Just sharing some crucial information: an article in today's New Statesmen titled "5 Pictures of Mitt Romney Looking Sad" Thanks to President Obama and Vice President Biden and President Clinton ...
rexxnyc 11/08/2012 3 - - -
Two #s: #pleaseproceed #getthetranscript
Perhaps the clearest zinger Romney delivered was self-inflicted, with a little nudge from the President. From NY Times live transcript of the 2nd 2012 US Presidential Debate. "Please proceed" in ...
rexxnyc 10/16/2012 4 4 - -
My strategy for giving - let's take back the House
Everybody here is doing what they can. I am now giving money where I think it matters most. I just want to share my approach. Analysis: 1. The President will likely reverse the trend. But it ...
rexxnyc 10/16/2012 1 1 - -
Use RICO Against the Voter Suppression Conspiracy
Two diaries I read yesterday really got me going. Hungry Coyote and Lefty Coaster both noted reports that as many as 10 million people might be denied their right to vote this fall. I hope that ...
rexxnyc 09/25/2012 11 9 - 96
Why I Support Chicago Teachers and Parents: $15 Billion Wasted on NYC Teacher Evaluation System
I wholeheartedly support the teachers and parents of Chicago in their objection to the imposition of another unproven test-based evaluation system on another city’s children and teachers. The ...
rexxnyc 09/12/2012 30 16 1 92
Ryan Plan = Bain Plan = Steal Pensions = Steal Medicare and Social Security
The Republicans' long-term 'fiscal' playbook is so predictable. It's always the same, whether at the Federal, State or corporate level. Whatever the market is doing, they always choose to spin the ...
rexxnyc 08/14/2012 6 20 2 69
Give 'em Bill, Barry.
I'm glad to see President Clinton will speak at the Democratic convention. After that we must keep him campaigning. We need Clinton's partisan strengths to help offset the money, lies, and fear ...
rexxnyc 07/31/2012 10 2 - 121
The President should act like a President and just issue Bonds already
Congress has passed two laws that contradict each other: (1) the current budget which calls for spending in excess of the debt ceiling and (2) the current debt ceiling. The current budget was ...
rexxnyc 07/28/2011 12 5 - 97
Are Bloomberg's calls for "Leadership" just Park Avenue codewords?
Bloomberg for President trial balloons continue surfacing. His calls for "leadership" seem to be a combination of self-promotion and yet another, softer racist attack on Obama. Bloomberg's gave a ...
rexxnyc 12/11/2010 26 1 - 59
Should we free Pollard for a 3 Month Settlement Freeze? (Hint: where is Scooter Libby)
According to The Guardian, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is offering a 3 Month West Bank settlement freeze for the freedom of Jonathan Pollard.
rexxnyc 09/21/2010 128 1 - 44
Clearly nobody at Morning Joe sends their kids to NYC public schools
Now maybe you will object to this post just because I watch Morning Joe, but he tries to be civil. (last week was...difficult). Thursday's special edition of "Morning Joe" was devoted to education ...
rexxnyc 03/29/2010 43 17 1 99
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