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I Love This Country - and Why
As someone who became an American citizen just five years ago, I haven't been more proud of what this country has shown itself capable of in the last few years. The amazing pace of change, despite ...
rigso 11/07/2012 1 - - -
Warren's Work in Africa Exposed
With all the controversy following Rick Warren and his role in the inauguration I thought ...
rigso 01/07/2009 36 27 1 24
Patti Solis Doyle joins Obama08!
Yep, that's the former campaign manager of Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign.
rigso 06/16/2008 30 15 - 2
Long Time Clinton Supporter (ME) Moves To OBAMA08!
Some of you may know me, as a pretty constant and ardent supporter of Hillary Clinton. This isn't easy guys, it's been a tough year-and-a-half long campaign, but it's time to get together and let ...
rigso 06/02/2008 402 756 11 33
Reverend Wright: Official Campaign Position
Senator Obama, the Kos community, Kos himself, myself, have rightly been upset over Geraldine Ferraro's racially insensitive comments. Now it's Reverend Wright's turn: Follow Me:
rigso 03/13/2008 326 31 2 51
Huckabee Vs. Clinton, a fight progressives should not skip!
Mike Huckabee recently made some outrageous statements, big surprise right? Well, I think they should only add to our fear of a Huckabee presidency. I don't care if he were the most economically ...
rigso 01/17/2008 17 6 - 8
Positive Developments in 08 Race, For HRC, B.O
Today we saw some great, positive developments in the ongoing battle between Obama and Clinton, especially in terms of the race wars that threaten to bring our party down.
rigso 01/14/2008 14 8 - -
Hillary Clinton in General Election
In response to this diary I felt the need to find out the true feelings of the Kossacks on Hillary in a General Election.
rigso 08/26/2007 82 11 - 9
I have heard alot of folks say they would not vote for Hillary should she be the nominee, they will either stay home or vote for a third party candidate. This could be a problem for Hillary if she ...
rigso 08/07/2007 9 3 - -
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