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Guerrero: The Monster in the Mountains
On September 26, 2014, forty-three students from the Ayotzinapa Normal School​ went missing in Guerrero, one of Mexico’s poorest and most violent states. Six months later, only one student’s ...
roberb7 03/27/2015 2 9 - -
Mexico: Carmen Aristegui fired by MVS Radio
Carmen Aristegui. Photo by Alexandre Meneghini, AP Journalist Carmen Aristegui was fired by MVS Radio on March 15. Two other reporters, Daniel Lizarraga and Irving Huerta, were fired last week. ...
roberb7 03/16/2015 9 13 - -
Another freedom of the press dustup in Mexico
Protest in support of Aristegui in front of MVS Radio office. Photo: Octavio Gómez I published a diary just a few days ago,
roberb7 03/15/2015 2 3 - -
In the grave of human rights, writers shout “enough”
“Those of us who are here love Mexico and it is impossible to remove ourselves from the disappearance of the 43 Ayotzinapa students and the mass grave which the state of Guerrero has become.” ...
roberb7 03/11/2015 14 7 - -
Interview with Cuban dissident economist Marta Beatriz Roque
Marta Beatriz Roque Marta Beatriz Roque is the founder of the Cuban Institute of Independent Economists, and a prominent Cuban dissident who has been in and out of prison ...
roberb7 02/12/2015 41 18 1 -
Documentary "Cartel Land" wins Best Director award at Sundance
Matthew Heineman, directory of the documentary film "Cartel Land", won the Best Director award at the Sundance Film Festival. "Cartel Land" is about two vigilante leaders. One of them is Tim “...
roberb7 02/07/2015 5 14 - -
Cuban youth build secret computer network despite Wi-Fi ban
In this Jan. 4, 2015 photo, Rafael ...
roberb7 01/27/2015 12 8 - -
Maher spoke at UC Berkeley commencement, world still turning
Article in the Daily Californian: Bill Maher delivers keynote address at UC Berkeley commencement The article includes a 2 1/2 minute video clip. Quotes from Maher: “I was born after ...
roberb7 12/21/2014 31 8 - -
A Second Mexican Revolution in The Works
A story from The Real News featuring an interview with John M. Ackerman. a professor at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), Editor-in-Chief of the Mexican Law Review and a columnist ...
roberb7 12/10/2014 27 6 - -
The Missing 43: Mexico's Disappeared Students
This video, from Vice News , is the best video so far of the disappearance of the 43 students of the Escuela Normal Rural Raul Isidro Burgos in Ayotzinapa, Guerrero. With English narration and ...
roberb7 12/06/2014 7 14 - -
More major protests in Mexico
Protesters walk under a ...
roberb7 11/23/2014 2 6 - -
“They wanted to bury us but they didn’t know we were seeds"
"He has a book! He has a book!" Op-ed piece by "DD" at Borderland Beat: “They wanted to bury us but they didn’t know we were seeds" ...
roberb7 11/07/2014 8 9 1 -
Nicaragua's Proposed Interoceanic Canal: A Threat to the Environment and Indigenous Rights
Article by Hazel Guardado at The World Post (HuffPo): Nicaragua's Proposed Interoceanic Canal: A Threat to the Environment and Indigenous Rights Some excerpts: "Because the route would pass through ...
roberb7 11/04/2014 9 8 - -
More Nicaraguans join anti-canal marches
There were two major protests in Puerto Principe, Nicaragua in the past two weeks against the Nicaragua canal project, and another one on Ometepe Island. Ometepe Island is in Lake Nicaragua; it is ...
roberb7 10/31/2014 4 3 - -
Nicaraguans rise up against Chinese canal
Campesinos march against the canal and expropriations in Nueva Guinea. Photo by Carlos Herrera. Article by Tim Rogers and Wilfredo Miranda at Nicaragua Dispatch: Nicaraguans rise ...
roberb7 10/25/2014 20 12 1 - petition calling for release of Dr. Jose Mireles
I posted a diary here about Dr. Jose Manuel Mireles here in July: Michoacán Autodefensa leader arrested and charged . He is still incarcerated, and has health problems. Some polls taken in August ...
roberb7 10/05/2014 5 2 - -
The Nicaragua canal project hasn't gone away
I wrote this diary in July, 2013: A $40 billion bad idea in Nicaragua . It's about a project to build a canal across Nicaragua, backed by Chinese billionaire Wang Jing. Tim Rogers of The Nicaragua ...
roberb7 09/25/2014 20 5 - -
I just voted in Washington State
Washington has mail-in ballots, but for military families and US citizens living in foreign countries, they have an additional convenience. You can fill in your ballot online, download the ballot ...
roberb7 09/23/2014 6 9 1 -
Mexico: Billboard Drives Home Extent of Corruption as Schools Suffer
Above a busy intersection, a tally of funds wasted since the first day of school last month. An excellent article by Damien Cave in the Sept.1 New York Times :
roberb7 09/03/2014 4 7 - -
Worldwide protest in support of Dr. Jose Mireles on Sunday
The story of Dr. Jose Manuel Mireles, the public face of the Autodefensa movement in the Mexican State of Michoacán, was told here on July 6: Michoacán Autodefensa leader arrested and charged . ...
roberb7 08/28/2014 3 3 1 -
Why they flee: Life in the murder capital of the world, San Pedro Sula, Honduras
A sobering video news story by Dan Lieberman of Fusion Network about the situation in Honduras. Click here for the video clip in its original context.
roberb7 08/23/2014 6 9 - -
Mexico initiates major high-speed rail project
Gov. Jose Calzada Rovirosa and Secretary Gerardo Ruiz Esparza On August 16, Mexican Secretary of Communications and Transport (SCT) Gerardo Ruiz Esparza and Governor Jose Calzada Rovirosa of the ...
roberb7 08/18/2014 13 23 - -
Michoacán Autodefensa leader arrested and charged
Dr. Jose Manuel Mireles Dr. Jose Manuel Mireles, physician and public face of the Autodefensa movement in the Mexican State of Michoacán, was arrested with 82 other dissident militia members on ...
roberb7 07/06/2014 7 10 - -
Capacity crowd at Democrats Abroad San Miguel de Allende Fourth of July Party
Bruce Rossley, Chair, Democrats Abroad- San Miguel de Allende, Terry Hertz, artist The ninth annual Fourth of July Party sponsored by ...
roberb7 07/05/2014 4 7 - -
Mexico, Obama Administration taking action on migration of unaccompanied children
A Honduran grandfather and his seven and twelve-year-old grandchildren ...
roberb7 06/28/2014 12 9 - -
Democrats Abroad meet in Puerto Vallarta
Tom Hayden, speaking at the Hacienda San Angel Democrats Abroad Mexico had their Annual Meeting in Puerto Vallarta on February 16.
roberb7 02/17/2014 5 9 - -
Mexican governments and Michoacán Autodefensas Sign Agreement
Good news from the Mexican State of Michoacán: Mexico's Federal Government, the Government of the State of Michoacán, and local citizens' self-defense groups, known as autodefensas or vigilantes , ...
roberb7 01/29/2014 9 8 - -
The civil war in Michoacán
Michoacán is a Mexican state west of Mexico City. Its capital and largest city is Morelia. Near Morelia is Pátzcuaro, an upscale town. It has a coast line, between (but not including) Manzanillo ...
roberb7 01/18/2014 4 19 - -
How beer explains 20 years of NAFTA’s devastating effects on Mexico
Timothy A. Wise, policy research director at Tufts University’s Global Development and Environment Institute, explains that, although beer is a major Mexican export, the barley malt it is made ...
roberb7 01/03/2014 48 6 - -
Mexico: We're fracked!
From Narco News TV , this is pretty much how the energy “reforms” are being sold:
roberb7 12/13/2013 5 7 1 -
New GMO Crops Temporarily Blocked in Mexico
Anti-GMO activists in Mexico score a major, if tentative, victory. Story by Jaisal Noor of The Real News , interview with Timothy A. Wise:
roberb7 11/02/2013 7 4 - -
A national debate over obesity in Mexico
Competing full-page ads have appeared in La Jornada and other major Mexican newspapers, over an initiative , backed by the Bloomberg Foundation, for a tax on soft drinks in Mexico. The Mexican ...
roberb7 10/16/2013 7 4 - -
Advice to Ted Cruz on renouncing Canadian citizenship
An article in a Vancouver-based progressive news and commentary site, The Tyee , by Steve Burgess: Please Advise! Burgess Counsels Closet Canuck Ted Cruz (Steve and I go back many years.) Excerpt: "...
roberb7 08/22/2013 12 9 - -
A $40 billion bad idea in Nicaragua
Daniel Ortega, who holds the office of President of Nicaragua in defiance of Nicaragua's Constitution, is championing a mega-project; a canal across the eastern part of Nicaragua that would provide ...
roberb7 07/12/2013 106 53 - -
Cuatro de julio in San Miguel de Allende
The San Miguel de Allende chapter of Democrats Abroad held their eighth annual July 4 celebration. Very good turnout for a city of 140,000 people; I think they announced that they sold 200 tickets. ...
roberb7 07/04/2013 7 4 - -
McConnell, R. Paul, Burr, and Hagan go to bat for tobacco industry
A story that appeared in the Wall Street Journal on June 6: "U.S. Senators Warn EU Over Proposed Cigarette Rules", by By Thomas Catan and William Mauldin. Here are some excerpts: "Europe is ...
roberb7 06/18/2013 9 5 - -
Daniel Ellsberg: A coup against the Constitution
Daniel Ellsberg, the man who released the Pentagon papers, says the FISA court is a sham and warrantless wiretapping, which has being going on for years before 9/11, is a violation of the US ...
roberb7 06/16/2013 6 14 - -
How the US can help Mexico
President Obama paid a visit to Mexico at the beginning of May, and met with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto. They talked about narco-terrorism and immigration reform. Nothing much much will ...
roberb7 06/10/2013 34 19 - -
The case against the NRA, terrorist organization
An article by Canadian political commentator, Liberal (that's a capital L) activist, and punk musician Warren Kinsella: The case against the NRA, terrorist organization Excerpt: "The Patriot Act, ...
roberb7 01/20/2013 12 2 - -
A New Age act of vandalism at Tikal
I made my first trip to Peru in 1986. During this trip, must of the Peruanos that I came in contact with who were capable of speaking English had some very unkind things to say about a Gringa ...
roberb7 12/25/2012 16 28 - -
A major additional benefit of banning gun sales at gun shows
In the aftermath of mass murders in Newtown, CT, Aurora, CO, and Clackamas County, OR, several sensible ideas have become topics of public discussion: banning the sale of assualt weapons, banning ...
roberb7 12/22/2012 19 12 1 -
An agenda for Obama's second term
Yes, I know, lots of people have opinions on what other people should be doing. However, I have a lot of spare time on my hands, so here's the ideas that I've come up with. The majority of them don'...
roberb7 11/07/2012 6 2 - -
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