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Susan Rice for Secretary of State? VERY Bad For Liberals and Progressives
It looks like momentum is building towards Susan Rice being the next Secretary of State-- and a lot of liberal people, particularly in the media, are reacting to opposition by John McCain and ...
robkallopednews 12/04/2012 118 18 1 -
Pollsters Siding with Obama-- Should Poll Generic Dem Against GOP Candidates
There. I've said it. The pollsters are all siding with President Obama. By failing to ask how voters would vote if given an option other than Obama, they make his election seem inevitable. The truth ...
robkallopednews 09/29/2011 26 - - 117
Poll: Is the Libyan Rebellion Seeking to Remove Gadaffi a Good Thing or Bad Thing
There are widely varying perspectives on what is happening in Libya. So far, my exploration of people on the left reveals a wide spread of opinion in response to the question in the title of ...
robkallopednews 08/23/2011 39 - - 164
Will Obama Move Left or Right if He Wins 2nd Term; Poll
Let's assume that the Republicans implode, the independents come out en masse, the Tea party promotes more loser candidates that keep right wingers home, the voter ID laws fail to keep the poor ...
robkallopednews 07/08/2011 97 3 - 194
If Conditions Were Right, Would You Vote Third Party?
I know this is a site for Democrats, but changing election rules to allow instant runoff voting could pressure democrats to act like Democrats, for starters.
robkallopednews 04/12/2011 39 4 - 178
Time to Primary Obama #2, w/Poll
Last month, I ran a poll , which over 500 people responded to, asking whether Obama should be ...
robkallopednews 12/06/2010 182 25 - 358
Poll; What's your Take on Wikileaks Assange-- Hero, Villain or other?
The mainstream media seems to be mostly villifying Julian Assange of wikileaks. S for his execution.
robkallopednews 12/02/2010 87 6 - 49
Is It Time to Primary Obama? Poll
A simple though controversial question. Should Obama face primary challengers. Some blame Obama for Tuesday's bloodbath. Some blame progressives. It's getting nasty. Just wondering how the community ...
robkallopednews 11/05/2010 271 5 - 87
Senator Evan Bayh Screwed Indiana Democrats, Sidestepped Democracy
crossposted from, ...
robkallopednews 02/16/2010 46 12 - 41
Obama's Newest Strategy Will Fail; Here's How to Turn The Tide Against the GOP
Crossposted from ...
robkallopednews 02/15/2010 97 11 1 37
Why Holder and Obama have not fired the Rove-Vetted DOJ Attorneys
crossposted from It's an unprecedented outrage. There are scores of ...
robkallopednews 08/19/2009 29 21 1 31
Get Out In the Streets And FIGHT for Universal, Single Payer Health Care
A family member's brutal beating by a gang has me extra pissed. Time to get out in the streets to demand universal health insurance like every other first world nation has. There are too many horror ...
robkallopednews 05/13/2009 9 5 - 1
Secret Service Issues New Policy: Bloggers to Go Shoeless
The Secret Service has ruled that bloggers must go shoeless when attending political events. After the flack raised by Secret Service critics who questioned why President Bush found himself at the ...
robkallopednews 12/16/2008 5 5 - 8
The Obama-Clinton Cabinet? We Voted for CHANGE, Not Recycling
Please, president-elect Obama, keep your promise, starting with your cabinet and bring change to this nation, not re-cycling. It's been a long time since Democrats have worked in the Whitehouse or ...
robkallopednews 11/06/2008 139 16 - 27
The Mailer That Put the Final Nail in the McCain Campaign Coffin
Close to 100 million Americans received mailers last week, or will receive them next week that will put the last nail in the coffin of the McCain Pailin campaign. They weren't sent by Obama, nor by ...
robkallopednews 10/12/2008 20 24 1 9
Meet Neel Kashkari, The $700 Billion Bailout Czar
There is a new Czar in America-- the man who will be running the $700 billion budget bailout/rescue program-- assistant secretary of the Treasury for International Affairs, Neel Kashkari.
robkallopednews 10/06/2008 30 18 - 31
Republicans Released Ad Attacking Dems For Passing Bailout-- Before Vote Failed
It looks like the Republicans thought they'd use the bailout bill to sink the Dems, but the GOP leadership couldn't lead their own troops. Crossposted ...
robkallopednews 09/30/2008 56 75 1 27
Obama Should Attack McCain's "Country First" Narrative Head On
Time to unleash Obama the MAN, the guy who can be tough-- and time to systematically attack McCain's America/Country/Nation First branding and narrative. It's the biggest McCain lie and where the ...
robkallopednews 09/11/2008 26 7 - 2
Local Alaskans See Sarah As Potent Asset But Vulnerable
What do local Alaskans think about Sarah Palin? That was my approach, wanting to get past the pundits and Washington insider takes on McCain's new partner. So I started calling people I thought ...
robkallopednews 08/30/2008 13 4 1 3
Poll: Do You Support Equal Rights for Third Party Candidates?
Do you support a federal law requiring equal treatment for all political parties, in terms of rules for registering candidates and getting them on the ballot, including petition requirements and ...
robkallopednews 08/16/2008 49 3 - 4
Bottom Up Democracy at PDA, Top-Down at DNC
I'm still at the PDA (progressive Democrats of America) conference. It's been very refreshing to see how bottom-up the meeting has been with extraordinary ...
robkallopednews 08/03/2008 8 7 1 8
Pentagon: Over 1000 Nuclear Weapon Parts Missing?
Many people have raised the specter of nuclear WMDs being sourced from nefarious sources-- from errant former Soviet states, from N. Korea, Iran or Pakistan> It may be that to those fears must be ...
robkallopednews 06/20/2008 8 8 - 5
Poll: Will Impeachment Hearings Help or Hurt Obama & Dems?
John Conyers and the Dem congress say that impeachment hearings will hurt Dem chances of winning in November. I don't buy it. I did ...
robkallopednews 06/10/2008 83 14 - 29
How Obama's Win Will Change the Leadership of the Dem Party; with Poll
Article originally published here on This 2008 presidential race ...
robkallopednews 06/04/2008 15 23 3 19
Will SuperDuper Delegates Change The Race?
Crossposted from There have beena few superduper delegates so far. Will more of them ...
robkallopednews 05/07/2008 3 1 - 10
No End In Sight... Forget About June!
crossposted from It's becoming clear. This will not end in June. It will not end when the ...
robkallopednews 04/24/2008 23 3 1 6
Take Back Control of Debates From the Networks
crossposted from How About Debate Integrity... and taking control back from the ...
robkallopednews 04/18/2008 23 9 1 -
Obama Reinstates CA Progressive Delegates
Yesterday, posted Marcy Winograd's report, Obama Delegate Purge -- Slash and Burn in ...
robkallopednews 04/11/2008 43 28 - 36
Hillary's Pattern: Failure to Vet Facts & Use Good Judgment
Hillary's repeated gaffes over claims about her past-- about the patient who died without health insurance-- they tell us she does NOT have what it takes to acquire information, process it, and make ...
robkallopednews 04/08/2008 16 13 1 -
Time to Attack Right Wing Core Values; Less Taxes, Less Govt
You Want to talk about less Government and less Taxes? Make My Day. crossposted from ...
robkallopednews 04/06/2008 9 14 3 14
Casey's Endorsement Foretells DEM Party Future
Bob Casey's Obama endorsement says a lot about the future of the Democratic party and what progressives need to be doing. crossposted ...
robkallopednews 04/01/2008 13 14 1 -
Do NOT Trust Paulson's Plan to "Protect" and "Regulate"
Trust former Goldman Sachs CEO Paulson as much as you trust Bush to do the right thing and tell the truth. Expect the plans to hurt consumers, take away protections, de-regulate industries, take ...
robkallopednews 03/31/2008 15 13 - 10
Hillary Calls for Alan Greenspan and Robert Rubin to Fix Economy
It's true, she's asking the guy who set up the current mortgage disaster and handed it to Bernanke, and Rubin free trade and NAFTA lover ,
robkallopednews 03/24/2008 38 15 1 2
I Endorse Ron Paul & Why Progressives Should Support Him
Ron Paul is my first choice for a Republican candidate. There. I've said it. Of all the Republicans, he's the one I think is the best. His positions on the constitution, on the war, ...
robkallopednews 12/24/2007 304 4 4 23
How About an Impeachment Truth Movement?
Cross-posted from Too many people are thinking about impeachment as an act aimed ...
robkallopednews 12/21/2007 22 25 - 9
Sardonic Thanks-- 16 or so things to be somewhat thankful for
crossposted from Here are some things to be thankful for: -The ...
robkallopednews 11/22/2007 2 2 1 -
H.S. Students Face Expulsion For Holding Peace Sit-in
cross posted from Last Thursday, Oct. 1, students at the Morton West High School ...
robkallopednews 11/06/2007 15 23 - 17
Can Rep. Patrick Murphy End the War. Will he?
Crossposted from Is He Dem Leader,Future President or Get Along Guy?
robkallopednews 10/11/2007 2 1 - 2
Assassinated Sheikh A Con Man For Petraeus
crossposted from The local Sunni Iraqi leader, sheikh Sattar Abu Reesha, who has been ...
robkallopednews 09/13/2007 11 15 - 1
Drive, Don't Vote the "Ripe" Right Wing Incumbents Out of Congress
Crossposted from original article at It's time to target the right wing incumbents ...
robkallopednews 08/20/2007 5 5 - 26
Mode of Rove News Release Sign Of Murdoch's Influence on WSJ
This morning, we see a few ways that the Murdoch buy of the Wall Street Journal will affect the vernerable newspaper.
robkallopednews 08/13/2007 46 26 3 15
What If Bush's Supreme Court Blocks Congressional Oversight by Hearing and Subpoena?
It's very likely that Bush or his surrogate has already discussed strategy with the Supreme Court Whores who put him in office and who are now tearing apart the constitution, precedent after ...
robkallopednews 07/08/2007 33 7 - -
Hamas Victory is Bush "War Against Terror" Failure
In the spin wars, the Hamas victory over Fatah, in taking Gaza, represents a major failure of the Bush "war-against-terror." This diary,
robkallopednews 06/16/2007 45 5 - -
Dick Cheney-- the Chronic Iraq Priapist
cross posted at OpEdNews.Com When I see those obnoxious ads for erectile dysfunction-- for ...
robkallopednews 04/25/2007 10 3 - -
Cable News' War Against America; Time to Fight Back
Crossposted at This past week, all the news networks have been intolerable. At a time ...
robkallopednews 04/22/2007 22 11 - -
Congress Must Confisticate RNC Hard Drives Immediately
cross posted from OpEdNews.Com Apparently, the RNC, provided cover e-mail addresses for White House ...
robkallopednews 04/12/2007 7 12 - -
Progressive Blogger in Baghdad... and Waziristan, Yemen, Gaza
One of the writers from OpEdNews (over 200 articles in the past 18 months) has done it. Jane Stillwater took off for the Middle East not ...
robkallopednews 04/01/2007 2 7 - -
Judiciary Corruption, THE WALK and President Pelosi
Justicegate will flesh out new Republicans (who can no longer deny they, like the wives of sexual predators of children, live in a house where massive abuse is going on. Their fear for their ...
robkallopednews 03/25/2007 15 11 - 9
When Losers Talk About Victory and Supporting the Troops
Originally posted at Democrats in congress must ...
robkallopednews 03/12/2007 15 9 - 1
Bush Funding Jihadists Connected to al Qaeda
crossposted at Bush Funding Jihadists Connected to al Qaeda as Part ...
robkallopednews 02/25/2007 3 8 2 -
Call Me Paranoid. Pentagon Creating Red State Officer Corps
Army Shuns Officer Recruiting in Northeast, Shutting Dozens of ROTC Centers in Blue State America The US military has moved reserve officer training corps (ROTC) out of big cities and the ...
robkallopednews 02/23/2007 18 15 - 7
Interview With John Conyers, on Impeachment and Investigating Bush
cross posted at John Conyers, chair of the congressional Judiciary committee, is in the ...
robkallopednews 01/28/2007 56 35 1 7
Do Domain Registrations Predict '08 Republican Ticket?
Originally posted at Want to get an idea of possible matchups for the Republican 2008 ...
robkallopednews 12/29/2006 16 1 - -
Pelosi and Conyers-- Smarter than Impeachment
Originally posted at A lot of people are angry with Nancy Pelosi and John ...
robkallopednews 12/26/2006 478 299 21 21
Rape/ Torture of Democracy Heroes, Courtesy, the USA
Originally published on Please start by playing this video-- and listen, as you read.
robkallopednews 12/04/2006 9 8 1 9
Draft Muslim Nations To Deal With US Exit from Iraq
The US will soon leave Iraq, and like it or not, many Muslim neighboring nations will be affected by that departure. It would be wise to "draft" them to prepare for the US exit. They should meet and ...
robkallopednews 11/19/2006 17 3 - -
Clear Evidence 2006 Congressional Elections Hacked
robkallopednews 11/17/2006 24 37 1 16
Letters Found; Fitrakis OH Voter Purge Investigation Continues
robkallopednews 10/21/2006 64 27 2 37
Lawsuit to Fight Blackwell OH Vote Purges
robkallopednews 10/18/2006 13 41 3 18
Moderate Repug's Swiftboat Attack Proves He Enables Extremists
robkallopednews 10/09/2006 1 4 - 7
Keith Olbermann Terrorized and Gov Tries to Hide it
robkallopednews 09/28/2006 16 22 2 13
Pope Provoked Muslim Rage To Help Republicans & Bush
robkallopednews 09/18/2006 68 8 1 8
Taliban/Pak Peace Accord-- Eyewitness Report from Tribal Region
robkallopednews 09/05/2006 3 9 - -
Insist on Instant Run-off Voting for 2008 Dem Primaries
robkallopednews 08/21/2006 50 21 - 8
Right Wing Spin and Talking Points on Joe's Defeat
robkallopednews 08/10/2006 4 - - -
Post election Poll Shows What Didn't Work in Busby Campaign
robkallopednews 08/07/2006 17 32 - 10
Mel Gibson-- Reflecting America's Shadow Self-- An Opportunity to Heal America's Shadow Bigotry
robkallopednews 08/02/2006 23 - - -
Is Syrian Shoot-Down of Israeli Drone A Move Towards Fullblown War?
robkallopednews 07/30/2006 15 3 - 6
Time for Tough Love for Israel from America and American Jews
robkallopednews 07/29/2006 182 33 2 4
Middle East Politics Divides Progressives (with poll)
robkallopednews 07/21/2006 45 3 - -
Bush: We got to get Syria to get Hezbollah to stop doing this "SHIT."
robkallopednews 07/17/2006 12 5 - -
Why is Joe Lieberman Supported by Sean Hannity, George Bush, and the Republican Party
robkallopednews 07/11/2006 11 3 - -
Progressive Democrats Are the New Conservatives
robkallopednews 07/02/2006 23 6 - 2
Fight the DLC Machine; Become a Committee Person
robkallopednews 06/02/2006 6 4 - 4
Urgent! May 16: Last Chance to Insure A Santorum Defeat & elect a progressive US Senator from PA
robkallopednews 05/15/2006 59 9 - 11
Zogby Poll: 2004 Election Was Stolen; according to viewers of ALL News Networks Except Fox News
robkallopednews 05/11/2006 19 26 2 7
Why A Casey Loss Will Help Beat Santorum
robkallopednews 05/06/2006 235 18 - 24
Casey Tanking, As Predicted, But Faster. Poll
robkallopednews 05/04/2006 150 15 - 7
OpEdNews/Zogby People's Poll Question Suggestions Invited
robkallopednews 04/27/2006 4 4 - -
Snow Starts Job With A Cover-up
robkallopednews 04/26/2006 23 18 1 37
If Non Verbal Comment Modifiers Were Possible.... Poll included
robkallopednews 04/25/2006 16 4 - -
What's Your Dream Blogging System? Poll
robkallopednews 04/24/2006 19 - - -
Dkos Strategists and Republicans Both Want a Casey Win in PA; Poll on dkos Ideology
robkallopednews 04/18/2006 114 12 - 1
Come To PA to Help Get Pennacchio on the Ballot Against Santorum
robkallopednews 04/16/2006 157 9 - -
OpEdNews Editor Warned by Capitol Police For Article
robkallopednews 04/06/2006 14 16 - 8
Phone Polling Failed to Detect Chinese Passing US In Internet Usage
robkallopednews 04/04/2006 11 3 - -
Bad Week for Casey-- Lead drops to 8% and under 50%, and third PA County fails to Endorse Him
robkallopednews 04/02/2006 76 13 1 12
Pimping Suicide, Pimping Jesus
robkallopednews 03/28/2006 2 3 - -
Website Invention: "Inside Local Pages" Go Live For Local Activists
robkallopednews 03/23/2006 5 2 - -
With Duckworth 43% Win, Democracy Not Served in Illinois; Make IRV National Dem Primary Policy
robkallopednews 03/22/2006 88 8 1 -
Who's Screwing America's Female Democrats?
robkallopednews 03/18/2006 37 8 - -
What's It Mean To Be A Progressive?
robkallopednews 03/17/2006 8 - - -
PA Dems-- Disorganized? Or is Casey Campaign Starting to Fall Apart? Casey Lead Drops Below 50%
robkallopednews 03/16/2006 31 9 - -
Casey Fails to Win Democratic Endorsement in Key, Must-Win Bucks County PA
robkallopednews 03/12/2006 33 34 1 8
Actual PA Vote Shows Polls Lie on Pennacchio/ Casey
robkallopednews 03/04/2006 107 11 1 8
OpEdNews/Zogby People's Poll; Casey, Impeachment, Alito, Nuclear Option, Paper Ballots, Corruption
robkallopednews 01/28/2006 37 23 5 15
1st OpEdNews/Zogby Progressive, Santorum Poll-- Preliminary Findings
robkallopednews 01/26/2006 15 9 1 -
Think Bush has Avian Flu Meds for 20 Million? Try under 2 Million
robkallopednews 11/13/2005 2 - - 4
A Progressive Wants To Take on Denny Hastert, Speaker of the House
robkallopednews 11/03/2005 12 5 1 -
The actual Video of Ben Marble telling Cheney to Go F*ck Himself and Marbles New Song Go F*ck Yourse
robkallopednews 09/27/2005 2 4 1 -
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