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this EX-Walmart Employee Thanks you all-and a request for help.
Dear Dailykos community: I first started small diaries here about my work at Wal-mart, detailing their horrible pay, terrible scheduling, lousy sick day policy, and my beloved colleagues struggles ...
rowanleigh 06/21/2013 17 71 - -
What OUR Walmart is fighting for
As a cashier at wal-mart, I am following with interest the Our Wal-mart and Blitz(Black Friday) protests taking place. I want to state that at my store, as one of our cashiers put it, "we are too ...
rowanleigh 11/19/2012 17 46 - -
Possibly fired-Cashier's Rant-Walmart Edition
Sorry for the short diary, but I am typing this from a friend's house. Yesterday I wrote a diary about wal-mart's Sick day policies. Today, it may be me who is writing about being fired from Wal-...
rowanleigh 06/20/2012 18 21 1 289
Cashier's Rant-Wal-mart Edition-Sick Days
Many of you know through lightbulb's diaries, how absolutely abysmal the treatment of retail workers by retail corporations really is. Today, I'd like to explore retail corporation's sick day policy,
rowanleigh 06/19/2012 23 45 - 207
Cashier's Rant-Time Management Edition
This is an ongoing series of the stories and people who work and shop in a small town Wal-Mart. I am not always kind, or generous in my assessments of situations, but true feelings about ...
rowanleigh 02/13/2012 80 120 3 720
Cashier's rant- No milk for babies edition
This is an ongoing series on working at Wal-mart and trying to survive on a retail salary.
rowanleigh 02/06/2012 57 231 3 1096
Cashier's Rant THE EVENT-Edition
You all know Lightbulb’s diairies on being a retail worker, and now, it’s time to share what working as a cashier looks like. I work at Wal-Mart as a cashier. Yes, THE dreaded abysmal, union ...
rowanleigh 11/24/2011 126 187 1 1231
Black, Red, and White (Dedicated to my mother, 9/45-7/09)
Three colors adorn the altar, three colors, ancient in meaning, starkly beautiful as I sit in meditation, with my rosary, saying recrafted ancient prayers, prayers as fresh as the new religion I ...
rowanleigh 08/03/2009 10 6 - 17
Coming out of the Abortion Closet-Part 3 Updated
In support of this excellent diary here, I am reposting the third part of my series, "Coming out of the Abortion Closet" :
rowanleigh 06/03/2009 7 8 1 16
30 days
I have 30 days to get through the crisis of my life. 30 days to decide what to do from here after a brutal domestic abuse situation. 30 days to find a job, find shelter, live on $400 cash, solve my ...
rowanleigh 12/31/2008 8 4 1 8
The choices made when you go naked
NYCeve wrote about her friend who has decided to "go naked", i.e. without health insurance. As someone who went with junk insurance for the self-employed, and who two years ago decided the premiums ...
rowanleigh 01/12/2008 19 30 3 6
Coming Out of the Abortion Closet Part 3
In support of this excellent diary here, I am reposting the third part of my series, "Coming out of the Abortion Closet"
rowanleigh 10/11/2007 62 22 1 14
Coming Out of the Abortion Closet, Part 2
This diary is second in a three part series on the journey from saying my abortion is private and I should not talk about it with anyone, to being an advocate for women to share their abortion ...
rowanleigh 10/10/2007 54 35 1 5
Coming Out of the Abortion Closet, Part One
The Abortion Closet A three part series of a personal journey from being silent and marginalized about my abortion to being open and honest about my experience.
rowanleigh 10/09/2007 63 39 1 21
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