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THESE are the Christian folk??
I didn't think the Repubs and their mouthpieces could GET any worse but two things from the debate yesterday have me seriously ticked off.
sasidechick 10/12/2012 21 16 - -
Romney joke
I know this is too short for a diary but it is too good: A conservative, a moderate and a liberal go to a bar. The bartender says: Hi Mitt!!! I have been laughing since ...
sasidechick 10/11/2012 14 12 - -
I must admit that I think our country is headed in the wrong direction but not for the reasons Republicans would state. I mean, what the hell ever happened to common sense?? About 30 years ago, I ...
sasidechick 10/10/2012 8 10 1 108
Think I lost another FB friend!!
As we were taking a walk yesterday, my husband Ron asked if I had seen my nieces' mother post on FB yesterday. I told him no and he had the look like "i shouldn't have said anything". (He KNOWS how ...
sasidechick 09/20/2012 38 47 - 435
You gotta PERSONALIZE ACA for its detractors
I work with a young woman who doesn't like Obama. I have known her family for almost forty years and I KNOW that none of them voted for him. We generally don't talk politics because I really do ...
sasidechick 07/03/2012 97 211 2 740
Raffle tickets for cancer treatment
At work yesterday, a coworker of mine asked if I would like to buy a raffle ticket. As I usually buy tickets because it helps defray costs for sporting teams, class trips, etc., I said sure. She ...
sasidechick 05/18/2012 11 20 - 66
Romney shows he's 1% again!!
Mitt Romney came to the Pittsburgh suburb of Bethel Park yesterday to visit with the common people. I am sure you have seen the reports that showed him sitting at the picnic table with folks saying ...
sasidechick 04/18/2012 82 59 2 495
WTF? Occupy Pittsburgh is a "terrorist group"?
When I got home from work yesterday, there was "breaking news" that a member of Occupy Pittsburgh had driven his SUV through the front of PNC Bank First Side. (The group is under order to evacuate ...
sasidechick 02/09/2012 8 23 - 146
I think I know why they are going after public schools
I have watched the ratcheting up of attacks on public education in this country and I kept wondering why. I realize that the Republicans hate unions because they don't like anyone having rights but ...
sasidechick 05/06/2011 226 380 7 2474
Bristol Palin--Dancing with the STARS??
It was just announced that Bristol Palin will be on the upcoming season of Dancing with the Stars. Let that sink in for a minute. How lame a country have we become that this is what passes for ...
sasidechick 08/30/2010 41 4 - 51
Corporations are people now, right? GOOD!
Maybe there is an unintended consequence in the Supreme Court decision that allows corporations individual rights?
sasidechick 02/02/2010 11 2 - 87
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