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Teh Jabrwox
Iz bin awile sinz ai powsted dis, adn is 150benty annniberserry ob "Allis in Wunnerlan" soze ai gonna powst it agenn.
sboucher 02/22/2015 8 5 - -
It's the law in Kennesaw: everyone MUST own a gun
[This is an unpolished diary that I kept meaning to get back to. But given today's shooting at the FedEx facility, I think I'd rather post it now than try to get it into shape -- which could take me ...
sboucher 04/29/2014 10 17 1 -
Our DK Community is a wonderful thing. It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.
Or, How a Kind Gesture Fosters Gratitude For the Place in Which We Live. . . . . . . . . . . (With apologies to Voltaire, whose quote I have, um, adapted.)
sboucher 12/23/2012 12 11 - -
Submission for Op-Ed on Norquist: seeking your suggestions, criticisms, tweaks?
Today, the Atlanta Journal Constitution (Atlanta GA) ran an Op-Ed piece that was the typical pure drivel about Republicans having to obey the Norquist Pledge, and how Boner was sticking to his guns ...
sboucher 12/20/2012 14 3 - -
How will we know when we've won the "War on Christmas?"
After all, if you're going to war, you've got to know when you've won. You have to be able to judge its success based on certain objectives.
sboucher 12/06/2012 34 9 - -
Do you live in Georgia?
The Kos Georgia group hasn't been active for a while, but now is the time for us to get organized to see how we progressives can best work within the state. Of course, you don't have to live here to ...
sboucher 11/28/2012 25 8 - -
"Hours to stop Uganda's Kill the Gays Bill"
This Straight Americans for Gay Equality leads to a petition to sign. NOW. Sorry, I have no time to add any text, I'm rushing out the door. Just wanted to get this in here.
sboucher 11/21/2012 2 5 - -
"Twenty years is far too long. Ignoring women's rights is wrong!"
Such was the chant of around 10,000 people who marched through Dublin on Saturday, protesting Ireland's legislative failure to address the abortion issue for twenty years.
sboucher 11/17/2012 3 19 - -
Gays who support Defense of Marriage Act: watch video
Don't take it too seriously, don't consider the source, just watch the video.
sboucher 11/13/2012 7 2 - -
Young, gay, and put out on the streets by your family
Sitting on top of a U-haul truck for 48 hours may seem like a strange way to draw awareness to a cause, but it sure caught my attention. There is an epidemic of LGBT kids who are kicked out of ...
sboucher 11/10/2012 37 58 1 -
Charles Darwin runs against Rep. Braun
"God's word is true. I've come to understand that. All that stuff I was taught about evolution and embryology and Big Bang theory, all that is lies straight from the pit of hell. And it's lies to ...
sboucher 10/24/2012 23 12 - -
Insomniacs' Vent Hole with Craig Ferguson
Please read and follow instructions before opening. Or consult your physician. SPOILER WARNING : A late-night gathering for non-serious palaver that does not speak of ...
sboucher 05/23/2011 98 8 - 97
Insomniacs' Vent Hole (Stolen Scooter Edition) with Craig Ferguson (Happy Birthday Edition)
Yes, you read that right. Sometime between Friday evening and tonight, someone cut through the lock and stole my motor scooter out of my building's garage. It wasn't insured (though of course I'd ...
sboucher 05/16/2011 83 6 - 82
Insomniacs' Vent Hole with Craig Ferguson
Please read and follow instructions before opening. Or consult your physician. SPOILER WARNING : A late-night gathering for non-serious ...
sboucher 05/09/2011 108 7 - 106
Insomniacs' Vent Hole with Craig Ferguson (Monday Night Storm Edition)
Please read and follow instructions before opening. Or consult your physician. SPOILER WARNING : A late-night gathering for non-serious ...
sboucher 04/25/2011 112 5 - 139
GA passes illegal immigration crackdown bill
In a late-night decision, Georgia's Senate has just passed an Arizona-style law by a 37 to 19 vote.
sboucher 04/14/2011 17 13 - 85
IVH with Craig Ferguson (More storms edition!)
Please read and follow instructions before opening. Or consult your physician. SPOILER WARNING : A late-night gathering for non-serious ...
sboucher 04/11/2011 100 7 - 88
IVH with Craig Ferguson (Power Outage Edition)
I hope I have time to make updates before my power goes out again. It's taken me forever to get online. I've done what I could up to a point, but if someone can fill in the obvious blanks, I'd be ...
sboucher 04/04/2011 102 7 - 84
Spring's really here, enjoy!
If it's still cold and rainy where you live, have some pretty spring pictures. Atlanta is abloom!
sboucher 03/19/2011 12 9 1 49
This is what Teabaggery looks like!
After cutting $3 million from the library budget, DeKalb County commissioners are shocked -- shocked I tell ya! -- that neighborhood branches have to close.
sboucher 03/17/2011 230 296 3 2135
One Georgia abortion bill advanced on crossover day
Any Georgia Senate or House bill that made the cut on Wednesday, " crossover day ," continues to ...
sboucher 03/16/2011 14 22 1 109
Report from Atlanta - disappointed
Maybe I had unrealistic expectations, but I walked away from our demonstration feeling disappointed.
sboucher 02/26/2011 35 15 - 258
Update: Soliciting suggestions for solidarity signs?
I've got my board, paints and lettering... but can't decide what to write on my sign ! So I'm soliciting your suggestions for sign slogans. I've got both sides to work with, but would ...
sboucher 02/25/2011 83 17 - 144
Are you sick of highly-paid teachers?
Teachers' hefty salaries are driving up taxes, and they only work nine or ten months a year! It's time we put things in perspective and pay them for what they do -- babysit! We can get that for ...
sboucher 02/21/2011 276 654 39 1702
Koch Bros. behind dangerous "oil sands" pipeline UPDATE: Action alert
I'm not particularly knowledgeable about ecological issues or the petroleum business, but I know another scheme by the monstrous Koch Brothers when I see one. Will nothing stop their steady advances ...
sboucher 02/20/2011 60 42 1 238
BFFs Boehner and Chambliss: what do the stars predict?
A January 4 article in the Wall Street Journal about Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH) included ...
sboucher 01/05/2011 37 3 - 94
Rant: Way to sell Constitutional Option, NOT.
Ending the Republican Party’s ridiculous misuse of the filibuster is a no-brainer. It would call them out for why the Senate seems to get nothing done. In a mealy-mouthed manifesto, ...
sboucher 12/26/2010 38 9 1 35
Sing Out for Love & Peace: Nom, Nom, Nom
It’s a season of change, a time to come together and sing a song of hope! Please join in! We think you know the words...
sboucher 12/25/2010 34 17 - 124
Observing the anniversary of my suicide
An estimated 4.5 million people are able to observe anniversaries of their suicides, having attempted but not succeeded. I’m one of those people, and today is my anniversary.
sboucher 12/17/2010 56 34 1 260
Let's stop supporting Westboro Baptist Church
I don't need to tell you about Westboro Baptist Church, but in case you live under a rock, go to ...
sboucher 12/12/2010 113 4 - 86
-Inom- -Iznoz- Nawt azleep Bent Hool wif Kweg Furgzun
Teh boylr plaat Ohai. Dis bent-hoel (heer nafta nowin iz AIBEEAICH). Ib yew bee lewzin ohr iz teh stol bein, idll nawt reeplazin nore munnees gibben bax. Biilaashun uff AIBEEAICH roolz ...
sboucher 12/10/2010 133 10 1 53
The big "but": Earmarks for me but not for thee
Senate Republicans officially joined with their counterparts in the House yesterday to support a moratorium on earmarks, in a thinly-veiled attempt to bolster their reputations as fiscal ...
sboucher 11/17/2010 6 3 - 49 - they're already doing it, join them
In the comments on Glen Beck's Horrific Lie , a lot of people are asking how they can make an economic impact ...
sboucher 11/12/2010 20 38 - 61
Grass-roots WINS: GA arts funding restored!
In the past two days, I’ve posted diaries about the budget bill that was passed last week by the Georgia State House, which in a bone-headed move eliminated the Georgia Council for the Arts (
sboucher 04/20/2010 9 12 - 124
GA-Pics of protest, preserve state Council for the Arts
On Friday, I wrote a diary that the Georgia House passed a state budget that disappears the ...
sboucher 04/19/2010 17 11 - 82
GA House: State Arts Council on Guillotine
The Georgia House on Wednesday passed a $17.8 billion state budget that would wipe out the Georgia Council for the Arts . ...
sboucher 04/16/2010 21 8 - 50
sboucher's Are You Really, REALLY Depressed Quiz
If you Google "Are you depressed" you'll get 342,000 results. Of these, 263,000 include some kind of questionnaire, created by psychiatric ...
sboucher 04/15/2010 144 18 - 41
Insomniacs' Vent Hole with Craig Ferguson
Sure, we adore Craig Ferguson. I mean, what’s not to like? He’s smart, sexy and funny, totally bonkers, and very attractive. I bet even you straight guys out there think he’s ...
sboucher 07/17/2009 207 9 - 51
Insomniac's Venthole with Craig Ferguson
Welcome to tonight's Insomniac's Venthole with Craig Ferguson! Craig's guest tonight will be -actress Selma Blair and ...
sboucher 07/14/2009 264 12 - 103
I live in public housing RANT with :D ending & poll
Since the fall of 2004, when I went on disability, I've lived in public housing. I could tell you hair-raising stories...! Okay, so I'm only going to tell you about a rather mundane one of mine. ...
sboucher 06/04/2009 68 19 1 45
Insomniac's Venthole With Craig Ferguson-seat of my pants edition
It's well past the time Oke would typically open the Insomniac's Venthole, and Shizz already posted an excellent diary about her Orange Feet, so I guess I'm going to wing it tonight. Please bear ...
sboucher 06/02/2009 57 8 - 4
Touched by abuse of special needs school kids (petition)
I’ve never suffered physical abuse, but lately, it's been touching my life. First, I saw a news report about mentally ill students forced to compete in “Fight Clubs” organized ...
sboucher 05/28/2009 23 15 - 94
Memorial to fetching soldiers UPDATE Kool pacs for dogs in Iraq
They’re lean, they’re mean, they’re highly trained fighting machines. And they like to play fetch in their down time. Now, even though I'm ...
sboucher 05/25/2009 31 33 2 42
I am horrified and outraged! Inhumane teachers abuse special needs students
My local news reported two separate stories within Tuesday night’s broadcast: O An eleven year-old boy named Stephan, who is autistic and non-verbal, was physically and verbally abused at ...
sboucher 05/21/2009 54 27 - 136
Happy Birthday, Craig Ferguson!
I’m sure the many fans of Craig Ferguson at Daily Kos would like to offer their congratulations and best wishes to him as he turns 47. I know I want to. So I ask readers to submit their ...
sboucher 05/17/2009 29 8 - 31
STFU and drive! A rant inspired by today’s near miss
I’VE. HAD. IT. On my way to the coffee shop this afternoon, I got grazed by a car driven by someone who was – all together now! – talking on a cell phone. She ...
sboucher 05/15/2009 85 29 - 38
Disgusting! Fight Club abuse of mentally ill by state school staff
I was hoping that someone else would write a diary on this topic so I wouldn’t have to. This is an offensive, infuriating and outrageous news story. The videos linked within contain violent ...
sboucher 05/14/2009 31 17 - 97
Art works healing broken kids in Uganda
In which a painter travels to Gulu, Uganda, to work with children who have been abducted by terrorists, to serve as soldiers and sex slaves, and the healing begins.
sboucher 05/12/2009 40 20 4 367
Nude photos won't stop me! Carrie Prejean, Miss California
ZMOG! Carrie Prejean posed for "inappropriate" pics! Miss California herself, first runner up in the Miss USA Pageant, who "supports opposite" ...
sboucher 05/05/2009 153 7 - 37
Insurance horror stories:submit NOW for 2night's Dean briefing
From an email from We're having an emergency health care briefing tonight at 9 p.m. ET/ 6 PT with Dr. Howard Dean. Can you make it? Click below to RSVP— ...
sboucher 05/04/2009 7 9 - 14
Censorship & Culture Wars: Mapplethorpe's 'Obscenity,' 20 years later
This spring marks the twentieth anniversary of Robert Mapplethorpe 's infamous exhibition that conflagrated the “culture wars” ...
sboucher 04/23/2009 33 11 1 429
GA-Gov 2010 Run-offs Ensured: 8 declared, 12 potentials
The 2010 Georgia gubernatorial race is looking to be a real circus, as is wont in this red-with-blue-polka-dots state. The Republicans have five declared candidates, the Democrats have two, and ...
sboucher 04/05/2009 24 4 1 40
Violins or Violence: PLO condemns youth orchestra performance in Israel (updated)
Throughout history, the fine arts have played pivotal roles in cultural politics. An ability to communicate that crosses borders and languages plays an essential role in creating understanding among ...
sboucher 03/29/2009 471 27 1 31
GA: Embryos for Adoption, But Not Research or Tax Deductions
On Friday, March 13, Georgia’s Senate and House both passed bills designed to limit stem cell research and grant embryos the status of full personhood.
sboucher 03/27/2009 63 11 1 69
Action: GA: State Sen. “Protect Embryos” bill passes committee
The Republican majority of the Georgia State Senate is about to humiliate the state yet again with its proposed Senate Bill 169 "Ethical Treatment of Human Embryos Act," which passed legislative ...
sboucher 03/10/2009 123 22 - 62
On behalf of the mentally ill (UPDATE 2: the actual comments)
If you haven’t yet read On behalf of the mentally ill, a request for sensitivity , please do so, that you understand ...
sboucher 03/09/2009 54 10 - 28
On behalf of the mentally ill, a request for sensitivity
In a strong and beautifully written diary posted on Friday, rserven asked for more sensitivity from those in our community who, knowingly or not, use ...
sboucher 03/07/2009 615 274 6 58
GA: Sonny, Saxby and John...and Karen Handel? Go Fish!
[sigh] I hardly know where to begin. This diary intended to evoke pity for those of us living in Georgia under the state’s overwhelmingly Republican “leadership": Gov. Sonny ...
sboucher 03/02/2009 46 8 - 164
Rant: So it’s *not* okay to compare Israel to Nazis??
I wrote this diary a week ago but decided not to publish it, because I feared it would turn into a huge falme-fu%k. But then on Monday the ...
sboucher 02/25/2009 165 3 2 42
Arts in Education :: Better Democrats
An abundance of studies prove that teaching & encouraging student participation in the arts improves other skills. Yet the arts - as everyone knows - are the first classes and programs cut. The ...
sboucher 01/28/2009 36 7 3 256
Fiction reading is up, but whence the words?
“A good book is the best of friends, the same to-day and for ever." Martin Farquhar Tupper (1810-1889), Of Reading A New York Times article posted Monday, January 11,
sboucher 01/15/2009 63 9 1 3
Flushing pootie’s poo passes parasites to sea mammals
Perhaps this is something that everyone has already heard (particularly those living in California, where’s there’s a law about it), and I’m just late in learning: flushing cat poo ...
sboucher 01/10/2009 101 18 - 24
My Personal Conflict: Reconciling I/P Within My Heart
This diary is about highly personal memories, emotions, and internal conflict. It is not intended to be a forum for historical information, fact-checking or side-taking, nor discussion of current ...
sboucher 01/03/2009 59 11 1 2
Happy happy! Free Kibble for needy pooties & woozies
There's been so much bad news lately, it seemed a good time to hit you with a diary that's uplifting and will fill you with hope for the future of today's kids. Mimi Ausland, age twelve, is the ...
sboucher 12/01/2008 64 39 1 40
Title changed
Hate words, all. You might know what these words mean; you might know more of them; you might have heard other people use them; you may have even used them yourself. I apologize to anyone I’ve ...
sboucher 11/26/2008 86 5 1 4
GA-Sen Martin HQ/Decatur drive 4 food/supplies FINAL
I'm just going to skip all the stuff that I covered in the earlier parts, if you want to you can refer to part 3 and/...
sboucher 11/20/2008 2 9 - 3
UPDATE3: Martin HQ-Decatur needs supplies
FINAL INFO BELOW.. at top of body First, this community is the BEST! And if you have any other questions that haven't been answered here, call me. Mwwwwwah and xoxoxoxox -----
sboucher 11/20/2008 26 26 - 35
UPDATE: Martin HQ needs supplies urgently
Please go see Update 3 THANKS The community's response has been lovely! A couple of things were raised that I don't ...
sboucher 11/19/2008 29 29 1 15
Mickey Mouse didn't vote in GA, but my cat did
In an editorial published November 12 (" GOP wants to protect right to vote — for right people "
sboucher 11/17/2008 18 9 - 149
Stoned to Death: Girl of 13, Rape Victim
Among all the media hoo-haw on the day after the election, a small article in The New York Times , buried on the inside of ...
sboucher 11/10/2008 70 58 1 60
GA-SEN runoff update 11/8 7:pm Round-up of today’s news:
Saved the best for last! 1) The Secretary of State’s unofficial totals 2) Saxby Chambliss (Ri) short 16,895 of 50% 3) SoS Karen Handel calls for investigation of long delays in tabulating ...
sboucher 11/08/2008 35 30 1 21
GA-SEN RUNOFF!! update 6:50
With great thanks to georgia10/link and, who've been covering this race so well! And depending on who you talk to, the number of ...
sboucher 11/05/2008 18 17 - 3
Talking in Codes (update of "Verbatim Opinions")
I've changed the title & am adding this foreword: this diary isn't meant to degrade Southerners or stir up hate. It's about using code words for racist attitudes. Over the past ...
sboucher 10/31/2008 54 6 - 3
GA: Gwinnett Co. 10,000 misprinted absentee ballots
At least 10,000 absentee voters from Gwinnett County GA used a ballot that was printed with the wrong bubble. Scanners refused to read the heavily-outlined ovals, as the county election officials ...
sboucher 10/24/2008 25 23 2 27
I spoke up because: My personal story of homelessness
“ I spoke up because I don’t want other people to experience what I had to ” was my first diary, posted ...
sboucher 10/23/2008 20 23 4 188
The O Generation (tm)
Americans have sorted themselves into generational categories forever. Boomers, Xers, Millenials... Based variously on age, philosophy, fashion or anti-ness, it seems every ten-year period has its ...
sboucher 10/19/2008 31 3 - 8
Racist letters, threatening Obama, circulate in Atlanta
Residents in Atlanta have received racist and threatening letters in their mailboxes this week; two separate versions – undoubtedly by the same author – were distributed. One version is ...
sboucher 10/18/2008 26 25 - 132
I screwed up & I’m sorry
I posted a diary Saturday that was objectionable and I apologize. It was an attempt to be humorous, one proven to be a failure by the number of people I ticked off. I was mean-spirited and petty, ...
sboucher 09/28/2008 56 15 1 21
I spoke up because I don't want other people to experience what I had to
I had the privilege -- and terror -- of sharing my "personal story" at a press conference held Thursday by the Obama/Biden campaign. In the Georgia Capitol Building's grand rotunda, Georgia Labor ...
sboucher 09/19/2008 322 1053 31 42
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