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Only In America...
Can a multi-millionaire, tax dodger, Christian run for president. Mitt Romney can donate 10% of his income to his church, but deny his beloved country its taxes. WTF?
tlcpro 05/04/2015 3
Mitt Romney denies the reality of mass incarceration
Wow, Mitt Romney. Just wow. At a time when even many Republicans are pretending to care about ...
Laura Clawson 05/04/2015 76
How anti-abortion intensity wins in pro-choice America
For four decades, American public opinion on the issue of abortion has been largely unchanged. As the numbers from Gallup , the Pew Research Center , ...
Jon Perr 04/26/2015 65
Hillary's Left Flank
We are choosing among politicians, not saviors. Hillary Rodham Clinton's experience as a lawyer, First Lady, U.S. senator, and Secretary of State gives her a dream résumé. With it, however, ...
Richard J Rosendall 04/23/2015 33

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