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Endgame: Supreme Court today lets religious college block insurers from complying with PPACA
In Hobby Lobby, Alito suggested that his ruling was narrow because the administration could provide the same exemption that it gave to religious non-profits - that if the religious entity objects to ...
scrivener76 07/03/2014 63 104 3 -
Names have been named: Pete Sessions (R-TX) disrespected the President
The Huffington Post is now reporting that it was Pete Sessions (R-Tx) who told President Obama that he "couldn't stand to look" at him. Other tidbits from the HuffPo story: - Harry Reid told the ...
scrivener76 10/24/2013 327 477 4 -
How to see ACTUAL plans and prices if you can't get on
Many of you have been hoping to at least see the plans and prices on the federal exchanges, without success due to the current glitches at With the assistance of DKos user [http://...
scrivener76 10/02/2013 41 43 1 -
Anyone get through on FEDERAL exchange yet?
Just a short diary to ask if anyone's been able to view plans available to them on a FEDERAL exchange (I've seen plenty of mention of California, which has a state exchange), and if so, to share ...
scrivener76 10/02/2013 31 6 - -
Democratic Senators to Immigrant Families Already in Line for Visas: Drop Dead!
One of the key issues of immigration reform is what to do about the backlog of people already in line, legally, waiting for visas to become available? The "path to citizenship" under discussion for ...
scrivener76 04/13/2013 33 7 - -
Stop saying Republican electoral-vote rigging is constitutional. It's not. Here's why.
As we all know, one hot topic here over the last few weeks has been the planned Republican coup d'├ętat of rigging the electoral vote system in Virginia, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Michigan ...
scrivener76 01/29/2013 193 340 26 -
Folks...Heidi Heitkamp's going to win ND-SEN (Edit - more in, lead holding!)
She's up by just over 5,000 votes with 95% of the vote in. There's a single county (Oliver County) that has not reported any precincts. Total population: 1,100 souls. Everything else is 60% to 90%
scrivener76 11/06/2012 13 15 - -
NY Times: U.S. to Offer National Health Plan, "the robust public option that liberals wanted"
Fascinating article from the New York Times today. The Obama administration will soon take on a new role as the sponsor of at least two nationwide health insurance plans to be operated under ...
scrivener76 10/27/2012 433 791 22 -
Analysis of Gallup: It will move up Friday
Here's a non-scientific analysis, but I believe a sound one, of what's going on in the Gallup 7-day horserace tracker, based on the movement in the 3-day approval tracker. The bottom line: some ...
scrivener76 10/17/2012 19 6 - -
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