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GOTV:  Rides to the polls in Battleground States.

I don't have to tell anyone that we are down to it.  I am personally very alarmed at the thought of a red senate, but if you need any more motivation to help GOTV, Howard Dean projects these as least some of the consequences of letting the senate be taken over.  


    1. At least two more years of Republican obstructionism, especially when it comes to confirming new judges.

    2. A Republican Congress will pass huge new tax cuts for the wealthy and for big businesses.

    3. They'll also impose cuts on -- and will try to privatize -- Social Security and Medicare.

    4. Republicans will roll back women's rights and may try to limit access to birth control by passing a "personhood" law.

    5. Obamacare will be gutted, rolling back the big gains we've made to get affordable health care to more families.87

Well, that raised my anxiety level. Again. But I am also very inspired and hopeful as a result of the great work being done by Kossacks to gotv. We can do this.

Below the fold, you will find info about how to get a ride in different states as well as a link to find your polling place.  Please pass this along to any pages, sites, groups in those areas that you can.  I also understand from Rebel GA (big hat tip) that people may try their local senior center to see if they can get a ride, some areas have cab companies that will give free rides and a few areas have free bus rides on Election Day.  

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created by a young man from Moore, Oklahoma, who's working on GOTV in Indian Country
I learned a couple of interesting things from a recent Mother Jones article. One is about why Native Americans don't have much use for former Republican Senator Larry Pressler, currently running as an independent for the open South Dakota senate seat.

The reason Pressler is a former Senator, in a mostly Republican state, is because Tim Johnson, the retiring Democrat, beat him by a mere 524 votes in 1996. Pressler was instrumental in pushing through legislation that limited tribes' abilities to acquire land. Not only did it block the transfer of public lands back to tribes, it also required property taxes for any lands tribes acquired by other means.

This didn't sit well with tribes, with several tribal leaders publicly denouncing Pressler and urging votes for Johnson.

The last county in the state to report its votes was Shannon County, which is mostly comprised of most of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. It wasn't until 5am the morning after election day, with the votes from Shannon County in, that Tim Johnson emerged the winner.

Shannon County is poised to play a role again in this year's senate race in South Dakota. And not just because of Pressler's anti-Indian legislative history. (More beyond the squiggle.)

As kos himself says: Now's about as good a time as any. It's either that, or you cede the floor to the NRA.

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Rock the Lakota Vote Rallies in South Dakota
With support from Four Directions and South Dakota NDN PAC, three rallies are being held this weekend to encourage all Lakota to vote by this coming Tuesday. This Saturday two rallies will be held, one on the Rosebud reservation at 4 PM in the town of Mission and later that evening on the Pine Ridge reservation in Kyle at 8 PM. A noon rally will be held Sunday at the United Tribes Technical College in Rapid City where there are several suburbs with large Indian populations. Featured Native performers will be the 1491s comedy troupe and Frank Waln, a hip-hop artist.

Here is Waln performing at Youth Convergence for the People's Climate March this past September. Notable is the combination of modern rapping and ancient hoop dancing performances.

Waln says, "...we are not protesters, we are protectors, we protect the land, we've been doing it for thousands and thousands of years and we're still doing it today." He ends with, "these borders can't hold me back, they said I'm a red man, you a dead man, better off on the rez what they said man, we ain't a mascot, we ain't a ghost now, we're human beings with a soul you know now."

The message will likely be very similar for the get-out-the-vote rallies. Natives need to vote to protect the land. Rick Weiland is against the Keystone XL pipeline, which threatens reservations in South Dakota. It's a compelling issue that will help bring out the Lakota and Dakota nations to vote.

Your contributions have made it possible to provide much-needed transportation to the polls. In Rapid City a free taxi service has been set up for this purpose.

Free taxi service to the polls in Rapid City, South Dakota
Transportation is also being provided on several reservations where one in four adults don't own cars. State Rep. Kevin Killer told Daily Kos that transportation is definitely set-up for the Crow Creek reservation because the nearest polling place is 50 miles away and absentee ballots have still not shown up. You can read more about this regrettable situation in Meteor Blades's diary.

You've raised more than $160,000 of the $200,000 goal. You all completely ROCK!

Screen shot of the current fundraising totals for South Dakota NDN Election Efforts
You can still contribute to the work of the South Dakota NDN Election Efforts. There's still more fuel to buy for buses and food to buy for volunteers. Contribute so American Indian voices can be heard!
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Senator Mark Begich (D. AK)
Received this e-mail today from former Governor Howard Dean (D. VT) and Democracy for America:
The former Governor of Vermont and candidate for the Democratic nomination for the U.S. presidential election in 2004 Howard Dean makes a speech before The Federal Idea members about the current presidential campaign and its implications for American federalism, on May 15, 2012 in Montreal, CAN. (AP Photo/Denis Beaumont)
GOTV has never been this important.

Every election year we choose and support our Dean Dozen, an incredible group of grassroots progressives in key seats we need to win. Countless Democracy for America members like you have already stepped up this year and made a huge difference in our Dean Dozen's campaigns -- just two nights ago, DFA members made over 30,000 phone calls to get out the vote for Sen. Mark Begich in Alaska!

Now, Election Day is less than a week away. I need your help more than ever if we are going to put these amazing candidates over the top. Four of our Dean Dozen candidates are in races that are statistically tied -- but the polls are showing that there are still Democrats in their states who are aren't sure if they will vote in this election.

If those Democrats vote, we will win this year. We will surprise EVERYBODY. We will keep the Senate. We will win back governorships in key 2016 states. We will break the Koch brothers' hearts and humiliate Karl Rove.

A big win here is well within our reach -- these campaigns have identified more than enough Democratic voters to break these ties. But someone needs to make sure these Democrats don't forget to vote.

That's where we come in.

On Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Election Day, we will be calling Democratic voters in key states on DFA Dialer all day, every day to get out the vote for our Dean Dozen candidates. Can you join us on the phones during our HUGE 96 HOUR GOTV push so we can win big next week?

I know that the idea of calling voters can be intimidating, but I promise you, these calls couldn't be more simple or painless. Through DFA Dialer you can help out in some of the hottest races in the country right from home, and we will give you all the information about the candidates and issues you need.

It's been scientifically proven that the single most effective way to increase voter turnout is to have a conversation with them about voting and the election. The people we're calling have been identified by the campaigns as Democrats who are likely to stay home if they don't hear from someone before Election Day. That's why every single call we make in the final 96 hours has the potential to be the call that tips the balance in our favor.

So on Election Day, do you want to say that you were a part of the grassroots movement that saved the Senate and elected progressives across the country?

Then no more delays.

No more excuses.

Sign up for a GOTV DFA Dialer shift now.

Thank you for doing your part in the homestretch. I can't wait to celebrate with you on Election Day next week!

- Howard

Howard Dean, Founder
Democracy for America

Click here to sign up to help out with GOTV efforts in Alaska, Iowa, South Dakota and Wisconsin:

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Just got this email from the Rick Weiland for South Dakota Senator Campaign.

From: Rick Weiland
To: tommymac
Sent: Monday, October 27, 2014 6:17 PM
Subject: quick update from me

Rick Weiland


Two terrific things in one day. At 6 a.‌m., I learned our state's most important public poll shows my GOP opponent still stuck at 42% and me within single digits and closing fast.

At 3 p.‌m., I told the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee to take down the ugly negative ads they have been running in our state to help longtime Republican Senator turned Independent Larry Pressler and go home.

Even as I type, our phones and email are lit up with delighted Dakota Democrats saying it was about time.

So now, it's full speed ahead to Election Day. No holds barred by chicken little D.C. Democrats who start twitching the minute you take off the gloves on the big money interests that pay their bills.

Get the money the hell out of there, fight for the middle class, right up to November 4 -- and we're within 4% in our tracking polls with 58% up for grabs!
If you've saved your payment information with ActBlue Express, your donation will go through immediately:

Express Donate: $15 >>

Express Donate: $35 >>

Express Donate: $50 >>

Express Donate: $100 >>

Or donate another amount. >>

Please, send us the money the DSCC won't.

I'm pouring Wellstone-McGovern oil all over the prairie. Just send me the match!


Evidently they have asked the DSCC to take down it's negative campaign ads attacking the Republican candidate, which in effect boost Independent Larry Pressler, and go home!  


From analysis I have read online, it seems DSCC didn't care if ex-Rethug, but independent corporate toady Pressler won, or true progressive Weiland did.  Their ads were hatefully negative from all accounts.

Weiland is running a truly progressive campaign focusing on the issues, on what HE stands for.

Sounds like everyday South Dakotan Democrats are happy with this decision to Go Positive.  I know I hate negative ads.  I bet most everyday folks in SD will see this as a truly Populist move.

IMHO this decision took SPINE and shows that Rick Weiland is a man of Character and has True American Values.  

Win or lose - Weiland wants to do it the right way - the Progressive Way, The People's Way. I salute him.  

It's about time a Democratic candidate said no to Corporate oil blood money.

I've preserved the links to ActBlue that were included in the email above if anyone cares to donate directly to Rick to help make up for the loss of the DSCC's 'support'.

I gave.  Again. For the 4th time. And I am unemployed.  But Proud to support a TRUE Progressive.

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Dustina Gill, Wahpeton-Sisseton (Sioux), and a key leader of the GOTV 2014 in South Dakota.
Sisseton-Wahpeton activist Dustina Gill
Goal Thermometer

South Dakota State Rep. Kevin Killer, one of the principal leaders of the statewide get-out-the-Native-vote effort, told Daily Kos this weekend:

As always, Pilamiya ("Thank You" in Lakota) for the wonderful support. We had all of our organizers focus this past week on registering voters in Rapid City, Pine Ridge and Cheyenne River. The funds raised helped us turn in over hundreds of voter registration forms to our county auditors, thanks in part to the many organizers like Wiyaka Eagleman. It has been a tremendous honor to serve our community in the South Dakota Legislature since 2008. Hearing about Wiyaka's determination to register voters and get them to the auditors before the deadline highlights the determination and power of our young Dakota/Lakota people to make a difference. Again, showing tremendous gratitude for Markos, Neeta, Meteor Blades and the Daily Kos community for your wonderful outpouring of support to help us empower our communities through electoral efforts in South Dakota!
So far, Daily Kos support of the campaign to register voters on the state's nine Indian reservations and get them to the polls has raised nearly $158,000 from more than 13,600 donors. Which means y'all rock!

That campaign could have a significant impact on whether Rick Weiland gets elected to the U.S. Senate since the Indians who do cast ballots in South Dakota tend to vote about 80 percent Democratic. But, whether he wins or loses, the work done this year will have positive implications for the future, not just for the Senate or the House but for down-ballot candidates and ballot issues as well.

Ever since the Snyder Act of 1924 extended citizenship to all American Indians, South Dakota officials have sought to suppress their voting with a mixture of blatant and subtle tactics designed to keep as many of them away from the polls as possible.

So bad was this discrimination that two counties of South Dakota were required by the Voting Rights Act of 1965 to pre-clear any changes in voting law, a provision that mostly affected the worst states of the Jim Crow South. But even that didn't stop the county authorities from finding ways to make it difficult for Indians to vote and for reducing the impact of those who voted in spite of the obstacles.

This year was no different on that score. Take, for instance, Roberts County in the northeasternmost part of South Dakota. Most of the county's territory is part of the Sisseton-Wahpeton Oyate (Sioux) reservation, although only a third of the county population is Indian. Like the other reservations of the state, Sisseton-Wahpeton is heavily rural. Despite the difficulty many tribal members have reaching the polls for lack of transportation, county officials refused requests this year to set up satellite voting stations. It was that refusal, says tribal member and key organizer Dustina Gill, that sparked her to approach the folks at the Great Plains Get Out the Native Vote project to establish the 2014 Rez Tour. Of the county's refusal and subsequent organizing to get around it, Gill told Daily Kos:

I was shocked and knew there wasn't enough time to focus on an argument with them and GOTV at the same time, so I thought, the vote is more important and I will address that after elections and I decided to do the statewide tour. I knew Sisseton wasn't alone in this battle and knew we all faced the same issues, so a reztour might help us all. [...]

When I talked to Rep. Killer [an Oglala-Kiowa from Pine Ridge reservation] about it, I wasn't sure what we were going to expect, but we knew it would work out because when you put your heart in something it always does. We never expected in a million years it would turn out like this.

Contribute so American Indian voices can be heard in South Dakota!
There's more from Gill and Chase Iron Eyes below the fold.
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 photo WiyakawithRickWeiland_zps3c2c12e5.jpg
Wiyaka Eagleman on the left wearing the bright yellow tee shirt. That's Rick Weiland in the blue shirt.
Goal ThermometerTwenty-seven-year-old Wiyaka Eagleman registered 50 Lakota voters on the Rosebud Sioux reservation of South Dakota last week. Then he walked and hitched rides for more than 40 miles to deliver the completed forms to the Tripp County Clerk just in time to meet the Monday deadline. Then he walked and hitched home.

Eagleman (Sicangu Oyate Lakota) grew up on the sprawling reservation, one of nine in the state, home to the Sioux Nation's Upper Brulé division, the tribe of the war chief Spotted Tail, a relative of Crazy Horse. As a child, Wiyaka carried five-gallon buckets of water from an outside pump because there was no indoor plumbing. He remembers that as the best-tasting water.

Wiyaka, whose name means Feather Boy in Lakota, finished the 10th grade and then went into the Job Corps. At 18 he moved to the city to work as a roofer during the summer. After culinary academy training he worked as a cook during the winter.

This past June something changed in Wiyaka's mind and heart. He says he felt he needed to return to the reservation. He was particularly troubled by what was happening to his people because of the threat of the Keystone XL pipeline, which, if approved, will carry tar sands petroleum through the state from Canada to Texas. Wiyaka was caught in what he called a struggle. In the city there are jobs and housing. On the reservation there are not. He was conflicted over whether to help himself or his people. Soon, he decided to go back to the Rosebud even though he had no place to live:

"We need jobs on the rez. We've had a hard lifestyle. I put aside my feelings of hate and anger because of the genocide. Somebody should talk about what our people need here. I would work for my people, cut wood labor-free, but I need gas to do that and there's no money here."
Wiyaka Eagleman in the tipi he lives in.
Wiyaka Eagleman in the tipi he lives in.
Upon returning home he first met with his uncle, Russell Eagle Bear, who is a Rosebud Tribal Council member. Eagle Bear is a strong voice against the pipeline. His uncle advised Wiyaka that he should think of the next generations and should live his dream. So the young man joined the Shield the People movement that erects tipi camps to stop progress along the designated pipeline right-of-way. He's been living with others in a camp of six tipis the past four months on Highway 83 about 30 miles from the town of Mission. Fortunately, the group has arrangements to have access to a trailer for the bitter South Dakota winter.

The members of the community nourish each other, they share resources. But those resources are thin. In Wiyaka's tipi camp there is one laptop which they all share.

This is the first year Wiyaka has become engaged in politics. "This is how we change things," he says. He takes the work seriously. While gathering those voter registrations, Wiyaka covered more than 100 miles traveling to Parmelee, thru the Rosebud and then on to the county seat in Winner. He set out on foot but managed to hitch four rides. When I ask Wiyaka if he stood and thumbed for the rides or did he keep walking, he replies, "I walk like a warrior; you just keep walking."

If Wiyaka can do this, against heavy odds, then you can spend an hour making GOTV phone calls or chipping in $3. Please help get out the reservation vote in South Dakota. Contribute to South Dakota NDN Election Efforts PAC so American Indian voices can be heard!
There's more to this story below the orange fluffy frybread.

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Republican South Dakota Senate candidate Mike Rounds
Mike Rounds, giving out loans like candy
Goal Thermometer

In a huge admission, former South Dakota Gov. Mike Rounds, the GOP nominee in this year's Senate race, acknowledged Tuesday that he did in fact know that a top former cabinet official, Richard Benda, was going to work for investors running a meatpacking concern called Northern Beef, right around the same time that Rounds signed off on a special $600,000 state loan package to the company that Benda had urged. That money went directly into Benda's pockets, as he paid himself $225,000 a year to oversee the now-failed plant.

Just before Rounds left office at the end of 2010, Benda, then the state's secretary of tourism, pressed for the extra loans for Northern Beef, and Rounds approved the funding. A state audit later found that Benda had a serious conflict of interest in requesting the loans—duh—but until now, we didn't know whether Rounds himself was aware of this glaring conflict. It turns out that he most certainly did:

At the time, though, Rounds didn't ask Benda for more details.

"I said 'Good, I'm glad to hear that he's going to be actively involved in the beef plant,'" Rounds said in a live interview on the Argus Leader's "100 Eyes" online show.

Rounds claimed he couldn't remember whether he learned of Benda's future employment plans before or after the Northern Beef loans went through, but even if he only found out about them after, he surely could have raised an alarm while he still had time. Instead, he went blithely silent.
Give $3 to our Daily Kos-endorsed fighting progressive Rick Weiland!
There's much more to this scandal, though. Head below the fold to learn more.
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 photo ScreenShot2014-10-21at31746PM_zpse3d9f943.png

Goal ThermometerHere are the latest updates from the get-out-the-vote South Dakota Rez Tour so many of you have contributed to. I do believe we need to PAY THAT PARKING TICKET! Our intrepid War Pony minibus is going everywhere on and off the Indian reservations in the state to take advantage of early voting, which ends soon.

The GOTV leaders in South Dakota are working their butts off to take advantage of the funding you all have provided. We blew past Markos's initial goal of $50,000, then $75,000, then $100,000 for the South Dakota NDN Election Efforts PAC. Now we're on our way to the group's dream budget of $200,000. I think we can do it. We are currently at $131,000, and with your sharing and tweeting this campaign we can get more donors. The total has been built with small donations. So ask your networks to chip in.

 photo ScreenShot2014-10-21at34006PM_zps5c93400c.png

 photo ScreenShot2014-10-21at33800PM_zps5a0d6794.png photo FanoftheWarPonymeetsDustinaGillinFlandreau_zpsa99d9e52.jpg

 photo ScreenShot2014-10-21at33556PM_zps29dfe014.png

Contribute so American Indian voices can be heard in South Dakota!

Voting by mail is convenient, easy, and defeats the best of the GOP's voter suppression efforts. Sign up here to check eligibility and vote by mail, then get your friends, family, and coworkers to sign up as well.
Read below the orange fluffy frybread for more updates from our team about this crucial project..

2:21 PM PT: wow.... Look what I found at Wiyaka Eagleman's facebook timeline:

 photo ScreenShot2014-10-21at51652PM_zpsf9571900.png

The guy who walked 38 miles plus to turn in completed voter registration forms.

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South Dakota Senate candidate Rick Weiland campaigning at American Indian reservation. 2014
Rick Weiland, with the people he's fighting for.
Goal ThermometerJust a few moments ago, supporter #10,000 gave to the NDN Election Efforts PAC, the GOTV operation focused on American Indian reservations in the now-pivotal state of South Dakota. The $124,691 raised is slightly above my initial goal of $50,000 (which I considered overly optimistic at the time), and puts us well within reach of the PAC's entire 2014 GOTV budget of $200,000.

South Dakota Rep. Kevin Killer, head of the PAC, sends me an update on what the fresh funds are allowing them to do.

I hope this email finds you well and I do apologize for the delay in updates. I’ve been on the ground setting up and we are ready to go for these last 2 weeks. Before I begin the updates I just can’t say thank you enough for believing in all of us and our communities are forever grateful!

This past week in Pine Ridge, which is the largest of all the reservations, people are upbeat about voting. All of the tribes have been working against the Keystone XL pipeline since 2010 and its coming to a head this election because Rounds is running ads constantly in favor of it. Pressler, to my knowledge, isn’t in favor of it either but supports building more pipeline to transfer Balkan crude from ND. Most of the people we talked to so far know Weiland is against it and mention this when voting.

We’ve had close to 400 people vote early so far in Pine Ridge since the fundraising campaign started. Close to 100 are first time voters or purged off the list after having not voted in 4 consecutive elections. We registered over 100 people today and will be on it tomorrow and Monday 10/20, the last day to register for South Dakota.

With resources we have been able to recruit experienced organizers in Cheyenne River (NW South Dakota), Rapid City (Urban Natives are 13 percent of the total population), Pine Ridge, Rosebud (South Central SD), Crow Creek (Central SD), Sisseton (Dustina’s homelands/Eastern South Dakota) and Sioux Falls (Eastern SD) all working on getting Native populations out to vote. All of the organizers on the ground managing these places have worked previous elections with the average experience being 3 cycles.

We will have early voting sites set up on all reservations except for Crow Creek and will be pushing hard to find first time voters on Monday. After the deadline, we will hire people to go door to door to set up rides to the polls for early voting, election day, and providing voters with sample ballots/lit. We have great down ballot Native candidates running in Rosebud, Pine Ridge, Crow Creek and Rapid City. Most of the Tribes own their own radio stations so they can run GOTV ads up until Election Day.

Let me know if you have any ideas or questions and thank you again for your wonderful support.

Pretty amazing stuff—both the organizers on the ground making this happen, and the Daily Kos community for helping fund it. You are all incredible! What's more, in the combined fundraising page for both Democrat Rick Weiland and the NDN PAC, you guys (and me too!) have now broken $300,000. And that's in what, ten days?

Republicans are certainly noticing.

National money now is pouring into the state for team Rounds to counter the millions that Democrats and Democratic-leaning PACs are spending for Weiland. The big infusion of money is most obvious for both candidates in advertising. An observant person might notice that KELO’s newscasts seem a bit shorter as the station tries to cram in more political ads [...]

The National Rifle Association, the American Hospital Association and others also are trying to match the Democratic PACs supporting Weiland. They have put in money for print and radio ads.

Behind the scenes, national money is assembling a get-out-the-vote operation. Previously, the Rounds campaign had been relying largely on volunteers and parade appearances to build its GOTV operation. Now, with national money behind the effort, the campaign can hire professionals. Last week, Republican loyalists were getting phone calls offering them up to $15 an hour to knock on doors and make phone calls to help build a GOTV network for Election Day.

It's all-hands-on-deck time. Conservatives have decided that they won't sit on the sidelines and lose this race. About 10,000 of us have decided the same thing on our side. But there are more of us who have yet to engage.

Now's about as good a time as any. It's either that, or you cede the floor to the NRA.

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Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan
Sen. Kay Hagan (D-NC) needs strong Democratic turnout to win, and she may be getting it
Goal Thermometer

Leading Off:

Georgia and North Carolina:

For weeks all eyes were on Iowa, but attention is finally shifting to other states where the early voting stakes are high. In-person early voting began last week in Georgia and continued over the weekend—the first time ever that Georgians were able to vote on a Sunday. In Colorado, which is implementing a new all-mail voting system, ballots finally went out and some have already started trickling back in. In Florida, we have reached the mark of 900,000 ballots cast, and the numbers should quickly increase as in-person voting is starting Monday.

Let's start by taking a look at a potentially bright spot for Democrats, Georgia and North Carolina. These two Southern states are the only ones that release statistics about whether voters also cast a ballot in 2010, which can provide some rare hint as to whether these early voters represent a change in the electorate or just a shift in how voters prefer to vote.

In Georgia, 20 percent of early voters had not cast a ballot in 2010—and they're slightly less likely to be white than those who had. In North Carolina, an impressive 43 percent of absentee ballot requests have come from voters who didn't vote in 2010, and registered Republicans lead by just 4.6 percentage points among them compared to their much larger lead of 13 percentage points among repeat voters. These may be signs that an effective Democratic turnout operation is succeeding at turning out new voters.

North Carolina Democrats started unexpectedly strong in mail voting statistics last week, an anomaly given the GOP's traditional strength. For example, in 2010, Republicans cast 44 percent of mail ballots versus just 35 percent for Democrats. The numbers regressed toward the usual dynamic over the past week, with the GOP grabbing a 10-percent lead among absentee ballot requests.

But in-person early voting has not started yet—it will not until the last week before the election since state Republicans cut the early voting period—and when it does expect Democrats to close that gap.

Georgia is a perfect example of how the start of in-person voting transforms the early voting outlook: Nearly as many Georgians voted in the first day of in-person early voting alone21,135 last Monday, October 13—than there are who have sent their ballots in by mail. As of Friday night, more than 90,000 Georgians had voted in-person, and as is usually the case, black voters are casting ballots at a greater share among in-person voters than among mail voters, so the latest numbers are more in-line with what Democrats want to see than they were a week ago, before in-person voting started.

Plenty of races are going to come down to the wire. Please chip in $3 so we can finish strong on Election Day.

Defeat Mitch McConnell in just two hours. Sign up to make GOTV calls to Democrats.
Head below the fold for a look at more early vote tea leaves from across the country.
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Mon Oct 20, 2014 at 09:32 AM PDT

Rick Weiland or Bust ...

by We Shall Overcome

Reposted from We Shall Overcome by poopdogcomedy

I don't know about you, but the campaign being run by Rick Weiland for South Dakota's open U.S. Senate seat is one of the most inspiring I've seen in a long time — not just because Weiland is promising his first act in the Senate will be to introduce a constitutional amendment designed to reign in big money and get it out of our election and political processes, not only because he supports a true progressive agenda, not only because he is running a grass roots, people powered, small donor campaign but also because he seems to be the man of the moment.

Rick Weiland seems to be capturing the spirit and desires of a large portion of the country right now who are fed up with big money, with a Wall St and 1% focused economy and who are ready to roll up their sleeves and do the hard work to make the changes they want to see happen.

And, his campaign is doing this in a most refreshing way. He's doing retail, face-to-face politics the way it is done in South Dakota - comparatively politely and respectfully. What a concept, and just what America could use, don't you think?

And if he doesn't make it to the senate, I'd like to see him enter the 2016 presidential Democratic primary race to get his message, ideas and spirit front and center in the Democratic Party.

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