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Why I support authorizing the President to use military force in Syria
I support authorizing the President to use military force in Syria because Assad's use of chemical weapons calls for the strongest possible response. Preventing the President from punishing Assad ...
seanwright 09/06/2013 186 46 - -
Syria does not = Iraq
It seems our apparently imminent military engagement with Syria has some people experiencing de ja vu. The parallels with Iraq are obvious. Neither country attacked us. Both are muslim nations. Both ...
seanwright 09/02/2013 601 89 1 -
Some facts about, and a partial defense of, Jehovah's Witnesses
I was raised Jehovah's witness, my parents are Jehovah's Witness and many of my extended family members are Jehovah's Witness. The Jehovah Witness lifestyle and philosophy leave a lot to be desired ...
seanwright 03/25/2012 407 299 6 2174
BREAKING: CNN Calls VA for Romney!!
seanwright 03/06/2012 7 2 - 74
"What the Left Doesn't Understand About Obama"
seanwright 09/03/2011 295 45 2 742
Yesterday's Wall Street Journal Was a Revelation *Updated to Acknowledge Error*
I picked up a copy of the Wall Street Journal yesterday and what I read in there was an absolute revelation. Just reading that one issue of that one newspaper I learned more about the ways this ...
seanwright 09/01/2011 82 158 5 1661
Dissent Is NOT the Highest Form of Patriotism
I do not mean to speak ill of the dead. Howard Zinn has a well-deserved place in the hearts of all liberals. However, the aphorism refered to in the title is an unfortunate legacy of that good man, ...
seanwright 08/28/2011 96 15 1 388
New Daily Kos/SEIU/PPP Poll: Republicans United In Hatred Of President
The latest Daily Kos/SEIU/PPP poll ...
seanwright 08/23/2011 19 3 - 198
Dear Fellow Kossacks: Thank You For Restoring My Faith In This Site
This morning, I was very pleasantly surprised by something that happened, or rather didn't happen, here at Daily Kos. As my eye was running down the recent diary list, this title jumped out me: Yves ...
seanwright 08/22/2011 90 17 - 532
Barack Obama a Wall Street Shill? Oh, Please! (An Occassional Series)
[Foreword: I originally intended this diary to be, more or less, an encyclopedic rebuttal to all of the accusations of progressive malfeasance directed at President Obama. However, it quickly became ...
seanwright 08/19/2011 81 26 1 284
What does Obama need to do to win back conservative white men?
My title is apropos the latest Daily Kos/PPP/SEIU poll , which showed ...
seanwright 08/16/2011 46 5 - 285
To the REAL Progressives on This Site
I have finally had it up to here with our capitulationist corporatist so-called Democratic neolibreral triangulating DLC Third Way triangulating Blue Dog conervadem Trojan Horse Neville ...
seanwright 08/16/2011 67 7 - 369
"Liberals Have Been Played for Chumps"
That's Kevin Drum's conclusion over at Mother Jones. He is reacting ...
seanwright 08/11/2011 87 19 - 304
BREAKING: Uygur Attacks White House, Truce in Doubt
Washington -- The cease-fire, anounced just hours earlier by Daily Kos ...
seanwright 08/09/2011 110 35 - 502
What Happened to Drew Westen?
What happened to Drew Westen? And by that I mean as a child. What in hell would cause a nominal progressive to write ...
seanwright 08/08/2011 180 18 1 390
Why I Think It's Foolish to Call President Obama a "Wall Street Shill"
I am just republishing a discussion I had with GeeBee in a diary about dealing with "Obama Fatigue," which was primarily about an article by David Sirota laying out the case that Obama is a very ...
seanwright 08/06/2011 34 10 - 163
I suppose I'M a Troll!
I am very large and extremely ugly, I suppose I'm a troll. My eyes are bulbous and red, I suppose I'm a troll. My teeth are long and sharp and my breath is rancid, I suppose I'm a troll. My ...
seanwright 08/05/2011 45 8 - 235
Breaking: "Obama Turns 50 Despite GOP Opposition"
Reported in The Onion today: "With the host of problems this country is currently ...
seanwright 08/04/2011 20 23 - 172
As much as I love Bill Clinton...
this is going to be brief and none too pretty because I am writing on my iPhone. So I apologize in adman for any bizarre word choices. But Bill Clinton is not the fierce liberal champion that we ...
seanwright 08/03/2011 46 15 - 161
Time to Get Cracking on the President's Jobs Plan
From the Department of Bad Timing: I wrote a diary late last night explaining why I believe ...
seanwright 08/02/2011 89 3 1 144
President Obama is One Hell of a Negotiator
I know that a lot of people feel that Obama caved. I predicted several weeks ago, that this couldn't end any other way. President Obama "caving" was going to be key to any deal. Had the President ...
seanwright 08/01/2011 125 22 - 449
Gabby Giffords: Profile in Courage
Everyone knows by now that Gabrielle Giffords just returned to the House for the first time since being shot in the head to vote for the highly controversial and unpopular Debt Ceiling Bill. ...
seanwright 08/01/2011 13 10 - 110
Sh!t Sandwich: The Art of Compromise
There have been a lot of diaries lately more or less arguing the same thing, namely that the President is getting ready to ask progressives to eat a shit sandwich. They are right. What most are ...
seanwright 07/31/2011 16 5 - 73
Is the "Boehner Plan" the Compromise?
Here's the portion of the President's speech tonight that really counted: Defaulting on our obligations is a reckless and irresponsible outcome to this debate. And Republican leaders ...
seanwright 07/25/2011 12 - - 179
Would a Little 11 Dimensional Chess Have Won the Debt Ceiling Debate Last December?
There was a diary on the rec list yesterday suggesting that The Debt Ceiling ...
seanwright 07/24/2011 21 12 2 133
BREAKING: Obama NOT Eliminating Elizabeth Warren as Consumer Protection Agency Head UDATED X2
And by "Breaking" I mean that this story has been "breaking over the course of the last 10 months:
seanwright 07/16/2011 252 258 7 2795
A letter to Senators Schumer and Gillibrand and Representative Crowley
I am writing to day to thank you for all of the hard work you've done for the people of our State, our country and of my community, Jackson Heights, New York. I know you have been called upon to ...
seanwright 07/11/2011 7 5 - 97
Let's Try a Thought Experiment
As a thought experiment, try to imagine that the President Obama is in possession of at least as much of each of the virtues necessary for great leadership as you are. Here's a list of the most ...
seanwright 07/09/2011 34 10 - 230
Elections have Consequences
During the first two years of President Obama's presidency, we got all kinds of progressive changes, which I'm frankly bored with listing, particularly since listing the accomplishments of Democrats ...
seanwright 07/08/2011 52 11 1 254
10 Reasons to Support the War in Libya
1. Libyan citizens begged us to intervene. 2. The Arab League asked us to intervene. 3. Key European allies asked us to intervene. 4. The UN Security Counsel approved intervention. 5. We are ...
seanwright 06/21/2011 57 8 1 206
Old age hath yet his honour and his toil
I just heard a story on BBC Radio that moved me so much I had to write something. A group of retired engineers in Japan are ...
seanwright 05/31/2011 8 25 3 145
Aristotle's Golden Mean (Or Being a Team Player Does Not Make You a Fascist)
Here on Daily Kos we fight with the sort of passionate intensity reserved for people with extremely similar beliefs. All most all of us agree on the direction we would like to see this country go in.
seanwright 11/22/2010 16 15 - 60
Why Healthcare Reform Makes Me Proud to Be a Democrat
Do you want to know why healthcare reform makes me proud to be a Democrat? This is why: The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act "
seanwright 09/17/2010 21 18 - 43
Elephant, it's what's for dinner!
Watching the Republicans chew at their own entrails this year as a wave supposedly continues to build that will supposedly sweep them back to power, I find myself wanting to reach to mythology and ...
seanwright 09/15/2010 10 5 - 25
UPDATE: Obama's A Game
Barack Obama is a brilliant politician. You would almost think this would go without saying for a man who in the span of 4 years went from being a State Senator from Illinois, to a United States ...
seanwright 09/11/2010 588 513 12 265
Washington Post Lies about Results of Own Poll
Or at least the article by Dan Balz and John Cohen puts such a negative spin ...
seanwright 07/13/2010 36 35 1 48
Krauthammer's remarks on the humanitarian crisis in Gaza were not that bad
That is, if you are comparing them with remarks made by Asaf Shariv, Israeli Consul General to the United States on PRI's "The Takeaway" with John Hockenberry and Celeste Headlee on June 2nd. ...
seanwright 06/03/2010 157 12 - 39
Charlie Cook Responds: Update
I wrote a not particularly well-commented upon, non-rec-list diary entitled " Charlie Cook: Not ...
seanwright 03/13/2010 55 28 1 34
Charlie Cook: Not the Genius You Think He Is
I wrote this diary a week ago, but got sidetracked before I could do my final edit and basically forgot about it. Somehow, it doesn't seem as timely now as it did a week ago, but what the heck, ...
seanwright 03/10/2010 42 19 - 44
Urge the House and Senate to agree on President Obama's compromise on HCR
I imagine most of you who read allie123 's diary (and if you haven't, read it!) had a similar reaction to mine: some combination ...
seanwright 02/24/2010 18 12 - 16
The real truth about the Senate HCR Bill Continued
Part I Last Saturday I published a diary , in ...
seanwright 02/20/2010 99 33 2 38
Please stop stifling my dissent.  UPDATED! X2
I've noticed a disturbing trend around here lately. Anyone who dares offer even a soup�on of criticism for he-who-can-do-no-wrong is subjected to the following indignities: pillorying, ...
seanwright 02/17/2010 170 6 - 45
The real truth about the Senate HCR bill
For those of you who don't know who Paul Starr is, here's a thumbnail biography: He is a professor of sociology and public affairs at Princeton University. He and Robert Kuttner are the co-...
seanwright 02/13/2010 299 39 1 43
I accuse Obama ... of being an awesome President!
I accuse the President of having, on his first full in office, signed executive orders with the intention of imposing new ...
seanwright 02/11/2010 104 44 4 35
SOTU predictions
First, a pair of apologies in advance. Due to time constraints & the fact I am working on my iPhone, this diary will contain bizarre errors in spelling, grammar & usage,will be pretty brief for a ...
seanwright 01/26/2010 24 1 - 18
Dear Mr. President: First, allow me to introduce myself. I am a long time supporter of yours, but a first time open-letter correspondent. If you go to my profile, sir, and read through my ...
seanwright 01/21/2010 12 1 1 25
Locking in my E-Day predictions
So that anyone who wants to can hold me accountable later: 1. If Coakley loses and stocks go up, conservatives will say that the market is celebrating the voters putting the breaks on the Obama ...
seanwright 01/19/2010 18 6 - 11
I want you to get mad!
We are currently enjoying the fruits of nearly three decades of right wing ascendancy: high unemployment, ballooning deficits, enormous national debt, a planet that is becoming less and less fit for ...
seanwright 01/15/2010 17 18 - 29
Greenwald's Mouth Writes a Check His A$$ Can't Cash
Glenn Greenwald makes a claim in a blog post today captioned "Do Obama officials know what his ...
seanwright 12/04/2009 117 3 - 225
Questions for anti-escalators
It is really easy to find fault with Pres. Obama's Afghanistan policy. The good options for dealing with Afghanistan, to the extent they ever existed, were squandered by Bush years ago. Any ...
seanwright 12/02/2009 91 - - 89
The Fundamental Dishonesty of Glenn Greenwald
I read this article by Glenn Greenwald today and hurried over here to right a diary about how strikingly misleading it was ...
seanwright 04/11/2009 302 50 3 33
Questions for William Black
Since I am not as intrepid as ToqueDeVille ...
seanwright 04/07/2009 154 46 2 23
The Trouble with Paul Krugman's Column
The trouble with Paul Krugman's column in today's New York Times is that his predictions about the likely outcomes of his ...
seanwright 03/23/2009 42 14 - 25
Obama's Betrayal of the Century of the Week
Today Barack Obama adopted the Bush DOJ's position in Mohamed v. Jeppesen Dataplan, Inc. , that the "state secrets" doctrine bars 5 individuals alleging that they were subjected to ...
seanwright 02/09/2009 33 4 - 2
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