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The “OK, we have to talk about YOUR racist fetish for the term ‘Armenian Genocide’ “ talk
Or “yes, it’s completely racist to equate Turks (because Muslim) to Hitler ” We are at the time each year where western nations find an outlet for their islamophobia in the outcry for the ...
sexgenderbody 04/24/2015 48 - - -
A letter from a friend, about the military-industrial-acade​mic pipeline
#1 - I spent a good deal of my life trying to attain an educational degree. Now that I have it, I'm spending what's left of my life trying to wipe out the detrimental effects of that very process. #...
sexgenderbody 04/03/2015 3 5 - -
“Flower Dollars (TM)”
“Flower Dollars (TM)” or “that time when my daughter revealed to the world that she is going to be an even bigger smartass than me” Posted at SexGenderBody tumblr.
sexgenderbody 03/21/2015 9 31 1 -
#fuckcharliehebdo #jesuisbetterthanthat
People were murdered and that is horrid. Charlie Hebdo is a horrid racist magazine. I mourn the murder of anyone. I will never celebrate the deeds of Charlie Hebdo. White western (read: EU & ...
sexgenderbody 01/09/2015 106 1 1 -
White Christianity made simple and plain: be white or be dead
White Christians want to spare this mentally ill man from the death penalty for the murders he committed But they did not want to save this mentally ill man from the same fate for the same ...
sexgenderbody 12/02/2014 5 5 - -
Why I won't be taking the "Ice Kony Challenge"
I've been giving the side-eye to this "ice bucket challenge" video thing for a few months now, and I've had some thinky thoughts on the matter.  I'll just start here, in no particular order. ...
sexgenderbody 09/01/2014 10 1 - -
a sober master's
Another installment from my daily typewriter at SexGenderBody's tumblr. This one is a reflection of sobriety and life.
sexgenderbody 06/18/2014 1 4 - -
eyes wide open
Another of my daily typewriter reflections. This one deals with pedophiles, men and fear. Posted at SexGenderBody's tumblr.
sexgenderbody 06/13/2014 2 7 - -
open letter to leftist cis-het dudes
I'm not saying that it's impossible for cis-het men to be feminists, but I am saying that it comes at the sacrifice of being a sexist, misogynist & a potential rapist.  you're not one of the good ...
sexgenderbody 06/01/2014 84 4 - -
race is not a choice
I've been working on a typewriter and then scanning the work to post it online. This is a piece on my own "nice-guy racism". Posted at SexGenderBody's tumblr .
sexgenderbody 05/23/2014 5 5 1 -
open letter from a progressive white dude to other progressive white dudes defending stephen colbert
since most of us progressive white dudes do not really don't feel safe being talked to about race  by anyone else, I felt compelled to say my piece on this issue as a card carrying white ...
sexgenderbody 04/01/2014 88 5 - -
brown voices, white spaces
I got into a conversation the other day with my friend, about this post: I said that a good strategy would be to give up on whitespace ever ...
sexgenderbody 03/27/2014 15 5 1 -
sgb book review: "little, big" by john crowley
ok, this book is great if you’re a rapist who likes fantasies about how magical rape can be . I read this book 30 years ago when I was in the ‘green berets’ and somehow did not remember ...
sexgenderbody 03/15/2014 5 3 - -
This is a comment on some things in Indian politics and US politics.
I'm not from India nor did I ever vacation there.  I don't take yoga and I don't own the Kama Sutra ( why bother, when I can download it for free, anyway? )  So, I'm not an expert and I'm probably ...
sexgenderbody 03/08/2014 8 5 - -
my review of the 'millennium trilogy' or 'the girl who was actually clint eastwood with boobs'
so, I got invited to read the millenium trilogy by a friend at the same time she was, with the idea being that there are rape depictions and that we’d keep each other company during the ...
sexgenderbody 02/10/2014 10 5 1 -
I was a teenage transmisogynistic monster
The ugly truth of my past thoughts and actions is that for the first half of my life, I was ignorant, uninformed, sexist and dangerous to trans identified persons.  I would laugh at or remain ...
sexgenderbody 11/23/2013 46 69 - -
my feminist walkabout [why I am a Democrat]
in a nutshell, this is a narrative of what feminism has meant to me through the years and where I go to seek and express feminism in my life now.  to a good extent, my progressive / liberal ...
sexgenderbody 10/31/2013 3 3 - -
"God Loves Uganda"
** note: as usual, my film reviews are just my collected thoughts.  don't expect Roger Ebert here (read: I swear a lot)...just sayin' ** So, I went to an advanced screening of this film, " God ...
sexgenderbody 10/10/2013 9 7 - -
white privilege is measured in blood
a black man died and two white men who were trained to save lives, let him die in front of them. for a number of years, I was a soldier in the “green berets”. I was trained as a medical NCO, ...
sexgenderbody 09/08/2013 2 15 - -
on “men setting good examples” and other forms of stomach cancer
I was reading a conversation about how men should talk to their sons about Robin Thicke and women in general. It was along the lines of how to be “good men”. Something has been nagging at me ...
sexgenderbody 09/05/2013 27 7 - -
DailyKos sólo está interesado en los votantes que hablan inglés.
DailyKos sólo está interesado en los votantes que hablan inglés. Cuando Wendy Davis llevó su filibustero, nació ...
sexgenderbody 08/23/2013 53 11 - -
open letter to dude feminists
“Men who want to be feminists do not need to be given a space in feminism. They need to take the space they have in society & make it feminist.” — Kelley Temple I don’t have a lot of faith ...
sexgenderbody 08/16/2013 58 18 1 -
variations on a theme: "color blind" racism taken to a new low
so, I have this friend from my Army days.  he's Italian-American from Charlestown, MA.  often, when I talk about racism, he replies with his "I don't see race" racism.  but, he also has this ...
sexgenderbody 08/05/2013 3 1 - -
The gift of "Trans..."
I penned this a while back and after today's news from Maine , I figure we can generate a little swarm here on what is so very wonderful about ...
sexgenderbody 07/29/2013 6 10 - -
jury duty (or: Twelve Angry Men, here we come...)
I was selected for jury duty this week. We've all been there - we get the summons, blow off the first one and then get a sternly worded note telling us to show up this time, for realz and so we do.
sexgenderbody 07/02/2013 54 72 - -
Daily Kos and "the master's tools"
"What does it mean when the tools of a racist patriarchy are used to examine the fruits of that same patriarchy? It means that only the most narrow perimeters of change are possible and allowable." -
sexgenderbody 05/02/2013 138 7 1 -
most men don't want to hear this, but it needs to be said
men - we are the problem. all of the problems. and not just some of us - all of us. we are bullies, rapists, murderers and we live off the sweat and pain of anyone we can. you may not have ...
sexgenderbody 03/09/2013 192 8 - -
Using NRA logic in every day life
The NRA says that to make everyone safe - everyone should carry a gun. By the NRA’s thinking, the acme of human civilisation is our ability to kill one another. Extend their thinking to other ...
sexgenderbody 01/22/2013 5 - - -
mark my words: the GOP think they’ve got it made now that Obama can’t run again
I’ll tell you exactly how these bubbleheads are gonna go on this. they got beat by a black guy and as much as they despise him and everything about him, they see Hillary Clinton as the next in ...
sexgenderbody 11/13/2012 21 5 - -
BREAKING: Institute of White Males announcement - women could be human
[Wilmington, DE] A group of white men with impeccable credentials issued a statement today in advance of formal publication of a study they recently concluded into whether or not women are human ...
sexgenderbody 10/18/2012 2 3 - -
I’m sick of talking about “abortion in cases of rape or incest”...
I’m sick of talking about “abortion in cases of rape or incest” as if that is the short list of acceptable circumstances for safe, legal & affordable abortion ( posted at sgb tumblr )
sexgenderbody 10/16/2012 63 27 - -
I know you’re watching and I don’t care
(Posted at the SexGenderBody tumblr )
sexgenderbody 07/10/2012 14 5 - 225
New video from WomenEmployed: Get The Facts
sexgenderbody 05/11/2012 2 - - 19
On Tim Tebow and the captive audience sales pitch
When I was a kid, our family would gather at my grandmother's house for Thanksgiving and Christmas. All manner of cousins, aunts, uncles and sundry relatives would descend on a little house in ...
sexgenderbody 01/22/2012 23 23 3 209
that time when I was 12 and forced to deal with abortion
My parents sent me to Catholic grade school, catechism and the whole nine yards. My mother was Catholic but she was also a Democrat, pro women's rights. She dragged us to church but she was not on ...
sexgenderbody 01/19/2012 40 235 1 1151
Privilege within communities working to lessen privilege
Audre Lorde once spoke at a feminist conference , noting that she was the only black lesbian there and one ...
sexgenderbody 12/31/2011 50 32 5 586
the (snow)faces change but the (appropriated) song remains the same, and the crowd goes wild.
I was tripping over the many tumblr conversations about Hugo Schwyzer lately. A good number of people articulated some solid points about him, as well as the many who stated their outrage and ...
sexgenderbody 12/25/2011 36 5 - 369
Open Letter to Cardinal George regarding his comparison of LGBTQI to the KKK
I just could not let this one go without saying something... Cardinal George set the low bar for reason, ...
sexgenderbody 12/24/2011 5 5 - 72
on gaga: how being in the news is not news
[Warning: I will actually be criticising white people, lady gaga and several sacred cows of white culture] Lady Gaga is all the rage.  She loves her some gay people and she even sings a ...
sexgenderbody 03/29/2011 10 1 - 98
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